'STANDBY TO LAUNCH' North Korea warns US could 'meet its tragic doom'

Fox News / World 296 sources

North Korea took its turn Saturday in the country’s escalating, back-and-fourth with President Trump, with the state-run newspaper saying leader Kim Jung Un’s revolutionary army is “capable of fighting any war the U.S. wants.”

Trump warns N Korea that US military is 'locked and loaded'


He spoke as Pyongyang said the US leader was driving the peninsula to the "brink of a nuclear war".

Donald Trump warns North Korea that US is ‘locked and loaded’

The Guardian

US president continues to escalate threats at North Korea over Twitter during ‘working vacation’ in New Jersey

Trump: U.S. Military 'Locked and Loaded' for North Korea

NBC News

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea continued escalating Friday, as President Donald Trump doubled down on military threats aimed at the rogue regime.

Trump Says Military Is ‘Locked and Loaded’ and North Korea Will ‘Regret’ Threats

The New York Times

In his latest warning of the week, President Trump said that Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, “will not get away with what he’s doing.”

US 'locked and loaded' Trump warns N Korea

Sky News

Donald Trump has warned North Korea that if it "acts unwisely" the US military is "locked and loaded".

Military is ‘locked and loaded,’ Trump says in latest warning to North Korea

Washington Post

President Trump on Friday offered a fresh threat of force against North Korea, writing on Twitter that “military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded,” if the regime of Kim Jong Un should “act unwisely.” “Hopefully Kim Jong…

Trump says US military is 'locked and loaded should North Korea act unwisely'


President Trump issues his bluntest warning yet to North Korea, saying the U.S. military is "locked and loaded."

N.Korea warns of nuclear war, Trump says U.S. is 'locked and loaded'


BEDMINSTER, N.J./SEOUL (Reuters) - President Donald Trump issued a new threat to North Korea on Friday, saying the U.S. military was "locked and loaded" as Pyongyang accused him of driving the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war…

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CNBC / U.S. open event

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Aug 11

Trump: US 'locked and loaded' on N Korea

BBC open event

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The Guardian open event

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Donald Trump Has ‘Made The World Safer’, Stephen Miller Claims, Despite Extraordinary Threat To North Korea

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Aug 9

As Tillerson tries to assuage Americans’ fear, Trump highlights U.S. nuclear arsenal

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