Missing teenaged girl in an abaya found dead after attending Ramadan prayers at Virginia mosque


'I think it had to do with the way she was dressed and the fact that she's Muslim,' her mother said. A 22-year-old man has been charged with murder

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Oct 21

Nine months after mosque killings, Quebec Muslims still waiting for promised change


‘They came to see us, they sympathized with us, but there was not any big change,’ said mosque official Boufeldja Benabdallah

Oct 2

The man accused in the Quebec City mosque shooting will go straight to trial


Alexandre Bissonnette faces six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder using a restricted firearm

Sep 1

Justin Trudeau marks Eid al-Adha by urging Canadians to fight Islamophobia


'This is just who we are as Canadians. We are there for each other. We stand up for each other,' Trudeau said

Jul 19

Quebec mosque where six men killed receives hate package condemning Muslim cemetery project


The package contained a Qur’an that had been slashed and a note suggesting the Quebec City mosque should use a pig farm as a cemetery

Jun 23

Charles Krauthammer: It’s the end of the beginning in the great Muslim civil war


It might appear a mindless mess, but the outlines are clear: the Muslim civil war, centred in Syria, is approaching its post-Islamic State phase. It's the end of the beginning

Jun 20

Killing of Muslim teen near Virginia mosque a case of road rage, police say


An aunt who was at the court but declined to give her name said Martinez Torres' family is shocked and mystified about the charges against him

Jun 19

Missing teenaged girl in an abaya found dead after attending Ramadan prayers at Virginia mosque


'I think it had to do with the way she was dressed and the fact that she's Muslim,' her mother said. A 22-year-old man has been charged with murder

Mar 8

Champions celebrate Nike’s new hijab for Muslim athletes: ‘Can’t believe this is finally here!’


The hijab will go on sale next year and is made of light, stretchy fabric with holes for airflow and a long back so it won't come untucked

Feb 19

Islamic group concerned about anti-Muslim protest outside Toronto mosque


The protest came as Parliament debated a motion condemning Islamophobia and racism

Feb 16

‘Luckily I escaped’: Man accused of role in deadly Pakistan mosque attack tells of his return to Canada


'Someone who has taken part in religious persecution in another country should not have safe haven in Canada'

Jan 31

‘I understand’ why police arrested me, says man mistakenly held as second suspect in mosque attack


Laval student was giving first aid to a friend when he saw a man with a gun and ran. 'They saw me flee, they thought I was suspicious, that's normal.'

Jan 10

Human rights court upholds Swiss ruling that Muslim girls must swim with boys in school lessons


The European Court of Human Rights decision upholds a Swiss federal court ruling that education officials had not violated the family's rights of freedom of religion

Nov 9

ISIL supporters celebrate Trump’s victory as beginning of ‘the end of the American empire’


The United States 'draws its last breath at the hands of this fool,' the pro-Islamic State Nashir Political Service wrote Wednesday

Sep 20

An Al-Qaida martyr’s enduring pitch: ‘The West will eventually turn against its Muslim citizens’


Awlaki hoped for Islamophobia run amok, driving fearful Muslims to support a global war. When Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., jihadis were gleeful

Feb 22

Bashar al-Assad says he’ll be remembered as ‘the man who saved Syria’


The Syrian president has said he wants to be viewed as 'the one who saved his country,' as ISIL bomb attacks killed more than 100 people in government-held urban areas

Feb 8

Meet Hijarbie: The Instagram sensation that will give Muslim girls a doll that looks and dresses like them


The Hijab-wearing Barbie aims to provide Muslim girls a role model that looks and dresses like them.

Jan 2

Al-Qaida affiliate uses clip of Trump calling for Muslim ban to target Americans in recruitment video


The al-Shabab video says there is institutionalized racism and religious segregation in the U.S. and radical Islam is the way to fight back

Oct 16

Palestinians firebomb Joseph’s Tomb as Israel restricts worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque


The death toll continues to rise with eight Israelis killed in Palestinian attacks and 33 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in the past month

Sep 6

Mohammed Fahmy’s Al-Jazeera work made him a Muslim Brotherhood member by default, court ruling says


An Egyptian court released a detailed ruling Sunday on why it sentenced Canadian Mohammed Fahmy and two other Al-Jazeera English journalists to three years in prison

Jun 27

ISIL attacking mosques in effort to incite sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, experts say


Experts predict more attacks on mosques this Ramadan following Friday's deadly bombings