Nigel Farage's Tweet About Nazi Salutes At Charlottesville Rally Goes Down Particularly Badly

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Nigel Farage was among those giving his opinion on a far-right rally in the US city of Charlottesville - but his tweet did not exactly go down well.

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Mar 28

Nigel Farage Promises To Leave Britain If Brexit Goes Badly

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Nigel Farage has promised to leave Britain if it turns out Brexit is a “disaster”.

Dec 14

Nigel Farage Says Donald Trump And Brexit Are His Christmas Presents

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Nigel Farage has said some of the Supreme Court judges should not have participated in the Brexit court case because of their pro-European Union views.

Nov 27

Nigel Farage Facing Death Threats As Ukip Leader Labelled 'Britain’s Most Hated Man'

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Nigel Farage claims threats to his safety have increased since Donald Trump’s endorsement of the Ukip leader following the US election victory - as he was told by an angry radio phone-in caller that he will be “Britain’s most hated man”.

Nov 11

Nigel Farage As Donald Trump Go-Between Claims Denied By Downing St

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Downing Street has hit back at claims the government was forced to consider using interim Ukip leader Nigel Farage to help build links with President-elect Donald Trump.

Nov 2

Arron Banks Predicts Nigel Farage Could Return As Ukip Leader

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Arron Banks has predicted Nigel Farage could return as Ukip leader one day, as he warned it could be the end of the party.

Oct 5

Nigel Farage: I'm Probably Still Ukip Leader But I Need To Check

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Nigel Farage today revealed he is “probably” still the leader of Ukip following Diane James’s resignation after just 18 days.

Sep 16

Ukip Leader: Diane James Wins The Battle To Succeed Nigel Farage

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Diane James is the new leader of Ukip after winning the race to succeed Nigel Farage.

Aug 25

Hillary Clinton Suggests Nigel Farage Is Worse Than Donald Trump After Republican And Ex-Ukip Leader Share Platform

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Hillary Clinton has suggested Nigel Farage is worse than Donald Trump, condemning her Republican rival for sharing a platform with the ex-Ukip leader.

Jul 9

Ukip Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall Will Not Try To Replace Nigel Farage

Ukip’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall has ruled himself out of the race to replace Nigel Farage and announced he will stand down from his current position.

Jul 4

Nigel Farage's Resignation As UKIP Leader Prompts Barrage Of Criticism

Nigel Farage has stepped down as Ukip leader prompting a flood of criticism of the decision which comes in the wake of the very EU referendum result he helped engineer.

Jul 4

Nigel Farage Resigns As Ukip Leader

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Nigel Farage today resigned as Ukip leader, claiming he wanted his life back.

Jun 10

Nigel Farage Attacked By Disgusted BuzzFeed Brexit Woman Over 'Racist' Ukip Members

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Nigel Farage has been accused of dismissing "racist" comments made by Ukip members as excusable because the culprits were a bit drunk.

Apr 10

Neil Hamilton Refuses Four Times To Say Nigel Farage Should Stay As Ukip Leader

"He throws the china at me, I pick up it, and put it back on the mantelpiece" says @NeilUKIP on @Nigel_Farage #bbcsp https://t.co/YTtHxg28yh

Feb 3

Nigel Farage Defends Ukip MEPs From Accusations Of 'Intimidation' During Brexit Debate

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Nigel Farage has defended Ukip from accusations its MEPs have been intimidating other members of the European Parliament.

Dec 18

Nigel Farage Should Quit As Ukip Leader Says Douglas Carswell

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Douglas Carswell has called for Nigel Farage to step down as Ukip leader and said the party needs a "fresh face" and an "optimistic" message.

May 16

Ukip MP Douglas Carswell Tells Nigel Farage To 'Take A Break' As Leader

Nigel Farage should "take a break," according to Ukip's sole MP Douglas Carswell. The party chief, who failed in a parliamentary bid at the recent general election, has come under increasing pressure over his future, with Carswell's…

May 11

Nigel Farage Is Back As Ukip Leader, And Twitter Is In Meltdown

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May 11

Nigel Farage Un-resigns As Ukip Leader: The Official Statement, Translated

We translate today's statement from Steve Crowther, Chairman of Ukip: As promised Nigel Farage tendered his official resignation as leader of UKIP to the NEC.

Apr 15

General Election 2015: Ukip Leader Nigel Farage Says His Is 'Party Of Defence'

Nigel Farage said he would push the Tories to spend "substantially" more than 2% of GDP on the armed forces as he prepared to unveil a manifesto showing Ukip was "the new party of defence".

Feb 12

Nigel Farage Says Ukip Is A 'State Of Mind' And Other Parties 'Fear' It As He Lays Out Vision For Britain

Nigel Farage has attempted to gloss over his party's failure to produce a policy manifesto that isn't "drivel" today buy claiming that voting for Ukip is a 'state of mind', and not about policies.