Fears grow for future of Iran nuclear deal in wake of Tillerson's removal

The Guardian / US

Iranian officials unnerved by Trump’s ‘unpredictable’ behaviour while Europe alarmed by prospect of a full-scale US-EU trade war

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Mar 13

Fears grow for future of Iran nuclear deal in wake of Tillerson's removal

The Guardian / US

Iranian officials unnerved by Trump’s ‘unpredictable’ behaviour while Europe alarmed by prospect of a full-scale US-EU trade war

Jan 11

Iran nuclear deal: Trump to make a final decision, says Rex Tillerson

The Guardian / World

European diplomats and US analysts predict that Trump would continue to waive sanctions on Iran, but could also take the US closer to non-compliance

Oct 6

Donald Trump expected to abandon Iran nuclear deal next week

The Guardian

President adds to Washington’s mood of uncertainty by warning of ‘calm before storm’ but refusing to say what he means

Oct 3

US defense secretary breaks with Trump in backing Iran nuclear deal

James Mattis said it was in the US national security interest to remain in the agreement during a Senate hearing, making it harder for Trump to withdraw

Sep 29

Iran's foreign minister urges Europe to defy US if Trump sinks nuclear deal

The Guardian / AU

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has called on Europe to defy US sanctions if the Trump administration torpedoes the international nuclear agreement with Tehran.

Feb 16

US secretary of state Tillerson meets Russian counterpart at G20 summit

Rex Tillerson tells reporters after meeting with Sergei Lavrvov that US wants Russia to commit to Minsk agreement

Dec 13

Who is Donald Trump's secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson? – video profile

Rex Tillerson, the 64-year-old Exxon Mobile CEO, is president-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for US secretary of state. Tillerson has worked at the oil giant for his entire 41-year career and has strong links with Rosneft in Russia – and…

Dec 13

Rex Tillerson named as Donald Trump's secretary of state

The Guardian / US

Senators from Republican and Democratic parties raise concerns about ExxonMobil chief’s close ties to Vladimir Putin and lack of experience

Dec 4

Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss 'bad' Iran nuclear deal with Donald Trump

Israel leader renews criticism of Iran pact, which Trump has called a ‘disaster’, and says they will discuss it after president-elect enters the White House

Aug 7

Iran executes nuclear scientist who returned to country from US

Iranian judiciary confirms hanging of Shahram Amiri who it claims was a spy and had given away state secrets

Dec 30

US 'spied on Binyamin Netanyahu during Iran nuclear deal talks'

The Guardian / US

NSA surveillance of Israeli officials and US congressmen revealed that prime minister and advisers leaked negotiation details, the Wall Street Journal reported

Dec 17

US could start lifting Iran sanctions in January under nuclear deal

The United States appears poised to lift at least some sanctions against Iran – possibly as early as January.

Aug 16

Donald Trump talks policy: Iran deal 'will lead to nuclear holocaust'

The Guardian / US

Republican frontrunner outlines details of policies – fighting Isis, taking on immigrants and shutting down government to stop Planned Parenthood

Jul 23

Obama team attempts to persuade US lawmakers to endorse Iran nuclear deal

The Guardian / US

Barack Obama’s administration has taken its Iran sales pitch to Capitol Hill where Republicans remain opposed and Democrats are yet to make up their minds

Jul 14

Iran nuclear deal moves to battleground of US Congress

The Guardian

Republican and Democratic hawks could derail historic agreement that will grant relief from sanctions in return for curbs on Iran’s nuclear programme

Jul 14

Iran nuclear deal: what will the US do now?

The Guardian / US

Iran and six world powers have concluded an agreement that will lift sanctions on Tehran but place strict limits on its nuclear programme. How will Congress react and what can it do? Does the president have the final say? And what options…

Apr 5

Iran disputes US nuclear deal 'fact sheet'


Foreign minister takes issue with statement that refers to sanctions being suspended rather than lifted and says Iran could resume nuclear programme if west does not honour agreement

Mar 14

US secretary of state remains cautious about Iran deal but cites progress


As the deadline nears, Kerry could not say if US and other world powers would be able to reach a framework accord as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticises talks

Mar 7

US and Europe 'on the same page' in pursuit of Iran nuclear deal, says Kerry


US secretary of state and French foreign minister report progress in negotiations but say much work remains ahead of March deadline

Mar 2

Netanyahu arrives in US to oppose Iran nuclear deal


More than 30 Democrats threaten to boycott Israeli prime minister’s planned speech in Congress