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Tuesday, Feb 20


Labour Activist Ann Black Attacks Momentum ‘Lies’ And Warns Against ‘Shouty Men’ Dominating the Party

A leading Labour activist has hit out at Momentum “lies” about her and warned that voters will be turned off the party if it is run by “shouty men waving rulebooks”.


Tory Brexiteer MPs Set Out Demands To Theresa May, Including 'Free Trade Immediately'

Conservative MPs have written to Theresa May with a list of demands for Brexit ahead of a crunch meeting of senior Cabinet ministers.

Your No-Bullsh*t Guide To Whether Or Not Jeremy Corbyn Is A 'Communist Collaborator'

Jeremy Corbyn is a secret Communist who would sell out Britain for a few quid to pursue his dream of turning the UK into East Germany.


Former Save The Children Boss Justin Forsyth Admits 'Inappropriate' Behaviour

Former Save The Children boss Justin Forsyth has admitted he had “unsuitable and thoughtless conversations” with female staff during his time at the charity.


Northern Ireland: UK Government Drawing Up Emergency Stormont Budget

The Government remains “steadfastly” committed to the Good Friday Agreement, Karen Bradley has said, despite Brexiteer claims power-sharing in Northern Ireland is “unsustainable”.

Jeremy Corbyn Video Hits Back At Newspaper Owners Over Communist Spy Claims, Warns ‘Billionaire Tax Exiles’ Change Is Coming

Jeremy Corbyn has lambasted newspapers over claims he helped Communist spies in the 1980s, attacking their owners as “billionaire tax exiles” and warning them “change is coming”.


No-one Should Suffer In Silence, Scared Of The Shame Of Debt And The Stigma Of Mental Illness

There is a clear link between problem debt and mental ill-health.

The Beginning Of The End Is Nigh For PFI

So it turns out the much publicised manpower shortage in the British Army is down to outsourcing company Capita’s failure to do its job. It’s not often I applaud The Sun on it’s journalism, but their revelation this week that the army is…

Why I’m Not Losing Weight For My Wedding

Content note: This blog contains descriptions of extreme eating habits

Electric Cars In The UK Could Get A 'Superfast' Charging Network

The National Grid has proposed a new ‘superfast’ charging network that would see 90% of all electric car owners within just 50-miles of a charging station.

This Is Not A Witch-Hunt. It’s An Exorcism

As the tidal wave of protests about sexual assault, bullying, and ‘inappropriate conduct’ becomes a worldwide tsunami, there is an inevitable backlash.

London Fashion Week: The Queen Was Sat Next To Anna Wintour

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The Queen made a surprise appearance at London Fashion Week today. And show organisers decided to sit her next to none other than the queen of fashion, Dame Anna Wintour.


Brexit Can’t Be Used As An Excuse To Cut People’s Rights At Work

This morning in Vienna, David Davis brushed off working people’s fears that their rights at work will be undermined after Brexit. He insists that Britain will be leading a “race to the top” on standards. But he’s done nothing to set my…

Music Will Be One Of The UK's Strongest Calling Cards As It Sells Itself Post Brexit

As Brexit battles continue to rage across the media and in the Cabinet, with new claims daily about the risks or opportunities for the UK outside the EU, for the UK outside the EU, one thing is obvious: our country will need to play to its…

Calling Me An Inspiration Reinforces A Narrow Able-Bodied Version Of Success

I did not know before I entered academia that my multiple invisible health conditions would become a source of fascination. When people find out the extent of my ill health, they tell me I’m brave and inspiring. I’m brave to get out of bed…

America's Unrequited Love of Guns

14 February saw 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz allegedly enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and murder 17 people with a gun. The event marked the 32nd mass shooting of 2018 in America. A year we have only just begun.

Alfie Evans's Parents Lose High Court Battle As Judge Rules Doctors Can Stop Providing Life Support For Brain-Damaged Toddler

Doctors can stop providing life-support treatment to 21-month-old Alfie Evans against his parents’ wishes, a High Court judge ruled on Tuesday.

Oxfam Confirms Seven New Sex Allegations In High Street Shops

Oxfam has received 26 further allegations of sexual misconduct since revelations of alleged abuse by its staff in Haiti surfaced two weeks ago.

Norway Has Perfected Plastic Recycling, Here's What The UK Can Learn From Them

One thing’s for sure: if the Scandis do anything really well, it’s sustainable living. And Norway’s plastic recycling scheme is no exception.

Boris Johnson Claims Private Companies Will Pay For His New Bridge To France

Boris Johnson has said his proposed new bridge over the English Channel to connect the United Kingdom and France could be paid for by private companies as he stepped up his campaign for the project.

Low Fat Vs Low Carb Diet: Which Works Best?

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For decades, two diets have ruled the roost when it comes to weight loss. If you’ve ever dieted, chances are you’ll have followed either a low-carb (Atkins) or low-fat plan. You might also know of someone who had weight loss success on one…


MPs Who Harass Must Be Publicly Embarrassed, Say Senior Female Politicians

Two senior politicians say the believe sexist attitudes in Westminster are slowly changing - but those who harass and abuse should be “publicly embarassed”.

The UK Higher Education System Is Not Fit For Purpose. We Need More Apprenticeships

For young people, being successful is all too often conflated with going to university. This conveyer belt approach to education is damaging for them, and for the nation’s economy.


Jordan Peterson Has No Idea What He's Talking About

This is rather late for a critique of Jordan Peterson, but we might apparently be witness to a debate between the eminent professor and Slavoj Žižek in October, which is proof that Peterson is going to be hanging around in the world of the…

Brexit Must Not Mean We Lose Out On Access To Healthcare Abroad

EU reciprocal healthcare arrangements allow citizens of EU and EEA nations (and Switzerland) to access health and social care services while in any other of those nations. They do so on the same basis as a resident of that nation would and…

Jeremy Corbyn Slams Daily Mail And The Sun For ‘Nonsense’ Stories About Alleged Links To Communist Spies

Jeremy Corbyn has slammed the Daily Mail and The Sun for printing “nonsense” stories suggesting he was linked to Communist spies.

Japanese Company To Build Sustainable Skyscraper Made Out Of Wood

Japan will soon be home to something pretty remarkable, a 70-storey skyscraper made almost entirely out of wood.

David Davis And Boris Johnson Are The 'Ronaldo and Messi' Of Brexit, Says Michael Gove

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David Davis and Boris Johnson are the “Messi and Ronaldo” of the Cabinet, Environment Secretary Michael Gove claimed today as he set out his red lines for Brexit.


Looks We Love: Alexa Chung's Colourful Raincoat at London Fashion Week

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Alexa Chung, looking pulled-together in a block colour rain coat, pre-catwalk on 17 February. Chung wore the vibrant red coat on the front row of Christopher Bailey’s swan song collection for Burberry, over a dark slogan t-shirt, jeans and…

What Lorde And Other Adult Acne Sufferers Want You To Stop Saying

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Adult acne is on the rise, but despite its prevalence a lot of people are still clueless about how to talk about it.