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Friday, Feb 23


Theresa May's Brexit Plan Is 'Pure Illusion', European Council President Donald Tusk Warns

Theresa May’s position on the Brexit negotiations is based on “pure illusion”, the president of the European Council warned on Friday.


Labour Party General Secretary Iain McNicol Resigns, Unite's Jennie Formby Tipped As Successor

Labour’s general secretary Iain McNicol has resigned after nearly seven years in the post.

Louella Michie Bestival Death: Ceon Broughton Charged With Manslaughter

A 28-year-old man has been charged with the death of Louella Eve Fletcher-Michie at Bestival music festival last year, police said.

Clare Short Attacks 'Hysterical' Media Coverage Of Oxfam Scandal And Claims Entire Aid Sector 'Smeared'

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Former International Development Secretary Clare Short has attacked the “hysterical” media reporting of the Oxfam sex harassment scandal and claimed the whole aid sector has been “smeared” by the coverage.


Meghan Markle Appoints Amy Pickerill As Her 'Girl Friday': What It Really Takes To Be A Top Royal Aide

“Expect to see her everywhere Meghan goes, making sure things run like clockwork,” says royal commentator Claudia Joseph of Meghan Markle’s top new aide.

In Eastern Ghouta, You Can Deliberately Murder Children And No One Will Stop You

An illegal slaughter is taking place in Eastern Ghouta as result of one of the most brutal bombardments of the Syrian conflict. In the past three days alone, the death toll has reached more than 300, and continues to climb. The numbers of…


Not All Female Work Colleagues Will Be Friends. Get Over It

When I worked in a bank back in my early 20s it was my first ‘proper’ job. Before then I had been at college (mainly bumming about) and then worked in retail for a bit before deciding I wanted to earn more money and meet new people.

Black Panther, Representation And Me

As I sat down in the Leicester cinema and took my singular seat, as the adverts and trailers began to roll, and as I took a deep breath, I found myself looking around discreetly and clocking all the other people attending this 2:40pm…

It Is Time To Recognise Loneliness As An Epidemic

Many mortal illnesses are close to being cured, but there is one still barely acknowledged, and it’s an epidemic: Loneliness.

I Lost My Daughter To Rett Syndrome - Now I'm Sharing My Story To Help Others

When you are facing some of your hardest moments you can take some comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. People crave for stories of others who have lived through their journey’s. Companionship, empathy, understanding all these…

To Find A 'Cure' For Dementia - We Must Be Ambitious

In 2013, leaders of the G7 nations agreed the goal of finding a cure or disease-modifying therapy for dementia by 2025. This ambitious commitment has the hallmarks of a ‘moonshot’: being thought almost impossible to achieve and requiring a…

To Tackle Bullying On ‘honesty’ Apps Like Sarahah We Must Understand What Drives Young People To Bully Their Peers

Anyone who has heard me speak, or rant, on the issue will know I get immensely frustrated by all the negative news and scaremongering around social media.

Corbyn And The Czechs: Nonsense On Stilts

Oh, how I wish more people remembered the recent past.

Managing Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace: Can Health Tech Help?

Reflecting on the many changes over my working life; starting in the City as a trainee accountant, when computers were the size of a room and auditors worked with Tipp-Ex and calculators; I recall the daily struggle and fear as I adapted…

The Housing Crisis Blighting The Lives Of Britain’s Millennials

The latest report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) on home ownership makes grim reading for our millennials (25 to 34 year olds). The number of young adults with a household after-tax income of between £22,200 and £30,600, owning…

Is The Care Sector Really A 'Cinderella?'

Much like fairytale Cinderella, the care sector is strikingly undervalued. Care workers do invaluable work many in society wouldn’t do – yet so many of us rely on.

I Am A PhD Student Who Just Started Teaching - But Here's Why I'm On Strike

I am a first year PhD student at the University of Bath. I decided in my second semester that I wanted to start working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). Several reasons motivated this – including gaining experience teaching,…

I Worked For Oxfam For Eight Years. Its Aid Is Vital But The Sector Must Change

I left Oxfam over a year ago, after eight years with the organisation. Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt ashamed and conflicted. I’ve had an instinctive urge to defend an organisation that I love, without wanting to excuse wrongdoing or…


Donald Trump Jokes He 'Tries Like Hell' To Hide His Bald Spot

Donald Trump has joked he tries “like hell” to hide his bald spot.

Jason Gardiner Rejects Ex-'Strictly' Pro Brendan Cole As Potential ‘Dancing On Ice’ Judge

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Jason Gardiner isn’t up for the idea of axed ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pro Brendan Cole joining the ‘Dancing On Ice’ panel, claiming it would look like the ITV show was getting the BBC’s “sloppy seconds”.

MPs May Have To Ask The Queen's Permission For Parliament Refurb

MPs may have to ask permission from the Queen before a costly refurbishment of Parliament goes ahead.

Coventry Hit-And-Run: Mother Of Two Sons Killed Pays Tribute To 'Amazing' Boys

A mother whose two sons died in a hit-and-run in Coventry has described them as “amazing” boys who will be “deeply missed”.

Oxfam Chief Among Charity Bosses Saying 'Sorry' Over Sex Scandals

Aid agency bosses have today revealed they will pursue criminal checks on all their staff in Britain, as they write in an open letter that they are “truly sorry” for a series of scandals sweeping the sector.


As Aid Agencies, We Will Take Every Step To Right Our Wrongs And Eradicate Abuse Within Our Industry

As organisations whose core aim is to help the most vulnerable people in the world, we must always confront abusive behaviour and the misuse of power. When it comes from individuals within our sector it is a double betrayal, not just of…

RBS Slammed After Revealing 'Shockingly Large' 37% Gender Pay Gap

A 37% gender pay gap at the Royal Bank of Scotland has been branded “shockingly large”, after the state-owned bank became the latest company to reveal a big disparity on Friday.

Tony Blair Slams 'Frankly Sickening' Calls To Scrap Good Friday Agreement

Tony Blair has slammed Brexit-backing MPs for “frankly sickening” calls to scrap the Good Friday Agreement.

What Your Favourite Drinks Are Doing To Your Teeth

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Scientists have discovered drinking fruit tea between meals can leave people up to 11 times more likely to suffer from tooth erosion, which has left us wondering what other drinks are doing to our teeth.


Apple Music Vs Spotify Premium: Which Is The Best Music Streaming Service?

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Apple Music or Spotify Premium? More than almost any other online service you subscribe to, your choice of paid-for music streaming service feels a real commitment – you likely use it most days and it can feel difficult (and arduous) to…

The Corbyn Identity: Why Would Cold War Intelligence Officers Want To Target The Labour Leader?

It’s been quite a week for Jeremy Corbyn. After allegations by retired Czech spy Jan Sarkocy that the Labour leader was a paid informant, Conservative politicians doubled down, with defence secretary Gavin Williamson describing it as “a…

Louella Michie Bestival Death: Man Re-arrested

Detectives investigating the death of Louella Eve Fletcher-Michie have re-arrested a man.