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$3 billion in tax savings for Wells Fargo? America is on its way back


To the editor: Wells Fargo & Co. will, like other Americans, get a major tax break thanks to President Trump and the Republicans in Congress. But unlike hardworking Americans, Wells Fargo’s cut amounts to more than $3 billion in the fourth…

Forget a DACA fix. Congress should take up the bipartisan immigration bill passed by the Senate in 2013


To the editor: Victor Davis Hanson claims that for both Democrats and Republicans, the Dreamer fight is “a fig leaf used to mask their true intentions.” He asserts that Democrats are not interested in broader immigration reform — they only…

Today: The Trump EPA’s Light Touch on Heavy Polluters


The Trump administration’s environmental agenda is already taking a measurable toll.

Local governments, not oil companies, failed to fight climate change by not providing adequate public transportation


To the editor: If members of the Los Angeles City Council want to sue oil companies for the damage that climate change has caused, voters should file a lawsuit against the city and county for failing to give us meaningful, modern and…


Prepping for what comes after the Kremlin's beta attack on our elections


The revelations of Russian-backed efforts to influence the 2016 election should come as no surprise to people familiar with history. The term dezinformatsiya — disinformation — was coined by Joseph Stalin, after all. And the Kremlin’s…

Is it too much to ask Congress to govern without extortionate brinkmanship?


A federal district court judge last week ordered the Trump administration to continue the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program while the courts consider a legal challenge to the president’s decision to bring it to a…


Democrats running for California governor need to stop talking about Trump and start talking about public pensions


One thorny topic you won’t be hearing Democratic candidates for governor talking much about is California’s essential need for public pension reform.


How Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke prompted a mass resignation from his National Park Service Advisory Board

Few groups have been closer and more involved in Interior Department policy and management than the National Park System Advisory Board, an appointed and nonpartisan group established 83 years ago to consult on department operations and…

As Trump announces 'Fake News Awards,' GOP senators assail his attacks on the press as antidemocratic

Los Angeles Times

On a day President Trump promised to deliver “Fake News Awards,” two Republican senators as well as several Democrats warned on Wednesday that his unceasing attacks on a free press are undermining a fundamental tenet of democracy and…


Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about)


Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole knew the art of the deal before President Trump published the 1987 book of the same name. The two shared a stage under the Capitol dome Wednesday as Dole, 94, accepted Congress' highest civilian honor…

Movie attendance fell 6% in 2017. Meanwhile, ticket prices hit a record

Movie attendance in the United States and Canada fell even more than expected in 2017, as the average ticket price hit a record high, according to new data from the National Assn. of Theatre Owners.


Trump wants to kill two immigration programs, but doesn't seem to know how they work

As television cameras were allowed to roll during a lengthy immigration meeting at the White House last week, President Trump groused to lawmakers about how 50,000 people each year get coveted green cards through a visa program he wants to…

A Democrat won a reliably GOP seat in Wisconsin, causing angst among some Republicans. Not so fast, say others

Los Angeles Times

The Wisconsin state Senate district was reliably red, a place where winning came easy to Republican candidates up and down the ticket.

Trump’s border wall promise was ‘uninformed’ and Mexico won't pay for it, John Kelly says

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly complicated immigration negotiations Wednesday ahead of a possible government shutdown, telling lawmakers that President Trump’s border wall was an “uninformed” campaign promise and not likely to be…


Tillerson says U.S. military should stay in Syria and vows diplomatic push to end civil war

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday it was “crucial” for the United States to maintain an open-ended military and diplomatic presence in Syria to prevent Islamic State militants from regrouping, to thwart Iranian influence and…

Wednesday, Jan 17


SpaceX and Boeing aim to take crews to the space station soon, but Congress has a warning

If all goes according to plan, this year could mark the first time since 2011 that U.S. astronauts will blast off to the International Space Station in an American-made spacecraft.

Strategies to make 2018 your best wine year ever

It’s another year, another occasion to make this year your best year in wine. While the calamitous state of the world — fire, flood, mud, political tumult — may compel one to emphasize quantity rather than quality, it’s probably better to…

Stocks rally; Dow closes above 26,000 points for the first time

A broad rally on Wall Street propelled the Dow Jones industrial average to close above 26,000 points for the first time Wednesday.

Takata air bag killed Florida driver who should have survived crash, report says

A Florida woman died because a faulty air bag ruptured and flung shrapnel into her head during a crash she should have survived, a report released Wednesday by the state's Highway Patrol said.

Apple says it will bring much of its overseas cash home under new, corporate-friendly tax law

Apple revealed a plan Wednesday that would make it the first major company to repatriate money from overseas as a result of the new corporate-friendly tax law passed last month.

Mick Mulvaney takes first step toward overhauling Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Mick Mulvaney once called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a "joke ... in a sad, sick kind of way.”


#MeToo doesn't lack nuance. Its critics do


If you were to listen to survivors of sexual assault and harassment, here’s what you’d hear: They want an apology. They want reassurance that what happened to them was wrong. They want to express solidarity with other people who have been…


Senate panel endorses Trump's pick for Health secretary

The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday backed President Trump’s pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, clearing the way for Alex Azar to be confirmed by the full Senate.

Google tightens YouTube rules to clean things up for advertisers


Google is making the biggest changes to the advertising rules on YouTube since the video site’s inception, another attempt to clean up its content and answer persistent complaints from advertisers.


Bank regulator hasn't followed up on its own Wells Fargo recommendations, Democrats allege


Democratic members of the Senate Banking Committee say a key bank regulator has failed to make necessary changes in the wake of the unauthorized accounts scandal at Wells Fargo & Co.