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Facebook says you 'own' all the data you post. Not even close, say privacy experts


If you were surprised to learn that Facebook simply handed out the personal data of more than 50 million users — data that ended up in the hands of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — you have every reason to feel bushwhacked.

Today: A Hard Line From the White House


President Trump orders tariffs on Chinese goods and names an aggressive new national security advisor.


Are driverless cars safe enough to be on the road? No one knows. That's a big problem


Driverless cars offer a future with fewer deaths on the roadways. Today, roughly nine out of 10 car crashes are caused by human error; autonomous vehicles, with their sensors, radars and undistractable computer-driven system, should be…

Trump ups the ante by $60 billion in his doomed trade war with China


President Trump was evidently just warming up when he ordered global tariffs on steel, aluminum, solar panels and washing machines in recent weeks. The main event came Thursday, when the president announced plans to impose up to $60…

Dog dies on a plane, legislators write a bill. Kids get shot at schools, Congress does what?


To the editor: When United Airlines admitted responsibility for the death of a passenger’s dog after a flight attendant insisted that it be placed in an overhead bin, federal legislators took less than a week to draft and introduce a law…

Facebook's lack of transparency made its data crisis much worse


To the editor: How a company’s top executives respond to a crisis often reveals its most deeply held corporate values. Are they committed to protecting their customers or primarily interested in the bottom line? Facebook’s dissembling…


White House could be blowing smoke with plan to cut nicotine in cigarettes

It looks like the Trump administration has finally found a business it doesn’t like.

Silicon Valley played by a different set of rules. Facebook’s crisis could put an end to that

Los Angeles Times

Facebook was 2 years old when it introduced its most transformative feature: a news feed that offered users a running list of updates about their friends’ love lives, favorite new bands and latest vacation photos.

Tariffs on China could spark a response, hitting agriculture, tech and aerospace in the U.S.

Los Angeles Times

President Trump’s call Thursday to impose tariffs on Chinese products prompted an outcry from several U.S. industries that expressed fear of an all-out trade war that could ultimately hurt U.S. consumers, farmers and manufacturers.

John Bolton's take-no-prisoners style may prove problematic in the White House

Los Angeles Times

John Bolton, President Trump’s new national security advisor, has a take-no-prisoners approach that may prove problematic as he tries to manage a White House riven by leaks and defections.


Asian shares slump on fears of trade war between U.S. and China

Asian stock markets slumped Friday after Beijing responded to the Trump administration's tariff hikes by saying it may order higher import duties on a range of U.S. goods, ratcheting up fears of a trade war.


Congress approves $1.3-trillion spending bill, averting government shutdown

Los Angeles Times

Congress approved a $1.3-trillion spending bill after hours of wrangling and a flurry of unsuccessful Democratic efforts to force legislators to take up a measure to protect young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.


Ex-Playboy model shares fresh details of alleged love affair with Trump and apologizes to Melania

Los Angeles Times

A former Playboy model recalled having sex with Donald Trump dozens of times in the early years of the president’s marriage to Melania Trump, sharing elaborate details Thursday of what she described as a 10-month love affair.


More O.C. cities, supervisors may be leaning against state 'sanctuary' laws

Los Alamitos was the first government agency in Orange County to fire a salvo against California's so-called sanctuary laws, which aim to shield immigrants here illegally from deportation, but it might not be the last.


Trade war approaches: China plans tariffs on $3 billion of U.S. imports, retaliating against Trump

China announced plans for reciprocal tariffs on $3 billion of imports from the U.S. — including wine and fruit, which are California specialties — after President Trump’s move to order levies on a variety of Chinese goods sent markets…


Britain's new, blue post-'Brexit' passport may be made by a European company, and some detractors are seeing red


The idea that a Franco-Dutch company would make Britain’s new, blue passport for use after the U.K.’s exit from the European Union has triggered a mix of outrage, bemusement and ridicule.

McMaster out as national security advisor; former U.N. ambassador John Bolton to replace him

Los Angeles Times

President Trump announced Thursday that he was replacing his national security advisor, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, with John Bolton, a tough conservative with a sometimes irascible manner, in the latest move suggesting the president’s shift…

Thursday, Mar 22


AT&T wants to buy Time Warner to 'weaponize' its content, government says in opening arguments of antitrust trial

The biggest U.S. antitrust case of this century kicked into high gear Thursday as a government lawyer warned that AT&T Inc. wants to buy media giant Time Warner Inc. to “weaponize” its must-have content — a move that would raise prices for…

Public employees strike in France, disrupting transit and challenging economic changes by President Macron


Thousands of people took to the streets of France on Thursday, disrupting transportation, schools and other public services in a defiant challenge to economic changes announced by President Emmanuel Macron.

Amazon patents delivery drones that can react to people screaming and flailing

Los Angeles Times

Amazon.com Inc. has been granted a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a delivery drone that can respond to human gestures.

Bratz dolls maker's CEO leads bids to save hundreds of Toys R Us stores

Toys R Us Inc. fell into bankruptcy after the once dominant toy retailer, saddled with a crippling debt load, failed to keep pace with consumers’ shift to online spending.

Earthquake early warning system gets big boost in House budget bill

Earthquake early warning system gets big boost in House budget bill.

Trump personal attorney John Dowd resigns in shake-up of president's legal team

Los Angeles Times

President Trump’s legal team and strategy for the sprawling Russia investigation appeared in disarray Thursday after the lawyer negotiating a possible presidential interview with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III abruptly resigned.


Toys R Us founder dies days after chain announced it will shut down

Charles P. Lazarus, the World War II veteran who founded Toys R Us six decades ago and transformed it into an iconic piece of Americana, died Thursday at age 94, a week after the chain announced it will shut down its stores across the…

Stocks dive as sanctions on China fuel trade-war fears; Dow drops 700-plus points

Stocks plunged Thursday after the Trump administration slapped sanctions on goods and investment from China. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 700 points — and into correction territory, down 10% from a recent high — as…


Experts say video of Uber's self-driving car killing a pedestrian suggests its technology may have failed

Police late Wednesday released a video that shows an Uber robot car running straight into a woman who was walking her bicycle across a highway in Tempe, Ariz. The woman was taken to a hospital, where she died Sunday night.

Trump's China tariffs get bipartisan support, reflecting widespread U.S. disillusionment with Beijing

President Trump’s decision to order some $50 billion in tariffs on a wide range of Chinese imports, despite the risk of setting off a wider trade war, met with bipartisan approval Thursday, reflecting the growing disillusionment with…

'Pacific Rim Uprising' is a big, noisy, cheerfully dumb monsters-and-robots sequel


If you could hear anything over the extraordinary din of clashing robots and monsters in 2013’s “Pacific Rim,” you might have made out the sound of the heroic fighter Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) bellowing the movie’s signature line:…


YouTube tightens restrictions on firearms videos; one gun channel moves to a porn site

YouTube, a popular media site for firearms enthusiasts, quietly introduced tighter restrictions this week on videos involving weapons, joining the battleground in the U.S. gun-control debate.