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Barry Bennell's Survivors Speak Of 'Looking Evil In The Face' In Emotional Statements Outside Court

Survivors of paedophile football coach Barry Bennell have spoken out about how they “looked evil in the face” and how he now has to carry their years of “hurt” as he was jailed for 31 years for a string of historical sexual assaults on…

Good Friday Agreement 'Not Sustainable,' Says Kate Hoey As 'Reckless' Brexiteers Slammed

Hardline Brexiteers were accused of “jeopardising” peace in Northern Ireland after they made dramatic claims the Good Friday Agreement was “not sustainable”.

May's Review On Fees Beats A Knee-Jerk Policy Change Due To Political Pressure

Higher education is one of the nation’s success stories. Universities are transforming students’ lives, developing our skilled workforce, creating jobs and prosperity. So the stakes are high with the government’s review of post-18…

Is Theresa May Planning To Redistribute From Poorer Students To Rich Students?

So the government is finally reviewing England’s exorbitantly high tuition fees. This could lead to tuition fees being cut for the first time since their introduction in September 1998, and on the surface this is great news but a closer…

What Theresa May's Tuition Fees Review Means For Young People - HuffPost Verdict

Prime Minister Theresa May announces a year-long independent review of tuition fees and university funding, saying Britain has “one of the most expensive systems of university tuition in the world”; “The review will examine how we can give…


In Defence of Coleen Rooney

Right. Hold tight readers. I’m getting on my high horse.

We Must Engage, Encourage And Empower Young Women To Get Them To Vote

It’s 100 years since Parliament passed the Act that allowed some women, and all men, to vote for the first time. But as the celebrations for this momentous anniversary pass, let’s be mindful that there is still plenty of work to do to…

What Peter Rabbit Can Tell Us About Millennial Protest Movements

The new Peter Rabbit film contains a scene in which a man allergic to fruit is pelted with berries by a gang of rabbits.

Why I Will Never Stop Talking To White People About Race

“Get out of my face you Paki bastard or I’ll bang you out!”

Aid Does More Good Than Harm

This week’s Spectator cover story asks ‘Does aid do more harm than good?’ But there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that aid does ‘more good’ than ‘harm’.

Vegan Documentary 'The Game Changers' Proves You Don’t Need Meat To Be An Athlete

Huffington Post UK

A new vegan documentary led by an Oscar-winning team is set to smash the stereotypes surrounding both meat-eating and vegan diets.


Theresa May Says Jeremy Corbyn Must Be 'Transparent' About Czech Spy Claims

Theresa May has said Jeremy Corbyn should be “open and transparent” about allegations he was linked to communist spies.

Coldplay's Chris Martin Backs Fight To Boost Parental Leave For Self-Employed

Chris Martin is backing the fight for a new law to boost shared parental leave for the self-employed.

'I, Tonya': Separating Fact From Fiction - The True Story Of Tonya Harding And Nancy Kerrigan

Huffington Post UK

Based on the real-life events that took place in the run-up to to the 1994 Winter Olympics, ‘I, Tonya’ finally arrived in UK cinemas over the weekend.

'Publish All Brexit Forecasts' Theresa May's Ex-Deputy Damian Green Tells Cabinet

Theresa May’s former second-in-command has taken a swipe at Brexit MPs who “won’t accept evidence” in his first interview since being sacked over a porn scandal.


Barry Bennell Jailed For 30 Years For Historical Sexual Assaults Against Young Boys

Paedophile football coach Barry Bennell was branded the “devil incarnate” on Monday as he was jailed for 30 years for a string of historical sexual assaults committed on a dozen young boys in his care.

Looks We Love: Sequins On Rita Ora At the Vogue x Tiffany & Co Party

Sequins on Rita Ora, who rocked a glittering multi-coloured dress at the Vogue x Tiffany & Co. bash celebrating fashion and film on Sunday 18 February.

Celebrity Babies Born In 2018: The Famous Parents With New Arrivals This Year

Find out which celebrities have welcomed new additions to their families in 2018 with our gallery of the year’s famous babies.


Olympic Gold Medalist Lizzy Yarnold Celebrated With Night Of 'Knitflixing'

Huffington Post UK

Olympic Skeleton athlete Lizzy Yarnold would be forgiven for hitting the town hard after bagging gold at the Pyeongchang Games on Saturday, but she had other ideas.

Fergie Slated For 'Murdering' American National Anthem With Jazzed Up Version

Former Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie had fans reaching for their earplugs as she performed the US national anthem at a basketball game over the weekend.


Dustin Lance Black Takes The High Road After He And Tom Daley Receive 'Hate' Over Baby Announcement

Dustin Lance Black has hit back at his detractors, following the announcement that he and husband Tom Daley are expecting their first child.

Matthew Falder, One Of UK's Most Prolific Paedophiles, Jailed For 32 Years

Matthew Falder, one of Britain’s most prolific paedophiles, has been jailed for 32 years after blackmailing victims into carrying out depraved sexual and physical acts.

Theresa May Grilled By Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby On How Long She Can 'Hang On' As PM

Theresa May has insisted she enjoyed being prime minister and denied having to spend most of her time making sure she was not stabbed in the back by her own MPs.

Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

I had a horrid trip to the supermarket today. My children behaved like two little brats as they struggled to even breathe the same air as each other. I lost the will to live quickly in the Home Baking aisle and halfway along the Frozen Veg…

What Is Meldonium And What Are The Side Effects Of Doping With It?

Russian curling bronze medallist Alexander Krushelnitsky is likely to be stripped of his Olympic win this week after testing positive for the banned substance meldonium, according to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


Revealed: Food And Drink With The Most Hidden Calories

Brits are consuming far more calories than they realise each day, which could be contributing to the nationwide obesity epidemic, new statistics suggest. The data, from the Office for National Statistics, found we are eating and drinking…

Looks We Love: Bright Blush At London Fashion Week

Huffington Post UK

Marie Antoinette-style blushes in bold colours, as seen on the catwalk during London Fashion Week.

New 50p Beatrix Potter Coins Unveiled By The Royal Mint

Four new 50p coins featuring characters from Beatrix Potter’s much-loved children’s books are set to be released this year, the Royal Mint has announced.

Paul O'Grady And RuPaul Have Taught Me The Most Valuable Life Lessons

My friends often tell me that the people that inspire and motivate me, and who’s work continues to make me strive to make my own career bigger and better, are not quite the “legends” that most people look up to. Apparently, Cheryl Tweedy,…

Cancer Infertility In Middle Age Matters

Cancer infertility can happen as a side effect of cancer treatment, regardless of your gender or age. What if cancer infertility happens at a time in our lives, when due to age, we may have already decided not to have any (more) children?…