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Denmark's Crown Prince denied entry by Brisbane bar over ID

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Queensland's new ID scanning laws force bouncers at a Brisbane bar to Google the future king of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik, when he cannot produce ID, but the state's Attorney-General says the incident simply shows the legislation is…

Spanish police kill Barcelona attacker after manhunt

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Spanish police shoot dead an Islamist militant who killed 13 people with a van in Barcelona last week, ending a five-day manhunt for the perpetrator of Spain's deadliest attack in over a decade.

Turnbull pleads for 'love and support' at 'challenging time' in same-sex marriage debate


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pleads with both sides of the same-sex marriage debate to campaign respectfully, describing the use of abusive language as hurtful and deplorable.

The disturbing parallels between Trump's America and the 1920s go beyond racist statues

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Donald Trump should look up another president who vowed to put "America first" in turbulent times, but instead ended up laying the foundations for the Great Depression, writes John Barron.

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Game of Thrones chat: It's all Jon's fault, they never should've been there


Game of Thrones continues to deliver the big pay-offs and even bigger repercussions. So grab your dragonglass and join your Westerosi correspondents north of the Wall for this week's chat.

Missed the eclipse? Here's when you can see one in Australia

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Today's solar eclipse over the US was a primal and quasi-religious experience for some. If you want that feeling for yourself, here's where to go.

Body found as Danish submarine inventor says missing journalist died on board


The headless body of a woman has been found in the Baltic Sea near where a missing Swedish journalist is believed to have died on a privately built submarine, Danish police say.


Big Ben bongs for last time until 2021


Hundreds of people stand in silence as London's famous Big Ben sounds its final bongs before a four-year restoration period, breaking into applause once the bells stop ringing.


Sick of meaningless and evasive NBN spruiking? So is the ACCC


The ACCC introduces voluntary guidelines to broadband retailers in a bid to inject transparency into "dreadful" advertising campaigns that don't give consumers any meaningful information about internet speeds.


Submarine owner says journalist died in accident, and he buried her at sea


A Danish inventor charged with killing a journalist in his homemade submarine tells a court she died in an accident on board and he buried her at sea, police say.

Mortgage stress hotspots revealed

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New data shows even a small interest rate rise could tip 1 million households into financial stress. Explore the interactive map to see if your neighbourhood will be affected.


'Distressing' poster a 'disturbing trend' in same-sex marriage debate

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A sign in Melbourne using inflammatory language and discredited statistics shows how hurtful the national debate on same-sex marriage is becoming, Victoria's Human Rights commissioner says.


PM hits back after North Korea warns Australia over 'suicidal act'

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says "reckless" North Korea must be brought to its senses, after the reclusive country describes Australia's decision to participate in joint military exercises with the US and South Korea as a "suicidal act…

Pacquiao, Horn set for a world title rematch in Brisbane

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Boxer Manny Pacquiao will return to Brisbane this year for a rematch with world title holder Jeff Horn, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk confirms.


ALP refuses to release MPs' citizenship documents

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As the citizenship crisis sweeps through Canberra, Labor refuses to release documents showing their members and senators are not dual citizens, arguing the party's vetting procedures are stricter than their rivals.

Why this year's flu season has been particularly bad

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There have been more recorded flu notifications across Australia in 2017 than the previous five years. Why is the flu season so bad this time around?


Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to campaign for Yes vote on same-sex marriage

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Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce will throw his company's support behind the Yes campaign for same-sex marriage, despite pointed criticism from Coalition ministers earlier this year.

Winemaker confesses to destroying $60k worth of rival's wine


A Barossa Valley winemaker brings his court trial to an end on its first day after pleading guilty to deliberately destroyed nearly 25,000 litres of wine at a rival company by opening the taps on four storage tanks.

Monday, Aug 21

Hunt for 10 sailors missing after US destroyer collides with oil tanker

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Planes and ships hunt waters east of Singapore for 10 US sailors missing after the USS John McCain warship hit an oil tanker this morning — the second collision involving a US Navy vessel in the past two months.

Sunday, Aug 20

How mortgages and debt are setting up a 'house of cards' for Australia's economy

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Soaring household debt levels and aggressive lending practices from the major banks are setting up a potential "perfect storm" for Australia's economy, financial experts tell Four Corners.

'Adored' Sydney boy Julian Cadman confirmed dead in Barcelona attack

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Seven-year-old Julian Cadman is confirmed to have died in last week's terror attack in Barcelona, with his family remembering the Sydney boy as an "energetic, funny and cheeky" child and his school paying tribute to his "generous heart".

China propping up North Korea with continuous supply of oil

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China says it is doing all it can to rein in its neighbour and traditional ally North Korea, but on the border of the two countries it is a different story.

Leaked documents reveal Pine Gap's role in the US fighting machine

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Intelligence from Australia's Pine Gap base is being used on US battlefields, leaked documents from the US National Security Agency reveal for the first time.

Saturday, Aug 19

Grave fears for Australian boy Julian Cadman as father arrives in Barcelona

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The father of an Australian boy caught up in the recent Spanish terrorist attacks touches down in Barcelona and is taken immediately to an official justice building, the place where victims of the attacks are being identified.

Terror cell 'dismantled' as police hunt Moroccan over Barcelona attack

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A massive manhunt is underway for the 22-year-old Moroccan man suspected of driving the van in the deadly Barcelona attack, but officials say the extremist cell behind the carnage has been "fully dismantled".

Wallabies thrashed 54-34 by rampant All Blacks in Bledisloe Cup opener

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The Wallabies are outclassed by the world champion All Blacks, who embarrass the home side 54-34 in the opening Bledisloe Cup Test at Sydney's Olympic stadium.

Nick Xenophon refers himself to High Court over citizenship

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Crossbench senator Nick Xenophon has announced he will refer his election to the High Court after discovering he has a form of British citizenship.

Friday, Aug 18

Departing Bannon questions Trump's ability to build Mexico wall

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Donald Trump fires chief strategist Steve Bannon, who says his departure from the White House signals a major shift for the administration and that the President's ability to get things done will now be "that much harder".

Police make fourth arrest over Spain terror attacks

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A fourth person is arrested over a series of suspected terror attacks that killed 14 people and injured 130 in Spain, authorities say, as a minute's silence is held for victims in Barcelona.

7yo Australian boy missing after Barcelona attack, mum in hospital

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Seven-year-old Sydney boy Julian Cadman is missing and his mother is in a serious condition in a Barcelona hospital after being caught up in the deadly terror attack.

Xenophon checks possible dual citizenship with British Home Office

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South Australian senator Nick Xenophon is making inquiries with the British Home Office about his citizenship status because his father is from Cyprus, which was a British colony until 1960.

Thursday, Aug 17

Spain hunts driver who killed 13, injured 100 in Barcelona

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Spain mounts a sweeping anti-terror operation after a suspected Islamist militant drove a van into crowds in Barcelona's famous Las Ramblas avenue, killing 13 people and injuring 100 before fleeing.

Donald Trump sad to see 'beautiful' Confederate statues torn down

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Donald Trump defiantly reiterates his opposition to the removal of monuments to the pro-slavery Civil war Confederacy, saying he was saddened to see the "beautiful" statues being removed from cities around the country.

Fiona Nash latest to be embroiled in citizenship fiasco

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Deputy leader of the Nationals Fiona Nash says she will not stand aside, after revealing to the Senate she is a British citizen by descent and becoming the latest politician to be tripped up by section 44 of the constitution.

Emotional Brandis savages Hanson for wearing burka in Senate

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One Nation senator Pauline Hanson causes controversy by wearing a burka to Question Time in the Upper House, and receives an emotional dressing down from Attorney-General George Brandis.