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'Stop blaming the victims': Florida shooting survivors call out Trump, NRA

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Students who survived last week's deadly shooting at a Florida high school call out politicians and senators who "sit in their gilded houses" for their inaction on gun violence.

Sleep with staff and it's public business, Morrison warns ministers

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Treasurer Scott Morrison says Malcolm Turnbull's comments about Barnaby Joyce's affair were appropriate, and puts ministers on notice that if they have sexual relationships with their staff, it will no longer be kept quiet.

Tasmanian scooter titles have kids flying high


Scooting is surpassing skateboarding as the action sport of choice for the millennial age group, an Australian sporting association claims.

Sacking of WA Minister's staffer wasn't payback for bullying complaint: Premier


Mark McGowan says he has been "assured" the sacking of media advisor Jane Grljusich was unrelated to bullying and harassment allegations she made against a colleague who allegedly called her "Kim Jong Lard" in an email.

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Trump suggests FBI 'spending too much time' on Russia probe to stop Florida shooter


US President Donald Trump lashes out at the FBI, saying the agency "missed all of the many signals" sent by the suspect in the Florida school shooting before the deadly rampage and needs to "get back to the basics".


Husband of murdered MP Jo Cox quits charities over sexual assault allegations


Brendan Cox says he's leaving two charities he set up in his dead wife's memory after apologising for the "hurt and offence" caused by his past behaviour.


'Do you feel lucky, greenie punks': George Christensen under fire over Facebook post

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Nationals MP George Christensen is reported to police over a social media post showing him holding a gun, with a caption appearing to threaten "greenies".


Adelaide's Erin Phillips the gamechanger of the AFLW

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We knew she was the MVP, but now there's no argument — Erin Phillips is the AFLW's superstar, capable of single-handedly lifting the Crows by her sheer presence.

Man missing as dangerous swell causes havoc along NSW coast


A 22-year-old man is missing after being caught in a rip, and dozens of others are rescued, as the Bureau of Meteorology issues a hazardous surf warning for the New South Wales coast.

Hidden draft found under painting 'allows us to get inside the mind of Picasso'


Researchers use scanning technology that could reveal the secrets of other masterpieces to reveal what Pablo Picasso painted over to create one of his blue period artworks.

Labor promises to dump Tasmanian public school fees


Labor leader Rebecca White launches the party's March 3 campaign with a promise to drop the $600 public school fee, provide free school buses, and make school sports more affordable.


SA Labor promises $2 billion infrastructure plan if re-elected


Jay Weatherill tells Labor's campaign launch his government, if re-elected next month, will spend billions of dollars on a deep water port, remove congested level crossings and further extend Adelaide's tram network.


Ship crew fights off pirates using medieval siege tactics


Twenty-seven sailors aboard a Philippines ship MV Kudos stop 12 pirates trying to board the ship in the Basilan sea, by splashing the armed men with the concoction of hot water and oil.

'Enhanced' flu vaccines made available after last year's 'horrific' season


The Federal Government says it is providing two new "enhanced" flu vaccines for free to people over 65 after more than 1,000 people died from flu-related symptoms last year.


'Direct hit': Lives and homes under threat as Cyclone Kelvin crosses coast


A red alert is issued along a stretch of WA's northern coast as Tropical Cyclone Kelvin makes landfall, with the storm damaging buildings and bringing down trees at a pastoral station south of Broome.

Passengers aboard violent cruise offered credits to go again


A Carnival Legend passenger is not thrilled by the cruise line's offer of a 25 per cent discount on another trip, after a South Pacific tour turned sour with violence on board resulting in the ejection of an entire family.

UKIP leader removed after lover's racist Meghan Markle comments

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British eurosceptic party UKIP is thrown into turmoil again when its members remove leader Henry Bolton after less than five months following criticism of his leadership and a scandal about racist comments made by his lover about Meghan…

Canberra's tribe gets the Huw Parkinson treatment in 'Political Survivor'


Contestants of Survivor embark on their toughest challenge yet: two weeks in Australian federal politics.

Padman, the 'taboo' Bollywood film about sanitary pads, causes controversy in South Asia

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A Bollywood flick about sanitary pads causes a stir in South Asia, where women are banned from entering temples, and are traditionally forbidden from touching food or other people when menstruating.


Tropfest 2018 winner inspired by 'traumatic' shopping trips

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Greta Nash wins the top honour at this years Tropfest short film festival in Parramatta, with a film based on "traumatic" shopping experiences with her mother.

Political Survivor: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast


Contestants of Survivor embark on their toughest challenge yet: two weeks in Australian Federal Politics.

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Sally Pearson seals Commonwealth Games spot in dramatic fashion

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The champion hurdler has kept her cool in tricky circumstances to win the 100m hurdles at the Commonwealth Games trials.

No relief for workers as new enterprise agreements drive wages down

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Long-lasting wage agreements struck under EBAs are likely to act as a dead-weight on wages attempting to climb off the mat for some time yet, writes Stephen Letts.


Weatherill eyes four more years, as Labor launches SA election campaign


Four weeks out from the South Australian election, Labor will hold its official campaign launch today — as Jay Weatherill vows to serve a full four years as premier if he wins on March 17.

SA election a last chance for terminally ill Adelaide woman to vote


Stephanie Lockery was an aid worker in Afghanistan when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Now back in Adelaide with her family, the 35-year-old is thinking about the issues that matter to her as she prepares to vote in the South…

Russian Foreign Minister dismisses FBI charges as 'blather'

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Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says reports about Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election are "just blather", as the US National Security Adviser says the evidence of interference is beyond dispute.

Dead toddler's parents plead for tougher sentencing of child killers


Hemi Goodwin-Burke's parents say they could not believe it when their son's killer had his murder charge downgraded to manslaughter. They're urging Queensland's Sentence Advisory Council to get tougher on child killers.

Our unique seeds are bound for icy Doomsday Vault


Australia is about to make its largest deposit into the global seed vault in Norway, as part of the 10th anniversary of the facility dubbed the "Doomsday Vault".


13 dead after helicopter surveying earthquake damage crashes in Mexico

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A military helicopter carrying officials assessing damage from a powerful earthquake crashes in southern Mexico, killing 13 people on the ground.

The winners and losers in Australia's dairy industry as Murray Goulburn sale looms


With the future of Australia's largest dairy company, Murray Goulburn, set to be sold overseas, local co-operatives are looking to make the best of it.

The strict training regime of a cute little fox fighter


Warrnambool's famous Maremma penguin protectors have made international headlines and been the subject of a popular family movie, but what does it take to train them? A lot, actually.


Chinese war on crime threatening whole villages' livelihoods, researcher says


The Chinese Government has launched a large-scale "people's war" on organised crime, but in a nation where whole villages specialise in illegal activity, and crime figures are already manipulated, its implications appear unclear.

High-energy basketball court cleaner becomes a Chinese internet star

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A court cleaner for China's national basketball league who shot to fame for his high-intensity approach to the job says even the NBA's Beijing office has shown interest in him.

Helping renters get solar panels on their roof

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As a record number of Australian households benefit from putting solar on their roof, we look at some of the options for renters who have traditionally been locked out of doing this.