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Rugby league Immortal Graeme Langlands dies

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Rugby league Immortal Graeme 'Changa' Langlands, who was capped 45 times for Australia, dies aged 76.

Tangalooma's island paradise becomes a 'nightmare' for some property owners

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Property owners on Moreton Island break their silence about a "David and Goliath" dispute with the island's management, which they say is threatening to send some of them broke.

'Feel like I'm going to pass out': Melting inside an ice-cream van on a 38C day


Sarah and Carl Wicken endure 50-degree heat inside their ice-cream van to refresh Canberrans every summer day, in an effort to keep kids happy and an old-fashioned business concept alive.

On the hunt for sugarbag bee honey in outback Queensland

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Sugarbag honey comes from native Australian bees, and is a popular form of bush tucker. It also has similar medicinal properties as manuka honey, and there is a growing commercial market for native honey.

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Analysis: Both sides are playing politics with the shutdown, and both will pay with voters

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The US Government shutdown is delicious timing for the Democrats, but the Republicans also playing politics, and the approach of both sides will be viewed cynically by voters who are tired of dysfunctional government, writes Zoe Daniel.


Shattered Barty laments missed opportunity at Australian Open

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Ashleigh Barty is inspired to become a contender at future majors after being left disappointed by her Australian Open exit in the third round at Melbourne Park.


Major US landmarks closed as blame game erupts over shutdown

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US President Donald Trump has a rocky start to his second year in office, with landmarks like the Statue of Liberty closed as bickering over the Government shutdown continues in Washington.

'The chefs cry in their kitchens': Legendary French chef Paul Bocuse dies at 91


French President Emmanuel Macron leads the tributes after Paul Bocuse, the master chef who defined French cuisine for more than a half-century and put it on tables around the world, dies at 91.

Women's March protesters blast Trump, but he says they should be thankful

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As thousands of women take to the streets in hundreds of US cities for the second Women's March, US President Donald Trump urges them to celebrate his time in the Oval Office.

Don't have kids until you're ready is the advice from goat breeders


Goats are adorable (no kidding), but before you jump in and adopt them as pets, find out if you're really prepared to make the commitment.


Wreck hunter confident renewed search for MH370 will deliver answers


Blaine Gibson, the self-styled wreck hunter searching for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, "firmly" believes the plane will be found — just as a new private search is about to begin in the southern Indian Ocean.


Why we should forget losing weight and focus on healthy habits


Losing weight is often presented as the gateway to good health. But shifting the focus away from body size and onto healthy behaviours would benefit us all, experts say.

The 10 biggest moments from one year of President Trump

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We had travel bans, "bigger" buttons, the Russia probe and a massive tax overhaul. And covfefe. Here are the top 10 moments from Donald Trump's first year in the White House.

My family's Africa connection a story of love, tragedy, opera and war

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It's a tale of romance, opera and war. Africa correspondent Sally Sara discovers one of her relatives lived in Nairobi more than a century ago, and was at the heart of "the ultimate love story".


US policy shift could spark Australian defence budget rethink: Molan

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The landmark shift in US national security policy to prioritise the threat posed by powers like China and Russia could prompt a rethink of Australia's defence spending, according to incoming senator Jim Molan.


Sydney's Royal National Park blaze downgraded after burning 600 hectares

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A fire burning through the Royal National Park in Sydney's south is downgraded to advice status, although thick plumes of smoke are still drifting across the city.

Manson follower Leslie Van Houten's parole denied by California governor

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The governor of California denies parole for Leslie Van Houten, the youngest follower of murderous cult leader Charles Manson.


Here's what happens in a US Government shutdown


The US Government has gone into a partial shutdown. Here's what that could mean for government services across the country.

Here's how your Facebook feed is changing

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Over the past few weeks, Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has announced a series of changes to the social media site that will impact user's News Feeds.


US Government shuts down, White House blames 'obstructionist losers'

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A partial shutdown of the US Government begins after an eleventh-hour effort to secure a funding deal failed, in a chaotic close to Donald Trump's first year as President.

Saturday, Jan 20

US military focus shifts to threat from Russia and China, away from terrorism

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US Defence Secretary James Mattis says countering China's rapidly expanding military and an increasingly aggressive Russia are now the main focus of America's national security, outpacing the threat of terrorism.

Friday, Jan 19

Spike in hearing loss from yucca gardening injuries

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The fashionable yucca plant, a species introduced from the Americas, is to blame for a spike in gardening-related ear injuries, a new study finds.

Opinion: The Y chromosome is disappearing — so what will happen to men?

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The Y chromosome may be able to protect itself from extinction in the short term. But what about in a future where we all reproduce artificially?

Canadian artist carves car out of snow so realistic it fools police


Police in Canada investigate an illegally parked car and discover a prank sculpture made out of snow instead.

Bones found near murdered woman's backpack 'may have been part of killer's collection'


Human bones found near the backpack of murdered woman Lyndsay Van Blanken in Sydney may have been "scavenged" by her ex-boyfriend, a coroner's court hears.

Thursday, Jan 18

Donald Trump remains more popular with Republicans than you probably think

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Donald Trump's first year as US President has been filled with turmoil, but Republican voters remain firmly behind his unconventional tenure.

Passengers describe 'violent shaking' on board diverted Malaysia Airlines flight

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Passengers on board a Malaysia Airlines flight forced to divert to Alice Springs say they were told to brace for impact after the aircraft began shaking violently.

'He destroyed my best friend': Woman criticises push to free convicted killer

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A woman whose closest friend was brutally murdered 35 years ago in Perth speaks out against a fresh push to free and exonerate the man who has spent 25 years in prison for the crime.

Bernardi lashes musicians' criticism of alternative Hottest 100 list

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Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi says artists asking to be removed from his party's "alternative to the Hottest 100" playlist should be thankful for the royalties, after Powderfinger, Hilltop Hoods and Darren Hayes voice…

Wednesday, Jan 17

Bannon refuses to answer questions amid claims of White House 'gag order'

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Steve Bannon's lawyer relayed questions to the White House in real time during his House of Representatives Intelligence Committee interview, leading Mr Bannon to refuse to answer any questions about his time as a Trump advisor.

‘King of Steel' one of three Australians arrested in Serbia over alleged $500m cocaine shipment

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Businessman Rohan Arnold, 43, is arrested alongside two others at a Belgrade hotel after police storm the lobby with their weapons drawn.

Analysis: Why Australians should worry about a housing crash

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History shows it's misguided to predict an imminent Australian housing crash, but also that it's sheer folly to write-off the possibility.

Pump turns to dump — bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices plummet

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Cryptocurrencies have been heavily sold off, amid fresh fears of a major regulatory crackdown in South Korea.

Tuesday, Jan 16

California siblings kept in 'horrific' conditions treated for malnourishment

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The 13 California siblings kept in "horrific" conditions by their parents, including some who were shackled to furniture, are being treated after an ordeal that could leave them scarred for years, authorities say.

Opinion: The case for using military force against North Korea


Military options should, and must, be on the table if diplomacy fails to compel North Korea to denuclearise.

Meet Sheriff Joe, the only person pardoned by Donald Trump


The newly announced Arizona Senate candidate is described as the toughest sheriff in America and he's certainly the most controversial.

Thirteen siblings rescued from California house were 'chained to beds'

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Police charge California parents with torture after rescuing 13 "malnourished and very dirty" siblings aged between two and 29 from the family home.