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Trump sexual misconduct allegations 'remain very disturbing': Republican senator

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Sen. Susan Collins also said she hopes Alabama doesn't elect Roy Moore.

WATCH: Signals from missing Argentine sub give hope for rescue effort

ABC News Analyst Retired Marine Col. Steve Ganyard discusses the submarine signal and what could it mean.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins: 'I want to see changes' in Senate tax bill


The Maine senator is a key moderate Republican.

Zimbabwe party: President Mugabe must resign or face impeachment


Zimbabwe ruling party: Mugabe must resign as president by noon Monday or impeachment to start

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The Latest: Zimbabwe's Mugabe begins exit address to nation

The Latest: Zimbabwe's Mugabe begins exit address to nation; notes 'a difficult patch'


15 dead, 5 hurt in a stampede for food aid in Morocco


Morocco's Interior Ministry says that at least 15 people have been killed and five others injured in a stampede as food aid was being distributed in a southern village


Sex-harassment allegation wave will be 'watershed moment' if men 'man up': Fiorina


Men need to speak out against other men who disrespect women, Fiorina said.


Neurologist faces sex allegations in 3 states


Prominent neurologist already charged with groping patients faces growing accusations he assaulted women in 3 states

British sailor dies in round-the-world yacht race


Organizers of an international yacht race say a British sailor has died after he was swept overboard in rough seas

Some Alabamians won't quit Moore because he never quit them


Roy Moore's staunchest supporters say they won't quit him in the Alabama Senate rate because he never quit them

Secret Service apprehends attempted White House fence jumper


The U.S. Secret Service says an individual has been taken into custody after attempting to jump a security barrier on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House


Trump era sparks new debate about nuclear war authority


It's hard to overstate how thoroughly the U.S. military has prepared for doomsday _ the day nuclear bombs zero in on America _ but some worry about the potential for deadlocked decision-making in an actual nuclear crisis


Freezing cold weather awaits Northeast for start of holiday week


Wind chills will dip under freezing as you head to work on Monday.


Driver in Japan dies in crash with truck driven by US Marine

Police on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa are investigating a fatal traffic accident that occurred when a truck driven by a U.S. Marine collided with a small truck at an intersection, killing the Japanese driver of the other vehicle


Trader Joe's recalls packaged salads that may contain glass, plastic fragments


Trader Joe's says it has recalled several packaged salads after a supplier said there may be shards of glass or hard plastic inside


US general says illegal nuclear launch order can be refused

The top officer at U.S. Strategic Command says an order from President Donald Trump or any of his successors to launch nuclear weapons can be refused if that order is determined to be illegal


Vehicle found in hunt for gunman in traffic stop killing of Pennsylvania cop

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A reward to help find the gunman who killed a Pennsylvania police officer increased to $40,000 on Saturday as an intense manhunt continued.


Warship's collision with Japanese tug boat the latest mishap for Navy's 7th Fleet

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The USS Benfold collided with a Japanese commercial tug boat in Japan's Sagami Bay on Saturday.


27 injured, others unaccounted for after massive fire at senior living center

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More than two dozen people were injured while others remained unaccounted for after a massive fire engulfed a senior living facility west of Philadelphia on Thursday.

Saturday, Nov 18

Harassment claims shine light on California Capitol partying


California's Capitol is awash in allegations of sexual harassment, creating an atmosphere that's impacting how men and women interact

How a Senate ethics investigation works


Top Senate leaders have called for an ethics review of Sen. Al Franken.

GOP is 'toast' with Trump in control, Republican senator says

Sen. Jeff Flake was caught unaware speaking to Mesa, Ariz. mayor at tax event.

Trump to keep ban on big game trophies for now


The decision is on hold until Trump reviews "all conservation facts."

Friday, Nov 17

Roy Moore's wife: Trump 'owes us a thank you' for diverting attention from Russia


The wife of the embattled Senate candidate defended him at a press conference.

Woman who accused Al Franken of forcibly kissing her shares his apology letter

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Tweeden accused Franken of forcibly kissing her in 2006.

Celebrities lash out at Trump administration over reversing ban on elephant trophies

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The administration said on Wednesday it plans to reverse an Obama-era ban.

Multiple women accuse former President George HW Bush of inappropriate grabbing

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The former president has issued statements about the accusations.

Thursday, Nov 16

Rental home giant once led by Trump ally is under fire from some tenants and critics

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ABC News and reporters for ABC stations across the country found dozens of complaints from tenants who say they felt powerless to push back against the company.

WATCH: Al Franken apologizes after radio anchor says he forcibly kissed her, took lewd photo

A female radio host claims Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., made a lewd gesture while she was sleeping aboard a military plane on her way home from a USO tour several years ago.

Transgender service members and their families deal with fallout from Trump's tweets


The president said that they should be barred from serving.

As national party abandons Moore, Bannon and Alabama GOP dig in


The embattled candidate still has considerable support from Alabama Republicans.

Wednesday, Nov 15

School's 'heroic' staff 'defeated evil' with 'flawless' lockdown, superintendent says

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The elementary school was among several locations targeted in shooting spree.

Legal experts weigh in on Sessions' call to evaluate Clinton allegations


Some legal experts told ABC News Sessions' decision raises ethical concerns.

Calif. shooter had semiautomatic rifle, military-style vest

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The shooting suspect in the California shooting Tuesday used a semiautomatic.

California gunman fired 30 rounds at school, left when he couldn't get inside

abcnews.go.com also on ABC News / U.S.

It appears the gunman left the school frustrated after he couldn't get in.

Tuesday, Nov 14

Analysis: Sessions gives Trump what he wants - a return to 'Crooked Hillary'


AG Sessions is giving President Donald Trump what he’s long demanded

Donald Trump Jr. says he communicated with WikiLeaks during 2016 campaign


He says he spoke with WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign via Twitter

WATCH: 5th woman accuses Roy Moore of sexual misconduct


Beverly Young Nelson says Moore assaulted her when she was 16 as reports emerge that Moore frequented a mall allegedly looking for teen girls, while he faces dwindling support within the GOP.

Officials: Jeff Sessions might not want old Senate seat back


Sessions isn't in favor, three officials told ABC News.