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Why does Israel keep attacking Syria?


Al Jazeera examines what is behind the cross-border violence and threats between Israel and Syria.

Israel maintains robust arms trade with rogue regimes


Myanmar, which is conducting a 'textbook ethnic cleansing' of its Rohingya minority, is among the beneficiaries.

Russia accuses US coalition of decimating Raqqa


The Syrian city has suffered the same fate as Dresden during World War II, Russian defence ministry says.

Gorran says Barzani should resign after Kurdish vote


Kurdish opposition group says Kurdistan Regional Government head failed to heed advice on referendum and caused crisis.

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Court to sentence whites who shoved black man in coffin


Two men were found guilty after shoving black victim into coffin and threatening to set him on fire.


FSA rebels: We would have won if not for Iran


Tehran helped keep rebels from government centres of power but its rising influence could undermine Assad's government.


Rights groups to Greek PM: Stop trapping refugees


Groups call on Alexis Tsipras to transfer refugees living in poor conditions on islands to the mainland before winter.


Lombardy and Veneto back greater autonomy from Rome


Voters overwhelmingly demand more regional control over tax revenues and immigration from central government.

Marawi in ruins after battle against pro-ISIL fighters


The centre of the picturesque lakeside town was heavily damaged in a campaign of shelling and aerial bombing.


Who will pay for the reconstruction of Raqqa?


Those who destroyed Raqqa seem unwilling to pay for its reconstruction.


Abe: Japan to pursue 'strong diplomacy' against N Korea


Prime minister's ruling coalition wins super majority in snap election, boosting push to reform pacifist constitution.

Former Saudi and Israeli spymasters share NYC stage


Joint public appearance at Middle East Forum signals warming of ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel.


Can the United States end the blockade of Qatar?


America's top diplomat is back in the Gulf trying again to heal the rift between Arab allies.


SDF says it captured al-Omar oilfield from ISIL


US-backed rebels defeat ISIL fighters 'with little damage' after a 'large-scale' push to seize Syria's biggest oilfield.


Shinzo Abe on way to big parliamentary election win


Exit polls show prime minister set to become his country's longest serving leader since the second world war.


Tillerson visits Qatar in new push to end Gulf crisis


Top US diplomat holds talks in Qatar after visit to Saudi Arabia as part of renewed efforts to resolve diplomatic rift.


When a Russian loves a Ukrainian


A film and a real-life story highlight the very different reactions of the Kremlin to a Russian-Ukrainian love affair.

Raila Odinga says he will not recognise Kenyatta win


Opposition leader rules out contesting the outcome of Thursday's vote in court, calling it 'a waste of time'.

Hamas: No rift with Qatar over Fatah reconciliation


Group brushes off talk of tension and praises Qatar for 'pioneering role' in improving lives of Palestinians in Gaza.


Lombardy and Veneto seek greater autonomy


Lombardy and Veneto vote in a non-binding referendums to gain more control over its financial affairs.

Sunday, Oct 22

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe poised to win snap election


A resounding majority could pave the way for the Japanese leader to revise the country's pacifist constitution.

Mogadishu: 11 killed week after deadliest blast


Roadside bomb attack kills 11 people, including women, days after more than 350 lost their lives in Somali city.

Tillerson renews Gulf crisis talks in Saudi Arabia


Top US diplomat offers little optimism as he visits Riyadh and Doha in new push to resolve Gulf diplomatic dispute.

Saturday, Oct 21

Meet the activists fighting for Catalan 'independence'


Hundreds of thousands amass in Barcelona after Spanish government announces plan to sack Catalonia's separatist leaders.

Suicide bomb attack kills 15 army trainees in Kabul


Latest suicide bombing kills 15 army trainees in Kabul, the seventh major assault in the war-torn country since Tuesday.

Spain to suspend Catalonia's leaders, call elections


PM Rajoy's cabinet moves to suspend Catalonia's separatist government and calls for fresh elections in the region.

Iraq forces in full control of Kirkuk province


Iraqi forces and allied Shia militias claim control of Kirkuk province after intense battle against Kurdish forces.

Friday, Oct 20

Deadly attacks hit mosques in Kabul and Ghor


Shia mosque in Kabul and Sunni mosque in Ghor province targeted in separate incidents, claiming more than 60 lives.

'UAE on the verge of splitting Yemen in two'


South Yemen's fight for independence is being financed and politically supported by the UAE, Yemeni officials say.

Libya six years on: No regrets over Gaddafi's demise


Six years since the overthrow of Gaddafi and despite Libya's chaotic turn, rebels say the revolution was still worth it.

'100,000 flee Kirkuk' since Iraqi army takeover


Thousands of families need urgent assistance, official says, as UN raises concern over reports of Kurds being displaced.

Thursday, Oct 19

Tillerson blames Saudi-led group for GCC rift stalemate


US top diplomat indicates there has been little progress on the eve of trip to region in renewed bid to mediate crisis.

Palestinian official: Unity deal will aid peace process


Palestinian parties say they will stand firm after statement from US official against Hamas' role in unity government.

Spain to trigger Article 155 to block Catalan autonomy


Described as 'nuclear option', Article 155 allows Madrid to suspend Catalonia's autonomy and has never been used before.

Taliban attack kills dozens of soldiers in Kandahar


Army base targeted by two suicide bombers then overrun by gunmen in hours-long firefight.

Wednesday, Oct 18

Marchers cautiously welcome block on Trump's travel ban


Hundreds protest Trump's latest ban on individuals from six Muslim-majority countries, North Korea and Venezuela.

Quebec passes controversial face veil ban


Law requires individuals to uncover their faces when receiving public services, including riding public buses.

Hate crimes rise around Brexit vote, recent attacks


Muslim women particularly vulnerable of rising racist sentiment say activists and victims, as government releases study.

Senior Kenyan electoral official resigns ahead of poll


Roselyn Akombe, a top commissioner from the country's electoral body, says next week's poll will not be 'credible'.