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Sunny side of Piaget


Rather than as little cabochons, ornamental stones vibrantly pave the faces of Piaget Possession timepieces launched this month

Sparkling blooms


Considering feng shui in its designs, Jubilee Diamond created the Serendipity of Luck collection based on how flowers can attract positive energy.

Jewels for mixing and for matching


Known for crafting extravagant pieces, Beauty Gems has a fashion-forward design department that encourages sporting fine jewellery as a part of everyday outfits, not only red-carpet gowns.

Low-speed luxury


A holiday onboard a luxury sleeper train doesn't sound like a trip for everyone, especially when you don't consider yourself well-heeled, slow-life or highfalutin', and when the train is a true legend and its service considered worldwide…

Merging the spiritual and temporal realms


A good number of modern-day chefs are trying to unify sustainability with fine dining. For understandable reasons, however, many of them have later taken a detour.

Wonderland tea party


Have you ever had that fanciful childhood friend who would throw the most bedecked parties you wish you were invited to? If you have never had a chance to put in your princess-themed tea party hours, here's a good chance to attend to your…

Creatively canine

To have a passion that makes you want to eat, sleep and breathe it, is rare. To have a passion that turns into a career is even rarer. But artist Tavorn Silakunaporn is one of the lucky ones, oozing an infectious fervour -- in a way that…


Uber Eats adding cheap menu options


Uber Eats, the online food delivery service, plans to increase affordable menu options with an aim to increase the frequency of customer orders and capitalise on the country's 26-billion-baht food delivery market.

Stopping the heinous crime of child-sex abuse

Parents sexually abusing their own three-year-old son to make easy money online, child molesters working as primary school teachers, Buddhist monks running child sex rings. Time and again, Thailand has produced some incomprehensibly awful…

Thursday, Feb 22


Malaysian rapper in the dog house over 'obscene' video

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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia detained rapper Namewee on Thursday amid an uproar over an "obscene" Lunar New Year music video depicting people in dog masks dancing in what appears to be the administrative capital of Putrajaya.


Grab looks to get a grip on delivery

On-demand food delivery service is growing in popularity thanks to players such as Foodpanda, UberEats and Line Man. Grab is the latest to jump onto Thailand's food-ordering bandwagon.


Eras collide in artistic retrospective


Tawan Wattuya's exhibition "Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire" juxtaposes the artist's oil-on-canvas paintings from 2005 with those he created in the past year. Browsing newspapers and social media to find inspiration, Tawan humorously…

Risqué stand-up to play Bangkok


Prepare to be tickled with laughter next month as the Magners International Comedy festival -- Asia's largest comedy festival -- will be back for its fifth rendition, welcoming comedians from all over the world to bring laughter to the…

Throwing back to Pepsi's past


Pepsi invites fans and retro lovers to go back to the past with a nostalgic event, "Pepsi Generations", that celebrates the brand's 120-year rich history in pop culture. The three-day event will be held from Friday until Sunday at Square A…

Central Hotels and Resorts


The hotel management chain offers a 40% discount for bookings made at least 60 days in advance. The bookings should be made until March 1 for stays from March 1 to June 30.

Devil on the doorstep

You go into a Lav Diaz's movie as if you were going into a church, or a trench war, or an ultra-marathon: you prepare for the epic length, the brutal transcendentalism and the implacable burden of history that hit you like a blow.



From Feb 16 to March 2, Khao Wong Phra Chan, Lop Buri province's highest mountain, will attract Buddhists and other visitors to climb to its peak and pay respects to a model of the Lord Buddha's footprint during the annual religious…

Double-whammy master

By using fire for cooking, Homo sapiens took a step higher on the food chain. It made eating mammoths easier on the digestion. The press was another step. Print replaced cave drawings, clay pressings, stone carvings, papyrus. Books were…

New tourism app launches


The Tourism and Sports Ministry has introduced the Thailand Tourism Directory app and website.

Building a company that lasts

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not merely a global agenda or war cry for sustainable development that is being taken up by governments around the world. To move forward towards global prosperity, there has to…

International goods for sale to support Red Cross


Shopping enthusiasts should mark the calendar for the "Diplomatic Red Cross Bazaar" for Saturday and Sunday. The highly-anticipated event will bring a myriad of famous products from around the world for a two-day shopping spree from 10am…


Blossoming Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, aka the "Rose of the North", has been popular among Thai and foreign tourists for decades due to the beauty of its nature, art, culture and temperate flowers. Throughout this month, the province is hosting the "Chiang Mai…

To the mountaintop

Rising 2,285m above mean sea level, Doi Pha Hom Pok of Chiang Mai's Fang district ranks as Thailand's second-highest summit. On my recent visit to the mountaintop -- I had not returned to Doi Pha Hom Pok since I first climbed it 25 years…

A fresh way to experience the South

A short drive from the old town of Songkhla to Songkhla Lake is where you will find Ko Yo. The size of this small island in the southern part of the country is only 15km².

Wednesday, Feb 21


For the love of coffee


If the aromatic smell of brewing coffee gets your heart racing like a lovesick teen, attend the "Thailand Coffee Fest 2018: Make It Sustainable", held from March 8-11, at Plenary Hall, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

Witness the hysteria

Katy Perry was here in May 2015, and she remembers the people to be "eccentric and exciting". Well, more eccentricity and excitement then, as the American pop princess will return to Bangkok on April 10 as part of her Witness tour.


Making it rain

On 20 July, 1969, Thailand underwent its first ever test run of the Royal Rainmaking Project. Initiated by King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1955, the project is one of the late king's most recognised achievements, bringing rain to thousands of…

Tuesday, Feb 20


Carabao: Rocker turned drinks mogul energises English football

Bangkok Post / News

On Sunday evening an ageing Thai rock star with hooped earrings, signature bandana and a wispy moustache will be at the home of English football to present the Carabao Cup to either Arsenal or Manchester City.


Strengthening hair defence


Grey hair is obviously one but what about the other signs of ageing hair? Similar to the skin, the scalp loses its elasticity and becomes dry due to a decline of sebum secretion whereas changes in texture and density make strands weaker…

Natural hair-colouring in a classy setting

There’s no limit to hair colours, as funky red, yellow, blue and green are among the 64 shades shelved at the Beauty Library, a vintage-style hair and beauty salon located on Sukhumvit 33.