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Bangor reaches 10-year deal with Waterfront Concerts


The new agreement calls for a minimum of 10 shows per year — one more than in the 2017 season — and for the city and Waterfront Concerts owner Alex Gray to work together to improve restroom facilities.

UMaine wide receiver reinstated from suspension


University of Maine junior wide receiver Micah Wright, who was suspended along with running back Darian Davis-Ray and defensive lineman Uchenna Egwuonwu for alleged violations of the UMaine student code of conduct the first week of August,…

State police correct identity of motorcyclist who caused toy run crash


“Based on new information, troopers now say that the motorcycle that veered into the passing lane and collided with a pickup truck was operated by 25-year-old Aaron White-Sevigny of Windsor.”

Jose loses strength but is still a major threat to Northeast coast


Jose has been downgraded to a tropical storm but is expected to linger in the Atlantic for the next several days.

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Susan Collins makes new push for insurance risk pools as part of Obamacare fix


The proposal eyed by Susan Collins is one that Maine used in 2012 and 2013, before the ACA marketplace was up and running, to subsidize the cost of providing health insurance for those most likely to require lots of medical attention.


Police reports on quadruple murder might be made public


The police reports were ordered to be impounded following the brutal Sept. 8 incident.

Maine woman says she’d rather go to jail than take down Trump signs


"If I have to sit in jail for the rest of eternity, that's my choice," Susan Reitman told NECN in reference to her signs that say "I Love Trump" and "He Won, Get over it."


Narwhal tusk-smuggling ex-mountie gets 5 years


Woodcock said he considered environmental wildlife crimes such as the on Logan committed to be “one of the most heinous because they impact the entire planet.”


Jackson Lab cries foul over Chinese mouse breeding


The dispute involves mice strains sold to the Chinese university from 2002 to 2014.

Oklahoma City man killed by police was deaf


Oklahoma City police officers who opened fire on a man who was approaching them holding a metal pipe apparently didn't hear witnesses yelling that the man was deaf, the department said Wednesday.

Boost your bike ride without breaking a sweat


The user-friendly technology has opened the experience of cycling the scenic and steep, winding roads to older riders, those with injuries or disabilities and those who just don't want to bust a gut on their vacations.


LePage: Greed drives lumber prices following hurricanes


Gov. Paul LePage is calling for a suspension of tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber to ease prices as families and businesses prepare to rebuild after hurricanes Harvey and Irma — and with two more months of hurricane season to go.


ACLU, Planned Parenthood challenge Maine law that allows only doctors to perform abortions


Advocacy groups aiming to improve access to abortions are taking their fight to court in Maine.

Maine’s court records will soon be online, but the public may not be able to access them


Transparency advocates are worried that, as drafted, the plan would spend millions of dollars on a system that would do little to make court records more readily available to the public.


Ex-Mountie to be sentenced for role in narwhal tusk smuggling case


Gregory Robert Logan, 60, of Woodmans Point, New Brunswick, has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to launder money and nine counts of money laundering.


Trump’s lawyer to publicly testify in Senate next month


President Donald Trump's lawyer will return to Capitol Hill for a public hearing next month after the Senate intelligence committee abruptly canceled a closed-door staff interview Tuesday morning.


Supporters of tiny houses make case for new rules in Maine


Tiny houses tend to be 100 to 400 square feet.

Taylor Swift shakes off copyright lawsuit as ‘ridiculous’


Representatives for Taylor Swift on Tuesday rejected a copyright infringement lawsuit filed on Monday by two songwriters over Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” as a “ridiculous claim.”


Bangor councilors to consider moratorium on proposed forensic unit after heated public hearing


With the approval of two-thirds of the council, the moratorium could become effective immediately, City Solicitor Norman Heitmann said.


White man arrested in slayings of 2 black men in Louisiana


A law enforcement official said authorities found a handwritten copy of an Adolf Hitler speech at Kenneth James Gleason's home.

Wednesday, Sep 20

With Maine worker shortages looming, universities seek ways to pump out more grads


Maine is predicting a dramatic shortage of skilled workers in the next decade, including a projected shortfall of 3,200 nurses by 2025.

Tuesday, Sep 19

Before the beer boom, there was Danny McGovern — a legend in Maine brewing


Danny McGovern, and a handful of others, paved the way for what would become an economic powerhouse and major tourist attraction for Maine.

Bangor Mall’s owner at risk of default on $80 million loan


A recent Morningstar Credit Ratings report valued the Bangor Mall at only $66.6 million and estimated that Simon has a 50 percent chance of defaulting on the loan.

Portland becomes first in Maine to ban exotic animals, like circus elephants


Portland is the first city in Maine to ban the display of exotic animals and joins more than 100 across the country that have done so.

This Bangor industry reflects all the rest — and it’s slowly shrinking and moving south


“We don’t start the economy, and we don’t end the economy. We’re a slice of it out of the middle, and we’re the purest barometer of how the economy’s doing.”

Monday, Sep 18

Beth Warren, who gave countless hours to Bangor service groups, dies


She believed that working at the grassroots level afforded her abundant opportunities to make the personal connections that she found so rewarding.

Hurricane Jose poses major threat to shipping, real estate along East Coast


Jose could bring as much as 5 inches of rain to New England.

Police failed to protect women from Lord rampage, suit claims


Two victims of Anthony Lord's July 2015 murderous rampage have claimed in a federal lawsuit that Maine State Police officers failed to protect them from Lord, who was sentenced last month to life in prison.

Leaked report advises Trump to open Maine monument to commercial forestry


Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke advised President Donald Trump to open Maine’s national monument to commercial forestry, according to a leaked summary of Zinke’s report to the president.

Sunday, Sep 17

Norman Rossignol, a beloved veteran and Maine Troop Greeter, dies at 91


He died Saturday at a Bangor hospital after a short battle with leukemia.

Maine hiker dies after becoming ill on New Hampshire mountain


Rolf Diamon of Windham became sick and collapsed Saturday morning while hiking up Mount Washington.

British police arrest 2nd man in London subway bombing


A 21-year-old man was arrested late Saturday night in Hounslow in west London and is being held under the Terrorism Act.

LePage is OK with this Baldacci jobs program, which makes Maine Democrats leery


One of the political hot-button issues emerging in the Legislature’s off-season is what to do with the state’s Pine Tree Development Zone program, which will fizzle out of existence in 2018 unless it is renewed in Maine law. A recent…

Saturday, Sep 16

Hurricane Jose’s center seen staying off U.S. East Coast, away from Maine


What impact the storm might have on the Maine coast remained uncertain Saturday. “It still may have some impacts in terms of higher seas. We’re pretty confident we will see highers seas but the possibility of storm force winds or anything…

As storms get worse, here’s what Maine might expect


Warm ocean temperatures feed the power of storms, and as ocean temperatures along the eastern seaboard increase, they will sustain the power of storms for a longer duration as they travel north. Hurricanes, nor’easters and even…

Everything you need to know about those black spots taking over some maple leaves


The black tar spot fungus affects Norway maple trees, which are native species of Europe, not New England.

LePage wants schools to take over special ed services for preschool kids


The LePage administration wants local school districts to start providing special education services for about 2,500 3- to 5-year-olds with disabilities and developmental delays who currently receive the support through a $39 million state…