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Ryanair accuses Lufthansa of Air Berlin 'conspiracy'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Ryanair accuses Lufthansa and the German government of colluding to carve up the failed airline.

UK unemployment falls to new 42-year low

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

The jobless rate has fallen to 4.4% official figures show, but the squeeze on real incomes continues.

Walnut wipeout whips up chocolate storm


Nestle is launching a new version of the Walnut Whip - but without the famous nut on its peak.

Uber privacy audits after 'God View' row

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Technology

Uber was in trouble for not adequately securing both customer and driver data from hacking.

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UK Brexit position paper opposes Irish border posts

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

The government does not envisage border posts or CCTV cameras along the 300-mile Irish land frontier.


Is the wages puzzle getting less puzzling?


The latest unemployment figures may finally provide a clue on how to solve the wages puzzle.


Uber official apologises for 'misunderstanding' in Philippines


Taxi-hailing firm wants to work with regulators after a temporary ban on services in the Philippines.


Admiral profits held back by rising personal injury costs


Shares in the insurer fall up to 7% as changes in the calculation of injury costs hold back profits.


How to turn a hit TV show into an international success


Hit TV shows are now bought and adapted for different countries around the world in an industry worth billions.

Why Elvis is still earning a fortune

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Why passing away has done little to deaden the commercial appeal of musical legends like Elvis and their entrepreneurial super fans.


Trump hits back at business leaders

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But the president's remarks fail to head off further resignations from White House business groups.


IMF warns on China's credit boom


The International Monetary Fund says that China's credit growth is on a "dangerous trajectory".


Unite union claims RBS plans 900 IT job cuts


The Unite union says the bank is planning to make the job cuts at its London office by 2020.

Brexit: UK suggests 'untested' customs system with EU

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

The EU says it is too soon to discuss trade and customs with other Brexit issues yet to be settled.

No reverse on 6.1% student interest rate

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

The government has ruled out any reversing on plans for higher interest charges on student loans.


Future of Learndirect in question


The future of a major adult-training provider is in question after it fails to block a critical report.

'Tiffany' rings cost Costco $19.4m

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

The US wholesaler faces a big damages bill for selling "Tiffany" rings not made by the jeweller.

Tuesday, Aug 15

Rail fares face biggest rise for five years

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Millions of rail users will see the price of regulated rail fares rise by up to 3.6% in January.

Grenfell Tower profit warning sends Mears shares down


The contract services company says revenues from housing will fall by £30m to £800m and hit profits.

Bill Gates reduces Microsoft stake with $4.6bn donation


Bill Gates remains the world's richest person despite giving away 5% of his fortune.

Trump orders review of China's trade practices

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

The president asks the top US trade official to review China's approach to intellectual property.

Monday, Aug 14

Uber allows in-app tips for UK drivers

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

The ride-sharing company says the move is part of a number of improvements for drivers.

Japan's economy grows at fastest pace for more than two years


Higher consumer spending helped to boost growth in the world's third-largest economy.

Pay growth to stay weak, says forecast

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

Pressure on wages is set to continue, with pay rises forecast at 1% over the next year, a survey says.

Drunk air passenger arrests up 50%

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

A survey of 4,000 cabin crew also finds more than 25% had seen drunk passengers risk flight safety.

Sunday, Aug 13

Sturgeon joins sexism row over Clarks shoe

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Clarks has been accused of "everyday sexism" for calling a girls' school shoe the "Dolly Babe".

Philip Hammond and Liam Fox in post-Brexit deal call

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

Philip Hammond and Liam Fox put on a show of unity as they agree on a post-Brexit transition period.

Friday, Aug 11

Wilko opens redundancy talks

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

The company, which has its headquarters in Worksop, saw its pre-tax profits drop earlier this year.

Tenth of young adults shun cash, says UK Finance


Young are more likely to rely on cards and digital payments, although cash is still popular for others.

Holiday hold-ups

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

Jetting off from Gatwick on Easyjet? BBC analysis suggests you may have a bit of a longer wait.

Men from poor backgrounds 'twice as likely to be single'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

The income gap between men from poor families and rich ones is also widening, the IFS said.