Wednesday, Aug 16


Bowel cancer test: 'No health minister' means NI people must wait


A new screening test for bowel cancer in NI is on hold because there is no Stormont health minister.


Meningitis jab uptake 'worryingly low'

BBC / Health

School-leavers are being urged to be immunised against the highly aggressive strain.

Time spent frail in old age 'doubles'

BBC / Health

More care homes are needed as an ageing population puts pressure on services, researchers suggest.

Tuesday, Aug 15


Plants 'hijacked' to make polio vaccine

BBC / Science

A breakthrough could lead to easier, faster and cheaper vaccines.

Reunion after baby umbilical cord drama in Derbyshire


Baby Ella was struggling to breathe after getting her neck caught on the umbilical cord during her birth.


Drug deaths in Scotland rose by 23% in 2016


The total number of fatal overdoses was recorded at 867 in 2016 - nearly a quarter higher than 2015.

Japanese fungus spreading in UK hospitals

BBC / Health

More than 200 patients have been infected, but none has died, Public Health England confirms.


How bad is the NHS postcode lottery?


There has been much talk about whether more of a "postcode lottery" has opened up for NHS patients. Recent revelations about IVF provision, highlighting major variations around England and more extensive care in Scotland and Wales, added…

'Fat but fit' still risk heart disease

BBC / Health

Even if medical tests don't show up any problems, being overweight is bad for the heart, experts say.

Monday, Aug 14


British cyber-defender back online

BBC / Technology

Marcus Hutchins was arrested earlier this month on a trip to cyber-security conferences in Las Vegas.


Anger and hatred can make us feel happy, says study

BBC / Health

People have higher life satisfaction if they feel emotions they desire - even if they are unpleasant.


Yemen cholera epidemic: Cases exceed 500,000 in four months

BBC / Middle East

The overall caseload has declined since early July, but 5,000 people a day are still being infected.

Breast cancer helpline founder paid herself £31,000

BBC / Health

Wendy Watson, who was awarded an MBE in 2012, has resigned as a charity trustee over the "error".


'Flying doctors' service extended to cover north Wales


Specialist doctors are to join Wales Air Ambulance crews to treat seriously injured patients faster.


Scottish ministers urged to lead fight against 'period poverty'

BBC / Health

A Labour MSP says access to sanitary products should be a basic right for anyone who needs them.

Sunday, Aug 13


Sarah Reed death: Mentally ill 'should not be assessed in prison'

BBC / Health

The mother of a woman who killed herself in prison speaks out against the prison system.


'Raise your voices'


A blog on birth trauma is prompting women to share their own difficult experiences.

Saturday, Aug 12


Type 2 diabetes rise in children 'disturbing'

BBC / Health

More than 600 children and teenagers are being treated for the condition in England and Wales, experts warn.


Hard enough already


Flying with a wheelchair is hard enough - it's even harder when it's broken in transit.

Friday, Aug 11


What we know about the Europe egg scare


All you need to know about the European tainted-egg scandal that has now spread to Asia.


Eggs containing fipronil found in 15 EU countries and Hong Kong

BBC / Europe

Fifteen EU countries as well as Hong Kong and Switzerland are said to have received tainted eggs.


GM pigs take step to being organ donors

BBC / News

Pigs have been freed of viruses that stop them being viable organ donors.

Thursday, Aug 10


Egg scandal: 20 tonnes sold in Denmark, food agency says


Twenty tonnes of insecticide-tainted eggs were sold in Denmark, its food safety authority says.


Vitamin B3 may prevent miscarriages and birth defects, study suggests


Researchers from the Victor Chang Institute in Sydney call the news "a double breakthrough".

Eggs scandal: 700,000 sent to UK but risk is 'unlikely'


UK supermarkets have withdrawn several products which contain eggs, including sandwiches and salads.


Surgery wait figure 'highest in decade'

BBC / Health

More than four million people are waiting for surgery in England.


Hundreds more surviving heart failure in hospital, study shows

BBC / Health

More patients are being treated by specialists and given crucial medicines in English and Welsh hospitals.

Thousands of patient follow-up letters not sent to GPs


Worcestershire NHS Trust says some patients may not have got the care they should have.


Labour criticises government hospital asset sales

BBC / Health

Figures show the amount of NHS land in England earmarked for sale has more than doubled in a year.


An 'avoidable' death

BBC / Health

Princess Diana's ex-doctor is being sued by the woman, who alleges negligence in her husband's treatment.