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Argentina missing submarine: Loud noise investigated

A navy spokesman refuses to confirm whether the 'hydro-acoustic anomaly' was an explosion.


Argentina missing submarine: Russia joins search operation

President Putin will send a survey vessel to the area where the sub vanished with 44 on board.

Wednesday, Nov 22


MS-13 gang 'behead man' in US capital

BBC / US / Canada

One man has been arrested and charged over the gruesome gang killing.


Orinoco accident: Divers search for 10 missing people

The 10 disappeared after the boats they were travelling on sank on the Colombia-Venezuela border.


Grave issues


A gay rights activist's bright yellow tomb has divided Italy - so should graves have to be grey?

Argentina missing submarine: Concern grows over lack of oxygen

BBC / News

The search steps up again as weather improves near where the Argentine boat vanished last Wednesday.

Tuesday, Nov 21


'Out of this misery, our athletes still rise' - British Virgin Islands sport's recovery after hurricane

BBC / Sport

After the British Virgin Islands were hit by two category five hurricanes in September, BBC Sport discovers how they are recovering and aiming for sporting glory.


Fifa bans former bosses of Guam, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan FAs

Fifa gives life bans to the former presidents of the Guam, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan football associations for corruption.


US to scrap Haitian immigrants' protected status

BBC / US / Canada

Haitians will have 18 months to return to the country or legalise their status in the US.


Whitefish Energy: Power company halts Puerto Rico work

Whitefish Energy says payments have been delayed from Puerto Rico's bankrupt power authority.


Without a trace


How do subs disappear? And how long can crews survive in a submerged vessel?

Monday, Nov 20


Argentina navy: Missing sub 'had called to report breakdown'

The Argentine navy boat vanished off the coast last Wednesday and no trace has been found.


Chile election: Conservative Piñera to face Socialist Guillier in run-off

Ex-president Sebastián Piñera wins the first round, but fails to avoid a run-off in December.


Argentina missing submarine: Specialist equipment deployed

BBC / News

More planes and boats are joining the search for the submarine which vanished last Wednesday.


Birth of the cool


The "cold chain" profoundly changed the food we eat and the way we shop.

Sunday, Nov 19


'Love has no border': Getting married at the US-Mexico border's 'door of hope'.

BBC / News

Every few months, US authorities open the gate to the fence separating the two countries and allow families to meet without a visa.


Chile to elect President Bachelet's successor

Eight candidates are standing, with ex-president Sebastián Piñera seen as a clear favourite.


Argentina missing submarine: Satellite signals detected

The Argentine naval submarine went missing on Wednesday with 44 crew on board

Brazil culture wars heat up


Katy Watson reports on how the growing polarisation in Brazilian society is affecting the arts.


'Crying every day': Haitians could be sent home under Trump


Haitians granted protected status in the US face an uncertain future under the Trump administration.

Saturday, Nov 18


Venezuela opposition leader flees to Spain

Mayor Antonio Ledezma, who had been under house arrest since 2015, escapes to Spain.


Argentina missing navy submarine: Search stepped up

BBC / News

A Nasa research plane joins the search for the vessel, now missing in the Atlantic for three days.


Chile polls pit billionaire against ex-news anchor


Chileans vote for a new president as President Michelle Bachelet comes to the end of her term.

Mexico migrant killings: Suspect dies after arrest


A Mexican arrested in hospital by police over the killing of 72 migrants has since died.

Friday, Nov 17


Battle to restore Mexico's quake-hit waterfall


After Mexico's devastating earthquake, locals could not afford to let the Agua Azul falls run dry.


Mexico waterfall: Agua Azul cascades return to quake-hit river

Famous turquoise cascades are flowing again after locals used picks and shovels to remove debris.

Thursday, Nov 16


Nicolas Leoz: Conmebol ex-chief to be extradited from Paraguay

Former football official Nicolás Leoz is a main suspect in a bribery and money-laundering scandal.


Colombia zoo gives trafficked elephant root canal surgery


The procedure took 30 people three hours to complete. Tantor had been rescued from a ranch in Colombia.


World Cup: Peru declares public holiday after qualification

A play-off victory over New Zealand gives the country its first qualification in 36 years.


World Cup 2018: Peru beat New Zealand 2-0 to secure final place

Peru become the final side to qualify for next year's World Cup in Russia, beating New Zealand 2-0 in Lima.