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New York Port Authority attack: Man held after Manhattan blast

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

A man is being held after an explosion that wounded four people at Port Authority bus terminal.

EU's Federica Mogherini rebuffs Netanyahu on Jerusalem

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

The EU says it will not recognise the city as Israel's capital before a final status peace deal.

Huntington’s breakthrough may stop disease

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Health

Scientists say it could be the biggest breakthrough in neurodegenerative diseases for 50 years.

The world's youngest island

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Scientists think Hunga Tunga Hunga Ha'apai might hold clues on where to look for life on Mars.

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Brexit deal 'good news' for all, says May

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

Theresa May tells MPs the agreement should reassure both Leave and Remain supporters.


UK snow: Bad weather hits air, rail and sea travel

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

Heathrow cancels a quarter of flights as freezing conditions continue to affect parts of the UK.


Catalonia independence: Spain removes art work from Lleida

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

Protests are held against the transfer of dozens of medieval items after a lengthy ownership battle.

'Absurd' and an 'episode of amateurism' - Clermont furious at handling of Saracens game

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Sport

Saracens' European Champions Cup match with Clermont Auvergne at Allianz Park will now be open to fans after it was postponed on Sunday.


Europe snow triggers transport chaos

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Russia's Putin visits Syria airbase and orders start of pullout

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Russia's president tells troops in Syria that he is ordering their partial withdrawal.


Jerusalem: Netanyahu expects EU to follow US recognition

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

But the EU says its stance is unchanged after the US recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


Venezuela opposition banned from running in 2018 election

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

President Nicolás Maduro says the three main opposition parties cannot compete against him in 2018.


California's Thomas Fire scorches area larger than New York City

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The Thomas fire is the fifth largest blaze in recorded state history and has grown significantly.


Josh Homme kicks photographer in the face

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The rock star says he is sorry for kicking the female photographer, who says he did it on purpose.


UK's new highest mountain in Antarctic

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Scientists re-measure the tallest mountains in the Antarctic territory claimed by Britain.

Young women on sexual harassment in the workplace

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Young women tell the BBC about their experiences of sexual harassment in our biggest ever survey.


German spy agency warns of Chinese LinkedIn espionage

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Technology

Germany's spy agency says China is using the site to gather information on politicians.


UK minister seeks 'Canada plus' trade deal

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The Brexit secretary says he wants a tariff-free trade deal, as Labour suggests paying for market access.

Sunday, Dec 10

Netanyahu: Palestinians must face reality over Jerusalem

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Israel's prime minister says Jerusalem has "never been the capital of any other people".

North Korea: Urgent need to open channels, UN says after visit

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Asia

After the visit, North Korea said it has agreed to better communication with the UN in future.

Trump Jerusalem move: Tear gas at Lebanon US embassy protest

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

The demonstration is the latest against Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

California wildfires: Governor brands fires 'new normal'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

Governor Jerry Brown's comments come as firefighters begin to take control of the vast wildfires.

Saturday, Dec 9

Portugal's Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral has heart transplant

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Entertainment

Salvador Sobral, who won this year's contest for Portugal, is doing well, surgeons in Lisbon say.

Trump's Jerusalem move: Palestinian protests rage for third day

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Middle East

Palestinians angry at Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital again protest.

Iraq declares war with Islamic State is over

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

PM Haider al-Abadi says Iraqi troops are now in complete control of the country.

Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Tension rises following President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Friday, Dec 8

In Jerusalem on the 'Day of Rage'

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

People gathered in Jerusalem's Old City after Friday prayers to express their objections to Trump.

Brexit: 'Breakthrough' deal paves way for future trade talks

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Divorce bill estimated at up to £39bn as Theresa May gets agreement on Irish border issue.

Jerusalem row: Clashes erupt over Trump move

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Middle East

Israeli-Palestinian violence flares amid protests over Donald Trump's controversial policy shift.

Trump's Jerusalem move: US warns against scrapping Abbas talks

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

US-Palestinian talks are at risk after Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Thursday, Dec 7

Senator Al Franken to resign amid sexual misconduct claims

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

The Democrat admits no wrongdoing, calls himself a "champion of women" and attacks President Trump.

Trump Jerusalem move sparks Israeli-Palestinian clashes

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

Violence erupts as Palestinians protest against the shift in the US stance on the holy city.

Boris Johnson explains 'EU can go whistle' remark

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / UK

Foreign secretary says he was talking about "very extortionate sums" he had seen reported in the summer.

Turkey's Erdogan calls for border treaty review in Greece visit

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / Europe

He is the first Turkish head of state to visit Greece in 65 years but walked straight into a row.

Wednesday, Dec 6

Democrats urge Senator Franken to quit amid groping claims

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC / US / Canada

Al Franken denies a report he plans to quit as colleagues abandon him and allegations pile up.

Jerusalem is Israel's capital, says Donald Trump

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Tearing up convention, the US president recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Syria war: Children living under air strikes in Eastern Ghouta

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC.com

Syrian government forces are trying to starve rebels into submission and those suffering include children.

Significance of Jerusalem

www.bbc.co.uk also on BBC

The city's importance explained, as Trump is set to announce plans to move the US embassy in Israel there.