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Sunday, Dec 10


Net neutrality fight isn't over yet


Protesters opposed to repealing Net neutrality regulations took to the streets in Washington, Boston, and other cities last week. By Hiawatha Bray Globe Staff December 10, 2017. Usually when you see a crowd outside the Verizon retail store…

Saturday, Dec 9


Sanofi Genzyme recalls arthritis medicine following surge in side effects

The Boston Globe

About 18,000 gel-filled syringes sold by the Cambridge biotech Sanofi Genzyme to treat arthritis of the knee have been recalled because that batch was linked to a surge in side effects. Sanofi Genzyme informed doctors, pharmacists, and…

Thursday, Dec 7


You can now hail a self-driving car in the Seaport

Now available on the South Boston waterfront: rides in a self-driving car. Lyft customers in the Seaport District may be offered the chance of a trip in one of nuTonomy’s electric Renault vehicles, through a partnership between the ride…

Wednesday, Dec 6


Bannon tells Roy Moore’s supporters: ‘They want to take your voice away’

The Boston Globe

FAIRHOPE, Ala. — It already felt a little like a victory party in Alabama Tuesday, where Senate candidate Roy Moore is suddenly feeling love from the Republican Party despite weeks of disclosures that he sexually pursued or assaulted…

Tuesday, Dec 5


Bad news on the flu: Season striking early and will peak around the holidays

This year, there is concern that vaccination will be less effective than usual at preventing the spread of the flu. By Matt Rocheleau Globe Staff December 05, 2017. Flu season has arrived early this year and appears on course to peak right…

Monday, Dec 4


Mass. Senate plunged into turmoil as Rosenberg says he’ll temporarily step aside

The Boston Globe

The Senate was plunged into political turmoil and uncertainty on Monday, after Stanley C. Rosenberg said he would temporarily step down as Senate president and authorities announced they were prepared to launch a criminal investigation…

Saturday, Dec 2


Now it's official: Cape Wind project dead

What a slow death it has been for the state's first proposed offshore wind farm. But now, its proponents finally are pulling the plug. While others in the energy industry had considered the $2.5 billion Cape Wind project dead, developer…

Friday, Dec 1


Senate to hire independent investigator to look into sexual misconduct allegations

The Boston Globe

Senate leaders say they will hire an independent special investigator to look into allegations of sexual misconduct by Bryon Hefner, the husband of Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg. Senate Majority Leader Harriette Chandler said the…

Thursday, Nov 30


Four men allege sexual misconduct by Senate president’s husband


He was a policy advocate who made his living trying to persuade legislators on Beacon Hill to help nonprofit groups. He was exhausted after a working dinner with a group of senators and their spouses on that fall night in 2015. It was very…


Semma Therapeutics raises $114m for novel diabetes treatment

Semma Therapeutics wants to develop a treatment for diabetes that would eliminate the need for insulin injections. By Jonathan Saltzman Globe Staff November 30, 2017. A Cambridge biotech seeking to develop a treatment for diabetes that…

Wednesday, Nov 29


Upstart opioid maker Collegium says safety’s a big priority

Collegium Pharmaceutical, the scrappy upstart taking on the mighty opioid maker Purdue Pharma, is having a moment. The Canton company recently convinced Cigna, Humana, Navitus, and top health insurers in Florida and Pennsylvania to cover…


That group that tried to sting The Washington Post? It’s suing the DA in Boston

Project Veritas, the group that was apparently caught red-handed this week trying to dupe The Washington Post, is challenging the legality of a Massachusetts law that makes it a crime to secretly record conversations. Project Veritas…

Trump rebuked in UK after retweets targeting Muslims

The Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump touched off another racially charged furor on Wednesday by sharing videos from a fringe British ultranationalist group purportedly showing Muslims committing acts of violence, a move that was swiftly…


Conservative speaker arrested after altercation at UConn

The Boston Globe

NEW YORK — A Washington correspondent for a provocative conservative website who spoke at the University of Connecticut in Storrs was arrested Tuesday night after he appeared to grab a woman who had taken papers off the lectern at which he…


Like Y2K, the Net neutrality crisis is way overhyped

As the Federal Communications Commission nears a fateful decision on network neutrality, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Y2K all over again. You may remember Dec. 31, 1999. That’s the last time the Internet was expected to die, because…

Tuesday, Nov 28


Democrats pull out of meeting after Trump tweet


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is predicting passage of the Senate tax plan as he accuses Democratic leaders of being ‘‘all talk’’ and ‘‘no action.’’ The Republican president told reporters Tuesday that they were in a ‘‘very ...


7 questions for Alex Azar, Trump’s health secretary nominee

The Boston Globe

ASHINGTON — On Wednesday, Alex Azar, the former drug company executive nominated to take over the country’s top health care agency, will face tough questions from the senators who try to keep that department in check. Azar heads first to…

Monday, Nov 27


Dueling bosses both try to lead at the CFPB

(Bloomberg) -- The next act in the drama playing out over who runs the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau began Monday as dueling chiefs both asserted they were in charge. A federal judge might have to determine the finale. President…

Friday, Nov 24


Jeff Bezos fortune hits $100 billion on Black Friday stock surge

Jeff Bezos is the world’s newest $100 billion mogul. The Amazon.com Inc. founder’s fortune is up $2.4 billion to $100.3 billion, as the online retailer’s shares jumped more than 2 percent on optimism for Black Friday sales. Online…

Wednesday, Nov 22


Trump, top lawmakers to meet to discuss averting shutdown


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump and congressional leaders plan to meet next week to discuss how to avert a potential government shutdown at the end of the year. White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters says the group will meet next…


Federal regulators may take action against TripAdvisor

The Boston Globe

The Federal Trade Commission is considering whether to take action against TripAdvisor after some consumers accused the Needham-based travel company of removing hotel reviews that included reports of rapes and assaults. Earlier this month,…

Tuesday, Nov 21


Charlie Rose ousted by both CBS and PBS after harassment allegations

CBS fired Charlie Rose on Tuesday, a day after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. Not long afterward, PBS canceled distribution of his self-titled nightly interview program. David Rhodes, president of CBS News, told staff…


Charlie Rose harassed us, eight women say

PBS and Bloomberg said they were immediately halting distribution of Charlie Rose's interview program and CBS News suspended him. By Irin Carmon and Amy Brittain Washington Post November 20, 2017. WASHINGTON — Eight women have told The ...

Monday, Nov 20


DOJ to sue to block AT&T, Time Warner merger

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice is suing to block AT&T’s $85 billion bid for entertainment conglomerate Time Warner, setting the stage for one of the biggest antitrust cases to hit Washington in decades. The suit is fraught with…


Jeffrey Tambor says he doesn't expect to return to 'Transparent'

The Boston Globe

LOS ANGELES — Following two allegations of sexual harassment against him, actor Jeffrey Tambor says he doesn't see how he can return to the Amazon series “Transparent.” In an ambiguous statement Sunday that heavily implies, though doesn't…

Friday, Nov 17


A new role for first responders: providing in-home health care

AMBRIDGE, Mass. — Dedalo Sousa, an 85-year-old with type 2 diabetes, has seen the inside of a hospital more times than he can remember. He has a regular doctor. But sometimes, “when he gets scary things, we don’t want to wait for his…


Jibo named one of best inventions of 2017


The Boston-born home robot known as Jibo is ready for its closeup — at least according to Time Magazine. The news weekly put the the table-top device on the cover of its latest edition and ranked it among the 25 best inventions of 2017 for…

Thursday, Nov 16


The man running against Roy Moore is pitching a New South in Alabama


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Doug Jones already has a place in Alabama’s layered and, at times, traumatic history. His name appears in the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute for prosecuting two members of the Ku Klux Klan who murdered four black…

Monday, Nov 13


The local impact of GE’s restructuring should be relatively small


Uh oh. A year after moving to Boston, General Electric is embarking on a massive restructuring, with significant job cuts and business-line divestitures. As it turns out, the local impact should be relatively small, judging from what new…


Scientists warn Earth is on the road to ruin

The Boston Globe

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. This is our only home and we shouldn't ruin it, thousands of scientists say. More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries worldwide, including scores from Massachusetts universities, have signed a letter…