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Navy ships ordered to pause operations following collision


A "devastated" chief of naval operations Admiral John M. Richardson today ordered fleets around the globe to pause operations in the wake of the U.S. Navy's second disastrous collision at sea in just three months.

Tom Brady predicts his training regimen will be 'norm in the not-too-distant future'

It may seem unusual others now, but Tom Brady foresess his training regimen someday becoming just be the way things are done.

'A primal experience': Americans dazzled by solar eclipse


The stars came out in the middle of the day, zoo animals ran in agitated circles, crickets chirped, birds fell silent and a chilly darkness settled upon the land Monday as the U.S. witnessed its first full-blown, coast-to-coast solar…

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Police: Fugitive's death 'breaks' cell behind Spain attacks


SUBIRATS, Spain — The lone fugitive from the Spanish cell that killed 15 people in and near Barcelona was shot to death Monday after he flashed what turned out to be a fake suicide belt at two troopers who confronted him in a vineyard not…


Americans are dazzled as eclipse turns day into night


Millions of Americans gazed in wonder through telescopes, cameras and disposable protective glasses Monday as the moon blotted out the sun in the first full-blown solar eclipse to sweep the U.S. from coast to coast in nearly a century.


Moon blots the sun out of the sky in historic US eclipse


Millions of Americans gazed in wonder through telescopes, cameras and disposable protective glasses Monday as the moon blotted out the sun in the first full-blown solar eclipse to sweep the U.S. from coast to coast in nearly a century.


What happens to your eyes if you look directly at the sun during a solar eclipse?


For the first time in U.S. history, a solar eclipse will travel exclusively across America, enabling millions of people to view the moon block out the sun on Aug. 21. But those who watch this rare celestial event need to take precautions,…


Aly Raisman addresses Team USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal and calls for organization to change


Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman is calling for an overhaul in the USA Gymnastics organization.


'Game of Thrones': No one expects a zombie bear

Last night on “Beyond the Wall,” the season’s penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones,” the HBO fantasy drama’s answer to the Suicide Squad found Jon Snow and his mirthless band of men traipsing the snowy hills in search of a single undead…

Triumphs, tragedy informed cops

Boston cops were uniquely primed to manage Saturday’s “Free Speech Rally” and the massive counterprotest on the Common thanks to hard lessons learned from 10 major sporting championships and the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon,…

Just for laughs – AND charity

The annual Comics Come Home is coming into its 23rd year, and it’s announced a star-studded lineup that promises to prompt plenty of laughs, come Nov. 18.

Chabot: Beth Lindstrom to contend for Elizabeth Warren’s Senate seat

Longtime GOP operative Beth Lindstrom will announce this morning that she is running to oust U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 2018 — but her first target appears to be fellow Republican President Trump.

Fitzgerald: Longtime resident loves post-Lantigua Lawrence

It’ll be called a mayoral primary election, but more than that it’ll be a referendum next month when voters in Lawrence decide if they want to hand the keys to City Hall back to Willie Lantigua again.

Analysis: GOP still wary of Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — President Trump is attempting to turn the page on one of his most tumultuous weeks in office, when he drew fire from both within and outside of his party for comments seen as giving cover to hate groups. But his moves,…

North Korea resumes threats ahead of exercises


Nuclear tensions are high again between North Korea and the United States — days after a much-welcomed cooling-off period — with renewed sabre-rattling calling out President Trump by name as the U.S. and South Korea launch joint military…

Sperm donor biz an ethical ‘free-for-all’


The multibillion-dollar sperm donation business has shockingly little oversight, leading to false promises of anonymity, insufficient medical testing and high numbers of half-siblings, according to advocates who are demanding more…

Boston’s view of shady event to be ‘excellent’

Boston may only be getting roughly 60 percent of a solar eclipse today but worry not, bespectacled sun-gazers — there’ll be clear skies for viewing.

Cohen: Don’t discount inside job in DNC email hack

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Department of Justice and all the congressional committees now investigating alleged Russian meddling into the 2016 Presidential election must conduct a thorough analysis of DNC servers, computers and…

Booting Up: Book prescribes a framework for survival in changing world

The entire left-versus-right dichotomy that informs most of what we read and listen to on a daily basis is a relic of the past, an outgrowth of systems and institutions that were built for a different time.

Sunday, Aug 20

Sunny skies forecast for tomorrow’s eclipse

As the solar eclipse crosses over the Bay State tomorrow, area residents looking for a fun place to view the phenomenon will have plenty of options.

Gelzinis: ‘Free Speech’ folks take an empty stand in Cradle of Liberty

The “Make America Great Again” folks who had the brainless idea that Boston would be a great place to follow up on what happened in Charlottesville last weekend discovered the hard way that this city is not called the Cradle of Liberty for…

Peace prevails in Boston as rally plays out

A tidal wave of 40,000 peaceful counterprotesters drowned out a so-called “Free Speech Rally” on Boston Common yesterday afternoon before the shouts and chants from the crowd gave way to clashes in the street when participants swarmed…

Carr: Non-event brings back memories of Hempfest nonsense

Halloween came early to the Common yesterday — check out this photo of a guy on his way to a costume party as a beekeeper, I mean, as an “antifa” member.

Saturday, Aug 19

Tens of thousands protest Hub ‘Free Speech Rally’


Tens of thousands of counter-demonstrators swamped the Common today in protest of a so-called “Boston Free Speech Rally” slated to begin at noon at the Parkman Bandstand.

Rally rabble-rousers to be 'dealt with swiftly'

Transit police will have a “substantial presence” at subways and train stations today as right-wing organizations and counterprotesters — with the latter group potentially in the tens of thousands — flood into the city for the so-called…

Battenfeld: Trump’s the only one who can right his ship, no matter who’s bailing

Donald Trump is the only one who can right his presidency, and there’s still no signs of him changing at all.

‘Barbarian’ exits White House, back at Breitbart to fight Trump foes

Embracing his new nickname “Bannon the Barbarian,” Steve Bannon proclaimed “I’ve got my hands back on my weapons” and will be “going to war” against President Trump’s enemies, as he returned to Breitbart News last night just hours after…

Friday, Aug 18

Walsh aide Dan Koh to run for Congress, quitting City Hall


Daniel Arrigg Koh, the chief of staff to Mayor Martin J. Walsh, is leaving his post to gear up for a run at the open Congressional seat in his hometown 3rd District, sources close to the Andover native say, leaving Walsh without one of his…

‘Haunted’ by past owner's history, Red Sox seek name change for Yawkey Way

At a moment when racial tensions have escalated rapidly and the removal of Confederate statues acts as a flashpoint for violent and racially divisive protests, the Red Sox are ready to start taking down a symbol of their own racially…

Scores mowed down in Barcelona attack


A picturesque Barcelona walkway plunged into blood-spattered chaos yesterday when a van weaved through the tourist hot spot, killing at least 13 people and injuring 100 more as suspected Islamic terrorism resurfaced in Europe.

Attacker drives van into Barcelona crowd

BARCELONA, Spain — A van veered onto a promenade and barreled down the busy walkway in central Barcelona on Thursday, swerving back and forth as it mowed down pedestrians and turned a picturesque tourist destination into a bloody killing…

Thursday, Aug 17

President Trump: Nation’s culture being ‘ripped apart’ by Civil War statue removals

WASHINGTON — Showing his characteristic refusal to back down in the face of criticism, President Donald Trump deepened his defense of Confederate war memorials Thursday, sending out a series of messages on Twitter that adopted the language…

Hurricane Gert kills 1 on Nantucket

One swimmer drowned and another 27 had to be rescued as the tail end of Hurricane Gert hit Nantucket with high waves and rip currents.

Padma Lakshmi: Boston's not all 'brutes and bullies'


The star host of reality TV show “Top Chef” says she still has love for Boston even after a federal jury acquitted the Teamsters she accused of threatening her and her crew in the hopes of securing union jobs.

Heslam: Marathon bombing victim’s park leaves legacy of peace

A wistful dream finally came true yesterday for the Richard family, which lost so much in the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist bombings four years ago.