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Sight for war eyes: How a couple wed in Pol Pot's forced marriages came to long for each other's face

Ngin Chan shuffled to a table adorned with flowers placed on it to mark his wedding, and saw his wife-to-be for the first time.


High noon in Papua: conflict simmers around Freeport mine

Brisbane Times

Violent attacks have spiked around the Grasberg mine in recent weeks amid talks over a plan for Freeport to divest 51 per cent of its stake to Indonesia.

Friday, Nov 17


How $30,000 from Australia is wiping away tears in Sierra Leone

Brisbane Times

A village devastated by Ebola has begged Australia to continue literacy funding.

Fighting for health and against corruption: The optimist of Sierra Leone

Bailor Barrie grew up in the slums of Freetown and has returned there with a mission.


Share bike company Bluegogo's woes blamed on Tiananmen Square 'prank'

The young entrepreneur behind collapsed company Bluegogo has blamed a controversial Tiananmen Square advertising campaign for its woes.

'This is a genuine crisis': The 'cliff edge' moment coming for Britain

Brisbane Times

The so-called Brexit divorce agreement is deadlocked – still unsettled after six rounds of talks.


Oops, Pentagon retweets call for Donald Trump, Roy Moore and Al Franken to resign

Brisbane Times

The Pentagon's main account retweeted the message to its 5.2 million followers.

Thursday, Nov 16


Myanmar security forces 'targeting' Rohingya children in ethnic purge: report

Brisbane Times

A Save the Children report reveals the deliberate targeting of children by Myanmar security forces driving Rohingya out of the country.


'Descending into outright dictatorship': Cambodia dissolves opposition party

Brisbane Times

Cambodia's Supreme Court has dissolved the country's main opposition party, denying millions of Cambodians the opportunity to vote for their elected representatives in elections next year.


Share bike bubble claims first big casualty as Bluegogo reportedly goes bankrupt

The share bike business, which has pumped millions of bicycles onto city streets worldwide, has seen its first big casualty.


Chinese police find 14,000 bottles of fake Penfolds wine in counterfeiting scam

Brisbane Times

Beijing: Shanghai police have seized 14,000 bottles of fake Penfolds wine being sold by counterfeiters in China.

Wednesday, Nov 15


'Look at our experience': British MPs' advice for Australia on same-sex marriage

Brisbane Times

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May says she hopes Australia will swiftly legislate gay marriage as Tory MPs dismissed fears it would undermine religion, citing England's own experience in introducing the change three years ago.

Australian diplomat Julian Simpson falls to his death from Manhattan balcony

An Australian diplomat has fallen to his death from a Manhattan balcony after a night out with his wife and friends.


Australian diplomat falls to his death from Manhattan rooftop: reports

Brisbane Times

An Australian diplomat has fallen to his death from a Manhattan rooftop after a late night "trust game" went horribly wrong, according to reports.


Scotland wins right to end the sale of cheap booze

Brisbane Times

Scotland has won the right to be the first country in the world to tackle alcohol abuse by setting a minimum price on booze, after fighting whisky makers in court for five years.


Gunman among fatalities in California school shooting

At least five people have been killed and two children wounded in a shooting near an elementary school in northern California, according to multiple media outlets.


A step forward as China 'special envoy' to travel to North Korea

Brisbane Times

Beijing: Chinese president Xi Jinping will send a special envoy to North Korea on Friday, in what is being seen as a significant step forward in stalled diplomacy with the rogue nuclear state.


Jeff Sessions changes his account, now recalls campaign talk on Russia

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he now recalls a meeting with then- candidate Donald Trump and aides where campaign connections to Russia were discussed, despite earlier testimony.


At ASEAN summit, leaders agree to ignore organisation's reason for being

Brisbane Times

South-east Asian nations and their key allies, including Australia, have blown an opportunity to force Myanmar to end the worst atrocities committed against a civilian population in Asia for decades.

Tuesday, Nov 14


China's carbon market ready - but waiting

Brisbane Times

The world's largest carbon market is ready and waiting on Chinese government approval, but may miss a goal of launching in 2017.


Australia's 'game-changing' role against IS in Asia: Turnbull

Brisbane Times

Manila: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken credit for helping liberate the besieged Philippine city of Marawi after a bloody four month siege, saying Australia's role was a "game changer."


WikiLeaks sought for Assange to be named Australia's ambassador to US

Brisbane Times

WikiLeaks sent a series of detailed requests - some acted upon - to Donald Trump jnr in the run-up the 2016 US election, according to a report in The Atlantic.


Malcolm Turnbull, Donald Trump private dinner scrapped

Brisbane Times

Plans for US President Donald Trump and his new buddy Malcolm Turnbull to meet together for a private dinner on Monday night were cancelled at the last minute.

Monday, Nov 13


The photobomber offering a glimpse behind closed doors at ASEAN

He's the Philippine government official who can't help taking a selfie. And sometimes, with press access limited, he often gives the world its the first - and only - glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors at the high-level meetings…


'A step back': Emissions rise as world economy gathers pace

Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry have renewed their climb after a three-year pause, driven higher by economic acceleration and the failure to find alternatives particularly to oil, international researchers…


Trump meets Turnbull as Philippines and Australia get closer on terror funding

Brisbane Times

Mercurial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has signalled a deliberate turn towards Australia, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised that Canberra would share more intelligence on terrorism networks with the island nation.

Sunday, Nov 12


Trump says he's 'a very good mediator' as he takes offence at North Korea's Kim

Brisbane Times

Donald Trump has followed up his promise to solve "probably all" of the world's problems with the help of China.


Papuan villagers near Freeport mine conflict zone are 'safe' despite unrest

Brisbane Times

Timika, Papua: A community leader from one of the villages caught up in a conflict inside Papua's giant mining area has insisted that all villagers are safe.

Cultural Marxism – the ultimate post-factual dog whistle

The good news is that 'cultural Marxism' isn't real. The bad news is that people believe it is anyway.

Malcolm Turnbull calls North Korea 'criminals', urges Hong Kong to help

Brisbane Times

Hong Kong: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has accused North Korea of being one of the world's most "cunning, sophisticated criminals," involved in many serious crimes, including drug trafficking, in his strongest condemnation yet of the…