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Standing ovation for Premier as Labor's new caucus meets for the first time

A rousing, drawn-out standing ovation greeted Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk as she walked into the first Labor caucus meeting of her re-elected government. After securing a two-seat majority with 48 seats, Ms Palaszczuk was due to announce…

Friday, Dec 8


Premier celebrates historic victory with tea and honey

Labor has won a two-seat majority in the Queensland Parliament, with 48 seats. Labor will hold a caucus meeting on Monday, with the cabinet sworn-in on Tuesday. The LNP will hold a partyroom meeting to decide its new leader on Tuesday.…


It's official: Labor wins 47 seats needed for majority government

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls has called Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to concede defeat following the November 25 election. Mr Nicholls will not contest the leadership ballot on Tuesday. Ms Palaszczuk was expected to advise the Governor…

Thursday, Dec 7


Giant $2.2 million fans to cool Great Barrier Reef

Giant fans to cool water and reduce heat stress on the Great Barrier Reef will be trialled from early next year and partially funded by a $2.2 million Turnbull government investment. Under the Reef Havens proposal, eight large, slow-moving…

Wednesday, Dec 6


When 'free speech' becomes a shield for planned chaos

Brisbane Times

Somewhat lost in the chaos of the last year is a shift in language that has profound implications for open democracies.

Saturday, Dec 2


Revealed: Paul Tully's private email habit

Veteran Ipswich councillor Paul Tully sends an average of five emails a day from his personal email account to council colleagues, in spite of Crime and Corruption Commission warnings of the corruption risks of such behaviour and its…

Friday, Dec 1


Officers raid Ipswich property owned by Pisasale associate

The Crime and Corruption Commission is investigating links between former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale and controversial developer George Cheihk. Mr Cheihk confirmed he had been formally interviewed by the CCC and that officers from the…

Wednesday, Nov 29


Nine seats left to call but Labor still expecting a victory

seats called for Labor so far. Independent candidate Margaret Strelow says it will be "very difficult" for her to win the seat of Rockhampton and she plans to return to her job as the city's mayor. Ms Strelow said the distribution of LNP…

Tuesday, Nov 28


Robust coral sites offer 'life-support' for the wider Great Barrier Reef: paper

Some 100 coral reefs within the Great Barrier Reef have been identified as having particular resilience that could help corals recover from bleaching and other threats.

Monday, Nov 27


The Brisbane suburbs going Green

The Greens may not have yet claimed a seat, but analysis of the weekend's state election results has shown parts of suburban Brisbane have developed a greenish political hue. Half of Brisbane’s electorates had at least one booth in which…


Queensland election results: The seats too close to call

With the winners of 13 Queensland electorates unknown more than a day after polling booths closed, the race to claim leadership of the state remains too close to call. The seat of Bonney, formed from parts of the Broadwater and Southport…

Sunday, Nov 26


Labor claims victory in Queensland election but still needs four seats

At the end of Sunday, Labor was on 43 seats, the LNP had 35 and Katter's Australian Party had two. There were 13 seats which were still too close to call. Preferences will be counted in several seats from Monday, with compulsory…


Time to demerge the LNP to counter One Nation: expert

The Liberals merged with the National Party in 2008 to form the LNP. The merger addressed the shrinking vote of the Liberals and National Party. One Nation has re-emerged in rural areas where the National Party was strong. One Nation’s 14…

Saturday, Nov 25


Queensland voters on edge of their seats as Labor nears majority, One Nation flops

Counting wrapped up at polling booths about 10.30pm on Saturday. Labor was ahead of the LNP, but had not yet secured enough The result in many seats may not be known for days. The fate of Queensland's Parliament hangs in the balance, with…


Queensland election: One Nation sags as Labor starts to party

When Malcolm Roberts was told on live TV he would not be a Queensland MP, the word "denial" got a whole new meaning.

Friday, Nov 24


Freakonomics co-author Steven Levitt on why the US will never get rid of guns

Steven Levitt, the co-author of bestselling novel Freakonomics, talks about gun violence, tax reform and terrorism.


Major parties eye their paths to 47 seats

An electoral redistribution and four new seats has shifted margins in several Queensland electorates. Both Labor and the LNP have 41 seats and need 47 to win a majority in the Parliament. The polls are open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday.…


Could Pauline Hanson's One Nation hold the balance of power in Queensland?

Behind all the public stances in this campaign lie deep shadows and the knowledge that none of the parties have much reason to boast of being saviours.

Thursday, Nov 23


Labor says it'll be 'grim under Tim' but the would-be premier says things are different now

LNP leader Tim Nicholls says he has listened and learnt from the Newman government's time in office. Election costings are expected to be released by Labor and the LNP on Thursday. The election will be held on November 25. Tim Nicholls…

Tuesday, Nov 21


Protesters hide under stage for hours before Tim Nicholls pulls his own stunt

Adani protesters snuck into a leaders' forum in Townsville days out from the Queensland election, appearing from underneath a stage and proclaiming “surprise” as Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls made his opening address. It was understood…


What chances do Queensland's dumped and defector election candidates have?

Some, such as LNP MP-turned-One Nation state leader Steve Dickson, have switched parties while others have been disendorsed, dumped or simply chose to leave their previous party. But what chances do these candidates who have changed…


Lacking debate opponent, Nicholls goes on the attack

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls has unleashed on Annastacia Palaszczuk during a Queensland Media Club address, accusing the Premier of being desperate and lying to Queenslanders. Speaking at the QMC lunch on Tuesday, Mr Nicholls spoke of…


Premier defends maverick Labor MP after being snapped campaigning with Hanson

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she does not plan to disendorse Jo-Ann Miller after the maverick Labor MP was pictured with Pauline Hanson on the campaign trail and gave the federal One Nation leader a gift for her new grandson. Ms…

Monday, Nov 20


Opposition Leader not concerned about lack of female candidates

out of 449 candidates for the Queensland election are women. Despite less than 30 per cent of the LNP's candidates being women, Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls does not believe the party lacks female representation. Fairfax Media analysis…

Sunday, Nov 19


Pauline Hanson halts Queensland election campaign for baby's arrival

Senator Pauline Hanson said the Queensland election has come at the worst time, as she halts plans to campaign for local candidates ahead of the imminent arrival of another grandchild. The senator was due to hop back onto the ‘Battler Bus’…

Saturday, Nov 18


Single blood test could rule out imminent heart attack risk

A single blood test could help identify which sufferers of chest pain are at a low risk of heart attack, a Queensland researcher says. The test, which detects very low concentrations of a protein released when the heart muscle is damaged,…

Friday, Nov 17

Experts lament the lack of vision in Queensland election campaign

Queenslanders elect a new state government on Saturday, November 25. Voters can choose between a new coal or renewable energy in North Queensland. Policies have focussed on providing services, but rarely looked to the future. Queensland’s…


One Nation scoffs at premier's boycott vow

One Nation has scoffed at the Queensland Premier's claim she'd rather send Labor into opposition than work with Pauline Hanson's party to govern the state. The party's Queensland leader Steve Dickson says Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and…

Thursday, Nov 16


Premier wins undecided vote by a landslide at people's forum

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was the clear winner of the People's Forum on Thursday night. Ms Palaszczuk faced off with Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls and One Nation's Steve Dickson in front of an audience of 100 undecided voters,…

Wednesday, Nov 15


FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying: Mile Jedinak the tour leader as Australia reaches journey's end on the road to Russia

The Socceroos' expedition to Russia tested the team's character and adaptability, a trek which has forced its indefatigable band of travelling supporters to run through a gamut of emotions: