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Christie Blatchford: A team of guards, an interpreter, two prosecutors, a lawyer and a judge to get one alleged terrorist to court

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'You are all infidels. I do not worship what you worship,' said the woman accused of 14 terror-related charges after a bizarre episode at a Canadian Tire store

Julie Payette drops legal battle to seal public records of her divorce proceedings

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‘Very few families are immune from difficult moments in life — mine included,’ Payette, a former astronaut who will be Canada's next governor general, said

Andrew Coyne: The answer to left-wing identity politics is not right-wing identity politics


What conservatism ought to be about is the defence of free speech, due process, equal opportunity, and underpinning all, treating individuals as individuals

‘You’re a mongrel to me’: ‘Imperial wizard’ of the KKK threatens to ‘burn’ 11 million immigrants

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An interview with a KKK leader was conducted by a Latina journalist, who was the first black person on Christopher Barker's property

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Would Trump really let NAFTA die over a dispute process he likely can’t explain in a tweet?

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Having a binational review process for disputes almost derailed original Canada-U.S. free trade talks in the 1980s. Now the U.S. is trying anew to remove Chapter 19


Some Flat-Earthers say Monday’s solar eclipse just proved the world isn’t round

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The Flat-Earthers questioned why they were told not to look at the eclipse directly. They also questioned how an object could cast a shadow smaller than itself


Rise of the machines: Elon Musk calls for ban on killer robots before ‘weapons of terror’ are unleashed

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Musk has joined more than 100 robotics and artificial intelligence experts to call for a United Nations ban on one of the deadliest forms of such machines: autonomous weapons

Only known living American soldier to defect to North Korea has died

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James Joseph Dresnok defected in 1962, pledged allegiance to the Glorious Leader and raised to sons in the Hermit Kingdom. He died at 74 after spending two-thirds of his life in the country


NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly negotiating contract extension through 2024

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The negotiations are a clear signal of the trust the owners have in Goodell to help steer the league through another labour agreement


Kelly McParland: Andrew Scheer has one key task as he prepares for the next election


When Canadians begin to tire of the Liberals, they’ll eye the Conservatives and ask themselves, 'Could we live with these people as a government?'

Has Swiss-style cheese reached superfood status?


Scientists at the University of Korea have found that Emmentaler – a.k.a. Swiss cheese (with extra-large holes) – might extend lifespan

As summer draws to a close, a primer on beating the post-vacation blues


For many travellers, the anxiety symptoms can interfere with having a good time

Chris Selley: But why can’t Gerald Butts be friends with Steve Bannon?


If Larry Flynt and Jerry Falwell could be friends, why can't Justin Trudeau's and Donald Trumps' chief advisors?


Submarine owner changes story, claims Swedish reporter died in accident: police

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Copenhagen police are holding the owner of a home-built submarine on manslaughter charges after a Swedish journalist went missing after the vessel sank last week

Bret Stephens: Trump’s Jewish supporters ignored the smell test


Did Jewish voters know enough about bigotry to understand that, just as the hatred that starts with Jews never ends with them, the hatred that starts with others lands all too frequently on us?


Navy begins probe into collision of U.S. destroyer in Southeast Asia, 10 sailors missing, 5 injured

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President Donald Trump, returning to the White House on Sunday night, responded to reporters' questions about the collision by saying: 'That's too bad'

Intel says its new Core chip will be ‘once-in-a-decade’ performance boost for PCs

The eighth generation will provide as much as a 40% jump over its predecessor, Intel said, with new laptops built on the chips coming in September


‘Twenty seconds of burning’: Men partly blinded decades ago warn of dangers of watching eclipse unprotected

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'That damage is typically irreversible, and there's no treatment for this,' one eye doctor warned of the extreme danger of looking at an eclipse without protective eyewear

Limit to election campaign lengths, new third-party rules likely coming in fall, Liberal minister says

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The minister responsible for elections reform says she is aiming to introduce legislation this fall that could impose a time limit on election campaigns


Death toll in Spain attacks rises to 15 after man found stabbed in car

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BARCELONA, Spain — The Latest on the aftermath of the Spain attacks (all times local): 9:25 a.m. Spanish newspaper El Pais has published images of what it says is the driver of the van attack supposedly making a getaway on foot after…

Monday, Aug 21

U.S. and South Korea start war games amid nuclear threats from North Korea

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Pyongyang's state media called the annual military drills a 'reckless' move that could trigger the 'uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war'

Comedian, civil rights activist Dick Gregory dies at 84

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LOS ANGELES — Dick Gregory, the comedian and activist and who broke racial barriers in the 1960s and used his humour to spread messages of social justice and nutritional health, has died. He was 84. Gregory died late Saturday in Washington…

Sunday, Aug 20

Hundreds of counter-protesters swarm far-right La Meute protest in Quebec City

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La Meute and counter-protesters, organized by a group called Citizen Action Against Discrimination, clashed in Quebec city as police declared the demonstration illegal

Jerry Lewis, comedian, telethon host, dies at 91

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LAS VEGAS — Jerry Lewis, the rubber-faced comedian and director whose fundraising telethons became as famous as his hit movies, has died. Publicist Candi Cazau says Lewis passed away Sunday morning of natural causes at age 91 in Las Vegas…

Police and counter-protesters clash in Quebec City outside right-wing event

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Smoke bombs were placed in garbage cans as other clashes between police and demonstrators took place on nearby streets

Trudeau takes aim at ‘racist’ rallies, urges trust in immigration system

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Trudeau stressed border hoppers must go through the usual security checks and immigration evaluations

Saturday, Aug 19

Rebel without applause: How Ezra Levant built an extreme media juggernaut — and watched it all begin to unravel

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After Ezra Levant launched Rebel Media — a platform with deep ties to Canada's Conservative mainstream — he became a major player in the international far-right movement

Andrew Coyne: A better way to close tax loopholes — reduce incentive for people to incorporate

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The ideal tax policy would tax all income at the same rate, no matter how it was earned or to whom it was paid, such that there would be no reward for ‘tax planning’

After campus events cancelled, Andrew Scheer says universities have right to decide who gets space

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'I respect the right for universities to determine which outside groups they give a platform to. And so that’s within their purview'

Christie Blatchford: Hate and mob power is as ugly as ever, only now it’s louder


In the 70s, when Christie Blatchford wrote about a white supremacist, she worried if shining a light on him did do more harm than good. Now she's more sure

Friday, Aug 18

Court gives Liberals until Christmas to fix Indian Act, but warns time for parliament to act ‘now ending’

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The bill, a response to a Quebec court decision from summer 2015, is supposed to address sex-based inequities in the Indian Act

Rex Murphy: American politics have become unhinged, and not only because of Trump


There is a madness running through American politics now. It is in the most fevered, irrational, and paranoid time of any in the modern era

At least eight people plotted Spanish terrorist attack, police say, as manhunt widens for van driver

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In the chaotic moments after the attack, the driver apparently slipped away. The manhunt centers on the younger brother of one of the Moroccans in custody

Rebel Media meltdown: Faith Goldy fired as politicians, contributors distance themselves

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None of these setbacks seemed as much of a threat to destabilize The Rebel as accusations made by another recently departed employee, Caolan Robertson

Thursday, Aug 17

A 10-year-old Indian rape victim gives birth after a court denies her request for an abortion

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The Indian court's decision to deny the young rape victim an abortion was met with alarm from some medical professionals in the country

Chris Selley: Why The Rebel ditched the cause after a woman died in Charlottesville


If some event was finally going to wipe the smirk off Rebel Media's face, it could hardly have been more hideously appropriate than what happened in Virginia

Andrew Coyne: After his Charlottesville response, no excuses possible for Trump


The case against Trump is so voluminous that by this time argument is pointless. You either have the judgment to see him for what he is, or you do not

Christie Blatchford: Toronto student who drowned should never have been on the trip

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It appears two teachers involved with the trip either sanitized Jeremiah Perry's failing swim test results, did not disclose them to senior officials or otherwise misled them