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What Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama means for the Republicans — and Trump

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The razor-thin margin in the Senate becomes even more tenuous. The outcome was a bad moment for Stephen Bannon as well

Donald Trump criticized for ‘slut shaming’ female senator, giving her the fight she wants

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Kirsten Gillibrand is up for re-election next year and is considered a possible presidential contender in 2020 for the Democrats

A pedophile has been stopped at Sydney Airport under new anti-sex tourism laws

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CANBERRA, Australia — A convicted child molester was prevented from flying overseas from Sydney Airport on Wednesday under new laws aimed at keeping Australian pedophiles out of Southeast Asian sex tourist markets. Laws that took effect on…

‘Collateral damage’: Faculty strike led 10% of Ontario college students to drop out, analysis finds

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There were fears that the lengthy absence from class could not only jeopardize the semester for some students, but even their entire college education

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Liberals were unethical in secretive appointment of new ethics commissioner, opposition says

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A last-minute, one-hour committee meeting the day after Mario Dion's nomination was announced isn't enough to find if he is fit for the job, they say


Christie Blatchford: Friendship between judge and prosecutor casts shadow over murder conviction


Prosecutor Thomas Meehan said he regularly attends family events at the judge’s home, and that he ‘usually’ chooses not to work with her


John Ivison: New private member’s bill could mean end of the Happy Meal in Canada

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The bill introduced by a Tory senator and adopted by the Liberal government seeks a nationwide ban on food and drink marketing aimed at children


The American soldier who defected to North Korea — and immediately regretted it

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Charles Jenkins, who just died at age 77 in Japan, was made to breed with other foreigners and appear as the 'evil American' in propaganda films


Exclusive jailhouse interviews: Accused killer Dellen Millard on representing himself and his worries about the jury’s verdict

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Inside the Toronto East Detention Centre, Dellen Millard looks much different from the image he presented when defending himself in court


‘Best equipment on the planet’ to scan interstellar asteroid for any sign of extraterrestrial tech

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'There is something about this particular asteroid that is odd,' say astronomers set to tune into the first confirmed object from another star system

Senate passes bill to remove mention of ‘barbaric cultural practices’ from Harper-era law

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In a speech introducing her bill, Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer said the use of the term 'barbaric' is 'insulting to cultures in Canada'


Hot Buttered Post: If Jack Morris is a Hall of Famer, what about Dave Stieb?

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Plus: Joey Votto wins the Lou Marsh Trophy, Russian hockey players get the boot and a 10-year-old girl treats us to a rousing anthem


The year in review: How fashion houses appropriated yet another grassroots trend


Calum Marsh: It may seem as though normcore as a concept is obsolete. But this year it was upgraded, on runways across the world

In shot at Boeing, $19B competition to build new fighter jets will penalize companies that harm Canada’s economy

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'We won’t do business with a company that is busy trying to sue us and put our aerospace workers out of business,' Justin Trudeau said

MLB in court to block Ontario rights tribunal from hearing complaint about Chief Wahoo

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In documents filed with the court, the league claims that by considering the complaint, the tribunal is overstepping its authority

Man who promised millions to B.C. junior hockey team charged with fraud, forgery

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The charges stem from the night he threw a celebratory banquet for the team at a restaurant, incurring a tab of $8,000


Catalonia braced for violence as Spanish judge orders seizure of medieval treasures

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With the Catalan government dissolved, Spain's culture minister stepped into the dispute


When your cab driver starts talking about Bitcoin, it’s time to sell

The cryptocurrency mania hit new heights this week, but has it hit its peak?


NFL Network suspends Marshall Faulk, two other ex-players over claims of sexual harassment

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The former players and current TV analysts allegedly groped and made sexually explicit comments to female colleague Jami Cantor


Cook this: Mix up a classic angel’s food cake with cosy holiday flavours


Stella Parks' brown sugar cinnamon variation is the perfect ending to a holiday meal

Tuesday, Dec 12

Iran ready to support Palestinian forces, says commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards

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This comes a day after Lebanon's Hezbollah movement called on all 'resistance' groups in the region to come up with a unified strategy to take back Jerusalem

Andrew Coyne: The state of Donald Trump’s mental health is a valid — and open — question

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We know he is a rampant narcissist, a compulsive liar, has zero impulse control, and so on. Who cares whether this is clinical, or just bad parenting?

What everybody got wrong about that viral video of a starving polar bear

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Dubbed the ‘Face of Climate Change,’ a starving polar bear photographed in Canada’s Arctic might have nothing to do with climate change

John Ivison: Public deserves answers on Chinese takeover of Canadian construction giant

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This self-proclaimed government of openness and transparency should re-assure Canadians that it has not already loosened the investment review rules

Monday, Dec 11

Kathleen Wynne sues Ontario PC leader for defamation over comments related to Sudbury byelection trial

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Patrick Brown said he hoped Wynne would give answers about the scandal 'maybe when she stands trial' and called her a 'sitting premier, sitting in trial'

Russian man sentenced to three years for smuggling person from Canada into U.S.

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Prosecution says he led sophisticated ring; he claims he wanted to visit his son in NYC and needed a travel companion

“Shame shame on you!” Hundreds complain to Veterans Affairs about disorganized Vimy Ridge ceremony

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Canadian visitors were stranded, injured and left sweltering in the sun with no water on April 9. They had to urinate on the grass for lack of toilets

Failed suicide bomber near Times Square causes no deaths, just delays during morning rush hour

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One person arrested after explosive device set off on Manhattan subway platform in Times Square. NEW YORK -- A law enforcement official says what is believed to be an explosive device has been set off on Manhattan subway platform.

Sunday, Dec 10

Protesters throw stones, burn effigies of Trump outside U.S. Embassy in Beirut

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The Lebanese army fired water cannons and tear gas as hundreds demonstrated against Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital

North Korea is a nuclear state. But can the U.S. accept that?

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Every time North Korea does something provocative - which is often - Washington insists that Pyongyang must give up its nuclear weapons program

A second man claims he was the person saving a bunny in a viral California wildfire video

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What was once a case of a human putting his life at risk for the sake of a small, furry creature has become a case of — well, maybe just fraud

Daily horoscope for Sunday, December 10, 2017


Until 10 PM EST tonight (7 PM PST), we have the "all clear" today to shop and do business. The Moon is in Virgo

Saturday, Dec 9

Trump tells crowd Trudeau wrongly told him there’s no trade deficit with Canada. His own stats prove him wrong

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Statistics from the website of the office of the U.S. Trade Representative on last year's trade balance: 'The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Canada was US$12.5 billion in 2016'

It was Winston Churchill’s most powerful war speech but few people have heard all of it

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Nine years after Churchill vowed to fight the Nazis on the beaches, in the fields and in the streets, he recreated the speech for posterity. But not the whole speech

Andrew Coyne: CBC’s idea of a ‘level playing field’ — subsidies for us, taxes for others


Now that people who want to watch Cancon can pay for it, it’s not clear why they shouldn’t, still less why those who don’t should have to pay in their place

Christie Blatchford: Top court ruling on text messages protects predators, says dissenting judge


In a savage dissent, Michael Moldaver says the decision will add to 'the complexity and length of criminal trial proceedings' in a system already stressed to breaking

Friday, Dec 8

The mystery of the man who promised millions to family, friends and a B.C. minor hockey team

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Mike Gould, the man who recently promised $7.5 million to a B.C. junior hockey team, has a history of make grand gestures and not fulfilling them, some say

We’ve come a long way from Little Potato: Is the international media’s treatment of Justin Trudeau changing?

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A glamorous photo in Vogue, an unctuous profile in Rolling Stone, a web video for BuzzFeed; but now the winds they are a-changin'

Toronto police reassure public there is no serial killer responsible for waves of disappearances in LGBT community

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At least nine people have been reported missing in Toronto's Village neighbourhood, known as a hub for the city's LGBT community, since March

‘Free the beer’ case gets rough ride from Supreme Court justices worried about removing control from provinces

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New Brunswick says allowing this decision to stand will undermine Canada's entire system of federalism and the case is now before Canada's highest court