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Macron, Trump agree to partnership on Syrian chemical weapons

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They discussed the need to work together on a response in Syria in the event of another chemical attack, according to a readout from Élysée Palace

Senate delays vote on contentious GOP health care bill

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Mitch McConnell is delaying the vote, he told GOP senators Tuesday. Republican senators have been invited to White House for meeting on health care

Tensions flare between White House, media

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President Trump tried to make nice with the press Tuesday afternoon, hours after assailing CNN on Twitter

Pro-Trump group pulls ad against GOP senator who opposed health care bill


A pro-Trump group is pulling an ad against Sen. Dean Heller, a Nevada Republican who came out against the health care bill last week

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Pentagon says it has detected Syria's "active preparations" for chemical attack

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Recent intelligence suggests that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is preparing to launch another chemical attack. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin joins CBSN to discuss the implications and the seeming disconnects…


State Department rebukes China for human trafficking


Secretary Tillerson, Ivanka Trump release report on human trafficking worldwide as they pledge action

Trump tells GOP senators if health care bill fails, he won't like it, "and that's OK"

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All Republican senators attended a meeting at the White House to discuss health care

John Podesta meets with House Intel about Russia's efforts to influence 2016 election

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His personal email account was hacked during the election and WikiLeaks released batches of his emails last October

Globally, opinions of Trump leadership, U.S. image drop

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International opinions on U.S. and on Trump himself have shifted significantly since his inauguration


Boy's hospital bill goes viral amid health care debate

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"It seems fitting that, with the #TrumpCare debate raging, I got this bill in the mail today," mom of sick child said on Twitter

Does health insurance coverage really save lives?

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22M people could lose insurance under Senate Republican bill; what does that mean for Americans' health and well-being?


2018 House funding bill for U.S. military exceeds Trump's request


The measure would fund overseas military operations, personnel and pay, research and development and equipment procurement

2 governors call for bipartisan re-write of Senate health care bill

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The governors object to the fact that millions of Americans could lose coverage under the Senate bill, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office


Rand Paul to meet with Trump amid health care debate


The Kentucky Republican is among six Senate Republicans who have come out against the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

Trump slams CNN as "fake news" following Russia story retraction

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President's comments come after network accepted resignation of three journalists


Ryan says he "would not bet against" McConnell on health care bill

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The House speaker said that they're waiting to see what the Senate can produce before assessing where House Republicans stand

Trump and Putin should declare a nuclear war must never be fought, former officials say

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A group of former top diplomats and elected officials, including former Sen. Sam Nunn, wrote a letter to both leaders about areas of common ground


White House formally submits FBI director nomination

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Christopher Wray, if confirmed, will take the vacant spot left by fired FBI Director James Comey

FBI questioned Carter Page in Russia investigation


The conversations appear to have taken place before the firing of former FBI Director James Comey


Ruling in travel ban leaves myriad questions unanswered


The Supreme Court decided to partially reinstate Trump's temporary travel ban

Tuesday, Jun 27

Senate GOP health care bill: Whip count so far

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The bill is in jeopardy - at least 3 senators suggested they may vote no on a procedural motion this week

Ivanka Trump: "I try to stay out of politics"


She was responding to a question about her father's tweeting, in an interview that aired Monday

Monday, Jun 26

Supreme Court decides to hear Trump travel ban arguments, allows parts of ban to take effect

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Supreme Court has made a decision about whether to hear arguments on President Trump's travel ban

Lawmakers tackle health care, Russian meddling, immigration

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Besides health care vote, the Senate holds hearing on Russian meddling in European elections and House takes up immigration bills

Supreme Court to hear appeal in same-sex wedding cake case

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The high court will take on a new clash between gay rights and religion

Will Supreme Court rule on Trump's travel ban?

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The justices often save their most important decisions for a term's final day; there are rumors Justice Anthony Kennedy could announce his retirement

Sunday, Jun 25

Toomey says Medicaid would continue in GOP health bill; Cassidy remains undecided

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Senators' comments come after recent release of GOP draft of health care plan

Manchin could negotiate on "repair" of Obamacare, not repeal

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Democratic West Virginia senator says Senate Republicans' draft of health care plan "lacks compassion"

Saturday, Jun 24

Discord over education funding threatens to shut down Maine government


Voters passed a referendum to raise funding for education, but Republicans in the state government appear to be ignoring them

State Department's anti-Semitism office will soon have no staff

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The office will be vacant July 1, and it's unclear if the Trump administration plans to fill it

Carrier workers facing layoffs feel betrayed by Trump

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Mr. Trump told workers that 1,100 jobs would be saved, but 600 jobs will soon move to Mexico

Major medical groups oppose Senate health bill

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Pediatricians, psychiatrists, OB-GYNs and the American Lung Association are among those concerned the GOP plan would harm patients

Friday, Jun 23

Military chiefs seek delay in allowing transgender enlistment

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Defense Secretary James Mattis will make the final decision on whether to grant a six-month delay requested by the Army and Air Force service leaders

First lady recruits Trump hotel employee to be chief usher


Melania Trump announced Timothy Harleth has been appointed White House chief usher

Head of Koch Brothers-funded group thinks GOP Obamacare repeal efforts are falling short

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On "The Takeout" podcast, Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips says Republicans should keep their word about a true repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Trump calls Mueller's friendship with Comey "bothersome"

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Asked whether special counsel should step down from Russia probe due to his friendship with fired FBI director, president replied, "We're going to have to see"