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Ban window blinds with cords to prevent kids' deaths: Study

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Research should be "wakeup call," advocates say, though industry plans ban on most such blinds

Mother and 2-year-old kicked off Spirit Airlines flight

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Spirit Airlines is standing by its decision, saying its "records indicate a passenger was removed from Flight 712 after refusing to comply with crew instructions several times"

The man trying to beat Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Russia's government says Alexey Navalny can't run for office, but he remains determined to run against Vladimir Putin in March 2018

Pit bull's torture sparks push for tougher laws against animal abuse


Mourners attended a memorial Sunday for the dog who was found stabbed more than 50 times and stuffed in a suitcase in October

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CBS News looks into how sexual assault cases are handled at U.S. Air Force Academy

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More than a dozen current and former cadets tell CBS News they reported their sexual assaults to the Academy, then experienced retaliation

How can two men be convicted of a crime when DNA evidence excluded them?

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Two friends are convicted of a brutal gang rape they say they didn’t commit and DNA backs them up -- more than 20 years later, a law professor, her students and new technology change their fates forever


2 killed in Cessna plane crash on Hawaiian island, officials say


Aircraft crashed due to "unknown circumstances" while on its way to the Molokai Airport, Federal Aviation Administration official says

Celebrities rally for bullied boy after his emotional video goes viral

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Keaton Jones has been teased for being "different," but was flooded with messages of support from dozens of celebrities this weekend


Ellen DeGeneres‏ says home is threatened by California wildfires


TV host posted online she was forced to evacuate her pets and is praying for everyone in the community


Dallas Convention Center evacuated for 2nd time in 3 days


Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center was evacuated Sunday; a search was conducted and officials gave an all clear


Raging California wildfire triggers new evacuation orders

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Thomas Fire has scorched at least 200,000 acres and left thousands without power Sunday, officials say

Man rescued with rope from sinking car in Massachusetts


Around 4 a.m. Sunday, a resident who was plowing a church parking lot called 911 to report a car that drove into a pond


Racism dispute at Ohio bakery roils college town


Dispute began in November 2016 when three black Oberlin students were accused of stealing wine from Gibson's Bakery

Governor Brown

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When it comes to climate change, California Governor Jerry Brown says President Trump doesn't have the fear of the wrath of God


Donald Sutherland

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Donald Sutherland has appeared in more than 150 films and TV shows, and at 82 years old, he remains one of the hardest working actors in show business

Missing child alert issued for four brothers


Authorities said the children were last seen leaving their home in Arab, Alabama, CBS affiliate WHNT reports


Wrestler Rich Swann arrested, charged with battery of wife


Swann, 26, was being held without bail Sunday in a Florida jail

Nikki Haley speaks out about Trump accusers: Women "should be heard"

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When asked what she thinks of the "cultural shift going on in America right now," Haley said she is "incredibly proud of the women who have come forward"


Boston fire crews respond to manhole explosions


No one was hurt when multiple manholes caught fire and exploded, according to authorities


Painter's prized work saved while Bel Air mansion burns

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"My paintings mean a lot to me and when I saw that it meant a lot to somebody else -- made me almost cry," said painter Daniel Maltzman

Saturday, Dec 9

How nondisclosure agreements encourage a culture of silence

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Nondisclosure agreements are generally used to protect confidential information about a company, but have been used in sexual harassment settlements

Millions of potentially explosive air bags still on the road

Honda employees are going door-to-door, hunting for the cars with the most dangerous defective Takata air bags

Live: President Trump holds rally in Florida

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The president is holding a rally miles from Alabama, where the special election with Roy Moore and Doug Jones will take place Tuesday

Southern California wildfires still smoldering after hellish week

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The six major fires have burned more than 140,000 acres -- an area larger than Chicago -- and destroyed more than 500 structures

Friday, Dec 8

2 Dallas officers indicted after man dies following arrest


Tony Timpa called 911 for help, but police say he was aggressive and they subjected him to physical restraint

Papadopoulos' fiancée says he was in contact with Bannon, Flynn during campaign

President Trump's lawyer had compared him to a "coffee boy"

Rehab that puts alcoholic pilots back in the cockpit

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An FAA treatment program for diagnosed substance abusers is one of the most successful rehab programs ever, sending 6,000 pilots back to work

Homes, horses burn in newest California wildfire

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No end in sight as six major SoCal blazes tear through more than 200 square miles

Thursday, Dec 7

Husband: Missing NYC mom is 7 weeks pregnant


Amarjit Kaur, 34, was reportedly last seen depositing a check in her Queens neighborhood on Tuesday morning

Color-coded system on Calif. winds reaches uncharted territory


Southern California has felt yellow wind, orange wind, and red wind, but never purple wind -- until now

Cops: Students at unrecognized fraternity tortured rat


Police say it was part of illegal hazing that occurred inside the group's house at a New York college

N.Y. Catholic Church pays $40M to sex abuse victims


Some of the victims' claims dated back decades

Wednesday, Dec 6

NFL signs 5-year extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell


That extension has been a source of controversy because Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones objected to the process

California wildfires roar out of control

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Dramatic new wildfire erupts in Los Angeles as firefighters battle three other destructive blazes

Ex-Trump campaign manager on why getting fired may be "greatest thing that ever happened"

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Ex-Trump campaign manager told CBSN being fired was "maybe the greatest thing that ever happened because all of the things that took place basically took place after I left"

There are true believers in bitcoin, but others warn the bubble could burst

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In the past 12 months, investors have driven bitcoin's value up nearly 1,500 percent