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Trump tweets claim about "scripted question" during Parkland Town Hall

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CNN had earlier issued a statement that said "there is absolutely no truth to this"

New questions after sheriff says Parkland armed guard never went inside

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Video shows an armed deputy who was stationed at the school at the time of the shooting never went inside to engage the gunman

2018 Winter Olympics: Americans stumble in free skate

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Follow along with live updates as Thursday's primetime events get underway from South Korea

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Tech upgrades push fighter jets to new limits


Warplanes that cost billions to develop aren't worth much if they can't communicate when it's needed most. But CBS News' Carter Evans got a look at how technology is helping bridge the gap between fighter jets -- new and old.

Sheriff: Armed School Resource Officer ‘Never Went In’ To Building In Florida Mass Shooting

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The armed school resource officer assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School "never went in" last Wednesday while a gunman opened fire on students with an AR-15 rifle, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said. The massacre police say was…

Sisters in Syria plea for help on Twitter


Two young sisters are showing what it's like to be in Ghouta, which is under siege from merciless missile strikes. The girls even made a plea for help on Twitter. CBS News foreign correspondent Charlie D'agata reports.


Broward County comes up in Eric Trump's CPAC speech, but not because of the shooting

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Trump's middle son reminisced about his father's campaign at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington

New questions raised over whether Florida gunman could have been stopped


New questions are being raised about whether the gunman in the Florida school shooting could have been stopped after the Broward County sheriff said video shows an armed deputy was stationed outside the school at the time of the shooting.…


Road rage allegedly prompted man to shoot Postal worker


Police arrested Donnie Ferrell, 25, in connection with Tony Mosby's death earlier this week

Nurses indicted after being seen laughing as WWII vet dies


The charges stem from the 2014 death of James Dempsey, 89, a patient at Northeast Atlanta Rehabilitation Center


LinkedIn's most viewed job postings


Job site LinkedIn analyzed its more than 14 million job postings to find out the most viewed jobs in 2017.

Swollen rivers keep rising as Midwest flooding forces people from homes

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"I ended up grabbing my favorite blanket and stuffed animals," said Madison Schmidt, 15, who was evacuated

Judge convicts man in 1980 killing that baffled authorities


Joyce McLain, 16, disappeared while out jogging; her body was found two days later


"Racially insensitive" menu at NYU leads to firings


A student raised concerns about the "not only racially insensitive but just ignorant" menu for a Black History Month meal

How Rev. Billy Graham's message transcended politics


The evangelist met with and spiritually advised every president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama


Mayor: Driver intentionally crashed into ER; lit self aflame


The driver had gasoline containers in the car when he crashed through an entrance to a Connecticut hospital, mayor says


Renowned evangelist Billy Graham dead at 99

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Renowned evangelist Billy Graham, who was a counselor and confidante of presidents and became America's pastor as he spread the word to 200 million people, died Wednesday. He was 99 years old. CBS News national correspondent Jim Axelrod…


U.S.-Canada cliffhanger for women's hockey Olympic gold

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It's Hump Day -- but that's no excuse to skip the primetime events from South Korea. There's a full slate of ​Winter Olympics events Wednesday night

Wednesday, Feb 21

How warplanes are getting a high-tech upgrade

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CBS News went to Edwards Air Force Base to see how the latest technology is improving communication in the air

Thursday, Feb 22

Trump hosts emotional listening session after Florida school shooting

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Trump listened as parents, siblings and friends of victims fought back tears Wednesday talking about the ones they lost and how to prevent future tragedies

"I am not a Clinton ploy or an actor": Parkland shooting survivor responds


David Hogg has become an outspoken proponent for gun control after the shooting at his high school last week, but in the aftermath he's become a target of conspiracy theories

Wednesday, Feb 21

"We are coming after you": Survivors descend on Florida Capitol

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School shooting survivors enter gun-friendly political climate, where lawmakers have rebuffed gun restrictions

Neurologist on probation for assaulting patients charged anew


A neurologist who pleaded guilty​ last year to assaulting seven women at a Philadelphia clinic was arrested again on Tuesday

New details emerge about fatal crash involving train carrying GOP lawmakers

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The NTSB releases a preliminary report on the crash that left one dead and several others injured

Winter Olympics 2018: Women's figure skater's record quickly eclipsed

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Women's figure skating short program, women's skiing downhill and men's hockey among the latest main events

Tuesday, Feb 20

Trump backs bump stock ban

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As he honored law enforcement and first responders at an awards ceremony, Trump announced the proposal of new gun restrictions

Panel impacted by gun violence debates the future of gun laws

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A group of people all too familiar with gun violence sat down with CBS News to discuss their views on gun control

Army awards heroism medals to students killed in Florida shooting

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Alaina Petty, Peter Wang and Martin Duque were in the school's JROTC program, and will receive the Medal of Heroism

Rex Tillerson opens up

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The normally private secretary of state talks with 60 Minutes about his life, his relationship with the President, and his efforts to bring North Korea to the bargaining table

Monday, Feb 19

No move to oust judge who approved probation for child rapist


The prosecutor who offered the deal to an admitted church camp rapist stepped down earlier this month

FBI joins search for missing 5-year-old boy

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Lucas Hernandez's stepmother said she last saw the boy in his bedroom Saturday before she showered and fell asleep

New details emerge about shooting suspect's gun purchases

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Revelation about Nikolas Cruz comes as agencies apparently missed number of warning signs

Oprah's voter focus group

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Last fall, Oprah Winfrey spoke with 14 Michigan voters, seven of whom voted for Donald Trump. Winfrey sat down with the voters again to get their thoughts on Trump's first year in office