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Self-made billionaire Bill Gates: Better technology must be developed to help educate people


"Software has only achieved a very small portion of what we want it to do."

Why the secret to your success is who you marry


Former president Barack Obama attributes his political success to his wife.

Buffett's partner Charlie Munger says the key to wisdom is a habit anyone can form


"If you want wisdom, you'll get it sitting on your a--."

What Discovery’s CEO does every morning to boost his productivity


"First, I'm a morning person," David Zaslav says.

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How this ex-Google employee got Mark Cuban to bankroll her A.I. start-up


This CEO landed a 'shark' without ever stepping in the tank.

How a German town tricked neo-Nazis into raising money for an organization devoted to their downfall

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Inhabitants of Wunsiedel, Germany, came up with a clever way to thwart right-wing extremists.

5 management myths that may surprise you, according to a top Harvard Business School exec


"Management is much more about influence than about orders."

Elon Musk spends weekend responding to Tesla customers, admits 'foolish oversight'

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A customer tweeted at the billionaire with a complaint and a request for an improvement. The tech CEO’s response? “Good point.”


How to write the perfect post-interview email


Following up with a hiring manager can make or break your chances of landing a job.

How to build a huge social media following—from an adorable bulldog with 3 million followers


Manny the Frenchie’s humans share their best advice for how to engage online.


In 1999, Jeff Bezos made eerily accurate predictions about how the world look today

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From the start, Bezos knew e-commerce would be huge.

Daymond John's top 2 'Shark Tank' companies are making millions


Waiting tables at Red Lobster turned John off food companies, but he changed his mind with Bubba's Q, Three Jerks Jerky.

5 crucial benefits other than salary to consider when taking a job


There's a lot more to a job offer than what you'll get paid.


Possibly the best nanny job in the world is offering $129,000 and full use of the family Maserati

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If you love kids, and know how to handle yourself in a scrape, this may be the job for you.

Friday, Aug 18

Want to grow your career? Make your job harder

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People who solve hard problems change the world and get ahead.

Fired engineer on being a conservative at Google: 'It's like being gay in the 1950s’

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“Conservatives have to stay in the closet and have to mask who they really are,” James Damore tells Business Insider.

This dad used to be a forklift driver—now his blog brings in $17 million a year


“When I first started [the blog], it was really just to have fun,” says Abraham Piper, founder of website 22 Words.

Apple will give $2 million for Charlottesville. Here's how much Tim Cook has donated to human rights


"Hate is a cancer and left unchecked it destroys everything in its path."

Thursday, Aug 17

Malala Yousafzai is heading to Oxford—here’s how much it costs to attend


The activist will study philosophy, politics and economics.

Here’s how much you save when you don’t have kids


Becoming a parent isn't cheap.

This resume got me internship offers from Google, NSA and more


A student answers a few questions on how he crafted the "perfect resume."

7 things to do when you're about to get fired


Regain some control by planning your next step.