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Markets watching for a steady hand in Powell as he navigates Congress for the first time


Fed Chair Jerome Powell could rock markets when he speaks for the first time to Congress.

Facebook removes violent Oculus VR game demo from kiosk at conservative political conference

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Facebook demos, then removes, violent Oculus VR game demo from kiosk at conservative political conference

Georgia just handed Atlanta a new political problem in bid for Amazon HQ2


Atlanta is one of 11 Amazon HQ2 cities in states lacking LGBT discrimination laws. Georgia's Senate isn't helping.

Dropbox shows how it manages costs by deleting inactive accounts

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Dropbox has employed "infrastructure optimization" to reduce costs of storing data

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Astronomers spotted Elon Musk’s Tesla in orbit

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Two astronomers spotted Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster floating space.


Special counsel accuses Manafort of secretly paying former European politicians on behalf of Ukraine


The superseding indictment contains five counts, including making false statements and conspiracy to launder money.


Bitcoin and blockchain consume an exorbitant amount of energy. These engineers are trying to change that


Innovators are in a race to develop green blockchain innovations to address demand by businesses.


Vehicle struck security barrier near White House


A passenger vehicle struck a security barrier near the White House on Friday, but did not breach the White House complex.


Trump calls meeting on biofuels policy blamed by bankrupt refiner


President Donald Trump has called a meeting early next week with key senators and Cabinet officials to discuss potential changes to biofuels policy.

Quantum computing is finally here, and a Canadian company has a plan to bring it to the masses

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D-Wave is setting out to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to bring quantum computing into the mainstream.


Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Vector among rocket builders looking to Brazil for new launch site

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A group representing five U.S. private rocket companies visited Brazil in December to meet with the nation's space agency.

100 million Android users will now get more augmented reality apps, just like those on iPhone

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New apps will include experiences from Snapchat, Sotheby's, Porsche and JD.com, Google said.

Vaping? You could be inhaling lead and arsenic, a new study says

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Potentially unsafe levels of toxic chemicals were found in e-cigarette vapers, USA TODAY reports.


Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn to Trump trolls: I never expected 'that much hate'

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The four-time U.S. Olympic skier says she stands by her opinions despite the backlash over her negative Trump comments.


Olympics gold medalist Chloe Kim’s next hurdle at age 17: Sudden wealth


For Olympic stars like Chloe Kim, a flood of endorsement deals will come with their own financial challenges.

Bond King Gundlach says it would be a 'miracle' if White House's inflation view works out

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The Trump administration is betting that wages can rise without sparking inflation, but Jeff Gundlach isn't so sure.


Freeze leaves California's almond growers fearing 'significant' damage


A cold snap in the heart of California's agriculture industry could be devastating to almonds and lead to higher prices.

Trump urges Mexico to block illegal immigrants from El Salvador


U.S. President Donald Trump called on Mexico to do more to prevent violent illegal immigrants from El Salvador from entering the United States.


General Mills to buy pet food maker Blue Buffalo for $8 billion


General Mills is moving into the pet food business with a deal to buy Blue Buffalo Pet Products for roughly $8 billion in cash.


Armed officer on the Florida high school campus did nothing to stop the shooter

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The Florida school where a former student shot and killed 17 people is grappling with word that the armed officer on campus did nothing to stop the shooter.

Friday, Feb 23

Trump's chief of staff and national security advisor may quit soon over tensions with him

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With growing tensions over security-clearance status, Trump's national security advisor and chief of staff may quit soon.

Thursday, Feb 22

Market behavior may be shifting from buy the dips to sell the rallies: Trader

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Recent market action may be signaling a shift in behavior that could make it tough for stocks to get back to all-time highs, trader Keith Bliss says.

BlackRock, manager of more than $6 trillion, to talk to gun makers over response to shootings

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The world's largest asset manager says it plans to speak with gun makers following public outcry over school shootings.

Nearly half of hedge-fund investors think the stock market has peaked

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Half of investors think equities have peaked, according to a new report, so they’re turning back to hedge funds.

US is looking at potential new sanctions against Russia

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US is considering new sanctions against Russia in response to election meddling and a cyber attack last year.

Wednesday, Feb 21

Fed minutes: All signs pointing to more rate hikes ahead

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Fed officials see increased growth and an uptick in inflation as justification to continue gradual rate hikes.

Donald Trump Jr. praises 'spirit of the Indian people,' looks forward to signing new deals

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"That spirit speaks to the future potential of what this country can do," the American president's eldest son said in New Delhi.

Fed could 'rock the boat' with what it says about market's worst fears: higher inflation, interest rates

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The Fed minutes Wednesday could have more impact than usual if they provide any insight on inflation and interest rates.

Trump pushes ban on 'bump stocks' - devices that turn weapons into 'machine guns'

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President Donald Trump announced that he wants the Justice Department to issue regulations that would declare so-called bump stocks illegal.

Tuesday, Feb 20

Raising the gas tax hits another roadblock in Washington


A new report from a conservative group finds it would cost households hundreds of dollars a year.

Walmart has a big year of e-commerce investments planned

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Walmart is preparing to roll out a new website with unique brand partners.

Investors should be prepared for another 10-15% correction: Market analyst


While the "micro story" with individual companies is good right now, the macro picture isn't so bullish, Joe Duran says.

GM offers $2.2 billion debt-for-equity swap in return for Seoul's support


GM offered to convert debt of around $2.2 billion owed by its South Korean operation into equity in exchange for financial support and tax benefits from Seoul.

Monday, Feb 19

The hottest toys from the New York Toy Fair


Here are the hottest toys found at New York Toy Fair this year.

Here are 10 tax changes for 2018 you need to know


These adjustments could affect your tax bill.

Goldman Sachs warns wave of US spending is in 'uncharted territory' and poses a danger to growth

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Goldman Sachs sees a tidal wave of red ink — and it may drag the U.S. economy into its undertow.

US and China reportedly scuffled over nuclear 'football' during Trump's Beijing visit

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A U.S. military aide carrying the nuclear football was reportedly blocked by Chinese security, resulting in a commotion.