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A buried clue in Verizon earnings: Wearables are gaining steam

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It's the first time that wearables have been mentioned in a Verizon conference call in the past five years.

Obamacare rescue bill draws 24 sponsors — Republicans and Democrats — in the Senate


The bill would restore billions of dollars in payments to Obamacare insurers.

A mayor in Georgia wants to build a new town named Amazon

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The mayor of Stonecrest, Georgia, offered to carve out some of his jurisdiction to share with Jeff Bezos.

Facebook will send a former Washington insider, rather than a technical expert, to testify in D.C.

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Facebook is sending former Washington insider to testify in Russian ads probe, after lawmaker asked for technical expert.

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Sign your receipt? MasterCard customers can skip it


Credit card giant MasterCard is eliminating the need to sign for purchases made on the card at retail, USA Today reports.

The $154 billion mistake that investors have been making


Investors have pulled $154 billion from funds outperforming the market.

Here's what Trump wants to back the Obamacare deal


The individual mandate requires most people to have health insurance or pay a fine.



Goldman president on Twitter, Brexit and bitcoin — 'you're seeing the real' Lloyd Blankfein


On CNBC, Goldman's David Solomon says the company is focused on helping clients navigate bitcoin and adding staff on the Continent ahead of Brexit

'Big Short' Steve Eisman says he is betting against Wells Fargo because of deep 'cultural issues'


Steve Eisman, a fund manager at Neuberger Berman, said Thursday he is betting Wells Fargo shares will go down, while Citigroup shares will rise.


Verizon added more phone customers than Wall Street expected last quarter, boosting sales

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Verizon reports quarterly earnings that met analysts' expectations and revenue that topped estimates.

North Korea threatens 'unimaginable' strike on United States


Another day, another threat by North Korea to stage an "unimaginable" strike on the U.S.


Crash tests show automakers made strides in passenger safety


Last year a crash test raised questions about front seat passenger safety in small SUVs. New tests are more encouraging.

This ex-Googler is bringing self-driving excavators to construction sites

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Built Robotics has raised $15 million in a round led by NEA to do for construction equipment what Waymo is doing for automobiles.


Blue Apron layoffs hit office hardest, warehouse workers mostly spared, say sources

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Blue Apron is laying off 6% of its employees, but thousands of shift workers in its meal kit fulfillment centers were spared.

Lawmakers urge US to craft targeted sanctions on Myanmar military

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More than 40 lawmakers urged the Trump administration to reimpose U.S. travel bans on Myanmar's military leaders.

Napa Valley wine appears to be mostly spared from fires


Napa Valley wine appears to have been spared the worst of fire damage in Northern California, according to the Napa Valley Vintners.


Firm says it was wrong about Snap and slashes key estimate in half — but still no 'sell' rating

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The company's ability to make money off each user is falling way short of BTIG's forecast.

Gilead gains 4% after FDA approves lymphoma drug


The drug falls under a class of newer products which aim to help the immune system identify and target cancerous cells.

Trump is wrong — the government wasn't giving Obamacare insurers a 'bailout'


Cost-reduction payments to Obamacare insurers were actually reimbursements for discounts they were required to give.

Wednesday, Oct 18

The 2017 chart of the stock market looks 'eerily similar' to the one that crashed 30 years ago

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But that's about the only similarity between the market then and now, a widely followed strategists on Wall Street said.

These digital nomads have ditched the 9-to-5 work life


Thanks to the internet you no longer have a boss. Instead, remote workers provide clients with services directly.

For $80,000 a week, you can stay at the most exclusive luxury camp on Earth — in Antarctica

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Arrive by private jet, explore blue ice caves and take a snow safari to see emperor penguins.

The 'Amazon experience' goes live at Kohl's

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Starting Wednesday, 10 Kohl's stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago markets will both sell Amazon's smart home products and accept Amazon returns.

Tuesday, Oct 17

Cal Fire continues to probe cause of deadly wildfires despite arson arrest


Cal Fire said it continues to investigate each of the deadly wildfires in Northern California despite an arson arrest.

Rally continues, but 'this is kind of how bull markets end,' Bank of America strategist says

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As investors get more confident about the latest leg of the stock market rally, one strategist is growing more concerned.

Hobbyist drone disruptions are becoming a problem in the California wildfires


There have been at least two incidents of drones disrupting firefighting activities during the deadly California wildfire disaster, the FAA said Monday.

The NBA's war with Trump continues: Spurs Coach Popovich calls the president a 'soulless coward'

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"This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward who thinks that he can only become large by belittling others," Popovich said.

Monday, Oct 16

Trump says 'there is no such thing as Obamacare anymore'


Trump last week took two executive actions that are expected to undercut Obamacare markets.

Advertisers could be making a big mistake by ignoring baby boomers


By ignoring baby boomers in ads, technology, automobile, travel and sports-related companies are missing out the most, N.Y. Times reports.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un permits racetrack gambling as international sanctions take hold

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North Korean race-goers who once risked three years hard labor for gambling are now able to bet on local horse races.

Here's how the White House wants the GOP to talk about tax reform

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The White House released its first economic analysis of the Republican tax plan, projecting that the goal of reducing the corporate tax rate to 20 percent will result in a windfall for workers.

Sunday, Oct 15

Trump re-election campaign raised $10 million in third quarter, spent $1.1 million on legal fees


His campaign has raised more than $36 million since January.

'I'm intact,' Tillerson says, brushing off drama with Trump


Tillerson insists he and the president have a strong relationship, despite reports that he called Trump "a moron."

Germany's Social Democrats beat Merkel's conservatives in state vote

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Germany's Social Democrats beat Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats in Lower Saxony on Sunday.

London police receive new assault claims against Weinstein

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London's Metropolitan Police force is investigating new allegations of sexual assault against movie producer Weinstein.

Saturday, Oct 14

Why Boomers fret they may not sell those big suburban homes when the time comes


Boomers may be in for a surprise when it comes time to sell their big suburban homes.

California wildfire disaster could bring fiscal pain to communities for years to come


The wildfire disaster in California could bring fiscal pain for years to come to local communities in the path of the devastation.

New Guam threat as North Korea weighs powerful test over Pacific

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North Korea made a new threat against the U.S. territory of Guam even as it considers an atmospheric hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific.