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Android Oreo is here and you can get it soon - CNET


Google announces the name of its latest version of Android with the unveiling of a statue in Manhattan that took place while the moon was eclipsing the sun.

Samsung’s big Note 8 challenge: Making it stand out - CNET


The Galaxy S line keeps getting bigger. How can Samsung make the Note 8 feel different than the rest?

Solar eclipse 2017: Here's what people saw - CNET


Stare directly at these pics of the eclipse and the people who loved it.

Mini Google Home speaker could be on its way - CNET


A smaller version of the smart home device is expected to be unveiled in the fall, according to Android Police.

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Space station astronaut sees solar eclipse shadow on Earth - CNET


The moon's shadow looks almost ominous when seen from the International Space Station during the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.


International Space Station photobombs 2017 solar eclipse - CNET


The International Space Station enjoyed a moment in front of the sun with a spectacular cameo photo during Monday's solar eclipse.

Eclipse overshadows everything else on Twitter - CNET


The natural phenomenon inspires more than 6 million tweets.

15 drool-worthy things you can cook in your waffle maker - CNET


Will it waffle? For these 15 dishes, the answer is yes.


3 things Ellen Pao says she would do differently at her trial - CNET


In her upcoming memoir, "Reset," the former VC and Reddit CEO shares mistakes made during her landmark sexual harassment trial, but says there's hope for Silicon Valley.

How to get Android Oreo right now - CNET


Don't want to wait for the hot new version of Android on your phone? Read this.

A look back at the Samsung Note 7 debacle video - CNET


When Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 last year, it was given positive reviews. But then it started bursting into flames. Here's what really happened.


How 'Game of Thrones' filmed the epic 'battle beyond the wall' - CNET


A new behind-the-scenes video shows the insane amount of work it took to make a zombie polar bear and all those icy fights.

15 of the best Android Oreo features to get excited about - CNET


Android Oreo is the name, and we already have it installed. There's a long list of new features.


29 sci-fi and geektastic TV shows coming soon to 2017 - CNET


Check out the most exciting shows from the fall TV lineup on TV and streaming services.


Get a Seagate Backup Plus 3TB desktop hard drive for $88.82 - CNET


That should be more than enough terabytes for your video and other data-intensive activities. Plus: an almost-as-good-as-Prime-Day deal on the Fire HD 8 tablet -- and a case deal to go with it!


HTC Vive gets a huge price cut, but is it enough? - CNET


It's $200, £160 or AU$400 cheaper now.


The total solar eclipse 2017 gets weird - CNET


Just hours before the moon blocks out the sun in a traveling celestial show across the US, things are already getting strange.

'Starship Troopers' sequel lacks original's satirical bite - CNET


There's plenty of action in animated follow-up "Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars," but the over-the-top style and satire that made the original a cult favorite are missing.


Top 5 inexpensive phones video - CNET


Every phone on this list costs less than $300.

Intel bets on a big speed boost for 8th-gen Core chips - CNET


Claiming 40 percent better performance than even last-gen CPUs, Intel is pushing 4K, VR and more.

Monday, Aug 21

Elon Musk calls for ban on use of killer robots - CNET


Robotics and AI researchers warn that robotic weapons could usher in the "third revolution in warfare."

Sunday, Aug 20

Xbox One X preorders open, Project Scorpio Edition revealed - CNET


You can now preorder an Xbox One X.

Solar Eclipse 2017: Your complete guide - CNET


The moon will hide the sun on Aug. 21. Here's where to go, how to view it safely, why it happens and what Bigfoot has to do with a solar eclipse.

Startups could be key to fixing tech's diversity problem - CNET


Experts say that if Silicon Valley wants to eliminate pervasive sexism and racism, growing companies need to put inclusion at their core.

Amazon was selling Echo Dots for the low, low price of $0 - CNET


For a short window on Friday, Amazon appeared to be giving away these devices through an unadvertised promotion. Most orders have since been canceled.

Saturday, Aug 19

2022 Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow


The I.D. Buzz was one of the most widely loved concepts we've seen in years, but it turns out it's more than just a pretty face. It's a driver, and we've taken it for a spin.

For speakers or headphones, how much bass is enough? - CNET


Bass is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures for audiophiles.

Me, my wife and Giulia: L’amore on the road - Roadshow


Tuscan road-trips are always better with a lovely Italian guide. Doubly so if it's an Alfa Romeo.

Want more women in tech at your company? Make it a focus - CNET


Commentary: The design thinking process behind tech development should be applied to diversity efforts, says one of Intuit's top technologists.

Friday, Aug 18

Android O is Oreo -- unless Google is trolling - CNET


Google's Android O reveal is now officially timed to Monday's solar eclipse. What does that say to you?

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 kickoff: What to expect - CNET


The next Galaxy Note is nearly here.

These women want to fix cybersecurity’s massive gender gap - CNET


After years of uncomfortable interactions at the world's largest hacker gathering, these women are making their own opportunities.

EFF criticizes tech companies for exiling neo-Nazi website - CNET


The digital rights organization says the same tactics could be used against other organizations.

Thursday, Aug 17

The BMW Z4 returns in stunning new concept form - Roadshow


If this is what Toyota and BMW have been working on, it's time well spent.

YouTube TV adds 14 cities, now available to half of US homes - CNET


The $35-a-month streaming service expands with a focus on local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC stations from Boston to Seattle, with 17 more cities coming soon.

The problem with tech diversity reports - CNET


Tech companies have gotten in the practice of releasing diversity reports, but are those reports transparent enough? Not really.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch: Watch it live here August 23, 8 a.m. PT - CNET


Samsung will soon launch the Galaxy Note 8. Watch it happen here on CNET.