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First SpaceX internet satellites now set to launch Wednesday - CNET


Elon Musk's rocket company has been working on getting satellite broadband off the ground for years. Now the Falcon 9 is set to launch the first test.

The past, present and Afrofuturism of 'Black Panther' - CNET


Commentary: Art like "Black Panther" overturns stereotypes to reclaim the past and reimagine the future. To understand the film's power, you need to understand Afrofuturism.

This airbag helps protect Olympic skiers from crashes - CNET


It automatically inflates when it senses a crash. The technology was originally designed to protect motorcycle riders, but is now used by downhill skiers like Lindsey Vonn.

No scruffy nerf-herders allowed in this Star Wars home theater - CNET


Show Us Yours: Missourians Patrick and Stephanie enjoy witnessing the firepower of their fully armed and operational entertainment station.

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At Toy Fair 2018, poop playthings are absolutely everywhere - CNET


Poop proves exceedingly popular in this year's crop of new toys. This might be my least favorite toy theme ever.


CNET's LED Buying Guide makes sense of the light bulb aisle video - CNET


Need a light, but you're overwhelmed by all of the options? Our handy buying guide has your back -- here are some pointers to get you started.

This brand-new, factory-fresh Aston Martin is 60 years old - Roadshow


What might look like a gorgeous classic Aston is in fact, a brand-spanking-new car. Made from the ground up to the original specification of the 1959 Le Mans competitor, the DB4 GT Continuation is the closest you could get to automotive…


Android P rumors, animojis on the S9? video - CNET


The biggest tech stories of the week include the latest rumors about Android's next operating system, Apple's acknowledgement that HomePods can damage wooden surfaces, and Samsung's S9 is possibly getting its own version of animojis.

How to keep scammers from stealing your phone number - CNET


Because once they have it, your bank account may be at risk as well.

Unlocked phones vs. locked phones: Why you should care - CNET


In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon breaks down what you need to know about the carrier practice of locking phones.

8 Oscar-nominated movies you can watch on Netflix


Will you finish them all before the Academy Awards on March 4?

The airbag protecting Olympic skiers video - CNET


Airbag technology originally designed to protect motorcycle riders is now being used by downhill skiers. This wearable airbag by Dainese automatically deploys when it senses a crash.


Lego Hulkbuster's big, buildable suit is ready to smash - CNET


Exclusive: Tony Stark's big suit from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" comes in Lego form this March.

Saturday, Feb 17

New docu-comedy 'Poop Talk' asks why number two is taboo - CNET


We talk to the Sklar brothers about their movie "Poop Talk", in which Kumail Nanjiani and a load of other comedians discuss our relationship with digestion.

Friday, Feb 16

US charges Russian social media trolls over election tampering - CNET


Special counsel Robert Mueller indicts 13 Russian nationals and the Internet Research Agency for a campaign of fake news and trolling during the 2016 election.

YouTube star wants a cryptocurrency payday for you every day - CNET


Phil DeFranco is betting on a new cryptocurrency called Props to help stoke a YouTube rival that rewards both creators and fans.

Alexa in Toyland: How Amazon's assistant is changing playtime - CNET


You'll see Amazon's Alexa dominate the New York Toy Fair as toymakers figure out how to use the digital assistant to add new sound experiences to games.

'Altered Carbon' star lays bare show's nudity, race issues - CNET


Australian actress Dichen Lachman talks "Altered Carbon", the Netflix sci-fi series weighed down by white-washing and nudity controversies.

Thursday, Feb 15

Are universal remotes ripe for disruption? Or irrelevance? - CNET


Commentary: Harmony still rules the roost, but that can't last forever. Will the category change drastically or just go away?

Bitcoin: Big in investing, but still lousy for buying a sandwich - CNET


Cryptocurrencies so far haven't lived up to their promise as digital cash for buying goods and services. Whether that happens someday is anyone's guess.

Eat on the cheap and save the planet with this dining app - CNET


Waste not, want not with Karma, an app that lets you buy Michelin-starred leftovers to help reduce global food waste.

Why you'd really, really hate a Facebook 'dislike' button - CNET


Commentary: Facebook is testing a "downvote" button, but it's very different from a "dislike" button -- and that's a great thing.

Wednesday, Feb 14

Magic Leap dreams of making sports better. Will it? - CNET


Commentary: Magic Leap's big promises have a familiar ring about them. But whether they'll change my life as a serious sports fan remains to be seen.

Cryptocurrency like bitcoin is easy money for criminals - CNET


Bitcoin and its brethren have earned a reputation for fast returns on investment, but they're vehicles for exploitation too.

How Chrome ad blocking is already changing the web - CNET


Google's browser doesn't go as far as full-on ad blockers and won't always stop ad trackers. But already it's cut ads on 42 percent of websites it's tangled with.

Magic Leap set to bring mixed-reality tech to the mobile world - CNET


CEO Rony Abovitz says the secretive company will announce a mobile partnership with a "major" telecommunications company later this year.

Tuesday, Feb 13

Apple's Tim Cook dishes on taxes and the demise of money - CNET


At the yearly shareholder meeting, CEO Cook says mobile payments haven't taken off like he thought they would. He also says wearables are booming.

Blockchain ensures that your online baby food order is legit - CNET


For much of the world, fake news is less of a problem than fake food. One start-up is using the technology behind bitcoin to create anti-counterfeit labels.

This Valentine's Day, woo your crush like a Wookiee or Klingon - CNET


Who needs boring English? Once you discover how to flirt in sci-fi speak, you'll be making out to the Star Wars or Star Trek theme song in no time. Well, that's the idea.

Here's how wireless charging will cook your steak - CNET


Not just for phones! Cord-free power is for your kitchen, too.