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Ray Dalio: 70% chance of recession before 2020 election


The roaring American economy is likely to sink into a recession prior to President Trump's bid to get reelected in 2020.

Snapchat stock sinks after Kylie Jenner tweet

Snapchat stock fell after Kylie Jenner indicated she no longer uses the app after its redesign.

Trump admin wants to know if rubber bands are putting American jobs at risk


The Commerce Department launched an investigation into whether imported rubber bands are unfairly competing against the U.S. industry.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel made $638 million last year

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Snapchat may have struggled during its first year as a public company, but you wouldn't know it from the CEO's pay.

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Venezuelan refugee crisis hits Colombia


Colombia is facing one hurdle after another. And it's increasingly burdened with an unprecedented refugee crisis.


Angry Birds maker plummets 54% since IPO

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Angry Birds maker Rovio has lost more than half its value since going public in October. Its shares plunged Thursday after it warned revenue and profits could fall this year.

H&M responds to claim they used Chinese prison labor

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Three big companies are investigating allegations that prisoners in China made packaging bearing their brand names.


Amazon hits $1,500 for the first time ever

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Cryptojackers are hacking websites to mine cryptocurrencies

Hackers have a new trick up their sleeves: hijacking computers to generate digital coins.


WhatsApp cofounder invests $50M into messaging app Signal

Signal is getting a boost from a billionaire tech founder with a history of bringing secure messaging to the masses.


Premarket: 5 things to know before the bell

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Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.



Tech's biggest companies spread conspiracy theories. Again

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Conspiracy theories about a Florida school shooting survivor received prominent placement on Facebook and YouTube on Wednesday.


Ford's North America chief out over 'inappropriate behavior'


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Wednesday, Feb 21

Why tech secrets could cause clash between U.S. and China

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Stolen trade secrets are poised to become a flash point as the United States weighs how to transform President Trump's tough talk on China into policy.

UK unemployment rises for first time since Brexit vote

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UK unemployment has risen for the first time since the Brexit referendum in 2016. There are plenty of job vacancies but more people chasing them.

Malicious use of AI could create nightmare security risks

A report published by Cambridge University says malicious use of artificial intelligence by rogue states, criminals and terrorists could wreak havoc around the world.

The U.S. is picking a fight with its biggest creditor

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President Trump has vowed to close the U.S.-China trade gap. But that could end up driving up borrowing costs. Here's how.

Tuesday, Feb 20

Trump Jr. dismisses ethics concerns in India


President Trump's eldest son touched down in New Delhi on Tuesday. He is also scheduled to visit Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune this week.

KFC chicken shortage will hit UK stores all week


The KFC chicken shortage in the United Kingdom is expected to last all week because of a logistics snafu.

New hacking threat from North Korea

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Cybersecurity experts at FireEye expect "very aggressive" activity soon by a North Korean group of hackers who have been spying on South Korea's biggest multinationals.

Donald Trump Jr. will dine with apartment buyers in India

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The arrival in India of President Trump's eldest son was heralded by front-page newspaper ads asking "Trump is here. Are you invited?"

Monday, Feb 19

Why steel and aluminum tariffs matter to the U.S. economy

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Steel and aluminum tariffs might be good news for some U.S. mills and smelters. But it could hit other U.S. manufacturers who now depend on imports.

Emirates hands Arsenal $280M in record sponsorship deal


The top London soccer club and Emirates Airline have agreed a 5-year extension to their shirt partnership worth more than £200 million.

Top European banker detained in bribery probe

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Ilmars Rim??vi?s, Latvia's representative on the European Central Bank committee that sets interest rates for countries using the euro, has been detained in a probe by anti-corruption investigators.

Trump tariffs on steel would hit the entire global trading system


Limiting or taxing steel imports could also hit Canada, Brazil, South Korea and Russia -- and the implications could ripple throughout the entire World Trade Organization.

Sunday, Feb 18

'Black Panther' roars to record box office weekend


"Black Panther" had a record-breaking box office weekend for Disney and Marvel Studios.

Sunny days for the economy can't last forever

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Unfortunately, economic expansions don't last forever. Eventually, a recession comes along and ruins the party.

Kimmel's emotional reaction to Trump


Jimmy Kimmel calls for President Donald Trump to take action after 17 lives were taken in a high school shooting in Florida.

Saturday, Feb 17

Why sponsors are pulling out of the Olympics

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Several U.S. sponsors have ended partnerships with the Olympics at the national and international levels.

A graphics team, Internet search specialists, a finance team: How the Russians did it


An indictment against 13 Russian nationals provides new insight into how the Internet Research Agency worked to wreak havoc on the U.S. political system.