Monday, Aug 21


'Shameful' -- Uproar after world's oldest publisher bows to China censors

CNN / Money

The decision by Cambridge University Press to block articles at the request of Beijing was slammed as "shameful" by one professor.


Android Oreo is Google's new mobile OS

The new operating system name continues Google's tradition of naming its Android updates after sweets.

Inventor tackles something personal: hearing aids

78-year-old businessman Peter Sprague shares his latest invention as part of CNN Tech's "Tech versus Taboos" series: HearGlass, a hearing amplification device embedded into eyeglasses.


Popular YouTube artist uses AI to record new album

American Idol alum Taryn Southern is using AI as a part of her songwriting process.


Girls Who Code founder: Men build tech to replace their moms

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Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani says girls use technology differently than boys to solve big problems. Girls, she says, tend to employ empathy when deciding which technologies to create while boys like to find solutions.


The problem with the lack of female leaders

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When it comes to encouraging women in STEM fields, research shows that female mentors are key influences on women's success.

These three countries are winning the global robot race

China, India and the United States are ahead of most other countries in artificial intelligence, a top tech executive tells CNNMoney.


Elon Musk calls for global ban on killer robots

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The world's leading artificial intelligence experts are sounding the alarm on killer robots.

Saturday, Aug 19


Far out: VW plans an electric hippie bus

Volkswagen will make the VW I.D. Buzz, an all-electric microbus, available for sale.


Google pushes diversity in tech -- now with 4-H club

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If you hit the annual Illinois State Fair in Springfield this weekend, you'll see the usual attractions: livestock exhibits, a ferris wheel, puffy funnel cakes. You might also be surprised to find a small booth for one of the largest…

Friday, Aug 18


Echo Dots briefly sold ... for free

No word yet on whether it was a bug or an authentic promotion.

From bikeshare failure to industry leader in five months

CNN / Technology

Not long after shutting down its bikeshare, Seattle hosts three thriving, innovative companies.

New bill seeks to curb tech's sexual harassment problem

California state senator Hannah-Beth Jackson is planning to introduce a bill early next week to deter investors from taking advantage of entrepreneurs pitching them for funding.


Colorado to protect road crews with a self-driving truck

As most states try to figure out how to lure self-driving car development inside their borders, Colorado is several steps ahead. This fall the state will deploy a fully autonomous truck to help its road crews.


Top Indian tech CEO quits over 'malicious' attacks

Infosys shares plunged as much as 13% after it said CEO Vishal Sikka has resigned after months of tensions with the company's founders.


Former Uber CEO lashes back at investor in new filing

Uber cofounder Travis Kalanick has formally responded to Benchmark's lawsuit, calling it a "public and personal attack."


1.8 million Chicago voter records exposed online

A voting machine company exposed Chicago voter records after misconfiguring a security setting on the server that stored them.

Thursday, Aug 17


The social media blackout behind the UVA vigil

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A flash gathering of thousands of people at the University of Virginia on Wednesday evening was organized the old-school way: Offline. "Safety was a huge concern."


Anti-human trafficking group uses data to track criminals

CNN / Technology

A word like "fresh" can be a signal that a young girl is being trafficked. Finding it in advertising could lead to saving someone's life.


Silicon Valley grapples with its control over free speech

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Silicon Valley has been criticized in the past for being too slow to remove hate speech. Now it may have the opposite problem.


Spotify deletes white supremacist music

Spotify has removed white supremacist songs from its streaming platform after being alerted to their existence by a music industry publication.

China's Alibaba may soon be bigger than Amazon

CNN / Money

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba reported strong earnings and sales, lifting its market value closer to Amazon's. Alibaba is benefiting from both solid demand from consumers and businesses who host their sites with Alibaba.


Hate groups on Facebook: Why some get to stay

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In the weeks ahead of Saturday's Unite the Right rally, organizers used Facebook to coordinate the event. Hundreds of people had indicated they would attend and many more declared that they were interested.


Daily Stormer: Now Russia blocks neo-Nazi website

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Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer has been booted from the Russian internet on Thursday, after the country's media watchdog asked for it to be taken down over its extremist content.


Apple's Tim Cook: I disagree with Trump on Charlottesville

CNN / Money

Apple is donating $2 million to groups working "to rid our country of hate," CEO Tim Cook said in an email to employees.

Neo-Nazi website loses protection from key tech firm

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Cloudflare said claims that it secretly supported The Daily Stormer site were the last straw.


Neo-Nazi website's return via Russian help proves short-lived

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White supremacist and neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer found a temporary refuge on the Russian Internet, after U.S. providers canceled its registrations.


White House: Tech council is going 'full steam ahead'

President Trump abolished two White House councils Wednesday after CEOs started backing out in protest of Trump's response to Charlottesville. But one -- The American Technology Council -- remains in tact.


Facebook's Zuckerberg condemns hate groups

CNN / Money

Facebook CEO says its a "disgrace" people need to say white supremacist groups are wrong.

Wednesday, Aug 16


Squarespace is latest to purge white-supremacist sites after Charlottesville


A Change.org petition is urging Squarespace to stop hosting white supremacist groups on its platform.