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Fiat Punto gets awarded the lowest crash test rating ever

The Fiat Punto, a new car you can buy from a UK showroom today, has been awarded the lowest crash test rating of all time, according to new Euro NCAP assessments.


Why you have to pay insurance if your car's written off

Ray received a £100 payout from his insurer, Post Office Money, when his Volvo was written off. But because he'd made a claim he was forced to continue paying £109 a month for cover.

Tuesday, Dec 12


Alpine A110 sports car review

Alpine is back! After more than two decades on the shelf, Renault has relaunched the French sports car name, and the first new model to feature the badge is a peppy little sports car.


'Snoozeliners' set to transform late-night travel in UK


It is hoped that the 'snoozeliners', created by mattress firm Simba, will begin operating next year and will run eight routes in cities including London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.


A third of white vans are now owned by women

The term 'white van man' might soon have to change as more women are buying commercial vehicles than ever before, according to Auto Trader.

Monday, Dec 11


McLaren's £750k Senna hypercar is tribute to F1 legend

The McLaren Senna has been named after the late three-time Formula One champion with some of the proceeds of its £750,000 price tag going to his charity to support underprivileged children.


Car scrappage schemes explained and compared

UPDATE: FORD EXTENDS SCHEME INTO 2018 - 24 car brands have launched scrappage schemes this year, though some have already terminated We rate them all for best value.


Fifth of Britons can't get to work using public transport

A new study highlighted that more than 10 million Britons would be unable to get to work if they could only rely on buses, trains and other models of public transport. So which areas are worst catered for?

Saturday, Dec 9


Ray Massey on the new DS7 Crossback

The new DS7 Crossback is aimed as a Gallic riposte to the dominant German, Japanese and British upmarket luxury off-roaders.

Friday, Dec 8


UK drivers would save £1bn in fuel by ditching old diesels

If older diesel cars were replaced with newer vehicles, harmful nitrogen oxides emission would fall by 68% a year and vehicles would consume 173bn gallons less fuel annually, Kwik Fit said.


VW boss jailed for seven years in US over dieselgate storm


Oliver Schmidt, 48, was convicted yesterday of concealing software used to evade pollution limits on around 11 million vehicles - predominantly diesels - around the world.

Thursday, Dec 7


Jaguar I-Pace undergoes final tests in Tesla's backyard

If Elon Musk had peered out of his California office window last week he might have caught a glimpse of the new electric car that's set to challenge his Tesla brand's market dominance.


Figures reveal councils that rake in most parking fines


An investigation has identified several local authorities which have become 'fine traps' for drivers with Edinburgh, Newham and Kensington and Chelsea the top three councils.

Wednesday, Dec 6


How to stop your car key signal being hacked by criminals

Where do you keep your car keys overnight? If you're one of 96% of motorists that don't secure the you're vulnerable to car thieves using high-tech gadgets to steal vehicles.


Uk new car sales down for the eight consecutive month

Despite petrol and alternative-fuel vehicle registrations rising, a 31 per cent dip in diesel demand saw the total new car market fall by 11.2 per cent year-on-year.

Driving BMW’s futuristic family car the i3s

With the government desperate to get as many drivers to ditch diesel and buy electric cars, it's about time there was a zero-emission model that we can all live with. Is BMW's i3s that car?

Tuesday, Dec 5


December is the most expensive month to insure a car


With dealerships desperate to increase their sales figures before the end of the year, you can usually get a good discount on a new car in December. But expect to be stung by insurance.

Monday, Dec 4


Lamborghini reveals its Urus supercar SUV

With the Lamborghini Urus, the Italian exotic car maker has dropped a colossally powerful engine into a 4x4 to create an offroad family vehicle that can beat almost anything in its path.


VW aims at ride-pooling market with all-electric minibus

The all electric minibus will target urban customers who prefer to pay for use rather than own a vehicle, furthering the German company's push into new forms of online-controlled personal transport.

Roadworks will be banned on major routes over Christmas


The 'roadworks embargo' will be enforced from 6am on December 22 to 12.01am on 2 January to help people get away this Christmas with 'as little disruption as possible', Highways England said.


UK top 10 parking fine hotspots revealed

If you drive in London, you're at more risk of a parking fine than anywhere else in the UK, with the capital raking in more than £24million from fines in just three months.


Pendragon to sell US arm and shut dealerships in Britain


Pendragon, which sells brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar, BMW and Ferrari through its dealerships, said it will ‘reduce’ the number of its premium brand franchises.


UK's drink driving capital of 2017 revealed as Sunderland

Analysis of more than 7 million insurance quotes revealed which locations have the most drivers with over-the-limit convictions on their licence in the last 12 months.

New BMW M5 review: Can it match it's legendary status?

The fastest and most expensive BMW M5 has hit the road to deliver the sixth generation of the ultimate super-saloon and Ray Massey for behind the wheel.

Saturday, Dec 2


GMC reveals truck with tank tracks instead of tires

GMC's All Mountain concept has bodyside graphics of mountains, a 30-inch light bar and snowboard racks - making it ideally suited for snow sport enthusiasts and snowy-mountain dwellers.

Thursday, Nov 30


Is the Government unfairly demonising diesel cars?

The latest attack is a tax test for diesel cars that not a single one can pass, so it's no surprise the motor industry says the Government is demonising diesel. But is it right?

Wednesday, Nov 29


Gold Rolls-Royce up for sale but you must pay in bitcoin


The asking price of the Rolls-Royce is the equivalent of £117,995 and it's the first car to ever be listed on Autotrader with payment solely in Bitcoin.


How many of these basic car safety checks can you do?

As many as 22 per cent of motorists said they didn't know how to check the depth of their car tyres and a quarter couldn't top up the antifreeze. Take a look at the other examples and see if you can do them.


Alfa Romeo set to make F1 return with Sauber partnership


Alfa Romeo will return to Formula One for the first time in 30 years in a new multi-year partnership, combining in a new team with Sauber. The team will be called 'Alfa Romeo Sauber'.

Tuesday, Nov 28

A537 revealed to be Britain's most dangerous road

The most dangerous road in Great Britain has been revealed as the A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton - known as the Cat and Fiddle - in the Peak District.