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Nasa astronaut shows off fidget spinner in micro-gravity


NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik took to Twitter to share footage of his hilarious recent experiments with a fidget spinner aboard the International Space Station.

Archaeologists find 4,000-year-old Egypt queen statue


Egypt says archaeologists have discovered the head of a wooden statue, likely belonging to a female regent who ruled the country more than 4,000 years ago.

British sociologist Ryan Scoats has a PhD in threesomes


Dr Ryan Scoats, an expert at Birmingham City University, said after several threesome experiences he noticed there are few academic studies into the sexual dynamic.

Google Earth reveals 400 mysterious stone structures

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David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia said the purpose and age of these structures, found in the Harrat Khaybar region in Saudia Arabia, remains unknown.

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When you die you know you're dead as the mind still works

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A person's consciousness continues to work after the body has died, a study from New York University Langone School of Medicine finds. The findings echo the new Hollywood film Flatliners.


Google's AlphaGo can now teach itself how to win at Go


Researchers from Google's London-based DeepMind have unveiled the new AlphaGo Zero system in a study published in Nature today.

Alcohol helps to improve foreign language skills


Researchers at the University of Liverpool, Maastricht University and King's College London found that a low dose of alcohol can improve bilingual speakers' ability to speak a second language.

The moon set to get inflatable space station in 2022


Bigelow Aerospace is working with United Launch Alliance to send an inflatable habitat to low lunar orbit by 2022 to provide a 'lunar depot' as well as a place for NASA to train astronauts.


Baidu to hit the road with self-driving bus


Baidu chief executive Robin Li on Tuesday said the Chinese internet giant will have a self-driving bus on the road soon as it races for a lead in autonomous vehicles.

First sex doll-only brothel opens in Germany

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Evelyn Schwarz, 29, runs the aptly named 'Bordoll' in Dortmund - a fusion of the words 'bordello' and 'doll'. Schwarz has stocked her establishment with 11 silicone love dolls, each costing £1,786.


Nielsen says it will report who's watching streamed shows


The Nielsen company, which measures viewership of television programs, now has a way to collect and widely spread details about how many people watch programming by streaming services such as Netflix.

Google's machine learning AI learns to replicate itself


California-based Google's AutoML AI has outdone human engineers by building machine-learning software that's more efficient and powerful than the top human-designed systems.

A 'New Shanghai' could be built on Mars by 2117


An Italian architect has released a dramatic concept which sees humans setting up a colony on the red planet in 2117. The artistic design is being presented at an exhibition in China.


Extraordinary image of a frog eating a snake


An image of an Australian Green Tree Frog eating what appears to be an Eastern Brown Snake has gone viral, after a Reddit user posted it with the caption 'One Last Scream Into the Abysssss'.

Facebook buys anonymous teen compliment app tbh


The California-based developers of tbh - internet-slang short for 'to be honest' - say more than 5 million people have downloaded its app since it launched on August 3. It is available in most US states.


Facebook tests out temporary profile status feature


A global update to Facebook could be on the way after an anonymous tipster leaked images of the temporary profile status project, showing the new function's 101 character limit.

New screen at Piccadilly Circus could track people


The vast screen - which is around the size of four tennis courts - features facial and car recognition technology to target people with hidden cameras. It will be installed in London this month.


Amazon doubles its number of Dash Buttons in the UK


The expansion of the programme in the UK brings the total number of brands to 101, including Head & Shoulders, Gaviscon, Febreze and Tampax.

UK online shoppers could soon need a text to buy goods


Philip Rutnam, permanent secretary at the UK Home Office, told MPs in Westminster yesterday that the days of chip and pin are over and 'new' technology is needed.


Dying chimp at Arnhem zoo smiles for man who cared for her

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Mama, the 59-year-old former matriarch at Royal Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands, was curled up in a ball and refusing food until the arrival of Professor Jan van Hooff, who she first met in 1972.

Wednesday, Oct 18

Is the answer to dyslexia in our eyes?


Scientists at Oxford University have found that dyslexics have an unusual pattern of cells in their eyes which makes letters appear back to front.

A real contender to the iPhone 8: Google Pixel 2 review


With the Pixel XL, Google has created a handset that is not only the best Android device out there, but arguably matches the iPhone 8 in terms of design and feel.

Highways England trials using sunflower oil on potholes

Highways England is carrying out tests using sunflower oil to prevent potholes after University of Nottingham engineers found it helps asphalt to heal without compromising durability.

Study confirms Earth's 'traveling buddy' is an asteroid


Using the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mt Gragam in Southeastern Arizona to observe the small near-Earth object, researchers have confirmed our 'traveling buddy' is an asteroid.

Tuesday, Oct 17

Nasa reveals first results from Cassini's 'death dive'


During a conference at the American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Science meeting in Provo, Utah, the Cassini team shared a number of new findings after the mission ended.

Light in sky over UAE likely Russian rocket breaking up


The flaming object, which is now believed to be discarded Russian spaceship, sped through skies over the UAE at around 19:30 (16:30 BST/11:30 EST) on Monday.

Automation could wipe out third of jobs by 2030's

A 'heat map' of Britain shows the areas most at risk of automation, with workers in the ex industrial heartlands of the North and Midlands most likely to lose their jobs.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson says Jack should have tried to survive


Could Jack have survived in the Titanic? A question that has been discussed on and off since the movie's release in 1997.

Monday, Oct 16

Adobe warns that hackers are exploiting its Flash software


Kaspersky Lab Inc said a group it was tracking, BlackOasis, used the unknown weakness on Oct. 10 to plant malware on computers before connecting them back to foreign servers.

How dating apps like Tinder are changing societies


In a new study, Dr Josue Ortega from the University of Essex and Mr Philipp Hergovich from the University of Vienna looked at the effect online dating is having on society.

Scientists detect a gold-producing star collision

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The discovery was made by two incredibly sensitive detectors in Washington and Louisiana, operated by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo).

AI nano-machines may be injected into brains in 20 years


Humans could be 'melded' to machines, giving us huge advancements in the power of human brains, experts told peers at the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee in London.

Sunday, Oct 15

Scientist reveals how to make yourself unforgettable

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According to Carmen Simon, a cognitive scientist and author of the book Impossible to Ignore, there are simple things you can do when you meet someone to ensure you're unforgettable.

Saturday, Oct 14

Fridge sends shelfies so you never need a shopping list


It seems everyone’s at it these days – taking selfies and then showing them off on mobiles or social media. And now your fridge is about to join the fun by using built-in cameras to snap shelves.

Google to take on Facetime and add video calls to Android


The firm has revealed it will start building its videoconferencing app, called Duo, into Androi, and the Video call option will appear in Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps.

'Son of Concorde' private supersonic jet takes to skies


The jet is an early unmanned prototype of the company's 18 passenger S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet, and the firm says the tests were a 'huge success'.

The algorithm that could end office thermostat war


Researchers at Concordia University designed a system that optimizes indoor conditions including air quality, temperature and lighting based on the preferences of each office worker.