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Saturday, Feb 17


We may all have stem cells stored on chips to test drugs


The staggering development could revolutionize the idea of 'personalized medicine' - and could also overhaul the drug approvals market.

Google removes 'view image' tool

The button used to appear when users clicked on a picture and let them view just the image, instead of having to visit the website. The move came after Google settled a lawsuit with Getty Images.

Listen to blue whales calling to each other

Researchers recorded the sounds of endangered blue whales living near Southern California. They analyzed more than 4,500 of the sounds to dissect the whales' communication.


Scientists create new form of light as photons interact


A team of researchers from MIT and Harvard said the new form of light happens when three photons stick together, which is remarkable given that the light particles typically refuse to interact.

Facebook users are stumped over simple math riddle

The internet has been left baffled after trying to solve a seemingly simple math puzzle that asked asked how much profit a man made (or if he broke even) when he sold and then bought his horse.

Friday, Feb 16


Cuttlefish spikes out skin as part of camouflage tactic

Cuttlefish can erect spikes from their skin to blend in with coral. Scientists from the Marine Biological Laboratory have now figured out which anatomical features allow them to do this.


Facebook forges ahead with Messenger Kids app


Facebook is forging ahead with its messaging app for kids, despite child experts who have pressed the company to shut it down and others who question Facebook's financial support of some advisers.


CCTV cameras will soon have face recognition technology


CCTV cameras will soon be outfitted with facial recognition technology that scans and identifies faces 24/7.The technology is being developed by Nvidia and security startup AnyVision.


FedEx admits server left thousands of customers exposed


The global package delivery company now says it has secured some of the customer identification records that were visible earlier this month on the unsecured server.

Psychologists predict humans will welcome ET


Experts at Arizona State University looked at how the media and the public reacted to several different 'alien' announcements, including the recent find of the UFO-shaped comet Oumuamua (pictured).


WhatsApp is rolling out person-to-person payments in India


WhatsApp is set to launch its person-to-person money transfer service for users in India after a test involving millions of users, according to National Payments Corp of India.

Black holes are expanding quicker than thought

Daily Mail Online

Nasa studies from Penn State University in the US and the Institut of Space Sciences in Spain have found bigger black holes are growing quicker than their galaxies form new stars.

Size matters when it comes to extinction


Scientists from the Santa Fe Institute have made new predictions about extinction. Their new model incorporates foraging habits and body size elements into old research.

Ring of Fire activity sparks earthquake fears

A new study by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, suggests that certain earthquakes can produce a 'halo of aftershocks' surrounding the rupture.


Ancient city in Mexico had as many buildings as Manhattan

The discovery was made by a team of researchers, including Colorado State University, about a half an hour’s drive from Morelia, in the central Mexican state of Michoacán.

US unveils unmanned ATV to go with 'killer Humvee robots'


The new Polaris MRZR X is an optionally manned dune buggy ATV that can carry at least 1,000 pounds of equipment across the battle field.

Apple says future iPhone apps have to embrace the notch


Apple informed developers that all apps submitted to the App Store will have to support the iPhone X's contentious notch design. Future apps will also have to support the iPhone X's Super Retina display.

Russia accused of plagiarism over 'future soldier' concept

An image posted to Twitter this week by a Moscow official showed a soldier in a gadget-laden bodysuit (right). Users pointed out it looked similar to the character on the front of a 2012 video game (left).


Mars rover 2020 is set to return a Mars meteorite


The meteorite, which was found in Oman in 1999 and called Shayh al Uhaymir (SaU008), will be carried on-board NASA's Mars 2020 rover mission.

BBC forecaster gives a hilarious explanation of auroras


BBC forecaster Matt Taylor gave a brief explanation of the science behind the northern lights, which are expected to appear over Scotland, Northern Ireland, Michigan and Maine this evening.

By 2050 humans will communicate completely without words


The claim was made by Marko Krajnovic, the producer of the exhibit in Dubai that is this week showcasing predictions by AI experts.

Father's stress changes brain development in children


Researchers from the University of Maryland found stress changes the father's sperm, which can then alter the brain development of the child.


China may be building 'highly immoral' salted nuclear bomb


Experts at the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Sciences have successfully fired superheated beams of a radioactive isotope of tantalum.


Apple Park employees injured walking into glass walls

Two members of staff have reportedly been injured after walking headlong into the glass panels in Cupertino which makes up much of its interior, including many of its walls and doors.

Can you get 80% on this tricky quiz?

Daily Mail Online

The test, shared on Playbuzz, asks players to answer questions across a range of subjects, including English, maths and science. Most struggle to answer eight of the 10 questions correctly.


Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster spotted zooming through space

Rogelio Bernal Andreo, a Spanish-American astrophotographer best known for his images of deep sky objects, captured the breathtaking images from his home in San Francisco.


Uber announces new safety after losing London license


The firm has announced a series of new policies in the UK, including more proactively working with police when incidents are reported and introducing a 24-hour customer support phone line.

Wildlife and bared wire entwine in Korean DMZ


Covered with landmines, watched by snipers day and night, and surrounded by artillery, the Korean Demilitarized Zone is perhaps the last place on earth you would expect to find natural beauty.


Pentagon looks to counter rivals' hypersonic missiles

The Pentagon's plans for the missile defences were outlined In the latest proposed US budget, released by the Office Of Management and Budget In Washington, DC.

NASA is set to use nuclear-powered rockets to reach Mars

NASA researchers say Nuclear Thermal Propulsion technology could be the only viable option to enable humans to reach Mars, which NASA plans to do in the 2030s.