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Russia puts UK 'four meals away from anarchy' as Putin war of words threatens power

RUSSIA has the ability to cause chaos in the UK and leave Britons just “four meals away from anarchy” if the war of words between Vladimir Putin and Theresa May provokes a cyber attack from Moscow, security experts have warned.

Royal family RIFT: Prince William FURIOUS at treatment of Kate's mum, insiders claim

PRINCE William was furious to discover Prince Charles was planning for royal aides to snub Kate's mother Carole Middleton in a scheme organised over fears he would be isolated from his grandchildren, according to claims in an explosive…

‘Stop this madness!’ Germany finally SNAPS as nation to become EU ‘cash cow’ after Brexit

A GERMAN politician has demanded an end to the “madness” which sees Berlin pumping cash in to the European Union while taking less and less out and has warned it will become even worse afyter Brexit.

‘Not everything they say is great’ Merkel and Macron SLAPPED DOWN for trying to RULE EU

ANGELA Merkel and Emmanuel Macron have been put in their place by their fellow EU member states after the pair announced they would unveil an EU reform road map, with one reminding the Franco-German alliance the rest of the EU are not…

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EU heading for disaster as Italy’s populists set to JOIN FORCES to destabilise Brussels

ITALY’s two populist parties could be set to join forces to build a coalition majority in a move viewed by critics as the most destabilising potential outcome of the election.

Prince Charles and Camilla shock as pampered royal ‘demands own TOILET SEAT on trips'

AN EXPLOSIVE new book has lifted the lid on the extraordinarily pampered life of luxury enjoyed by Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Britain's borders betrayal: Brexit could see borders flung WIDE OPEN if there's no deal

BREXIT could see Britain's borders flung wide open if the UK cannot strike a trade deal with the European Union after we leave the bloc.


Parties across UK nations sign pledge to REVERSE Brexit amid Northern Ireland warnings

POLITICIANS from across the British Isles are pledging to unite to force the UK back into the European Union after it was claimed the Northern Ireland border issue is a “a powder keg” which could ignite at any moment.


Spain will BOYCOTT EU expansion summit: Madrid STUNS Brussels in furious bloc showdown

SPAIN has rebuked the European Union's pleas to participate in an upcoming summit and instead the country's prime minister has vowed to boycott the crucial meeting that will outline the bloc's expansion future.

Tories deliver the will of the people! May in rallying Brexit cry as she rages at Corbyn

THERESA May hailed the Tories as the party of Brexit Britain’s ambitious values when she addressed her party’s spring conference in London. The Prime Minister, boosted by her recent Mansion House speech on quitting the EU, addressed party…


RUSSIA RETALIATES: 23 UK diplomats EXPELLED from country as diplomatic war escalates

RUSSIA told the UK it will expel 23 British diplomats in retaliation against Theresa May’s decision to banish Russians from London as the war of words escalates.

Leave Means Leaves chief says this is ONE THING 'Orwellian EU' TRULY fears

LEADING BREXITEER John Longworth has ripped into the European Union branding the Brussels club as an “Orwellian state” and revealed what the bloc truly fear when the UK cuts ties.


‘We do NOT support EU Army’ Ireland TURNS on Brussels in shock security broadside

IRELAND has hit out at Brussels in an unexpected security broadside, with a number of MEPs declaring “we do NOT support the EU Army”.


'The UK doesn’t believe you!’ Owen Jones ROASTED following Labour Salisbury silence

BBC NEWSNIGHT presenter Evan Davis roasted a Jeremy Corbyn supporter Owen Jones last night following the Labour leader's prolonged silence on the use of a military-grade nerve agent on former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, it has…


UK weather: SNOW WARNING issued, Met Office forecasts up to 10 INCHES to hit Britain

SNOW WARNINGS have been issued across the entirety of the UK as the Met Office forecast that up to 10 inches could fall in some areas with warnings of significant travel disruption to Britons over the weekend, it has emerged.

Theresa May FORCED to give EU CONCESSIONS to FINALLY secure a transition deal

Brexit Secretary David Davis told the Commons this week that he was “confident” a deal would be secured and is set to be in Brussels over the weekend to meet his EU counterpart Michel Barnier on Monday.


Murder investigation launched after two women shot dead in St Leonards

A MURDER investigation is underway after a gunman shot dead two women in a house in the quiet seaside town of St Leonards, it has been reported.

Court tells man he is DEAD despite being ALIVE and well due to MAD bureaucratic ruling

DUE TO a case of bureaucracy gone mad, a Romanian man has been officially declared dead despite appearing in court being alive and well to overturn the decision, it has been reported.


Prince Harry in defence cuts OUTBURST sparking demand for extra funds for UK Armed Forces

PRINCE Harry sparked a political row last night after throwing the spotlight on defence cuts. The fifth in line to the throne highlighted shrinking Ministry of Defence budgets in an unscripted speech when he returned to the Army Air Corps…

North Korea STILL prepared for WAR if relations with Japan DO NOT improve

SOUTH Korean President Moon Jae-in has told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that Pyongyang and Tokyo relations have to improve if North Korea is to finally make peace with the world, it has been reported.

Friday, Mar 16

Macron support COLLAPSE: Pensioners REVOLT with France set to grind to a HALT

FRANCE risks grinding to a halt as thousands of furious protesters threaten to wreck French president Emmanuel Macron's controversial reforms while pensioners vow to drop their support for the leader.

'Absolute NONSENSE!' Redwood demolishes Anna Soubry's anti-Brexit speech in Commons clash

BREXITEER John Redwood ripped into Anna Soubry during an extremely heated debate in the House of Commons as the Remainer claimed Britain's economy would be heavily damaged if the UK walked away from Brussels with ‘no deal’.

REVEALED: Civil servants plan UK to FUND EU army post Brexit in secret plot caught on tape

BREXITEERS were left outraged last night after it emerged that secret tapes indicating the UK was planning to pay for an EU army after Brexit came to light.

Rip World Cup out of Putin’s grasp: MPs call for MASS BOYCOTT as Russia hit with sanctions

PRESSURE was growing last night for a mass World Cup boycott this summer in retaliation for the Salisbury nerve agent outrage. MPs urged the Prime Minister to consider pressing allies to join England and withdraw from the tournament being…

Thursday, Mar 15

SNOW weather warning: Met Office alert as LEVEL 3 forecast warns of HEAVY SNOW in 24 HOURS

BRITAIN is just 24 hours away from a ‘continuous barrage of heavy snow’ as government officials ramp up warnings to one step below ‘National Emergency’.

David Davis delivers BRILLIANT quip after being asked what EU countries still LIKE Britain

BREXIT Secretary David Davis delivered a phenomenal response after he was asked by Tory MP Peter Bone what countries in the EU still “like” Britain.

Russia HITS BACK: UK diplomats EXPELLED and dire WARNING issued

RUSSIA is set to expel British diplomats from the country after Theresa May banished 23 of Vladimir Putin's Kremlin officials yesterday.

Labour betrayal! MEPs SURRENDER and vote for EU access to UK fishing waters after Brexit

LABOUR party MEPs have been accused of betraying the UK’s national interest after they helped defeat a motion in the European Parliament aimed at protecting UK fisheries.

Wednesday, Mar 14

Seven Sisters Station 'GUN ATTACK' - Boy, 14, left with life-changing injuries

A 14-year-old boy has been left with life-changing injuries in a shooting near Seven Sisters Station in London. Armed police rushed to the scene as footage posted on social media shows several police vans and cars building up with the area…

‘UK has chosen CONFRONTATION’ Putin issues WW3 warning over Russian spy attack row

VLADIMIR Putin's foreign ministry in Russia has hit back at Theresa May's decision to expel Russian diplomats from the UK warning that Prime Minister has chosen "confrontation" with Moscow as tensions soar.

Corbyn BACKLASH as he calls for 'Russia dialogue': 'Thank God we didn't have him in 1939!'

JEREMY Corbyn has been attacked by both MPs and the British public after calling for “robust dialogue with Russia” in the face of escalating tensions with the Kremlin.

‘Bias BBC REFUSED equal air time for Brexiteer' as LBC host reveals ‘HIDDEN agenda’

THE BBC “are bias” and “are favouring Remainers” after the current affairs programme Newsnight failed to proportionately represent the views of Brexiteer and LBC presenter Iain Dale during the show, it has been revealed.

Tuesday, Mar 13

'EU needs Britain' Fury as Eurocrat claims UK is TOO SMALL to defend itself after Brexit

A SENIOR adviser to the European Commission has suggested that Britain is too small to defend itself outside the EU.

SNOW forecast UK WARNING: Beast From The East 2 to COVER entire country with HEAVY SNOW

SNOW is forecast to hit the UK this weekend, covering almost ALL areas of the country as the Beast From The East Part 2 smashes into Britain sending temperatures plummeting.

Putin poisoning plan backfires as world readies to wage World War 3 on Russia

VLADIMIR Putin’s alleged plot to poison a former Russian spy in the UK has seen world leaders rally behind Britain ready to respond as the threat of World War 3 grows.

'We voted to leave this sclerotic union!' British MEP's BRILLIANT takedown of Verhofstadt

AN Independent MEP accused EU chief Guy Verhofstadt of being a “socialist” and a “communist” in a rant over the EU’s decision to discuss the bloc’s progress in the Brexit negotiations despite missing a key document from the UK Government.

Monday, Mar 12

Brexit betrayal? UK 'legally entitled' to second EU referendum, Tory rebel claims

THE PUBLIC must be allowed a second vote on Brexit because it is their legal right, a former Tory cabinet member has declared.

How Juncker sparked the US-EU trade war: Watch moment he threatened to BREAK UP the USA

THE EU has been left reeling after Donald Trump announced a raft of devastating new tariffs - but Jean-Claude Juncker could be the man truly responsible for the explosive new trade war between the US and EU.

'You said they were racist!' Vince Cable torn apart by John Humphrys over Brexit smear

BBC host John Humphrys ripped into Sir Vince Cable’s latest Brexit slur where he accused Brexit voters of wanting a Britain where “faces were white”.

German business demands FULL UK customs union - 'we'll lose £61BN' in furious attack on EU

GERMANY'S top business association is pressing for a full customs union with the UK after Brexit as a new study shows a hit to the economies of both countries of £61BILLION a year without one.