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Vanuatu earthquake: 6.4 magnitude quake hits Pacific island - Hawaii sent tsunami report

A LARGE earthquake has hit Vanuatu, a small Pacific island nation to the east of Australia.

'Brexit is a national disaster' Heseltine says UK will remain in EU and even join the euro

ARCH Europhile Lord Michael Heseltine continued his anti-Brexit conquest, making the astonishing claim Britain may not only remain inside the European Union but also join its single currency.

Theresa May threatens to hold back MILLONS from 'bloated' United Nations

THERESA May has warned Britain could withhold tens of millions of pounds from the United Nations -unless the organisation can transform itself into something more "agile, transparent and joined up".

Brighton Marina evacuated - cinema and gym cleared in chaotic scenes

BRIGHTON Marine has been evacuated with a cinema and gym among the facilities evacuated.

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Japan earthquake: Large 6.1 quake strikes off coast near Fukushima

AN EARTHQUAKE has struck off the coast of Japan near the Fukushima power plant.


Nibiru: What is Planet X? Will the world end on September 23?

PLANET X could smash into Earth on September 23, according to Nibiru believers. But what is Planet X and will the world actually end?


'We'd NEVER accept it' Australian senator says Britain is RIGHT to quit 'undemocratic' EU

BRITAIN has made the right decision to quit the “undemocratic” European Union which imposes a loss of sovereignty other countries would not accept “in a million years”, a leading Australian politician said today.

World War 3: Donald Trump WILL 'totally destroy' North Korea if forced, says insider

DONALD TRUMP would “totally destroy” Kim Jong-un and North Korea if necessary, according to a close insider.


Nigel Farage warns BBC he will BOYCOTT licence fee until he gets apology for Brexit 'slur'

NIGEL Farage has demanded an apology from the BBC for a “terrible slur” after a Newsnight reporter accused the Brexiteer of having “blood on his hands” following the death of a Polish man in the wake of the EU Referendum last year.


EU will make sure Brexit deal is NEGATIVE for Britain - ex-German envoy's shock admission

A GERMAN diplomat lambasted ‘hard’ Brexiteers who think Britain can gain from leaving the European Union, saying Brussels will make sure the move is negative.


‘No deal would be a catastrophe' EU heavyweight fires warning shot to Britain over Brexit

BRITAIN has been warned by one of the EU’s top former officials that it faces a “catastrophe” if it fails to secure a transitional deal and crashes out of the bloc in 2019.


Mexico City earthquake: 7.1 magnitude quake hits DAYS after biggest in century – 217 dead

AT LEAST 217 people have been killed after a huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central Mexico, causing hundreds of buildings to collapse in the capital, Mexico City.

City of London on lockdown in terror alert - police close Moorgate and Liverpool Street

MOORGATE and Liverpool Street were placed on lockdown as armed police and sniffer dogs swooped on the area in the heart of the City of London.


Parsons Green terror attack: Two more men arrested bringing total to five

TWO more men have been arrested over the Parsons Green terror attack, bringing the total to five.

OBLITERATED: Brave RAF fighter pilots blast ISIS cells as they plot atrocities in Britain

BRAVE British RAF fighter pilots have thwarted multiple terror attacks in the UK by blasting Islamic State cells in Syria and Iraq, it has been revealed.


Horror of North Korea's elite: Defector reveals mass executions and sex slavery

A FORMER member of North Korea’s privileged elite has given a rare glimpse into the glamour and terror of life in Pyongyang.


Theresa May tells Cabinet to UNITE on Brexit ahead of Florence speech

THERESA May will send an uncompromising rallying cry to ministers tomorrow to unite around her plan for Brexit, Downing Street sources disclosed.

Nicola Sturgeon ridiculed by Theresa May’s team as she demands to keep 111 EU rules

NICOLA Sturgeon has been severely rebutted by Theresa May for demanding to keep 111 European Union rules and regulations in return for backing the Brexit Bill.

'Not in the landing zone' EU set to REJECT Theresa May's £18billion Brexit offer

EUROPEAN leaders are set to reject Theresa May's £18billion Brexit offer as it is only a third of what European Union chiefs want.

May IGNORES EU demands for €100BN and offers €20BN Brexit divorce payment

THERESA MAY is expected to offer £18billion to Angela Merkel to fill the hole left by Brexit in the European Union's budget - a fraction of the €100BN believed to be being demanded by Michel Barnier.

Tuesday, Sep 19

'They fought for their nation!' Donald Trump praises UK during FIERY UN tirade

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech in front of the United Nations today praising Britain in the fight against the forces of "evil" during World War Two.

Brink of WAR: Trump’s terrifying warning to world - ‘I will TOTALLY DESTROY North Korea’

NORTH Korea's "depraved regime" will be "totally destroyed" if the USA is pushed too far, Donald Trump warned in his first UN General Assembly speech this afternoon.

Brexit shock: Danish fishermen DEMAND access to British waters in return for EU trade deal

DANISH fishermen today demanded the EU guarantee them continued access to British waters after Brexit in return for agreeing to a future trade deal with the UK.

REVEALED: Britain’s Brexit Bill has one fact missing which is a MAJOR worry for leavers

BREXIT backers may be worried after it was revealed the Government has omitted a crucial fact from its exit bill which could see Britain chained to the European Union for longer than anticipated.

Monday, Sep 18

'Disaster looms' Scheming Remainers plot to join forces with rivals to STOP BREXIT

SIR Vince Cable has called for political rivals to join forces in a desperate attempt to stop Brexit.

'Why jump in?' Tony Blair challenged over relevance after latest bid to THWART Brexit

TONY BLAIR was challenged over his relevance to the Brexit debate after launching his latest attempt to thwart Britain’s European Union divorce.

What is THAT heading for Britain? Terrifying map shows HUGE Atlantic storm hurtling to UK

A POTENTIALLY violent weather system about to form in the Atlantic could give rise to autumn’s second named storm – Brian.

'Respect our rules' EU wades into Ryanair row after airline cancels hundreds of flights

THE European Union has waded into a row over Ryanair's shock decision to cancel up to 2,100 flights.

Sunday, Sep 17

'£50bn divorce bill will be catastrophic' EU payout to WIPE OUT jobs in Brexit stronghold

TOWNS in Wales which were among those that voted most overwhelmingly to leave the EU could suffer devastating job losses if the Government pays up a massive Brexit divorce bill.

London chemical incident: Vomiting patients hospitalised as street put on lockdown

VOMITING homeowners were rushed to hospital during a chemical incident in south London.

'Sorry – I'll read what you said last year' Marr ROASTS Cable over second referendum dream

SIR VINCE Cable was left floundering as he was roasted by the BBC’s Andrew Marr over his ambitions for another referendum on Brexit.

David Davis calls for post-Brexit pact to protect EU-UK security ties after terror attack

DAVID Davis has demanded that security links between the UK and the European Union must be protected after Brexit to ensure that the fight against terror is not affected by Britain’s EU exit.

Saturday, Sep 16

London Bridge station EVACUATED - armed police rush to scene amid terror fears

LONDON Bridge railway station has been evacuated and emergency services have rushed to the scene just one day after the terror attack on a packed commuter train at Parsons Green.

BBC audience ERUPTS as Brexiteer businessman insists EU divorce 'can't come quick enough'

A LEADING businessman has insisted the UK would “manage fine” if it left the European Union without a transition deal.

LONDON TERROR ATTACK: Manhunt for key suspect behind Parsons Green Tube explosion

POLICE have arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with the Parsons Green terror attack in west London.

Take back control: UK WILL use Brexit £350m per week to fund NHS, Boris Johnson promises

BORIS Johnson has restated the claim that Britain will be £350 million per week better off after it leaves the EU and that the money could be redirected to fund the NHS.

Friday, Sep 15

Parsons Green tube explosion: Bomb blast in London leaves 29 injured in terror attack

AN EXPLOSION ripped through a packed commuter Tube train at Parsons Green in London this morning leaving many injured in what police have confirmed is a terror attack.

LONDON TUBE EXPLOSION: First photos of homemade bomb used in Parsons Green terror attack

THE first pictures of the homemade bucket bomb used in the Parsons Green terror attack, which ripped through a packed London tube train, have emerged.

Rees-Mogg attacked on Question Time for 'archaic views' but is defended by surprise ally

JACOB Rees-Mogg was attacked on BBC Question time for holding “archaic views”, but was defended by an unlikely ally.

Eurozone on the BRINK: EU banks eliminate 50,000 jobs in just ONE YEAR

THE beleaguered Eurozone is facing increasing woe after more than 9,000 European Union banks were closed last year, at the cost of around 50,000 staff.