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WATCH: Sadiq Khan SAVAGED for wading in on Trump and Brexit amid spate of London stabbings

MAJOR of London Sadiq Khan was grilled by London Assembly Members over his comments lambasting President Donald Trump and Brexit amid a spate of stabbings over the festive period.

Send the bill to Merkel! Tory fury as UK gives £45m to Macron for Calais border security

CONSERVATIVE MPs have been left flabbergasted by Theresa May’s decision to submit to French demands for an additional £45million to bolster Channel border security – and Emmanuel Macron is expected to ask for even more money!

UK storm damage: ‘Worse than 1987!’ Britain savaged by 83mph wind in Met Office name farce

DEVASTATING winds and snow showers have caused major travel delays and power cuts across the UK this morning after Britain was battered by gusts of up to 83mph overnight.

Brexit is ‘NOT a catastrophe’ for City of London: French finance chief says fear OVERBLOWN

A FRENCH finance chief who is in charge of persuading banks to relocate to Paris after Brexit has insisted Britain’s exit from the European Union will not be a “catastrophe” for the City of London.

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Berkshire wolf on the loose in Beenham near Middleton family home after UK storm winds

A WOLF has escaped from a sanctuary in Beenham, Berkshire and is currently on the loose, prompting a police warning to residents amid fears the animal could be dangerous.


What do white feathers mean in your house? Thousands find white features as loved ones die

BELIEVERS in the afterlife have long claimed white feathers represent recently deceased loved one - and now there are more claims to support the outlandish theory.


Prostate cancer symptoms - what actually is the prostate and how is it linked to sex?


PROSTATE cancer is the most common cancer among men in the UK and experts have revealed the disease kills more than 10,000 men every year. But what actually is the prostate, and how is it linked to sex?

Jean-Claude Juncker 'has opened the door' to German MEP's plot to HALT Brexit

EUROPEAN COMMISSION President Jean-Claude Juncker has “opened the door” to Britain remaining in the European Union after meeting with German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel campaigning for an “exit from Brexit”.


'Macron wants to DRAIN JOBS from UK' - Ex-ambassador issues important Brexit warning

A STARK warning has been issued by the UK’s former Ambassador to France that Theresa May should beware of greedy Emmanuel Macron’s apparently friendly gesture of lending the Bayeux Tapestry to Britain.

‘You are being incredibly BBC-LIKE’ Minister SKEWERS confused Newsnight presenter

BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis was skewered by Foreign Office Minister Harriet Baldwin last night as she attacked her for being “incredibly BBC-like”, during an interview.


SAS 1980 Iranian Embassy siege HERO who guarded Princess Diana left HOMELESS and destitute

AN SAS hero who heroically stormed the Iranian embassy in 1980, served in the Falklands War and provided bodyguard services to Princess Diana has been revealed as homeless.

Theresa May's EPIC SNUB of Remainer George Osborne that breaks 50 year tradition

GEORGE Osborne, the arch-enemy of Theresa May, has been given the most public of snubs by Downing Street after he was denied the offer of a peerage, breaking a 50-year-old tradition.

UK SNOW ALERT: Britain braced for POLAR FREEZE as bitter blast from ICELAND hits

STORM-hit Britain is now on Polar freeze alert as temperatures plunge bringing widespread snow ahead of the weekend.


Brexiteer MP Nigel Evans gives BRILLIANT reason why Donald Tusk cannot accept Brexit

BREXITEER MP Nigel Evans took a dig at "unelected" EU Council President Donald Tusk following his offers to ignore the will of the British people and put an end to the Brexit process.


Police station rocked by huge explosion - area on lockdown after 'hand grenade attack'

AN explosion has rocked a police station in Malmo, Sweden forcing officers to lock down the area after a suspected hand grenade detonated.


‘There is an offer!’ Austrian leader celebrates as Tusk calls on UK to REVERSE Brexit

AUSTRIA’S chancellor has said he is “glad” the offer of reversing Brexit exists after the European Union leaders said the door to the bloc remains open if Britain changes its mind.

EU WITHDRAWAL BILL: Labour amendments fail as MPs REBEL against Corbyn

THE EU Withdrawal Bill has passed through the House of Commons as a series of amendments to the Brexit bill were voted down as Tory MPs rallied around Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced his own rebellion over membership of the single…


Horror as teenager stabbed in tram stop attack - suspect on run

POLICE are hunting an attacker after a teenager was stabbed at a tram stop in Germany this afternoon.


Andrew Neil reduces Labour MP to SILENCE during feisty television row over quiet Corbyn

BBC HOST Andrew Neil roasted Labour frontbencher Chi Onwurah over the failure of Jeremy Corbyn and his party allies to condemn the crackdown of democratic protest against the Islamic Government of Iran.


Butt OUT EU! Sebastian Kurz fights for national sovereignty as he meets Merkel in Berlin

AUSTRIAN leader Sebastian Kurz told Angela Merkel to row back on plans for EU integration during talks with the German Chancellor.

Wednesday, Jan 17

WATCH: Thornberry interrupts May during PMQs and is BRUTALLY shut down with dazzling reply

THERESA MAY ripped into Emily Thornberry in the House of Commons as the shadow foreign secretary attempted to interrupt the Prime Minister.

'You put the EU over your PEOPLE!’ Fiery Farage BLASTS Irish PM for siding with Juncker

NIGEL FARAGE skewered the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for choosing the European Union over the Irish people during a fiery European Parliament rant.

Brussels SHOCK: Switzerland preparing to END EU free movement with Brexit-style referendum

SWITZERLAND has sent shockwaves through the European Union by edging closer to a referendum on ending its agreement on the free movement of people across its borders, sparking fresh uncertainty about its relations with Brussels.

Get out! EU fishermen should LOSE access to British waters after Brexit, shock poll claims

A NEW poll has revealed that eight in 10 voters want Britain to seize back control of its waters by the end of 2019 even if there is a two year transition period after Brexit.

Tuesday, Jan 16

Farage reveals the ONE thing which shows Barnier is working with Remoaners to KILL Brexit

NIGEL FARAGE has revealed the one tell-tale sign which proves the European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator is working with pro-European Britons to thwart Brexit after the Frenchman met with Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry.

'If you voted to leave' Redwood's BRILLIANT point SHUTS DOWN Scottish MP's Brexit argument

JOHN REDWOOD made a brilliant point while challenging yet another anti-Brexit complaint from the Scottish National Party’s Joanna Cherry during another heated session debating the EU Withdrawal Bill in the Commons.

EU WITHDRAWAL BILL: Labour amendments FAIL as rebellious Tories rally behind May

LABOUR’S attempts to water down the EU Withdrawal Bill were thwarted yet again as rebellious Tories rallied behind the Prime Minister to get the legislation moving.

Former David Cameron chief says THIS reason was the key to the UK voting for Brexit

DAVID CAMERON’S former policy adviser has claimed that the former Prime Minister’s successful economic strategy paved the way to Britain voting for Brexit.

Monday, Jan 15

EU threat: Switzerland ‘told NOT to make deal with Brexit Britain’ in plot to punish UK

THE EU is pressuring Switzerland not to make a bilateral deal with Britain after Brexit, it was revealed last night. The move appears to be part of a “punishment agenda” by Brussels and has led to concerns that the European Commission is…

German MEP reveals Juncker FINALLY understands Brexit’s danger to EU after crunch meeting

EXCLUSIVE: Jean-Claude Juncker finally understands Brexit has “severe repercussions” for the European Union, German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel has revealed after a crunch meeting with the European Commission President.

‘Infinite debt to EU’ The line in German coalition deal to send chills down Brits' spines

THE PROPOSED German coalition deal which Angela Merkel is desperately putting together to keep her in power focuses extremely heavily on the European Union.

‘Take responsibility’ Macron to demand UK open borders to Calais migrants and PAY MORE

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron is set to call on Theresa May to open the nation’s borders to more Calais migrants in talks this Thursday, it has been revealed.

Sunday, Jan 14

Britain braces for POLAR BLAST: Met Office issues UK snow and ice warnings for THIS WEEK

PEOPLE across the UK can expect a very chilly start to the week as a “polar maritime air mass” whips through the country, prompting the Met Office to issue snow and ice warnings.

Spain hard Brexit PANIC as regions beg EU to save them from economic MELTDOWN

SPANISH tourism, finance and agriculture could be badly damaged if the EU fails to broker a deal with the UK over Brexit, the nation’s regional officials have warned.

'You can't stop it!' Andrew Marr SHUTS DOWN Nicola Sturgeon's threat to block Brexit bill

BBC host Andrew Marr shut down First Minister Nicola Sturgeon after she suggested the Scottish Parliament could stop the Brexit Bill coming into effect.

Brexit shock: No deal will cost EU £500billion

PRESSURE was last night mounting on the EU to sign a free-trade agreement with Britain after a report revealed that a “no deal” scenario could cost the bloc more than £500billion.

Saturday, Jan 13

High Street HORROR: Travel agent, 28, killed in front of onlookers in Southport TUI branch

MERSEYSIDE Police have launched a murder investigation after a 28-year-old female travel agent was killed at a TUI branch in Southport.

‘Arrest him!’ Protestors storm Sadiq Khan Brexit speech - police surround demonstrators

PROTESTORS stormed a speech being made by Sadiq Khan and demanded the London Mayor be arrested as police swooped and removed the campaigners from the building.

Spain 'breaks EU ranks' to DEFY Angela Merkel and back minimum tariff Brexit deal with UK

SPAIN has backed minimum tariffs for a post-Brexit agreement with the UK, despite Angela Merkel taking a much harder line against Theresa May as the PM seeks to unshackle Britain from the Brussels bloc.

Macron DITCHING Merkel? French president forges alliance with Austria amid Germany crisis

EMMANUEL Macron has vowed to work closely with new Austrian prime minister Sebastian Kurz on European issues, after his usual ally Angela Merkel’s prolonged absence from the centre of the European Union.