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Desperate France demands access deal to British waters or there ‘won’t be any fishing’


THE French fishing minister wants compromise over access to British waters after the UK cuts ties with Brussels, as he is terrified there “won’t be any fishing” otherwise.

Victory for Tory Remainers: Hammond believes he has backing for free movement Brexit deal

SENIOR Tories have softened their approach to Brexit after backing a transitional offer that will allow EU citizens free movement to Britain for up to two years after the UK has left the bloc.

Brexit will REDUCE food, wine and clothes costs by 20% - Rees-Mogg fires back at Remainers

EXCLUSIVE: Leaving the European Union will reduce people’s food, wine and clothes bills by up to 20 per cent, said Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Inside North Korea's Room 39 - How Kim sells fake cash and VIAGRA to fund lavish lifestyle

NORTH Korea is plagued by hunger, economic instability and mass defection but despot Kim Jong-un continues to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

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Great-grandad rejoices as he hears again at 91 after going deaf as a CHILD


GREAT-grandfather Raymond Kelly beams with pleasure every time he hears the newest addition to his family giggle – and even the crying of the nine-month-old baby does not bother him.


‘Socialist’ Jeremy Corbyn now a ‘proper threat’ to Theresa May, top Tory MP warns

A SENIOR Conservative MP has issued a warning to to Theresa May over her future as Prime Minister following the electoral success of the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn.


USA V Iran: Trump threatens 'serious consequences' unless US citizens are released

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has threatened new sanctions and serious consequences on Iran if they do not release American citizens "unjustly" imprisoned there.


GORGEOUS GEORGE: Prince celebrates 4th birthday as Kate and William release adorable photo

PRINCE George is celebrating his fourth birthday and showing off his cheeky side as his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge release an official portrait of their adorable son to mark the occasion.


Brussels demands European citizens in Britain should be able to bring in non-EU spouses

BRUSSELS has demanded that European citizens living in Britain should be allowed to bring in their spouses of other nationalities.

Major station evacuated at tourist hotspot after 'suitcase found with wires sticking out'

EMERGENCY services have descended on a major station, with police shutting the entire area.


Russell Square evacuated - 'loud explosion' heard in central London

RUSSELL Square has been evacuated and a "loud explosion" has been heard in the central London neighbourhood.

Donald Trump press secretary Sean Spicer RESIGNS as US president hires Wall Street banker

DONALD Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer has resigned from the White House.


'Evil!': Dad of Charlie Gard shouts as 'sad results' shown to court BEFORE parents see it

CHARLIE Gard's parents have reacted with fury as they were told his new scan makes for "sad reading".


Tantrum from the Princess! Kate tells off Charlotte as young royal throws strop in Hamburg

THE DUCHESS of Cambridge ticked off Princess Charlotte after her daughter threw a royal strop as her brother Prince George explored a helicopter this afternoon as an early birthday treat.


'You unelected people are like Stalin' Farage fumes at EU as he gets his OWN £80,000 bill

NIGEL FARAGE berated Michel Barnier and European Union bosses after receiving a letter that states he owes the Brussels bloc £80,000, saying they are “unhinged” as a result of Brexit.


Speak to someone your OWN level: Sturgeon told she CAN'T have Brexit meetings with May

NICOLA Sturgeon has been told she can no longer have meetings with Theresa May in a Brexit slap down.

WATCH: Diane Abbott accuses ITV of 'carefully editing' her latest number BLUNDER

DIANE ABBOTT hammered ITV after she blundered her numbers while discussing Labour’s police spending promise during a live interview with the broadcaster.

‘Angel Particle’ found which could lead to 100 MILLION times faster computers

SCIENTISTS have made a major breakthrough after discovering an ‘Angel particle’ which has been theorised about for 80 years and could lead to a technological revolution that will make your modern day Mac seem like the very first Commodore…


Refusing to pay divorce bill will KILL talks: Brexit negotiator urges UK to accept demand

REFUSING to pay a divorce settlement to Brussels would effectively kill off any talks on a future trade deal between the EU and Britain, one of the bloc’s negotiators has said.


Are you crazy? Broadcaster skewered on Sky News for saying Tony Blair can sort out Brexit

A BROADCASTER was lambasted for suggesting Tony Blair should make a return to UK politics to sort out Brexit.

Friday, Jul 21

'Europe is crashing!' Italian MP demands Italy's own EU referendum to leave FAILING bloc

AN ITALIAN MP challenged the Italian Government to hold a referendum as the country's relationship with the EU sours over the migrant crisis.

Killer earthquake hits Turkey and Greece: Brits flee in terror as quake triggers tsunami

TURKEY earthquake latest updates: At least two people are dead and 200 injured after an earthquake hammered a popular tourist spot in Turkey – registering a magnitude of up to 6.7 and sparking a tsunami.

'Poland will be marginalised in Europe' Tusk in astonishing ATTACK as Warsaw defies EU

TENS of thousands of Poles protested against a new law that allows parliament to appoint Supreme Court judges, defying a European Union warning that the move undermines democracy and the rule of law.

Brexit boom: UK ready for tourists to spend up to £2.4 BILLION in sensational summer spree

BRITAIN’S high street is braced for a tourist spending splurge with overseas visitors expected to splash out £2.4billion this summer, figures suggest.

Thursday, Jul 20

'Keep our criminals ' Fury as EU bosses order Britain to give convicts full rights to stay

EU bosses have provoked outrage by telling Britain that it will have to give their criminals full rights to stay as a price for a deal over citizens rights.

There’ll be an ‘EXPLOSION’ Barnier warns of EU meltdown if Britain doesn't pay Brexit bill

MICHEL Barnier warned British peers the EU will go into meltdown as the result of an economic “explosion” caused by the UK refusing to pay any Brexit bill, fresh evidence published for the first time today reveals.

'Accounts must be settled' Barnier THREATENS 'grave consequences' if UK ignores bill

DAVID Davis hinted that Britain is prepared to settle its accounts with the EU as Michel Barnier presented a downbeat assessment of the early rounds of the Brexit talks today, voicing frustration at the lack of progress

'We want our MONEY!' France in incredible attack on Britain over Brexit bill

FRANCE’S Economy Minister has told Britain it must pay what it owes to the European Union for its outstanding spending commitments.

Wednesday, Jul 19

Beware of the REES-MOGG: Brexiteer second favourite to replace May after popularity surge

JACOB Rees-Mogg has shot up in popularity to become second favourite to replace Theresa May as the Tory leader, according to latest betting odds.

BBC PAY REVEALED: 100 make more than Theresa May - as six-figure wages EXPOSED

THE BBC is under fire over the revelation just a third of their top paid talent are women – and 100 staff members earn MORE than the Prime Minister.

'Hold on a second!' Kay Burley shuts down Owen Jones as he claims 'no one' won election

OWEN JONES has been shut down after claiming “no one” won the General Election, despite Theresa May staying on as Prime Minister.

May was asked would she give Jacob Rees-Mogg a Cabinet position - this was her reaction...

THERESA MAY has laughed at the suggestion of handing prominent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg a cabinet role before hailing his “huge contribution” to the House of Commons.

Tuesday, Jul 18

'Hail as big as 50p pieces!' Coverack devastated by 5ft flash floods as residents TRAPPED

HOMES have been destroyed, roads ripped up and two people airlifted to safety after a village in Cornwall was hit by five-foot high waters and dramatic flash floods this evening.

'Fiddling while Brussels BURNS' Jacob Rees-Mogg fires at Labour for wasting Commons time

JACOB REES-MOGG has berated the Labour party for calling an emergency debate on House of Commons scheduling, accusing it of “fiddling whilst Brussels burns”.

'They're CRAZY!' British officials vow to challenge EVERY LINE of EU's £80bn Brexit bill

BRITISH negotiators last night branded their EU counterparts “crazy” and vowed to challenge every line of Brussels’ demands for a whopping £80 billion Brexit bill.

Corbynistas PROBED as hard evidence grows of students 'double voting' to boost Labour

THE Electoral Commission has called on the government to take action to stop “double voting” amid growing evidence that the illegal practice it boosted Labour’s support at the election.

Monday, Jul 17

'Trying to save themselves by attacking us' MEP warns of France & EU bullying UK on Brexit

UKIP Ray Finch accused EU of trying to bully the UK into “giving into them” during Brexit negotiations in Brussels.

'Perfectly normal!' Brexit ministry defends Davis over two-hour meeting with EU's Barnier

BRITISH officials today shrugged off criticism of David Davis' flying visit to Brussels which included talks with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier that lasted less than two hours.

'Listen - you might learn something!' Duncan Smith snaps at German host in huge Brexit row

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH raged at a German TV host after a quizzing about how the UK should enter Brexit talks.

‘Worried’ BBC stars to be offered protection from abuse after huge salaries are revealed

BBC bosses have offered its top stars protection amid fears publication of their astronomical pay-packets will trigger a barrage of physical and verbal attacks.