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Prince Harry reveals he ‘wanted out’ of the Royal Family - but stayed because of the Queen

PRINCE Harry has revealed how he “wanted out” of the Royal Family in favour of a more “ordinary life” in an extraordinary interview.

Seagulls force schoolchildren to retreat from the playground after vicious attacks

AGGRESSIVE seagulls forced primary school pupils to play indoors on one of the hottest days of the year after they dive-bombed children.

CORBYN'S SHAME: Labour leader blasted for shunning war heroes for Glastonbury love-in

JEREMY Corbyn snubbed war veterans to grandstand at Glastonbury yesterday, despite receiving a personal invitation from a former soldier to mark Armed Forces Day.

‘Gang of migrants’ ambush British couple driving through Paris for their UK number plate

A GROUP of migrants allegedly ambushed an elderly British couple who were driving through Paris in a bid to steal their UK number plate.

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Over 40 terrorists have ‘used human rights law to remain in UK’

MORE than 40 foreign terrorists have allegedly used human rights law to remain in the UK, according to an unpublished report delayed by the Home Office.


David Davis for Prime Minister? Tory MPs 'urge Brexit Secretary to stand for leader'

DAVID Davis has reportedly been encouraged to stand for Prime Minister by a host of Tory MPs and a secret meeting in the wake of Theresa May’s election disaster.

Diane Abbott accused of 'stampeding over bodies of victims' as 20,000 set to lose homes

MORE than 20,000 people in 23 high-rise buildings face having to move out because cladding on the outside of their homes has failed safety tests.


'British law is not good enough' German MEP warns UK can never sever ties to EU courts

A GERMAN MEP in Angela Merkel's party has warned Britain the European Union will demand any agreed Brexit deal will see the UK REMAIN under the control of European judges.

Plumes of smoke billow over east London as flames shoot out of flats

PLUMES of smoke were seen billowing over east London after a fire broke out in an apartment block.


Fawning Glastonbury crowd laps up Corbyn's rabble-rousing speech - ‘Elite got it WRONG'

JEREMY Corbyn has received a hero's welcome by a huge and fawning crowd on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

'Pay when you leave? That's Crazy' John Redwood rejects EU's 'fanciful' Brexit bill

IT would be “crazy” for Britain to even consider paying any divorce settlement bill demanded by the European Union, according to senior Conservative MP John Redwood.

‘The planet and our civilisation will DIE’ Planet X to 'hit Earth in OCTOBER’

PLANET X is approaching our solar system and will wipe out life as we know it, according to conspiracy theorists.


'Absolutely disgraceful' Gibraltar furious at EU for helping Spain SNATCH the Rock

EUROPEAN UNION bosses have “bent over backwards” to facilitate Spain’s plot to use Brexit to snatch Gibraltar, according to the Rock’s Deputy Chief Minister.

Labour MPs in desperate bid to BLOCK Treasury appointment of Eurosceptic Rees-Mogg

LABOUR MPs are trying to block a bid for Jacob Rees-Mogg to become chairman of the Treasury committee - arguing the role represents a conflict of interest.


'We'll come ANYWAY' European fishing chief's plot to DEFY UK sovereignty and Royal Navy

THE chairman of the European Fisheries Alliance mocked the strength of the Royal Navy as he threatened to defy Britain's sovereignty and illegally fish in UK waters after Brexit.


BREXIT WARNING: Majority of Tory MPs now back REMAIN after Scottish surge

THE majority of Conservative MPs elected in the General Election do not want the UK to severe ties with the EU in the referendum last year, damning research has claimed.

LEFT-WING LOVE IN: BBC savaged over Jeremy Corbyn 'hero-worshipping' at Glastonbury

JEREMY Corbyn will address thousands of music fans at Glastonbury this weekend leading to accusations of bias at the popular festival.


Corbyn could DITCH Hard Brexit: Expert warns Labour are preparing shock EU U-turn

JEREMY Corbyn could roll back on his assurance Labour would push on with Brexit if it formed a government, an expert has warned.

Killer who 'tried to get into Buckingham Palace' flees Britain sparking border row

A BORDER row erupted last night after a psychotic killer gave British officials the slip and fled to France.


'Broadcasters need to be PATRIOTIC' Leadsom in furious Brexit clash with BBC presenter

ANDREA LEADSOM snapped at a Newsnight presenter as she was quizzed over the success of Brexit a year on from the EU referendum.

Friday, Jun 23

'This is NOT a breakthrough' Angela Merkel slams May and demands free movement or NOTHING

THE President of France Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel have made it clear they are the European Union’s new power couple as they threaten Theresa May over Brexit.

Juncker's ONE-WORD slap down to May when asked about his view of UK's 'plan' for Brexit

FURIOUS Jean-Claude Juncker this morning ripped into Theresa May’s plan for Brexit as EU leaders expressed exasperation with her “insufficient” offer on citizens’ rights.

EU summit 2017 LIVE: Tusk blasts May - your plan risks WORSENING situation for EU citizens

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has said Theresa May's European citizens offer is "not sufficient" as he arrived in Brussels for the second day of the EU summit today.

Question Time FURY: Shocking moment David Dimbleby KICKS OUT rowdy Corbyn supporter

DAVID Dimbleby was forced to ask a BBC Question Time audience member to leave after he repeatedly interrupted the show’s panel.

Thursday, Jun 22

BREXIT BARGAINING CHIP: Theresa May offers EU citizens living in Britain FULL residency

THERESA May has made a generous offer to the EU to allow all 3 million of its citizens currently living in the UK to have full residency status.

EU on verge of CIVIL WAR: Europe nations in FURIOUS row on whether to convince UK to STAY

THE EU was on the verge of a civil war over Brexit today as splits emerged between the other 27 states over the negotiations.

'No class!' Outrage as Emily Thornberry gets personal with age swipe at Theresa May

EMILY Thornberry has been at the receiving end of outraged listeners after she made a personal dig at Theresa May’s appearance during a radio interview.

Kensington residents OUTRAGED at plans to rehouse Grenfell fire survivors nearby

RESIDENTS of Kensington’s luxury properties have been bombarded for complaining that the rehousing of the Grenfell Tower survivors will cause property prices to plummet.

Wednesday, Jun 21

Huge cliff face near Eastbourne tumbles into sea - hunt for trapped beach-goers

A major search and rescue operation was launched on Wednesday afternoon to find beach-goers potentially trapped by a cliff fall near Eastbourne, East Sussex.

'Who won..the CONSERVATIVES!' Theresa May skewers Jeremy Corbyn with devastating swipe

THERESA MAY dealt a devastating blow to Jeremy Corbyn as she ridiculed the Labour Party for losing the election.

NATIONAL DISGRACE: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to bow to Queen and then WINKS at colleagues

JEREMY CORBYN has come under fire on social media after the Labour Party leader appeared to refuse to bow to the Queen and then winked during the State Opening.

‘I want to go back to Lancashire’ Brexit exodus as 20% of UK expats leaving Spanish cities

BRITISH expats are leaving the Spanish cities of Valencia and Alicante in their droves after the UK voted to leave Europe last June.

Tuesday, Jun 20

Brussels terror: Police identify suicide bomber after he triggered explosion at station

AN EXPLOSION has hit Brussels Central Station as police shot dead a terrorist wearing a suicide belt.

'Stupid and dangerous' Corbyn savaged as he fails to condemn Day of Rage protest march

JEREMY Corbyn has come under fire yet again after he failed to condemn a ‘Day of Rage’ march when thousands of militants plan to bring down the government.

EU braced for fishing war: Norway furious as Brussels makes power grab for OIL

NORWAY has clashed with the European Union over fishing licences in the Arctic amid fears Brussels is poised for an oil rush.

Labour & Lib Dems 'plotting Queen's Speech amendments to destroy' Theresa May’s Government

LABOUR and Liberal Democrat MPs are plotting to join forces and trigger a no confidence motion in Parliament to bring down Theresa May’s Government.