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Don't even mention Thatcher's rebate! Barnier IGNORES money due to UK in Brexit deal

BRUSSELS is threatening to keep the £4.5billion of the UK’s budget rebate as part of the exit deal in a move which will infuriate Brexiteers.

EU BLASTS France and Italy over deficits: Brussels in panic over post-Brexit budget

FRANCE and Italy have received a stern telling off from the European Union as Brussels chiefs scramble to bring the bloc’s budgets under control.

UK weather warning LIVE: Mass evacuations as MAJOR floods hit - more rain and snow to come

UK AUTHORITIES have opened emergency shelters and rescued scores of flash flooding victims as incoming rain and snow risks causing even more chaos for the country.

Angela Merkel's coalition collapse shows UNITED EU dream is falling apart, warns Brexiteer

ANGELA Merkel’s failure to form a coalition shows her dream of reforming a united Europe is crumbling, a Labour Brexiteer has declared.

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Oxford and Cambridge 'could be joined' if Hammond's HUGE building project gets green light

MILLIONS of homes are to be built on land between Cambridge and Oxford as part of the Government’s plans to build 300,000 new houses a year.

World War 3: North Korea on FINAL WARNING having broken ceasefire 420,000 times since 1953

NORTH Korea has broken the ceasefire with South Korea “420,000 times” since 1953, a local publication has revealed.


‘Scientist’ will launch himself in homemade rocket to prove 'Earth is flat and NASA lied'

A FLAT-EARTH “scientist” has constructed a home-made rocket out of scrap metal in order to prove astronauts lied about the planet being flat, he has revealed.

'Schoolboy error’ Jacob Rees-Mogg hits out at plans for UK to pay EU £3.5bn post-Brexit

JACOB Rees-Mogg has said it was a “schoolboy error” for Treasury forecasts to suggest Britain would pay £3.5billion into the coffers of the European Union in the year after Brexit.

'You don't know!' Andrew Neil LASHES John McDonnell in painful post-Budget interview

BBC presenter Andrew Neil blasted John McDonnell after the Shadow chancellor fumbled over the national debt interest rate current figures.


Left-wing 'policy guru' SHUT DOWN over FALSE inequality claim at Budget on BBC Newsnight

A LEFT-WING policy wonk was shut down for wrongly stating UK inequality has risen under the Conservatives on last night’s BBC Newsnight.


Labour’s economic plans TORN APART by Evan Davis in Autumn Budget review on BBC Newsnight

LABOUR’s alternative budget was torn apart on BBC Newsnight as Evan Davis scrutinised the party’s poor economic plans following yesterday’s delivery of the Government’s Autumn Budget.

Argentine submarine: RAF in Falklands for 'first time' since WAR to aid desperate search

AN RAF aircraft has landed in the Falkland Islands for the first time in 35 years to aid Argentina in the search for its missing submarine, the Ministry of Defence has stated.


Christmas cancelled: Riot police and protestors clash - smoke bombs erupt on Paris streets

ARMED police faced a riot on the streets of Paris after at least 100 demonstrators descended on the Champs Elysee in protest over the closure of a Christmas market.

'She has run out of ideas' Angela Merkel has NO VISION for Germany’s future warns FDP

EXCLUSIVE: ANGELA Merkel has “no vision” for Germany and was totally unprepared for coalition negotiations, a politician involved in the failed talks has revealed.


Brexit SHOCK CLAIM: Sadiq Khan warns Chancellor's budget will push business to Germany

LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan claimed the 2017 Budget failed to provide businesses with the Brexit certainty they need and will bush companies to relocate to the European Union.


Good job he's not a woman: Hammond wears same outfit for Budget announcement as last year

CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond appeared to be sporting the exact same suit and tie he wore to announce last year's Budget as he stood outside the Treasury ahead of this year's speech.


Budget 2017: The key points at a glance - stamp duty, diesel and income tax

PHILIP Hammond has announced his Autumn Budget for 2017, with particular emphasis on Brexit and housing.

We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

A SECRET document, which remained locked away for 30 years, advised the British Government to COVER-UP the realities of EU membership so that by the time the public realised what was happening it would be too late.


Budget 2017: £3billion for Britain but £40billion for Europe - are you sure Mr Hammond?

CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond has announced he will spend an extra £3billion pounds of YOUR money on preparing for Brexit – while his Government is poised to tip up £40 BILLION to Europe.

PMQs LIVE: Theresa May brands Corbyn a 'blast from the past' in Brexit battle

THERESA May has described Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a "blast from the past" as the pair discussed Brexit in Prime Minister's Questions ahead of Chancellor Philip Hammond's Budget announcement.

Wednesday, Nov 22

Merkel TANKS in the polls: Chancellor ratings slump as German anger grows

ANGELA Merkel’s worries continue as the latest polls reveal the majority of Germans did not want her to run as a candidate for Chancellor again.

Brexit deal in THREE WEEKS? Brussels warming to settlement as May prepares new offer

A BREXIT divorce deal could be just three weeks away with negotiators creating a political road map that plots a course around the thorny issues of financial settlement and Northern Ireland.

Queen’s anniversary party REVEALED: Stars and old friends but some VIPs missed out

JOANNA Lumley and a cabaret act shone at Queen and Prince Phillip’s anniversary party this week - but two special people apparently failed to secure an invite.

Brexit WAR CHEST: UK ready to walk away with NO DEAL as Hammond sets £3billion budget

PHILIP Hammond has unveiled a £3billion Brexit war chest in a stark warning to Brussels that Britain is ready to quit the EU without a deal.

Tuesday, Nov 21

The END of Angela Merkel: Chancellor’s fall from top 'to come quickly’ - Germany warned

ANGELA Merkel's long reign at the top of German politics is very nearly at an end, according to a senior member of the country's Green party.

Royal Family hit by FEUD claims: Camilla 'livid' at William and Kate future roles

A FEUD has exploded between the Duchess of Cornwall and William and Kate over their future position in the Royal Family, it has been claimed.

Brussels issues Brexit slap down: May's £36bn offer NOT ENOUGH to kickstart talks

THERESA May’s £36billion Brexit divorce bill offer is not enough to move negotiations to phase two unless, EU diplomats have blasted.

‘They owe us money!' Michelle Dewberry's STUNNING point Brussels should LISTEN TO

BREXITEER Michelle Dewberry launched a brutal attack on the European Union, demanding the Brussels bloc outlines how much it owes Britain following years of contributions to EU assets.

Monday, Nov 20

Theresa May warned she faces a MASSIVE REBELLION if £36 billion divorce bill goes through

THERESA May is facing a massive rebellion and resignations from her government if she tries to push through a Brexit deal with a £36 billion divorce bill.

'Exit from Brexit': German plot to STOP 'lose-lose' divorce & keep UK in EU with new deal

A CAMPAIGN designed to thwart Brexit and keep the UK in the European Union with a "new deal" has been launched by German economists today.

'Brits HAVE to budge!' Germany explodes over Brexit bill as Belgium issues no deal warning

GERMANY today issued a furious demand to Theresa May that she will “have to budge” and up her cash offer to Brussels as Belgium warned of the growing prospect of a no deal Brexit.

Brexit victory? EU finally admit bloated budget WILL collapse without huge UK contribution

THE EUROPEAN Union has finally admitted that without the UK’s sizeable contributions the bloated Brussels budget will collapse, draft EU documents have revealed.

Sunday, Nov 19

'The EU cannot move without Germany' Merkel's 'paralysed' coalition talks THREATEN bloc

GERMANY'S deadlocked government coalition talks may have huge repercussions on the EU, with one expert saying the Brussels' bloc will have to "put decisions on hold" until Angela Merkel agrees to a deal.

Violence on the streets of Paris as protesters rage against Macron for fifth day

FRANCE has faced violence on the streets for the fifth day in a row as turmoil continues to beset the Macron presidency.

Proof of time travel? 'Futuristic' man ‘from 2028’ issues chilling warning in video clip

A MAN has claimed to have travelled back more than 10 years in time and risked his life to warn humanity about the future in a shocking video online.

'Do NOT be blackmailed' Rees-Mogg urges May to stand up to 'insolvent' EU

THE EU will be “insolvent” if Britain leaves without a trade deal, a leading Brexiteer has predicted.

Saturday, Nov 18

'Brexit has become a HOSTAGE CRISIS!' US Brexiteer in scathing attack on EU threats

AN AMERICAN columnist has ripped into the European Union for turning exit negotiations with Britain into a "hostage crisis".

Japan isn't in the EU! Brexiteer makes BRILLIANT point on why UK SHOULDN'T pay Brexit bill

WETHERSPOON boss Tim Martin made a brilliant point on why Britain should not pay the so-called Brexit divorce bill to secure trade talks with the European Union.

'No to Brussels!' EU summit provokes FURY as hundreds of protesters demand Swedish EXIT

HUNDREDS of anti-EU protesters took to the streets yesterday evening to voice their fury at Brussels as many urged Sweden to break away from the bloc.