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Iran plane crash: Passenger plane carrying 66 crashes after disappearing off radar

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A PLANE has crashed in Iran, with six crew and 60 passengers on board the tourist flight.

REVEALED: New era of state sponsored HACKING can turn oil rigs into 'BOMB that can KILL'

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EXPERTS fear that hackers who seized control of a Saudi Arabian petrochemical site using malicious software labelled as 'Triton' and 'Trisis' could be being used by Iran, Russia and North Korea, marking a new era of cybercrime.

The picture that shows world elite’s CONTEMPT to Brexiteers as Lagarde SNUBS Theresa May

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ARCH Europhile Christine Lagarde issued an extraordinary snub to Theresa May yesterday by talking throughout her speech and then leaving half way through.

Theresa May urges councils to WAIVE CHARGES for patriotic Royal wedding street celebration

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THERESA MAY has urged councils to waive charges for road closures on the day of the Royal wedding so that thousands of patriotic Brits can celebrate the momentous occasion in the streets.

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Spy? Sneaky North Korea runaway ARRESTED in Seoul preparing to DEFECT back to Kim Jong-un

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A NORTH Korean defector has been arrested in South Korea and charged with supporting Kim Jong-un while planning to defect back to the hermit kingdom, prosecutors in Seoul have claimed.

Lone North Korea IOC official suddenly LEAVES Winter Olympics with POOR excuse

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NORTH Korea’s sole IOC official suddenly left the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea a week before the closing ceremony with a poor excuse, local reports have confirmed.

'Dating the devil’ Jon Venables has ‘SECRET GIRLFRIEND’ who KNOWS about murderous past

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JON Venables has a secret girlfriend who wants to visit the criminal in prison despite knowing that he murdered Jamie Bulger in cold-blood, it has been reported.


‘Very big mistake’ Ex-Irish diplomat SKEWERS Ireland for choosing team EU 'super state'

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

IRELAND has made “a very big mistake” in its handling of Brexit by “backing team EU”, a former Irish diplomat has admitted as he chastised the Brussels bloc for its motives.

Biggest earthquake for 10 years hits the UK

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

THE BIGGEST earthquake to hit the UK in 10 years struck yesterday, with the tremor felt for up to 200 miles.

Take to the streets to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan's special day

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ROYAL revellers are being urged to host Jubilee-style street parties to celebrate Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle in May. And the Government is reminding royal fans that they do not need special licences or road signs to host a…

Senior UKIP figures urge supporters to rally behind party after ousting of Henry Bolton

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

SENIOR Ukip figures have urged supporters to rally behind the party to push for “proper Brexit” after the ousting of its embattled leader Henry Bolton.

Boy and grandfather killed after train hits car at level crossing

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A BOY aged 15 and his 72-year old grandfather were killed yesterday when a train hit their car at a level crossing.

Labour in turmoil over claims of ‘bullying’

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LABOUR’S bitter divisions were exposed yet again last night after an election to appoint a key official erupted in chaos and claims of “bullying” by allies of Jeremy Corbyn.


Henry Bolton SACKED as Ukip leader as Jo Marney celebrates her ‘unconditional love’

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

EMBATTLED UKIP leader Henry Bolton today lost a vote of no confidence at the party's EGM meaning he has been sacked following the scandal around his affair with Jo Marney.

UK earthquake risk MAPPED: Could YOUR town be struck by a DEVASTATING QUAKE?

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

SWANSEA was rocked by an earthquake after one top seismologist last year warned Express.co.uk the Wales border region is especially vulnerable in the UK.


Earthquake hits UK: 4.7 magnitude quake hits Swansea, felt by 10million across England

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

AN earthquake has hit the UK with thousands of people reporting tremors across England from as far as Cornwall to Liverpool. Its epicentre fell about eight miles northeast of Swansea city centre, according to the US Geological Survey,…

Two dead in factory explosion in Dieppe, France

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

AN EXPLOSION in a factory in northern France has left two dead and two seriously injured. Forty firefighters attended the scene of the huge fire in the six-storey building. The blaze raged for several hours and local residents were told to…


What happens when you die? Woman who experienced life after death realised world is DARK

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

LIFE after death has been described by a woman who temporarily died during labour, saying the experience of death is “entirely pleasant” and made her realise the world we live in is full of pain and angst.


UK taxpayers could STILL pay into EU foreign aid budget after Brexit, Theresa May reveals

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

PRIME Minister Theresa May has hinted that the UK could still pay cash into the EU’s foreign aid budget AFTER Brexit.


Mexico earthquake: Massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake ROCKS Mexico City and triggers volcano

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

A MASSIVE 7.5 magnitude quake shook southern Mexico on Friday, a prolonged rumble that rocked buildings across the capital Mexico City, it has been reported.

Saturday, Feb 17

‘We always had someone to blame’ Germany reveals it left hard politics to UK and US

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel's deputy has revealed Germany and the EU avoided world politics, and let the UK and US do the tough jobs - and the blamed THEM when something went wrong.

Brexit fury after Remainers say they will become MAJORITY as Brexiteer voters ‘die off’

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

A LEADING Remain campaigner has been accused of peddling a "myth" by suggesting his side will have a majority soon once the older people who backed Brexit "die off".

Friday, Feb 16

Britain to give EXTRA rights to Norway and Iceland nationals living in UK post-Brexit

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

BRITAIN will grant people from Norway and Iceland already living in the UK the same rights as EU citizens after Brexit, the Government has confirmed.

EU SAYS SORRY for threatening to punish Britain in humiliating Brexit transition climbdown

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

EUROPEAN Union bosses have have been forced to backtrack over plans to punish the UK during the Brexit transition period. The Brussels bloc have now removed the “punishment clause”, which planned to force the UK to obey regulations and…

TIME TRAVEL: Man STUNS Australian radio hosts with SHOCKING predictions about future

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

A “TIME traveller” made headlines when he passed a lie detector test after claiming he was from the year 2030 but now he has stunned an Australian radio audience with baffling predictions, it has been revealed.

Soft Brexit plot REVEALED: Businesses demand ‘partial customs union’ with EU after split

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

BUSINESS leaders in Britain are demanding a bespoke trade deal from the EU and are calling for a “partial customs union” as a way of breaking the uncertainty surrounding UK trade with the bloc during the Brexit transition period.

Thursday, Feb 15

'UK would NEVER accept it!' Norway-style Brexit deal DESTROYED for this key reason

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

BRITAIN would “never accept” being dictated to by the European Union and not having a say over legislation, which is why the Norway-style solution will not work for the UK, a Norwegian legal expert has claimed.

Gibraltar wins with Brexit: London to make the Rock a strategic military base

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

GIBRALTAR is set to become one of Britain’s key strategic military bases with plans in he pipeline to finance work to extend the territory’s port so it can accommodate the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers, military sources have claimed.

EU nation REFUSES to impose Brussels law as tension between east and west members mounts

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

BULGARIA is on a collision course with the European Union after the country withdrew a European treaty to combat violence against women in further signs tensions between the east and west of the bloc have reached boiling point.

FLORIDA MASSACRE: Death toll hits 17 after crazed gunman storms high school

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

A GUNMAN opened fire on a Florida high school, leaving 17 people dead and dozens more injured as terrified students barricaded themselves into classrooms.

Wednesday, Feb 14

Parents horror as FOX sneaks into house and ATTACKS seven-month-old baby

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

A FOX has attacked a seven-month-old baby girl after sneaking into a house in Devon. The wild animal walked through the open back door of a Plymouth family home before biting the baby.

'Victory for zealots' Remoaner Nick Clegg admits DEFEAT and declares 'SOFT Brexit is DEAD'

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

NICK CLEGG has admitted that “Soft Brexit is dead” after blasting Theresa May for “buckling” under pressure from her right-wing peers but he attempted he still clings to his Remoaner hopes, it has emerged.

'A disastrous mistake' Boris condemns Remainer plot to STOP Brexit in new push to leave EU

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

BORIS Johnson will today hail Brexit as a cause for "hope not fear" in a passionate rallying cry for the country to unite behind the push to quit the EU. In a keynote speech in central London, the Foreign Secretary will set out his vision…

Brexiteer John Redwood DESTROYS Barnier's Irish border warnings with THIS simple plan

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

BREXITEER John Redwood has destroyed claims leaving the European Union would create a hard border in Ireland and blamed any future border on the bloc’s wishes.

Tuesday, Feb 13

Tusk accuses Austria of fuelling populism as he tells Kurz he MUST accept migrant quotas

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

DONALD Tusk has hit out at new Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz following the pair’s first official meeting in Vienna – with the Europhile implying the Austrian’s opposition to migrant quotas is fuelling populism and dividing the EU.

Theresa May overrules Home Office mandarins to curb EU migration during Brexit transition

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

THERESA May has overruled Home Office civil servants to ensure EU migrants will not get the automatic right to remain in Britain permanently during the Brexit transition period, it emerged yesterday.

'It’s not going to work’ Hammond hits back at Macron Brexit plot to steal City business

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

BRITAIN is ready to launch a Brexit charm offensive in a bid to speak directly to EU member states and stop France’s plot to lure City bankers after the UK leaves the bloc. Philip Hammond will visit Sweden and the Netherlands before making…

Couple who kept secret home behind fake garage door fined by council

www.express.co.uk also on Daily Express

A COUPLE who hid a secret home behind a fake garage door after illegally converting it have been told to pay more than £2,000 in fines and costs.