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Tesla reaches agreement for China factory, reports say

Fox News / Lifestyle

Could lower the price of cars sold there.


14 classic American drive-in restaurants that are still in operation

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A lot of these places have been open since the '50s.

Saturday, Oct 21


Massachusetts coffee shop shutters its door after anti-police Facebook post

Fox News / U.S.

The owner of a Massachusetts coffee shop says she's closing her business because of the firestorm created when her daughter, the store's manager, made anti-police comments on Facebook.

Friday, Oct 20


Zombies: How the undead became a pop culture phenomenon

Fox News / Lifestyle

Tim Seeley, the author of the “Revival” zombie-themed comic book series, recently sat down with Fox News to discuss the origins of the craze.

2017 Mini Countryman Cooper S All4 test drive

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When the Mini Countryman SUV first arrived in 2011, the puns about a “big” Mini couldn’t be stopped.


Mystery surrounds 2018 Chevrolet Corvette's shortened model year

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If you’re looking for a collectable Corvette, you may want to think about buying a brand new one.


'Thong jeans' make debut at Tokyo's fashion week and Twitter is not impressed

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The latest eccentric fashion trend that made its debut Tuesday during Tokyo’s fashion week.

Terrible mac-and-cheese enrages Twitter

Fox News / Lifestyle

The cheese wasn't even melted!


A McDonald's social media post is leaving people stumped, angry


Can you figure out the hidden message?


Orange County Choppers: Building the American Dream by hand

Fox News

'American Roots’: How ‘American Chopper’ builds the American dream with their hands

Patrón releases $7,500 bottle of tequila

Fox News / Lifestyle

The result of a second partnership between luxury French glassmaker Lalique and the tequila company, only 299 bottles have been produced to date.


Southwest shares photos from first 'unmanned' Boeing 737 Max 8 flight with all-female crew

Fox News / Travel

The accidental occasion sparked both celebration and lamentation on social media.


The new Starbucks holiday cups may have been leaked online

Fox News / Lifestyle

After taking flak for their cups in years' past, Starbucks might be going all-out.


'Ghost car' appears out of nowhere in crash footage

Fox News / Lifestyle

Dashcam footage of a “ghost car” that appears out of thin air before causing an accident at a busy intersection in Singapore has social media users spooked.


A hotel chef shares room-service secret for better food

Fox News / Travel

There are certain dishes that should be altered to make the transition from kitchen to room service.

People suing Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Dr Pepper Snapple, claim diet sodas making them fat

Fox News / Lifestyle

The suit claims marketing the products as "diet" is misleading


Father's dying wish to walk daughters down the aisle comes true

Fox News / Lifestyle

As Willie Shelton fought terminal cancer, his wife says he consistently had only one greatest wish.


Colorado restaurant removes bathroom sign after backlash

Fox News / Lifestyle

The owners of a southwest Colorado pizza restaurant said they will take down bathroom signs that shows a man lifting a woman’s skirt, the Durango Herald reports.

Taco-eating driver crashes truck in Washington

Fox News / Lifestyle

A driver who was distracted by a taco while driving a tractor-trailer Wednesday crashed on a Washington state highway, spilling a load of woodchips across the two-lane road.

Sexy goldish costume goes viral, confuses Twitter

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Just the latest in Halloween’s craziest costumes.


'Haunted' Ventura restaurant shares spooky videos

Fox News / Lifestyle

The chairs moved on their own.


Apple Maps make it easier to travel with new airport layout feature

Fox News / Travel

Airport maps can get you to your gate on time.

Thursday, Oct 19


'Me Too' necklace sparks backlash, but the designer stands by it

Fox News / Lifestyle

The company has been accused of using the sexual assault awareness campaign to make a profit

Russia restaurant cancels discount for big-breasted women after backlash

Fox News / Lifestyle

To get it, you had to ask for the "touching discount."