Friday, Feb 23


KFC Apologises Over Restaurant Closures With Full Page 'FCK' Ad

After a chicken shortage forced KFC to close most of its restaurants, KFC has shown a “masterclass in PR crisis management” with a full-page newspaper advert saying: “FCK.”

Thursday, Feb 22

Low Levels Of EU Migration Will Bring Problems For UK Businesses

The latest statistics on immigration to the UK have been released.

Tuesday, Feb 20


KFC Shortage Battle Of Puns Threatens To Distract From Actual Job Losses

The ongoing KFC crisis that has seen fried chicken fans across the country left bereft of their favourite meal has descended into a battle of puns between the fast food giant and a union trying to highlight the real-life consequences for…

Tuesday, Feb 13


MPs Launch Workplace Sex Harassment Inquiry

Parliament’s equalities select committee has ordered an inquiry in the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace after a damning investigation into incidents in Westminster.

Monday, Feb 12


Almost 700,000 Young People Are Expected To Ditch Facebook This Year

If you feel like you are seeing more of your parents and their friends on your Facebook news feed of late, then you are probably right.


The Waugh Zone Monday February 12, 2018

The ‘road to Brexit’ speeches start this week, as individual Cabinet ministers set out their stall ahead of the big Chequers’ pow-wow and Theresa May’s own grand ‘coming together’ address this month. As revealed by HuffPost and others last…

Sunday, Feb 11


‘Unfair’ Universal Credit Clause Used To Quietly Change Council Tax Rules

Huffington Post UK

Self-employed people are facing financial hardship, stress and even bailiffs at the door as local councils use an “unfair” Universal Credit rule for entirely separate tax relief decisions, campaigners have warned.

Wednesday, Feb 7


Tesco Women Fighting For Equal Pay Describe 'Devastating' Impact On Their Earnings

Women who are challenging Tesco over years of allegedly unequal pay have laid bare their feelings about their employer, with one saying cuts to her income have been “devastating”.


Why Supermarkets Must Follow Iceland's Lead On Plastic-Free

When Iceland announced it will be plastic-free on own brand products by 2023, it was a watershed moment for the UK retail industry.

Environment Department Supplied With £15,000 Of Bottled Water In The Past 3 Years

The public do not believe the government is doing enough to tackle plastic waste, according to a new poll.


What We Needed From The Government’s Response To The Taylor Review Today

Yesterday, Britain celebrated the success of the ‘deeds not words’ campaign that won women the vote. Today, we have something of the opposite in the government’s response to last summer’s Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. It’s not…


Theresa May Announces New Rights For Flexible Workers

Theresa May has announced flexible workers will be given enhanced rights following a government-ordered review into modern employment practices.

Tuesday, Feb 6


Theresa May Launches Probe Into Demise Of Printed Press And Whether It Can Be Saved

Theresa May has announced a review into the sustainability of the UK’s printed press, including the role of “clickbait” journalism in the demise of newspapers.


Carillion Bosses Branded 'A Series Of Delusional Characters' By MPs

Carillion bosses are “series of delusional characters”, said MPs leading a powerful Commons inquiry into the group’s collapse.

Monday, Feb 5


Chris Grayling Admits East Coast Rail Franchise Has Collapsed

Transport secretary Chris Grayling has admitted the beleaguered East Coast mainline rail franchise has collapsed.


Australia And Tesla Are Building The First 'Virtual Power Plant'

Not content with having the world’s largest battery, Australia is pushing ahead with another remarkable project using Tesla’s battery technology.


Voting Brexit Was A ‘Scream Of Protest’ Against The Rich's Democracy Hijacking Of Democracy

The Brexit votes was not just about the impact and scale of mass immigration into different parts of the country, though this was a significant factor for many, but it was a scream of protest against the way that democracy had been…

Sunday, Feb 4


From Nest to Hive to Homekit: Smart Home Devices Explained

Huffington Post UK

If there’s one term that has been thrown around a lot in the last 12-18 months it is the smart home. In simple terms, this refers to a new range of products which connect to the internet to allow you to control your home in a way that’s…

Friday, Feb 2


Apple Sold Less iPhones But Then We Just Paid More For Them

Apple announced its earnings yesterday and the results were a pretty fascinating indicator of how we’ll be spending our money on smartphones in future.


Carillion Collapse: 377 Workers Made Redundant

The collapse of outsourcing giant Carillion will result in 377 staff being made redundant, the official receiver has confirmed.

Wednesday, Jan 31


Outsourcing Giant Capita's Shares Plunge 44 Percent, Just Weeks After Carillion Collapse

Politicians have warned “we cannot have another Carillion” as another big government contractor, Capita, was hit by a plunge in the value of its shares following a stark profits warning.


Theresa May Promises Secret Brexit Impact Study WILL Be Published

A top-secret analysis of the economic impact of Brexit will be published by the Government – but only when Parliament votes on the final deal agreed with Brussels later this year, Theresa May has pledged.

Tuesday, Jan 30


Franchising Has Worked For Our Railway, Now Let’s Make It Work For Passengers

The beginning of this month saw the annual increase in rail fares across the country, often the second headache which commuters suffer on New Year’s Day. The average increase across the country was 3.4%, and so my constituents are now…

Thursday, Jan 25


Sexual Harassment: What You Can Do To Counter It At Work

Maria Miller, who chairs the Womens and Equalities Committee, said she use of NDAs has become “incredibly prevalent in many employment situations in a way they were never designed to, with very few rules in place”.


Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Lets Slip Brexit Vote Has Cost UK Growth £200m A Week

Boris Johnson’s claims of a “Brexit dividend” have been ridiculed by economists as the Governor of the Bank of England let slip that voting to quit the EU has already cost the UK £200m a week in lost growth.

Wednesday, Jan 24


How To React When Someone Comes Out

Coming out is so much more complicated than you could even begin to wonder if it’s something that you have never done. For me, coming out as Bisexual was to the four most important people in my life; my best friend of all time, my sister,…


Employment Figures: Record 32.2 Million People In Work - But Pay Not Keeping Pace With Inflation

The number of people in work has reached a record high amid strong demand for workers, although the real value of pay continues to decline, new figures show.

Great Ormond Street Among Hospitals To Return Presidents Club Donations Amid Lurid Harassment Claims

Huffington Post UK

Two major children’s hospitals have said they will be returning donations from the Presidents Club Charitable Trust after an undercover investigation exposed alleged sexual harassment at a men-only charity gala.


Prince's Trust Youth Index Reveals 'Staggering Deterioration In Young People's Confidence'

The number of young people who don’t feel in control of their lives increased by a third during the last year - to a record high - and a fifth of 16-25 year olds think their “life will amount to nothing”, a survey has revealed.

Tuesday, Jan 23


Murdoch's Sky Takeover Would Give The Family 'Too Much Influence' Over The Political Agenda, Watchdog Rules

Rupert Murdoch’s planned takeover of Sky would give the media mogul’s family “too much influence over public opinion and the public agenda”, according to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).