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Der Spiegel Put Audio Recording Of Morrissey Interview Online After Singer Denies Supporting Kevin Spacey

A recording of the interview Morrissey gave to German newspaper Der Spiegel has been made public by the publication.

It's Christmas Quiz Time! Test Your Knowledge Of Festive Favourites From Mariah Carey, Band Aid And More...

The Christmas season is truly upon us. Starbucks has broken out its red cups, people around the country are shaking their heads at their local shopping centre’s decorative efforts and Mariah Carey is getting ready to treat herself to a new…

'Star Wars' Premiere Sees Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill And Co Joined By Royalty On The Red Carpet

The Stars were out in Force (geddit?) as the red carpet rolled out for the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ on Tuesday (12 Decemeber).

9 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reviews Round Up From 'Disappointment' To 'Stupendous'

Us mere mortals have to wait a few more days for the latest Star Wars instalment but a lucky few people are catching a glimpse of its stars at the premiere in London this evening.

Wednesday, Dec 13


Theresa May Urged To Appoint Advisory Panel On Grenfell Inquiry By MP David Lammy

An MP has urged Theresa May to stop the Grenfell inquiry from “distant and unresponsive” by appointing a panel of people from the community to help its chair.

'The Apprentice': Michaela Wain Hits Out At Lord Sugar's Advisor Claudine Collins Over 'Personal' Interview

Huffington Post UK

Fired ‘Apprentice’ candidate Michaela Wain has hit out at Lord Sugar’s advisor Claudine Collins for bringing her personal life up during her interview.

'The Apprentice': Elizabeth McKenna Eyes 'This Morning' Presenting Role With Number One Fan Rylan Clark Neal

She has been the stand-out star of this year’s ‘Apprentice’ and it seems we could be seeing more of Elizabeth McKenna, as she has designs on hosting ‘This Morning’ with Rylan Clark-Neal.


Nadine Dorries Rages At 'Treacherous' Tory MPs After Brexit Rebellion

Huffington Post UK

Nadine Dorries has launched an extraordinary attack on fellow Tory MPs who voted against the Government on Brexit, arguing they should be deselected and “never allowed to stand as MPs again”.


EU Withdrawal Bill: The 12 Tories Who Voted Against Theresa May On Brexit

Twelve Tory MPs have received plaudits from across the political divide for voting against the Government in order to put into law that MPs would get a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal agreed with Brussels.


Analysis: Defeat On The EU Withdrawal Bill Is Embarrassing But Not Fatal For Theresa May

Huffington Post UK

On Monday, Theresa May seemed to have achieved the impossible and united both Brexit wings of her party behind her Brussels deal.

Tory Rebels Defeat Theresa May On Key Part Of Brexit Withdrawal Bill

Huffington Post UK

LATEST: Stephen Hammond has been sacked as vice chair of the Conservative Party after rebelling against the Government.


Grenfell Criminal Investigation Could Take Years, Met Commissioner Cressida Dick Says

The police’s criminal investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire is likely to last until 2019 at the earliest and could even take several years to complete, the Metropolitan Police commissioner said on Wednesday.

Labour Delays Inquiry Into Alleged Misconduct By MP Kelvin Hopkins

A Labour investigation into alleged sexual harassment by MP Kelvin Hopkins has been delayed to give the former Shadow Cabinet minister more time to defend himself.


Government Could Help Save 97 Million Lives By Supporting UN Health Goals, MPs Say

The UK government could help save millions of lives across the world if it commits to a UN health strategy, MPs say.

Remember The Children Whose Presents Will Be Placed Under Another Family’s Christmas Tree

As you prepare for a jolly family Christmas, spare a thought for the children whose presents will be placed under another family’s tree. This year more than 65,000 children and young people in the UK will spend Christmas separated from…

The Resistible Rise Of Far-Right Extremism

Since the infamous retweeting of Britain First, the extreme far-right is dominating the news once again and we are now marking the anniversary that neo-Nazi organisation National Action was banned in the UK. Inevitably, they tried to…

I Cannot Visualise Anything. I Close My Eyes And Only See Grey

Huffington Post UK

I first became aware of my ‘condition’ as a small child. I could not get to sleep, and my father or my sister would say, “Just close your eyes, and picture sheep jumping over a wall. Count the sheep. You’ll soon go to sleep”. I tried, but…


Meghan Markle's Strathberry Leather Bag Is Being Auctioned For Charity

The nano tote Meghan Markle wore to the Terrence Higgins Trust World AIDS Day charity fair is up for auction.

How To Help The Homeless At Christmas

As temperatures plunge to record lows and with snow still fresh on ground, rough sleepers are at risk far more than during the rest of the year.

Why Your Success At School Isn’t Always Determined By An Ofsted Rating

Most of my teens were spent at a school placed in ‘special measures’. It was pretty rough around the edges: fights on the tennis courts were a weekly affair, kids smoked in the toilets and disruptive behaviour was the norm.

Tulse Hill Hit And Run: Two Drivers Traced After Woman Was Run Over By 4 Vehicles

Two of the four drivers involved in a fatal hit and run have been traced, police say.

Hatchimals Manufacturer Investigating Claims Bath Bombs Gave A Girl Chemical Burns

The manufacturer of Hatchimals, the toy ranked one of the most popular items on children’s Christmas lists for 2017, is investigating claims a spin-off product is giving children chemical burns.


Surprise! Black Women Are Political Actors

In the run up to the 2016 general election, Americans were fed a steady diet of stories of white economic anxiety and resentment. White people were angry. Their jobs had disappeared overseas, real wages had stagnated and they felt under…

Salford House Fire: Fourth Child Dies In Hospital As Two Are Charged With Murder

A three-year-old girl who was left fighting for her life after a house fire in Manchester has died.

How Looking Out For Guy Friends On A Night Out Could Save Lives

It’s a well known thing that if you’re female, you should share a cab after a night out or text your mates when you’re home to let them know you’re safe. Unfortunately the same care isn’t taken to ensure guys get home okay - and this needs…

Louis Walsh Talks Westlife Reunion, And Why Brian McFadden Won't Be Back

Westlife manager Louis Walsh has confirmed the boyband will be reuniting in the new year, without one of its original members.

Zehra Allibhai: The Instagram Star Inspiring Muslim Women Online To Start Their Fitness Journeys

Despite there being tonnes of Instagram-famous fitness stars, it can sometimes feel as if the online space lacks diversity when it comes to fitspiration.

The World Generated 4,500 Eiffel Towers' Worth Of Electronic Waste Last Year

The world produced 44.7 million metric tons of electronic waste in 2016, according to a new United Nations report. To put that in perspective, that’s equivalent to the weight of 4,500 Eiffel Towers. Laid out in a line, the waste would…


10 Ways Toni & Guy Floored Us With Their Incredibly Iconic Creations

News of Toni and Guy’s co-founder Giuseppe ‘Toni’ Mascalo’s death was shared with fans by his family on 12 December.

Jeremy Corbyn Slams Theresa May Over 'National Disgrace' Of Homelessness

Jeremy Corbyn has slammed the government over its record on homelessness and rough sleeping.

Seven Reasons I Refuse To Let Stigma Make Me Feel Ashamed

Living with a mental illness is hard enough as it is without all the extra baggage that stigma would heap on top of you. When going through a period of depression, or anxiety stigma would have you believe that you must be weak. A failure.…

Football: A New Tragedy

The financial inflation of modern sport has taken a toll on widespread attitudes towards it. Numerically, sport remains the world’s most popular entertainment method. However, as transfer fees and salaries get progressively astronomical,…

The Death Of Masculinity

It is safe to say that femininity in its many forms has changed a lot over the past few decades. I think it’s also safe to say that aside from a few adamant keyboard warriors, this has generally been considered to be a great thing.

Royal Ramblings: The Who's Jew of Wrestling III

‘Tis the season to be jolly and many wrestling fans will be looking forward to the annual Raw and Smackdown Xmas specials. Christmas this year falls just after the Jewish festival of Chanukah and as Adam Sandler has explained in his…