Sunday, Oct 22


Spain Urges Catalonia Secessionists To Obey Madrid

The Spanish government on Sunday urged Catalans to accept direct control from Madrid and ignore instructions from the restive region’s secessionist leadership once it has been removed from power.


Police Storm Nuneaton Bowling Alley After Gunman Takes Two Hostages

A gunman who held two members of staff hostage at a bowling alley in Warwickshire has been arrested.


Jamie Harron Sentenced To Three Months In Dubai Prison For Touching Man's Hip

A British man has been jailed for three months in Dubai for touching a man’s hip.

What's In The JFK Assassination Files? Here's What You Might Find Out

Donald Trump said on Saturday that, subject to receipt of further information, he planned to allow the opening of long-secret files on the November 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy due for release next week.


Storm Brian Causes Flooding And Travel Disruption In UK And Ireland

Storm Brian has caused flooding and travel disruption in parts of the UK and Ireland.


Robert Mugabe's Appointment As Goodwill Ambassador Being 'Rethought' By WHO Chief

Robert Mugabe’s appointment as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations’ World Health Organisation (WHO) has been cancelled.


Woman Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder After Baby Falls From Sixth-Floor Window In Bradford

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after an 18-month-old baby died following a fall from a sixth-floor window.


Sir Keir Starmer Warns Labour Will Join Forces With Tory Rebels On Brexit If Theresa May Doesn't Agree To Demands

Labour could join forces with Tory rebels to try to force Theresa May to give MPs a veto on the final Brexit deal, Sir Keir Starmer has said.

Saturday, Oct 21


Austerity Policies Caused Grenfell Tower Disaster, Firefighter Says

MPs should be “dragged” from Parliament to see Grenfell Tower’s shell as a reminder of how their decisions caused the disaster, a firefighter has said.


Church Of Scientology Opens Birmingham HQ With Lavish, Guarded, Ceremony

The Church of Scientology has opened its opulent Birmingham HQ.


Storm Brian Videos Show Terrifying Moment Planes Sway While Landing At Birmingham Airport

Pilots battled gale-force winds at Birmingham Airport on Saturday as the effects of Storm Brian began to batter Britain.


Bluewater Evacuation: Person Injured During Chaos As Police Urge Against 'Panic'

Police in Kent have appealed against “panic” after the chaotic evacuation of Bluewater shopping centre left one person injured on Saturday.


Universal Credit Six-Week Wait Could Soon Be Reduced, Tory MP Suggests

Ministers are ready to reduce the waiting time for Universal Credit payments from six weeks following an outcry from Tory MPs, it has been suggested.

National Trust Trail Hunting: Anti-Hunt Activists Lose Historic Vote

Huffington Post UK

Anti-hunt activists have failed in their efforts to ban all hunting on National Trust land.


Winston Churchill’s Grandson Introduces A New Nickname For Donald Trump

President Donald Trump may be a big fan of Britain’s former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.


Catalonia's Government To Be Sacked In Post-Independence Referendum Clampdown By Madrid

Huffington Post UK

Spain’s bid to sack Catalonia’s government and curb its parliament’s powers has been likened to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco by the separatist region’s president.

Donald Trump Authorises Release Of JFK Assassination Files Despite Concerns From Officials

Donald Trump intends to authorise the release of “classified” files relating to the assignation of 35th US President John F. Kennedy, ignoring concerns from officials.


Robert Mugabe's Appointment As Goodwill Ambassador For UN's WHO Causes Shock And Outrage

The decision to make Zimbabwe’s controversial president Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador for the UN’s World Health Organisation is “surprising and disappointing”, Downing Street has said.


Donald Trump's 'Radical Islamic Terror Fuelled UK Crime Tweet Was Verbatim Repeat Of TV News Report'

Huffington Post UK

Donald Trump’s false claim that “radical Islamic terror” had fuelled a surge in violent crime in Britain was apparently a verbatim repeat of a TV report he was watching from a pro-Trump news network.


Parsons Green Stabbing: Second Murder Charge Over Omid Saidy's Death

A second person has been charged with the murder of Omid Saidy after he was stabbed to death in a west London street after asking a drug dealer to move on.


T-Charge London Map, Start Date And Everything Else You Need To Know As New Tax Comes In

Huffington Post UK

As part of the mayor of London’s bid to tackle the city’s toxic air crisis, the new toxicity charge is set to roll out.

Sexual Harassment Can Be Curbed, Experts Argue, In Push For String Of Legal Changes

Huffington Post UK

Leading employment lawyers and equality campaigners are calling for a legislative change to make it easier for victims of sexual harassment to take legal action against their abusers.

Friday, Oct 20


Catalonia Independence Row Sees Spanish Government Move Closer To Imposing Direct Rule

The Spanish government is one step closer to imposing direct rule in Catalan after winning the support of the socialist opposition party for plans to dissolve the region’s parliament and hold new elections.


Raqqa Drone Footage Shows Horrific Devastation In The Syrian City After Isis Fighting

Drone footage from Raqqa on Thursday showed the extent of the devastation caused by weeks of fighting between Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and so-called Islamic State militants.


Malta Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia ‘Killed By Remote Controlled Bomb’

Police believe a bomb that killed a prominent journalist in Malta was attached beneath her car and triggered remotely.

‘Millennial’ Rail Card For Passengers Aged 26-30 Could Be En Route

A new railcard for people aged 26-30 will reportedly be offered by a UK train company from December.


Question Time Audience Member Attacks Tories’ ‘Contempt For The Poor’ Over Universal Credit

A member of the Question Time audience last night launched a passionate attack on Universal Credit, claiming the Government is showing “contempt for the poor”.


Oxbridge Accused Of ‘Social Apartheid’ As Figures Reveal Colleges Admit No Black Students

Oxford and Cambridge have been accused of “social apartheid” after it was revealed just how few poor or ethnic minority students the universities admit.

Storm Brian To Drop 70mph Gale 'Weather Bomb' On UK This Weekend

Hold onto your hats, because Storm Brian is to hit southern Britain on Saturday.

Richard Spencer Speech In Florida Sees Neo-Nazi Hugged By Black Man As Protesters Drown Out Hate

Thousands of protesters chanted “we don’t want your Nazi hate” and “go home Nazis” as prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer delivered a speech in Florida on Thursday.