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Funding To Stabilise NHS Swallowed By Winter Crisis, Report Reveals

A government cash boost aimed at helping the NHS get on an even financial keel has been swallowed up by the winter crisis and other day-to-day pressures, a new report has revealed.

Thursday, Jan 18


Emmanuel Macron Dismisses 'Special' Brexit Deal As 'Hypocrisy' In Blow To Theresa May

Huffington Post UK

French President Emmanuel Macron flatly ruled out a unique deal on single market access for the UK and warned Theresa May against Brexit “hypocrisy”.

Tory MP Kemi Badenoch Says Young People Have 'Puritanical' View Of Sexual Harassment

Young people have a “puritanical” view of what counts as sexual harassment, a senior Tory MP has said.


Henry Bolton Could Survive As Ukip Leader Because Party Can't Afford Contest To Replace Him

Henry Bolton could survive being ousted as Ukip leader because the party cannot afford to hold a contest to replace him.


Brexit Briefing: 'I Just Want EU Back For Good'

Huffington Post UK

The EU Withdrawal Bill cleared its final Commons hurdle last night with little controversy.


Esther McVey's First Priority Must Be Fixing Employment And Support Allowance

Can you pick up a pound coin? Or put a pen in your top pocket?

Royal Bank Of Scotland Accused Of 'Largest Theft Anywhere, Ever' By Labour MP Clive Lewis

Royal Bank of Scotland was accused of “the largest theft anywhere, ever” because of its treatment of struggling small businesses.


Has Trump Helped Turn The Tide For Women's Equality?

Donald Trump is not an American president who will be easily forgotten. There are many reasons why, and most of them aren’t exactly positive.


With Trump In Charge, Young Americans Are Turning To Socialism As The Only Alternative

Donald Trump’s dark presidency may turn out to be the best thing that has happened to Socialism since Eugene Debs at the height of the socialist movement in American politics. Anyone puzzled by my sense of optimism should look to the…

Immigration Report Step In Right Direction, But Unlikely To Get Government To Change Course

The Home Affairs Committee’s new report ′Immigration policy: basis for building consensus’ will not make pleasant reading for the government. Chaired by former Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, the committee recommends major changes to…


Andrea Leadsom: MPs Must Decide If Costly Parliament Refurb Is Justified

Commons leader Andrea Leadsom says MP must make a decision on whether a costly refurbishment of Parliament is justified in the current economic climate.


Better Pay For Teachers Can No Longer Be Ignored

As new Secretary of State Damian Hinds moved into the DfE last week, I’m sure that he was presented with a rather long ‘to do’ list from his officials. I’d be surprised if the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention wasn’t near the top…

The Waugh Zone Thursday January 18, 2018

Theresa May is hosting French President Emmanuel Macron at the British military academy in Sandhurst today, returning the favour after he welcomed her to Paris last year. Beyond the smiles for the cameras, hacks will be looking for…


17 from '17: Tory MP Paul Masterton Reveals Where He Had A Glow-In-The-Dark Piercing

The 2017 General Election saw 92 MPs elected to the Commons for the very first time. In a series of exclusive interviews, HuffPost UK is speaking to new MPs from the Conservatives, Labour, SNP and Lib Dems. This week, it’s Paul Masterton.

Wednesday, Jan 17


Henry Bolton Claims Ex's Racist Texts Were Doctored As He's Spotted Having Intimate Dinner Just Days After Claiming Romance Is Over

Huffington Post UK

Under-fire Ukip leader Henry Bolton claimed his ex-girlfriend’s racist texts about Megan Markle were “doctored”, after being spotted having an intimate dinner with her just days after claiming their relationship was over.


'Let Customers Hang Themselves': Secret RBS Memo Sent In The Wake Of The Financial Crash Made Public

An internal RBS memo urging managers to let struggling customers “hang themselves” in the wake of the financial crisis has been published.

Tearful NHS Workers Reveal Struggles In New Labour Party Political Broadcast

Tearful NHS workers tell of the struggles they face every day in Labour’s first party political broadcast of 2018.

International Trade Minister Greg Hands Reveals His Son Wept Over Brexit Vote

International Trade minister Greg Hands has revealed that his son wept when he was told the result of the Brexit referendum.


We Cannot Take This Government's Word That Our Rights Will Be Protected Through Brexit

The Government’s decision to vote against guaranteeing the protection of key rights during the passage of the European Union Withdrawal Bill is deeply disappointing.


MP Calls For Law Change As Bank Stops Domestic Violence Victim Closing Joint Account

An MP has called for a change in the law after her constituent was prevented by her bank from closing a joint account she shared with her abusive ex-partner.

Jeremy Corbyn Hits Back At Claims He’s Too Old To Be Prime Minister

Jeremy Corbyn has dismissed claims that he is too old to be Prime Minister and insisted he is “extremely energetic” in the fight against the Tory government.


Brexit Deal May Be 'Undone' By Younger Generation, Says Justine Greening

Theresa May has been warned by Justine Greening that her Brexit deal could be “undone” by the younger generation.

Bonus Payments To Carillion Directors Stopped, Says Insolvency Service

Bonus payments to Carillion directors – including severance payments to former executives – have been stopped after the date of liquidation.


Jeremy Corbyn Calls PM 'Negligent' Over Carillion Collapse, Says Firms Should Be 'Shown The Door'

Jeremy Corbyn called for private firms to be “shown the door” by the Government as he accused Theresa May of “negligence” over the collapse of the construction giant Carillion.

Theresa May Defends Tory Council Accused Of 'Deplorable' Attitude Towards Homeless People

Theresa May has defended the Tory council accused of “deplorable” treatment of homeless people ahead of the royal wedding.


Aliens, Vertigo And Coffee Spillages Blamed For Late Tax Returns

Aliens, vertigo and coffee spillages are among some of the excuses offered to the government for late tax returns this year.


Boris Johnson A 'Disgrace' For Repeating 'Misleading' £350m Brexit Claim, Says Senior Tory MP

Boris Johnson has been branded a “disgrace” by a senior Conservative MP for repeating the claim that the UK sends £350m a week to the EU.

Carillion Collapse: A Liquidation Likely To Change The Course Of British Politics?

Millionaire moguls. Fat cat bosses. Coining-it CEOs. Those were just some of the lines of attack the from the Trades Unions and Labour MPs as it became clear that one of the UK’s largest construction firms, Carillion PLC, had been placed…


The Waugh Zone Wednesday January 17, 2018

It’s PMQs day again and Jeremy Corbyn could surprise us by citing nurses leaving the NHS, Tory MP Ben Bradley’s call for vasectomies for welfare claimants or even Boris’ ‘gross’ figures on the Brexit dividend for the health service. For…


Why We Should Tackle The Global Challenge Of Uncorrected Poor Vision

I was in my forties when I discovered that I have an interiorised stammer – a relatively common problem, affecting over 750,000 people in the UK – and, thanks to a diagnosis and treatment from a speech therapist, I have been able to…