Sunday, Oct 22


Spain Urges Catalonia Secessionists To Obey Madrid

The Spanish government on Sunday urged Catalans to accept direct control from Madrid and ignore instructions from the restive region’s secessionist leadership once it has been removed from power.


What's In The JFK Assassination Files? Here's What You Might Find Out

Donald Trump said on Saturday that, subject to receipt of further information, he planned to allow the opening of long-secret files on the November 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy due for release next week.


Sunday Show Round Up: Budget Hints, Brexit Baby Steps And Building Houses

With Brexit talks taking some small steps forward this week, listen carefully and you could hear some tiny tectonic shifts in attitudes on where Britain is headed.


Robert Mugabe's Appointment As Goodwill Ambassador Being 'Rethought' By WHO Chief

Robert Mugabe’s appointment as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations’ World Health Organisation (WHO) has been cancelled.

Sajid Javid Says 300,000 New Homes Need To Be Built Every Year To Help Solve Housing Crisis

Huffington Post UK

Up to 300,000 new homes must be built every year to help solve the housing crisis, according to Sajid Javid.


Emily Thornberry Says UK Is Heading For No Brexit Deal Because Theresa May Is Too Weak

"I think we are heading for no deal" says @EmilyThornberry #marr pic.twitter.com/GAT13laikZ


Sir Keir Starmer Warns Labour Will Join Forces With Tory Rebels On Brexit If Theresa May Doesn't Agree To Demands

Labour could join forces with Tory rebels to try to force Theresa May to give MPs a veto on the final Brexit deal, Sir Keir Starmer has said.

Saturday, Oct 21


Universal Credit Six-Week Wait Could Soon Be Reduced, Tory MP Suggests

Ministers are ready to reduce the waiting time for Universal Credit payments from six weeks following an outcry from Tory MPs, it has been suggested.


Catalonia's Government To Be Sacked In Post-Independence Referendum Clampdown By Madrid

Huffington Post UK

Spain’s bid to sack Catalonia’s government and curb its parliament’s powers has been likened to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco by the separatist region’s president.


Robert Mugabe's Appointment As Goodwill Ambassador For UN's WHO Causes Shock And Outrage

The decision to make Zimbabwe’s controversial president Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador for the UN’s World Health Organisation is “surprising and disappointing”, Downing Street has said.


Donald Trump's 'Radical Islamic Terror Fuelled UK Crime Tweet Was Verbatim Repeat Of TV News Report'

Huffington Post UK

Donald Trump’s false claim that “radical Islamic terror” had fuelled a surge in violent crime in Britain was apparently a verbatim repeat of a TV report he was watching from a pro-Trump news network.

Friday, Oct 20


Friendly Noises From This European Council Summit Shouldn't Disguise Lack Of Brexit Progress

This week's European Council summit in Brussels brought a degree of welcome relief for our beleaguered Prime Minister. Compared to dealing with her own Cabinet, where constant sniping, back-stabbing and regular attempts to depose her as…


The Unsung Heroes: How Passionate, Driven Individuals In Communities Are Transforming Mental Healthcare

Huffington Post UK

Last week, thousands of people up and down the country marked World Mental Health Day in a global expression of how far we have come in understanding mental illness and breaking down stigma. In the House of Commons I confirmed that CCGs…


Raqqa Drone Footage Shows Horrific Devastation In The Syrian City After Isis Fighting

Drone footage from Raqqa on Thursday showed the extent of the devastation caused by weeks of fighting between Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and so-called Islamic State militants.


No Donald Trump, 'Radical Islamic Terror' Did Not Cause A 13% Rise In UK Crime

Huffington Post UK

Donald Trump has stoked a wave of anger and mockery after appearing to suggest that “Radical Islamic terror” was responsible for a 13 per cent rise in crime in the UK.

Brexit Briefing: Brussels Gives An Inch

1) May’s Cunning Plan Of Dialling Down The Aggression Seems To Be Working.


Labour MP Clive Lewis Apologises For Telling Someone To 'Get On Your Knees B****'

Labour MP Clive Lewis has been reprimanded by the party after a video emerged of him appearing to tell an audience member at an event to get “on your knees, bitch”.

Theresa May Sitting Alone In Brussels Has Been Turned Into A Brutal Brexit Meme

Just when things were looking up for her after getting the “green light” to begin talks about a future trade deal between the EU and the UK, a photo of her sitting alone at a table in Brussels gets turned into an unfortunate meme.

We Should Come Down Like A Hammer On Those Who Attack Emergency Workers

Every day, emergency workers across the country show quite remarkable courage simply in carrying out their duties. They put their lives on the line each time they leave their homes and put on their uniforms. So, those who attack or assault…

Labour MP Reveals How She Feared She Would See Police Officer Beaten As 999 Worker Protection Bill Gets Green Light

A Labour MP revealed how she feared she would see a police officer attacked while out on the beat with him, as plans for a new law to protect 999 workers were given government backing.


Journalist Sam Kriss Suspended From Labour Party Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

A freelance journalist has been suspended from the Labour Party after allegations of sexual harassment were made against him.

Barack Obama And George W Bush Voice Concerns For America In Thinly-Veiled Attack On Donald Trump

Barack Obama and George W Bush have both dropped fairly sizeable hints about what they think of Donald Trump, without even mentioning his name.


Question Time Audience Member Attacks Tories’ ‘Contempt For The Poor’ Over Universal Credit

A member of the Question Time audience last night launched a passionate attack on Universal Credit, claiming the Government is showing “contempt for the poor”.

Jeremy Corbyn Has 'Very Strong Prospect' Of Winning The Next Election, Admits Lord Mandelson

Jeremy Corbyn has a “very strong” prospect of winning the next general election, Lord Mandelson has conceded.

Green Party Leader Jonathan Bartley Says Air Pollution Is Becoming 'Most Urgent Global Crisis Of Our Times'

Toxic air is becoming one of the most urgent global crises of our times, according to the Green Party.


Brexit: EU Gives 'Green Light' To Prepare For Trade Talks With The UK

Huffington Post UK

The EU has agreed to begin preparations for a future trade deal with the UK – but has yet to confirm when those talks will begin.

Oxbridge Accused Of ‘Social Apartheid’ As Figures Reveal Colleges Admit No Black Students

Oxford and Cambridge have been accused of “social apartheid” after it was revealed just how few poor or ethnic minority students the universities admit.

Next Chief Executive And Tory Peer Simon Wolfson Slams 'Insane' Universal Credit

Huffington Post UK

It is “insane” that people on Universal Credit have to wait six weeks before they get paid the first installment of the benefit, a Tory peer has said.


The Waugh Zone Friday October 20, 2017

The EU working dinner in Brussels consisted of a main course of butternut gnocchi and pheasant supreme, followed by a pudding of fresh pineapple. But with some of the EU 27 thinking Britain should get its just desserts for Brexit (a big…


Theresa May Admits Brexit Talks Are In 'Difficulty' As She Appeals For Help In Silencing Critics

Huffington Post UK

Theresa May has said she “recognised the difficulty the [Brexit] process was in” at the end of the summer as she urged EU leaders to create a “new dynamic” that “enables us to move forward together”.