Monday, Feb 12


Step Aside Spinning, Indoor Rowing Classes Are The New Fitness Trend To Try

The humble rowing machine, which has long gathered dust in the corner of the gym, is having something a renaissance. Dubbed “the new spinning”, gyms and clubs across the country are launching indoor rowing classes and it’s set to be the…

How To Navigate Your First Valentine's Day Together Without It Becoming A Cringe-Fest

Knowing what do to for Valentine’s Day with a new partner can be an absolute minefield. If you try to be cool and ignore the day, you might feel bad when they do something romantic, but equally you could come off too strong if you shower…


London City Airport Closed After Unexploded Second World War Bomb Found Nearby

London City Airport has been closed and all flights cancelled after an unexploded Second World War bomb was uncovered nearby in the River Thames.


Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash: Three British People Killed

Three Britons who died when a helicopter crashed in the Grand Canyon have been named and one has been pictured for the first time.

Sunday, Feb 11


George Soros Commits Extra £100,000 To Anti-Brexit Group In Wake Of Attacks Led By Right-Wing Press

George Soros is to pump an extra £100,000 into the campaign to halt a ‘hard Brexit’ as a direct result of newspaper-led attacks on his financial interventions.

Thursday, Feb 8


The Best Super Bowl Ad Wasn’t An Ad

There really is nothing quite like the Super Bowl. Every year the sporting event meets pop concert meets TV special captivates a global sporting audience. This year’s game may have had the lowest US TV rating of any Super Bowl in 9 years,…


Overcoming Ethnic Disparities Of Women In Sports

Four years after the first male-only Olympic games, women were allowed to compete in the 1900 Olympics. Out of 997 athletes, the 22 female participants were permitted to compete only in five sports—tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrian, and…

Wednesday, Feb 7

60 Years Since the Munich Air Disaster And 60 Years As A Fan Of Manchester United

Manchester United are more than just a global football team. They are a symbol of strength, grit and determination against all odds. It is what pulled them through the events in Munich on February 6th, 1958, when a British European Airways…

Friday, Feb 2

Why Am I Watching The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is a big spectacle. A really, really big one. More than 111 million people tuned in to watch last year’s contest between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. While the American market takes up the lion’s share…

Wednesday, Jan 31


Old-Fashioned And Modern Racism In Football

Cyrille Regis was one of the first black footballers to represent England, making his debut as a substitute against Northern Ireland in 1982.

Monday, Jan 29


Sydney Sevens: In Celebration Of Rugby Australia’s Epochal Pay Parity

Citius, altius, fortius. The Olympic motto translates as faster, higher, and stronger – is there a more virtuous apophthegm? It strives to push the capabilities of humanity, and 2,794 years after the first Olympics (in 776 BC) it is still…

Wednesday, Jan 24


The Healing Power Of Sport

Sport can do incredible things. It can convince people who’ve always been told they’ll never achieve, that anything is possible. It can inspire people who’ve never left the sofa that running 5k might just change their lives. Perhaps most…

Tuesday, Jan 23


Phil Neville Deletes Twitter Account After Old Sexist Posts Emerge

Just an hour after being appointed head coach of the England women’s football team, Phil Neville deleted his Twitter account as old sexist tweets were shared widely on social media.

Wednesday, Jan 10


Paralympian Skier Millie Knight And Her Guide On Their Unique Friendship On And Off The Slopes

We’ve launched Gym Buddies, an online fitness community to help you make lasting changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Sign up for daily motivation straight to your inbox, whether complete beginner or seasoned pro looking for a new…

Monday, Jan 8


When I Look At Older Athletes I Don't See The Past, I See Our Future

The master of the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labour and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which; he…

The Ashes: Why England Developing Faster Bowlers Will Not Be Enough

England’s surrendering of the Ashes at the earliest opportunity inevitably brought out the doom-mongers. In all fairness, the “send them all home” narrative has not been used as regularly this time as it has in the past. There are many…

NFL’s Super Sunday Gives The Premier League A Lesson In Flexibility

The NFL just wrapped up a 2017 regular season that was one of the most bizarre in the recent history of the league. Player protests, Presidential tweets and an ongoing fascination with the quarterback who started it all and still can’t get…

Rugby League On The Fields Of Eton And Harrow? Why Not?

Sport is becoming more inclusive which is absolutely crucial for the health and well being of our young people going forward. The old saying that rugby is a “game for men” has quite rightly gone out of the window with the women’s rugby…

Thursday, Jan 4


Royal Ramblings Meets Bea Priestly

Ask anyone to list the top talents on the UK wrestling scene and it won’t be long before Bea Priestly’s name is mentioned. Dynamic, versatile, intimidating, hart-hitting, exciting, talented and always entertaining, Bea has proven herself…

Wednesday, Dec 27


The Good, The Bad And The Hopeful Of Sport In 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, I want to focus on examples of the good, the bad and the hopeful from this year, which includes issues that are likely to have repercussions for different reasons into next year also.

Sunday, Dec 17


England At The Ashes Look Like Deer Caught In Headlights

After a day that saw Australia lose just one wicket and a relative Test rookie Mitch Marsh pile on an unbeaten 180, apart from the small matter of an unbeaten double century by Oz captain and the man of the moment Steven Smith, England…

Wednesday, Dec 13


Football: A New Tragedy

The financial inflation of modern sport has taken a toll on widespread attitudes towards it. Numerically, sport remains the world’s most popular entertainment method. However, as transfer fees and salaries get progressively astronomical,…

Royal Ramblings: The Who's Jew of Wrestling III

‘Tis the season to be jolly and many wrestling fans will be looking forward to the annual Raw and Smackdown Xmas specials. Christmas this year falls just after the Jewish festival of Chanukah and as Adam Sandler has explained in his…


Royal Ramblings Meets Rosemary

Creative, athletic, dynamic, death-defying, irrepressible, indefatigable, impressive and lets not forget very, very frightening! Holly Letkeman aka Rosemary encapsulates the entertainment greatness that so many of us loved about wrestling…

Tuesday, Dec 12


Chelsea Need to Focus On January Transfers And Barcelona

Before their stumble in the away London derby game against West Ham, Chelsea had won six and drawn one of their previous seven matches, including the Alvaro Morata header-inspired 1-0 home victory over Manchester United.

Saturday, Dec 9


Cape Town Sevens: Who Can Stop Hosts South Africa?

South Africa, the reigning HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series champions, opened their new season last weekend by storming to victory in the Dubai desert. The second stop is in Cape Town this weekend, and the Blitzboks are strong favourites to…

Tuesday, Dec 5


Royal Ramblings Meets The Briscoe Brothers

Ring of Honor has been in the news of late, from Dalton Castle’s surprise return to the Bullet Club invasion and the returns and debuts of some big names. The RoH crescendo has been leading to ‘Final Battle’ and on 15 December in New York,…

Sledging In Cricket: When Does 'Mental Disintegration' Go Too Far

Test cricket is a funny old game and one that, in future, may struggle to survive. In few other sports will you spend five days in the company of the opposition. If there is supposed to be ninety overs in a day that makes 540 individual…


With Mental Health The Earlier You Have The Conversation, The Better

It’s almost 20 years since Stan Collymore announced he was suffering from depression and what a long way we have come in those two decades. At the time, Collymore was ridiculed for being depressed – how could a man earning so much money…

Monday, Dec 4


The Rugby League World Cup: The Good, the Bad and the Future

It will have come as no surprise to many that, on Saturday morning UK time, Australia lifted the Paul Barriere Trophy. Indeed, you would have been hard pressed to find anyone, at any point, who would have betted against them but let us…