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'ChaiOS' iMessage Bug Will Cause Your iPhone To Crash

If Apple’sbattery life issues weren’t enough for the company to worry about, it now has to contend with a particularly nasty iMessage bug that’s currently doing the rounds.


Microwaves In Europe Produce As Much CO2 As 7m Cars

Microwave usage across the EU produces as much carbon dioxide as almost 7 million cars, according to a report by the University of Manchester.

Wednesday, Jan 17


Scientists Watch DNA Being Read In World First

Scientists have unveiled some astonishing pictures of DNA code actually being read and “transcribed” in real-time.


Driverless Vehicles - The Unanswered Questions

Research recently conducted for The Times has presented a fairly negative snapshot of the public’s perception of autonomous vehicle technology. In it, almost two thirds of motorists said they would not buy a driverless car, suggesting that…

Technology And Innovation: Enablers But Not Saviours Of The NHS

Technology and innovation are being invoked as saviours of an over-stretched NHS whose seventieth birthday is looming. Whether tele-consultation via GP at Hand™, direct-to-consumer genetic testing via 23andme™ or risk scores which use…


Amazon Echo Spot Could Be An Alarm Clock For The 21st Century

Amazon’s Echo Spot can go anywhere in your house, but where it’ll probably feel most at home is on your bedside table operating as your alarm clock for the 21st Century.


Would You Wear This Bizarre Mask Just So You Can Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

In a bid to stop interacting with our smartphones right before bed (setting alarms, checking Whatsapp, one last scroll of Twitter) we are willing to try all manner of alternative sleep gadgets.

Tuesday, Jan 16


Airbnb Lets You Pay Less Up Front

If you’re feeling the January blues and in need of a holiday, then AirBnb’s latest feature could be the answer you (and your bank account) were looking for.


Ford Announces Huge $11bn Investment In Electric Cars

The Ford motor company has announced that it will be doubling its current investment into electric vehicles to a whopping $11bn and has promised that it will offer some 40 hybrid and electric cars by 2020.


Stunning NASA Image Reveals Jupiter's Apocalyptic 355mph Storms

NASA has continued its trend of releasing ever more impressive images of Jupiter with this stunning overview of the planet’s tempestuous weather.

The Black Death Has Always Been Blamed On Rats, But We Were Wrong

Rats have long been maligned as the reason why an estimated 75 to 200 million people died after contracting the Black Death, between 1347 and 1351.

How Tech Is Not Only Infiltrating The Work Place But Our Families Too...

While the nuclear family was a concept around which much of 20th-century cultural, political and economic life was largely centred, it is now being replaced with a new paradigm. The concept of family is evolving, powered by the increasing…


Twitter Denies Claim That 'Hundreds' Of Employees Are Reading Direct Messages

Huffington Post UK

Twitter has denied that “hundreds” of its employees are paid to simply read through people’s private Direct Messages.

Monday, Jan 15


Digital Baggage: Young And Old

“By his Tweets shall ye know him”. This was top academic Mary Beard’s take on journalist turned educationalist, Toby Young’s hasty departure from the universities regulator. Accused of misogyny and homophobia for views expressed on Twitter…


Google Arts And Culture App Will Match Your Selfie To A Famous Painting, But We Can't Promise It Will Be Flattering

Ever been in a museum and wondered what you would look like painted in oils and put up on a giant canvas? Well now is your chance to find out.


NASA Video Takes You On A Stunning Tour Of The Orion Nebula

NASA has released an incredible 4K video that allows you to ‘fly’ through the Orion Nebula, one of the brightest and most spectacular examples of a nebula we know of.


China’s Plan To Deal With Space Junk Sounds Like A James Bond Film

Thought humans had done a good job of polluting our home planet? Well, not content on destroying Earth, we’re successfully leaving a trail of destruction in space too.

Does Environmentalism Have An Image Problem?

There are many negative stereotypes associated with ethical and sustainable living. The environmental movement in particular seems to have a bad name - the negative stereotype of the “tree hugging hippie”.

Will The Weather Get Worse In 2018? What The Experts Say

Last year unleashed some catastrophic weather across the world. At the beginning of 2017, Australia experienced one of the hottest summers on record in Sydney and Brisbane, followed by a killer summer heatwaveacross southern Europe and…

Friday, Jan 12


Take A 360-Degree Tour Of The Milky Way With NASA’s Incredible New Video

Looking up at the Milky Way, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be up close and personal with the centre of our home galaxy - a site located a huge 26,000 light years away.


Gaming Disorder Is Here, And It’s A Good Thing

Concern about addiction to video games, social media or smartphones seems everywhere at the moment, with a growing noise that goes beyond any moral panic. But in addition to Apple investors and former executives of Google and Facebook, the…

Surveillance - What's In A Name?

Surveillance, particularly mass surveillance and issues involving privacy and data leaks, are never far from the news. However, disease surveillance and the benefits that result from it rarely generate the same kind of column inches.


Facebook News Feed Changes: What's Changing And How Will It Affect You

You may or may not have seen a post by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing some major changes coming to the social network’s News Feed.

Can’t Think Of What To Eat? Point Your Phone At The Fridge And This App Will Tell You

After a long day at work it can be difficult to find cooking inspiration, instead opting for another bowl of cereal or a takeaway, which isn’t the best start for a healthy new year.


Facebook To Make Huge News Feed Changes Announces Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has announced potentially the biggest change to Facebook’s News Feed since the site was first created.

Thursday, Jan 11


SpaceX Will Test Fire Its Most Powerful Rocket Ever Today, Here’s How You Can Watch

Later today, SpaceX is expected to test fire the largest rocket it has ever created, Falcon Heavy, ahead of its inaugural test flight later this month.


YouTube Finally Punishes Logan Paul For Wildly Insensitive Suicide Video

YouTube is punishing its star vlogger Logan Paul five days after he posted, and later deleted, a disturbing video that featured the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest.

Ancient Meteorites Found To Contain The Building Blocks For Life

The most basic ingredients for life have been discovered in two ancient meteorites, some 20 years after they were discovered.

Wednesday, Jan 10


Kodak's Stock Soars Over 100% After It Announces Its First Cryptocurrency

Kodak, the iconic photography company, has announced that it is launching its very own cryptocurrency, the KodakCoin.


Dyson Advert Banned For Implying Indoor Air Pollution Is More Harmful Than Outdoor Air Pollution

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an advert by Dyson for claiming that indoor air pollution is more harmful than outdoor air pollution.