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Destiny 2 Review

The original Destiny was less a video game and more of a social phenomenon.


Theresa May's Target Of Two Hours To Remove Extremist Content Slammed As 'Unreasonable' By Experts

A proposal from Theresa May for internet companies to remove online extremist content within two hours of it being posted has been criticised as “unreasonable” by experts.

UK Lifeboat Crew Trial Using Drones For Search And Rescue

In what it thought to be a world first, a lifeboat crew will start using drones to aid in their search and rescue operations.


Is Brexit An Opportunity For A More Humane And Human-Relevant Life Sciences Sector?

Last week the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee accepted submissions for an inquiry into the UK government's Life Sciences and the Industrial Strategy. The purpose of the government's strategy is to make the UK the best place…

Can Robots Do A Better Job Of Building Peace?

Every day it seems I read an article about the march of robots into our jobs and our lives. They can drive cars, milk cows and make burgers, apparently. And often, enthusiasts claim, they will do these jobs better than us flawed human…

National Coding Week: A Timely Reminder For Why Diversity In Tech Starts Now

This year's UK A-Level results revealed an alarming truth: very few girls actually took computing at A-Level: 9.8%. As someone who works in the tech industry, I find this worrying and sad. Numerous studies have revealed that the current…

Data Protection - It Isn't Just For Businesses

Data. We send and receive so much of it on a daily basis that we almost don't think about it anymore. As long as it reaches its destination, we don't think about what happens to it in-between, or even consider who may have access to it.

Cooling Comes In From The Cold At Climate Week NYC

Economic and social development and the environment have to live together; you can no longer have one at the expense of the other. Rather our aim has to be a world where everyone can live well and within the sustainable limits of our…


Want Hearing That Never Gets Worse With Age? This Animal Could Hold The Key

Hearing is something that unfortunately always seems to go with age.


Google Pixel 2 Leaks As Rival To The iPhone X And Galaxy S8

Apple aren’t the only tech giant to suffer from leaky smartphone launches.

Tuesday, Sep 19


Porsche Mission E Is A Rival To The Tesla Model S And It Looks Incredible

Porsche’s incredible Mission E all-electric concept car pretty much took everyone by surprise when it was first unveiled in 2015.

UK Facility To Engineer One Billion 'Safe' Mosquitos A Week In Fight Against Diseases

A UK-based biotech company is stepping up its fight against viruses like Zika by building a huge facility that can engineer one billion ‘safe’ mosquitos every single week.


Scientists Find That If You 'Trust Your Gut' You're More Likely To Believe Fake News

Researchers from Ohio State University have found that people who tend to rely on their ‘gut feelings’ are more likely to believe fake news.


When Is iOS 11 Out? UK Release Time And Tips On How To Download

Apple has released iOS 11, its latest version of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


These Five Tech Wonders Are Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

It’s often the case that so-called tech life hacks can actually make life a bit more complicated. But here are five that will genuinely take some of the stress out of your day, and will ultimately save you time and money (and some even…


Internet Platforms Like Facebook Should Be Fined If They Don't Remove Extremist Content, Policy Exchange Says

Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter should be fined if they fail to remove extremist, terrorist content, a leading think tank has said, warning their progress in in stopping it has been “glacial”.

Monday, Sep 18


Tackling London's Mobile Signal 'Not-Spots'

I'll start with this: time is a gift. Time is necessary to declutter, to harness our creativity, and to be productive.

'I Have Four Friends In Real Life But 4,000 Online' - Craving Instant Gratification

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog" - this well-known cartoon published in The New Yorker marks an important moment in the history of the internet. It was published in 1993, yet it's meaning is still true 24 years later. That said…

Cybercriminals Are Using Big Name Apps To Target Unwitting Consumers

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to lure us into doing things that give them access to our online identity. The past month has been no different, with crooks targeting two popular applications in an attempt to target…


Team Emerge After Spending Eight Months Living In Simulated Mars Habitat

Could you live on Mars? Six people including a British man decided to ask themselves that question, agreeing to spend eight months in isolation inside a habitat dome that would simulate a mission to the red planet.


A New AI Can Detect Alzheimer's Changes In The Brain A Full Decade Before Your Symptoms Start

A team of researchers have created an artificial intelligence that can identify the early signs of someone who is likely to get Alzheimer’s disease a full 10-years before their first symptoms will show.


There Is Now A 1-In-20 Chance That Climate Change Could Wipe Out Humanity

Researchers have identified that there is now a 1-in-20 chance of global warming causing catastrophic damage to the planet by 2050.

If Earth Was Even A Fraction Further From The Sun It Would Be Completely Unrecognisable

Earth is already a statistical anomaly, something that at present shines out as a blip on the norm of space.

Friday, Sep 15


Hubble Discovers Planet So Dark It Absorbs 94% Of All Light That Reaches It

A team of researchers, using Hubble’s Space Telescope, have discovered a planet outside of our solar system so dark that it absorbs almost all the light that reaches it.

Witness An Orchestral Performance Conducted Completely By A Robot

If robots are planning to take over the world, we’re certainly making it pretty easy for them, after a humanoid robot was invited to replace the conductor for the Lucca Philharmonic orchestra, at a show on Tuesday night.


Security Does Not Equal Privacy

There's a misconception among trusting mobile and Wi-Fi network users that often leaves personal data dangling on a hook over a sea of ready hackers. This misguided belief gives consumers a sense of relief when they purchase software that…

Teachers Vs Social Media

Teachers have always faced challenges - time changes the medium but not the content. The teachers of today still face the issues of bullying and abuse, fighting against a tide of inattention. In 2017, however, they are working against…


Children Should Be Free To Explore The Internet Safely Without Fear Of 'Randoms'

In the online world the boundaries between strangers and friends are less obvious than in the offline world. It's not always clear online if someone is a child or an adult, is male or female, or is even who they say they are.

Urgent Upskilling Required As UK Jobs Are Already 'Too Digital' For Most

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning and the Internet of Things are shifting the boundaries of how we live, work and govern. Yet, the pace at which we are introducing these new technologies does not match our ability…

What Real People Want: A Guide For The Home Secretary

Ever since last year's debacle between Apple and the FBI, politicians around the world have been lining up to take shots at tech companies over their stance on end-to-end encryption. UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd reignited the debate over…