Sunday, Nov 19


Climate Conference Makes Progress, Despite US Paris Pullout

The 2017 UN climate change summit finished on Friday with significant progress made toward converting the landmark 2015 Paris deal into a rule-based framework. Coming amidst growing scientific alarm about global warming, the chair of the…


Apple iPhone X Review

Huffington Post UK

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, the noise that filled the theatre was not just that of palpable excitement but one of relief.

Saturday, Nov 18


Airlander 10 Crashes In Cardington Airfield, Bedfordshire, After Coming Loose From Its Moorings

A woman had to be taken to hospital on Saturday after the world’s largest aircraft, Airlander 10, came loose from its moorings.

Friday, Nov 17


Designing For People, Not Problems, Will Help Us Tackle The Global Sanitation Crisis

Toilets have transformed the way we live today. From health, to safety, to convenience - being able to access a toilet from the comfort of our own home no longer seems like a luxury. That’s why to many of us, World Toilet Day – which takes…

Leonid Meteor Shower 2017: Best Places And How To Watch It In The UK

As the winter months properly set in there is one glimmer of light amongst all the darkness which is that it is now well and truly the stargazing season.

Greenpeace Launch Alternative Coca Cola Christmas Advert To Highlight Plastic Pollution

The Coca Cola ‘Holidays are coming’ TV advert has become synonymous with Christmas in the UK


The Tesla Roadster Has A Range Of 620 Miles And Will Be The Fastest Production Car In The World

Tesla has a brand-new electric sports car. It’s called the Roadster, it’s the sequel to the first car Tesla ever made and when it comes out it will comfortably take the crown of being the quickest production car in the world.


Tesla Semi Is An Electric Truck That Has A 500 Mile Range And Can Drive Itself

Tesla has made an electric truck. Now normally the launch of a new truck probably wouldn’t grab the attention of many of us but then this is no ordinary truck and Tesla are no ordinary company.


Trees Can Fight Air Pollution And Reduce Asthma Attacks In Urban Areas

A new study from the University of Exeter has found that trees could be serve an additional function in the battle against air pollution.

Thursday, Nov 16


This Incredible Process Uses 3,000 Artificial 'Suns' To Create Clean Jet Fuel

A team of scientists have become the first people to ever complete an entire process of using solar power to convert water and carbon dioxide into a jet fuel that could feasibly be used by commercial airlines.


Climate Change Could Wipe Out 80% Of Fish In The Pacific Islands

If the risk of losing the Great Barrier Reef wasn’t bad enough, a new study has found that climate change could have a devastating impact on the fish populations of the Pacific Islands.


We Have Been Able To Reverse Type One Diabetes In Mice

Scientists have successfully been able to cure mice of type one diabetes using a new type of cell-based therapy.

Wednesday, Nov 15


Over 250 Years Ago, The Skies Above Asia Turned A Fiery Red And Now We Know Why

Nearly three centuries ago ominous red skies hovered parts of Asia for days and days, mystifying local people who recorded what they saw, but had very little understanding of what was happening.


NASA Has Developed A 'Nuclear 'Engine' That Could Power Vehicles On Mars

NASA is to test a radical new type of ‘nuclear engine’ that will enable astronauts a constant and reliable source of energy on planets such as Mars.


Fisker Claims To Have A Battery With A Range Of 500 Miles And Can Be Charged In 1 Minute

Electric car company Fisker has filed a patent for a revolutionary new solid-state battery that would allow its cars to be charged in as little as a minute and even travel as far as 500 miles on a single charge.

By Setting Up An Energy Company I Hope To Help Bring An End To Fuel Poverty In London

Everyone should be able to keep their home warm during the cold, winter months. Yet - shamefully - millions of people across the country are living in fuel poverty, unable to afford to heat their homes adequately.


If You Have A Certain Blood Type You're More At Risk From Air Pollution

People with one blood type are at higher risk of air-pollution-related heart attacks if they already suffer with coronary heart disease, according to a new study.

Newly Discovered Exoplanet With Earth-Like Temperature Becomes Candidate In Search For Life

A new exoplanet has been discovered that is roughly the same size as Earth and could have a surface temperature similar to our own.

Tuesday, Nov 14


Here's Our First Look At Airbus' Revolutionary Vahana Flying Taxi

Airbus has given us our first glimpse of its Vahana self-flying taxi.


Inventing Needn't Be The Preserve Of Adults - Just Look At What We've Achieved

Epilepsy is a mysterious beast. A neurological condition that affects nearly 50 million people worldwide, a common symptom is seizures that start in the brain - but many people experience it differently. Anyone can develop epilepsy at any…


Bose Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign For Sleepbuds Headphones That'll Help You Sleep

Trouble sleeping because of the noise? Whether it’s being next to a busy road, or sleeping next to a snorer these audible interruptions can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.


A Connected Sex Toy Company Has Apologised After It Recorded Audio From People's Phones

A global sex toy company has apologised to customers after they were accused of “illegally” recording people who were using their remote control vibrators.


This Phone Case Helps You Propose And Take Photos In One

For people who live every moment from behind their phone screens, this new invention might just make your day (and maybe even your week).

Researchers Have Designed And Built Their Very Own Killer Cell That Can Attack Tumours

When your body is targeted by a dangerous infection, the army of cells responsible for ensuring you can fight it off and return to health, are your T-cells.

Share Your Favourite Festive Indulgence And Win A Fitbit

Whether it’s a couple of mince pies with a nice cup of tea at the office or a full-on turkey dinner on the big day, get in the mood for the festive season by sharing a photo of your favourite Christmas indulgence. You could win one of…

10 Things That Only Fitness Tracker Obsessives Will Know

For many of us, a fitness tracker is the most indispensable accessory we own.

How Technology Is Improving Our Health

Our tech has always been a source of feelgood, with our favourite gadgets giving us that regular fix of dopamine and endorphin highs. But now we’re also appreciating how vital they can be to our physical wellbeing. We have access to a…

The Best Smartphone Apps To Download This Christmas

Christmas may be just around the corner but this year – for once – we’re not sweating it. Not one single bit. Here’s why: we’ve got some extra help at our fingertips, thanks to our trusty phones.

Have Yourself A High Tech Little Christmas

Magic is no longer limited to a child’s imagination. Not only can we control every aspect of the festive season by waving a smartphone like a magic wand, Christmas shopping itself has become the stuff of sci-fi thanks to augmented reality …

Ten Christmas Tech Gifts For The Style-Conscious

New, shiny tech is often associated with dedicated followers of fashion. If this rings a smartphone-shaped alarm bell about your friendship-circle or family life, then check out these ten great options for Christmas presents - they’re not…