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The Truth About The Best Time To Buy A Home

Ask a real estate agent about the best time to buy a home, the answer will inevitably be "Now!"

Tuesday, Dec 12


'Father Of The Internet' Skewers FCC: 'You Don't Understand How The Internet Works'

More than 20 tech luminaries, including Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Wozniak, have urged the FCC to stop its plan to repeal net neutrality.

Monday, Dec 11


Amazon Temp Workers Who Deliver The Holidays Are Getting Squeezed

The company uses contractors to avoid giving workers a fair wage and benefits.


Small Businesses Struggle With Year-End Payment Problems, Survey Shows

By Rieva Lesonsky The end of the year is a good time for small and midsize business owners who benefit from U.S. consumers


Sexual Harassment Comes At A Cost. So Does Speaking Up About It.

And the price is often steepest for the women who can least afford it.


New York City Just Recognized That It's Not Only Women Who Have To Change Diapers

A new bill will require all public restrooms in New York City to have diaper changing tables.


Is The #MeToo Movement Just For Outing Celebs And Politicians, Or Are Everyday Bosses Next?

Now that the Angelina Jolies and the Ashley Judds and the Minka Kellys and the Reah Bravos (Charlie Rose) and the Megyn Kellys

Thursday, Dec 7


Uber Paid 20-Year-Old Florida Man $100,000 To Keep Quiet About Data Breach

The breach exposed the personal data of 57 million Uber users.


CVS Pharmacy Buys Up Aetna Insurance In Latest Consolidation Of Pharmaceutical Power

How is it legal for the company that sells me my meds to own the company that is supposed to help me afford them?

Wednesday, Dec 6


Volkswagen Executive Gets Max Sentence Of 7 Years For Role In Emissions Scandal

“This crime ... attacks and destroys the very foundation of our economic system,” the judge said.


How To Deal With A Co-Worker Who Doesn't Like You

Sometimes, peaceful coexistence is as good as it gets.

Tuesday, Dec 5


Buying A New Car? Read This First

No single consumer purchase causes more headaches, more irritation and leads to more buyer's remorse than a car purchase


Company Under Fire For Ad Saying 'You Won't Feel Like You're In China' On Buses

Illinois' Suburban Express later sent an "apology" for its anti-Chinese email blast criticizing international students.

5 Leadership Goal-Setting Tips For Making 2018 A Success

Why New Year goals for business are best thought out over the holidays

Monday, Dec 4


Net Neutrality Supporters To Protest At Verizon Stores Nationwide This Week

A vote by the FCC on Dec. 14 could let major companies have way more control over your internet access.


You Do Not Need To Buy This

When I tell people they're buying things they don't need, they usually get angry with me. But I'm not here to preach -- empirical findings in social science point to a few ways that people consistently draw lasting, deep satisfaction.…


Amazon HQ2 In The Time Of Climate Change

Ranking possible destinations by their vulnerability to climate-driven disaster.

Sunday, Dec 3


CVS Agrees To Buy Aetna In A $69 Billion Deal

Aetna Inc’s board of directors approved the deal on Sunday, for approximately $207 per share in cash and stock.

Trump's Labor Law Enforcer Freezes Worker-Friendly Reforms Made Under Obama

The National Labor Relations Board's new general counsel plans to take a much narrower view of worker rights than his predecessor, a new memo shows.


Sheryl Sandberg Warns Of #MeToo Backlash Against Women

Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg warned Sunday morning about the potential for women to wind up on the losing end of what seems like a watershed moment in feminism.


Hawaii Developer Under Fire For Segregated 'Poor Door' For Renters

HONOLULU ― A real estate developer in Hawaii is under scrutiny for its plans to build a residential high-rise that has two separate entrances: One for high-income residents and another for low-income earners.


Trump Terrible 10: Tax Scam Edition

"There is no justice, the rich win, the poor are powerless. We become tired of hearing people lie." -- "The Verdict" (1982), screenplay by David Mamet

Friday, Dec 1


More Employers Offering Fertility Benefits Means Happier Employees Who Stay

There’s encouraging news for employees who may be facing the challenges of infertility: more employers – beyond tech companies

Corporate Crime Built Into The Business Model

I am an old-fashioned kind of guy: when I do business with a company, I want to purchase good products and services for a reasonable price. Maybe it’s odd enough in these times, but I don’t want the company I am doing business with to be…


Why I Reached Out To Russell Simmons

One week before screenwriter Jenny Lumet gave her very graphic account in the Hollywood Reporter of her allegation that music

Thursday, Nov 30


Randi Zuckerberg Says Alaska Air Staff Enabled Drunk Passenger To Harass Her

Randi Zuckerberg, founder of Zuckerberg Media and sister to the founder of Facebook, is accusing Alaska Airlines staff of enabling a drunk first class passenger to continue harassing her during a three-hour flight, even after she asked for…


In 8 Years, No Black Woman Listed Among 683 Panelists At Business Insider’s Flagship Conference

The annual gathering of media and digital industry leaders appears to have a blind spot.

Tuesday, Nov 28


Uber Dealt Serious Blow In Corporate Espionage Case

“You’re making the impression that this is a total cover-up," the judge told Uber's lawyers. "Your client is in a bad way now.”

Thursday, Nov 23


Hundreds Of Europe's Amazon Workers Plan Black Friday Strike

The walkout threatens profits on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.


24,000 Uber Drivers May Lose Their Side Hustle

Uber is truly a fascinating company. The 8-year-old firm is at once the source of strategy and business model admiration, as well as the source of a growing volley of corporate scandals and negative market reactions. The firm has wrestled…