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Dublin's Dawson St gets a New York makeover for Neil Jordan's new film


Pedestrians on Dublin's Dawson Street were transported to New York this weekend as filming for Neil Jordan's new film got underway.

Acceptable Risk review: 'RTE drama is strictly run-of-the-mill stuff - reasonably watchable but not grippingly so'

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RTE’s much-hyped new six-part drama, Acceptable Risk, is a co-production with Canadian company Facet4 and is filmed in Montreal and Dublin.

'I want to play an Irish girl' - Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie


Good news for fans of Hollywood bombshell Margot Robbie.

Compton cops reveal who really shot Tupac in explosive documentary


Two Compton police officers who investigated the death of Tupac Shakur have revealed who they believe really killed the rapper.

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tlhIngan maH. taHjaj! - Netflix releases Klingon trailer for new Star Trek: Discovery series


The first episode of the eagerly anticipated new series Star Trek: Discovery has landed on Netflix and the streaming service has released a trailer in Klingon.


Lorraine Kelly: My menopause left me feeling joyless


TV host Lorraine Kelly has told how she felt there was no joy in her life as she began going through the menopause.


Danny Mac: We had no time for Strictly-style footwork on our wedding day


Danny Mac has confirmed that he has tied the knot – but there were no Strictly-style dance moves on the big day.

Noel Gallagher announces two Irish dates - and measures to stop touts


Noel Gallagher will be taking his High Flying Birds to Dublin and Belfast on his UK and Ireland arena tour next year.

WATCH: Five year old's version of 'Galway Girl' is beyond adorable

Move over Mundy, this five year old's take on Galway Girl is even more rousing than yours!


Hozier thanks 'banter merchant' who gave him his dungarees and 'left the rainy northside venue in the jock'

Hozier has thanked the fan who stripped to his underpants and gave the singer his dungarees at his charity gig last week.


Padre Pio and the Irish


On his travels through Italy, shortly after the end of World War II, the eminent Irish author Sean O Faolain witnessed a startling event. The Cork-born writer had just arrived in San Giovanni Rotondo, near Foggia, in the sun-baked boot…

Dietrich's daughter: Witness for the prosecution


The power of Marlene Dietrich's carefully-constructed image was so great that even now, when the dust should long have settled, she is always instantly associated with the hard-core glamour of her heyday - that carefully made-up, artfully…

I'm being punished and it's wonderful


People should seriously stop expecting normal from me because we should all know by now that's never going to happen! I mean look at this week's episode of Celebrity Operation Transformation, for goodness sake, where I was the biggest…

There are two sides to every story, but what if one is lying?


George Woodbury is one of the good guys. He's pro-choice; he donates to his local women's shelter; he encourages his daughter to believe that she can achieve anything. To cap it all, 10 years previously he was hailed a local hero after…

Gebler lyrically charts young boy's journey from innocence to maturity


Carlo Gebler's latest novel scripts the end of innocence in a 12-year-old boy called Ralph in 1964. The story is set within a time frame of the year his divorced mother spends away from him for work reasons in America.

Brendan O'Connor The quiet man


A few weeks ago Brendan O'Connor wrote a column about his habit of taking notes on anything and everything. As he goes about his day, he scribbles down random ideas and observations. An unsuspecting woman sitting beside him on a plane…

Keane's impressive memoir makes sense of past


During his childhood holidays in the 1960s, Fergal Keane had a number of loquacious raconteurs who would regale him with stories about Irish history. There was Eamon, his father, a fine actor and a romantic nationalist, who also happened…

Fireside reads for autumn evenings


Although they've written very different books, Ann O'Loughlin and Hazel Gaynor have both penned novels set in specific homes. In O'Loughlin's The Ludlow Ladies' Society the home is the fictional country manor, Ludlow Hall in Co Wicklow.…

Enchanted by the tragic beauty of Miss Saigon


Have you ever watched something that is so filled with suspense, pathos and sorrow, that you feel like you've been punched in the gut? And laughed at one funny character despite being heartbroken for the main character, while finding…

What Lies Beneath: Napoleon Leading the Army Over the Alps


It's election day in Germany. Will Angela Merkel, Chancellor since 2005, win a fourth term? Europe's longest- serving leader has seen off Ahern, Cowen, Kenny.

A new career in a new town for Bowie


Tell the licence fee inspector to get stuffed. Don't put the telly on tonight. Or any other night. Open the windows and put on the last - and least acclaimed after Low and Heroes - part of David Bowie's Berlin Triptych instead: Lodger.

Keeping up with The Kingdom...


By the time I arrived at Sheen Falls Lodge, it was evening. The sky was darkening the way it does when there are no orange street lights to infect it, and the hotel was bright and welcoming. Inside, wood fires crackled away, cosy as can be…

Film of the week: Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Taking Taron Egerton out of the equation, the average age of the main characters in this second Kingsman film is just over 50.


Villain Willmott-Brown sneaks around Kathy’s Cafe in new EastEnders pictures


EastEnders villain James Willmott-Brown wastes no time before he starts nosing around just days after returning to Albert Square.

Sunday, Sep 24


Benedict Cumberbatch's The Child In Time was 'utterly baffling', say confused viewers


Viewers have declared Benedict Cumberbatch’s drama The Child In Time “utterly baffling”, saying its “very confusing” structure made it too hard to follow.


Michelle Keegan launches new clothing line based on her own wardrobe


Michelle Keegan fans will be able to dress just like the actress as she has unveiled her new clothing collection, filled with pieces she wants for her own wardrobe.

X Factor viewers believe they have found their winner and we haven't even reached bootcamp

X Factor viewers joked that “everyone else can go home” after contestant Berget Lewis wowed with a dazzling first audition.

Lorraine Kelly to speak about menopause experience for new campaign


Lorraine Kelly will be interviewed on her own TV show about her experiences with the menopause as part of a drive to encourage more women to talk about the “taboo” subject.


Gary Numan opens the door on his ‘very normal’ family life


Singer Gary Numan has said that he has a “very normal” family life, despite living in a castle-like house with a “20 foot bronze dragon in the front garden”.


People comment on me being ‘bigger than I used to be’, says Shayne Ward


Coronation Street actor Shayne Ward has said he gets trolled online about his weight, as he posed in his underwear for a new body confidence campaign.

Strictly’s Bruno Tonioli among male stars stripping off for Loose Women campaign


Strictly Come Dancing’s Bruno Tonioli, Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward and boxing icon Frank Bruno are among of group of male celebrities baring all for Loose Women’s body confidence campaign.


Madonna wishes son David Banda a happy birthday


Madonna shared an adorable throwback photo of her with her adopted son David Banda as she wished him a happy 12th birthday.

X Factor’s Berget sings her way to bootcamp in final audition round


It was all about the soul as Dutch singer Berget Lewis belted her way to bootcamp in the last round of X Factor auditions.