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3 Salt Lake County men arrested in 'large scale' meth bust

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Three men were arrested after police recovered more than 10 pounds of meth, two guns and thousands of dollars in cash during multiple raids of a suspected “large scale” drug ring over the weekend, according to a…

Longtime Salt Lake County clerk being challenged by her own employee

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Salt Lake County's longtime clerk, Sherrie Swensen, is gunning for an eigth term after nearly three decades in office — but her elections director, Rozan Mitchell is challenging her.

Community rallies around embattled Idaho teacher; woman who reported puppy's death feels threatened

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Although people from across the U.S. and beyond are calling for science teacher Robert Crosland to lose his job for allegedly dropping a sick puppy into a classroom aquarium containing a hungry snapping turtle, the vast majority of those…

Potential eruptions at Yellowstone geyser, world's largest

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Yellowstone National Park has reported a series of potential eruptions from the world's largest active geyser for the first time since 2014.

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Serial bomber uses a tripwire in fourth attack in Austin

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Fear mounted across Texas' capital on Monday after the fourth bombing this month — a blast triggered this time by a nearly invisible tripwire, demonstrating what police called a "higher level of sophistication" than the package bombs used…

Woman struck and killed by self-driving Uber vehicle

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A self-driving Uber vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in a Phoenix suburb in the first fatality involving a fully autonomous test vehicle, prompting the ride-hailing company Monday to suspend all road-testing of such autos in the U.S.…


4 injured after chase ends in 4-vehicle crash, police say

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Two people were critically injured and two others were transported to a hospital after a woman driving a stolen van crashed at an intersection while evading officers, police said.

Make Your Week: Getting free tickets to the zoo, clearing the snow for others

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There are a lot of good people in the world. But if you are feeling a little down or need to have your faith in humanity restored, look no further than at the stories below.


Gust blows shed 50 feet in Home Depot parking lot, pinning girl underneath

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A teenage girl was sent to the hospital after becoming trapped underneath a storage shed that landed on her during an apparent microburst in Washington City Sunday afternoon.

5 of the craziest YouTube stunts with a Utah connection

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One of the best places to find crazy stunts online is YouTube, but a surprising amount of these stunts take place in the Beehive State. Take a look through this list for your daily dose of adventure (while you sit safely in front of your…


Fire damages Grantsville business

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Fire damaged a building at the Big Shot Ranch north of Grantsville early Monday.

Coach Kim: How the pursuit of love could destroy your marriage

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In this edition of LIFEadvice Coaches Kim Giles and Nicole Cunningham explain how the pursuit of love can actually be the problem.


Provo couple uses pieces of the outdoors to build 'fairy houses'

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PROVO — Using items from nature to build miniature homes for mystical creatures may seem a bit unconventional, but to Mike and Debbie Schramer, it makes perfect sense.


Another explosion injures 2 in Austin, Texas; cause unclear

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Two people were injured in another explosion in Texas' capital Sunday night, after three package bombs detonated earlier this month in other areas of the city and killed two people and injured two others.


'Incredibly humbling:' 19 soldiers of Utah National Guard honored for acts of valor in combat

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Nineteen soldiers of a special forces unit of the Utah National Guard on Sunday were awarded for their valor during a 2017 deployment to Afghanistan.


Utah researchers find cortisol may exacerbate endometrial cancers

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Researchers at the University of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute publish unique findings on endometrial cancer in an international journal. The research may point to why some cancers are more aggressive than others.


Several homes, cars hit in West Jordan drive-by shooting; no injuries

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No one was injured in an early morning drive-by shooting near 5500 W. and 6885 South in West Jordan, officials report.

Officials identify man who died after being hit by multiple cars on I-15

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Officials have identified a man who died Saturday morning after crashing his car on I-15, running out of the car and ultimately getting struck by several vehicles.


Cirque du Soleil performer dies after fall at Florida show

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A Cirque du Soleil performer died after his hand slipped off the double rings and he fell 20 feet during a performance in Florida, police and the entertainment company said Sunday.

Should teenagers have smartphones? Utah teacher weighs in on viral social media post

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The latest batch of teens, otherwise known as Gen Z, is maturing in a world where most of them have a smartphone and social media is right at their fingertips 24/7. What are they really doing when their eyes are glued to the screen?

Sunday, Mar 18

Juab School Board member's lockdown experience called 'timely,' illuminating

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A Juab School Board member's routine visit to Red Cliffs Elementary School took a turn she didn't anticipate: a school lockdown.

Top 5 on-court scuffles in Utah Jazz history

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The Utah Jazz got into another scuffle in Thursday night's win over the Suns, which caused Ricky Rubio to go down with an injury and David Stockton to come into the crowd on a 10-day contract. Here are our top-five scuffles in the Jazz's…

Dementia study links your risk with your fitness level

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Your stamina — or the time it takes for you to reach peak exhaustion during exercise — can be tied to your dementia risk, and a new study reveals how.

Police: 2 injured in accidental shooting in Sandy

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Two men were injured in an apparent accidental shooting in a parking lot Saturday, police said.

Saturday, Mar 17

Man arrested near Utah-Wyoming border after chase reaches triple-digit speeds

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A man was arrested near the Utah-Wyoming border Friday after police say he led them on a chase that reached triple-digit speeds.

Man dies after being hit by multiple cars on I-15

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A man is dead after he crashed his car on I-15, ran out of the car and was hit by several vehicles early Saturday morning, officials said.

6 injured in Juab County road rage crash

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Six people were injured in a Juab County rollover crash that started with a road rage incident, officials said.

State: Voicemail about cracks 2 days before bridge fell

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An engineer left a voicemail two days before a catastrophic bridge failure in Miami to say some cracking had been found at one end of the concrete span, but the voicemail wasn't picked up until after the collapse, Florida Department of…

Friday, Mar 16

Utah governor signs law legalizing 'free-range parenting'

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So-called free-range parenting will soon be the law of the land in Utah after the governor signed what appears to be the country's first measure to formally legalize allowing kids to do things on their own to foster self-sufficiency.

Turtle euthanized after being seized from Idaho teacher

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Officials with the Idaho Department of Agriculture have euthanized a turtle seized from a Preston, Idaho teacher earlier this week.

Poll round 2: Who is the most prominent Utahn?

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Now that we’ve all caught the March Madness bug, it’s time to continue our pursuit for the most prominent Utahn — a task to be taken 100 percent seriously. No jokes. All business.

Officials: At least 4 dead in pedestrian bridge collapse at university in Miami

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One person died and six were transported to the hospital after a pedestrian bridge collapsed at Florida International University in Miami, according to Miami-Dade's Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

Thursday, Mar 15

Girl hospitalized after having nose bitten off by dog, police say

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A 7-year-old girl is recovering at a Salt Lake City hospital after the end of her nose was bitten off by a dog while she was playing at a friend’s home, police said.

Man arrested after police pursuit through Utah County

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Police arrested a man following a pursuit through several cities in Utah County late Wednesday.

Dylann Roof's sister accused of bringing weapons to school

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The sister of the man sentenced to die for killing nine people at a South Carolina church in 2015 has been arrested at her school and charged with bringing pepper spray, a knife and marijuana onto the campus.

West Jordan teacher had fantasies about students, charges say

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A middle school teacher who told police he has fantasies about his teen students has been charged with trying to entice a teen girl into having sex.

Wednesday, Mar 14

Man dies in Draper industrial accident

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A man died after an industrial accident in Draper on Wednesday afternoon, officials confirmed.

Community stands by Idaho science teacher as prosecutor asks for patience

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Students, parents and community members are standing up for a junior high school biology teacher who is accused of feeding a puppy to a snapping turtle last week.

Utah couple considered divorce to get daughter expensive surgery

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A happily married Utah couple considered divorcing in order to get their daughter a $100,000 surgery their insurance wouldn’t cover.

Poll: Who is the most prominent Utahn?

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It’s that time of year again where we haphazardly fill out brackets and pretend like we know what we’re talking about when it comes to college basketball — choosing a team because of their school colors…