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Takata settles air bag lawsuit for $650 million. Victims will get almost all that money

Japanese automobile air bag maker Takata has reached a $650-million settlement over legal claims from 44 state governments and Washington, D.C. But the states won't get much of the money.

Under threat of expulsion, state Sen. Tony Mendoza resigns following sexual harassment investigation

Tony Mendoza, a former East Los Angeles elementary school teacher who moved swiftly from local to state government elected offices, resigned from the California Senate on Thursday as his colleagues moved to formally expel him after a…

SpaceX launch brings Elon Musk's broadband-internet satellite plan closer to reality

SpaceX is one step closer to providing low-cost broadband internet access after launching the first two demonstration satellites for its planned satellite constellation Thursday morning.

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Case closed: Oldest known cave art proves Neanderthals were just as sophisticated as humans


A red hand stencil. A series of lines that look like a ladder. A collection of red dots. These images, painted in ocher on cave walls in Spain, are the oldest-known examples of cave art ever found. And all three were created not by humans,…


Ford picks new leader for North America unit after ousting his predecessor


Ford Motor Co. promoted its marketing chief and head of Lincoln to lead North American operations, a day after the automaker ousted a top executive for “inappropriate behavior.” It was the third major management shakeup at the company in…


Google won the last maps war. Self-driving cars give other mapmakers a chance to find their own way


On any given day, there could be half a dozen autonomous cars mapping the same street corner in Silicon Valley. These cars, each from a different company, are all doing the same thing: building high-definition street maps, which may…


Yes, some drivers do outrun police during high-speed pursuits — but often at great peril

Los Angeles Times

For a few moments Tuesday night, it looked like a pickup driver had finally done what so many other car chase suspects could not: elude police during a high-speed pursuit.

The U.S. women's hockey team's golden secret: Togetherness

Listening to the national anthem play for them, seeing the U.S. flag rise above the ice at Gangneung Hockey Center in their honor after they had defeated Canada in a six-round shootout to earn Olympic gold, members of the U.S. women’s…


GOP rattled by Pennsylvania congressional race in the heart of Trump country

Los Angeles Times

The dismayed laborers from shuttered coal yards and steel mills didn’t have to shift political allegiances to vote for President Trump in this part of the Rust Belt. They had been electing Republicans long before he showed up on the ballot.


U.S. women's hockey ends 20-year gold drought with a shootout win over rival Canada

The long wait is over for the U.S. women’s Olympic hockey team.


Sen. Marco Rubio challenged by angry students, teachers and parents at Florida forum on shooting

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was challenged at a town hall Wednesday night by angry students, teachers and parents who were demanding stronger gun control measures after the school shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school.


An amateur astronomer testing a new camera happens to catch a supernova as it's being born

Los Angeles Times

Peering at a distant galaxy, an amateur astronomer in Argentina managed to capture a star in the act of going supernova. The chances of this discovery, scientists say, are 1-in-a-million at best.


Trump suggests arming schools in emotional meeting with gun violence survivors and parents


President Trump hosted an extraordinarily emotional debate over guns and schools at the White House on Wednesday, listening for more than an hour as student survivors and grieving parents parried ideas to prevent firearms deaths, their…


Conspiracy theories about Florida school shooting survivors have gone mainstream

In a world of senseless chaos and cruelty, there are apparently two ways to comprehend what’s driving the student-led gun control activism spreading across the country: 1. After a gunman killed 17 students and faculty at a high school in…

Olympics' new big air snowboarding takes sports to a new extreme. Even the athletes are scared

With big air snowboarding making its Olympic debut at the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, the riders vying for gold this week can make what they do look graceful and, at times, utterly natural. Don't be fooled - they are scared.

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Declaring '#NeverAgain,' students remember Florida school shooting victims

Los Angeles Times

Survivors of one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history took to the Florida state Capitol on Wednesday with a clear message: We will not be silenced.

Days after Florida massacre, L.A. County authorities raced to thwart a school shooting plot in Whittier

As a school resource deputy, Marino Chavez said his after-lunch routine has changed little in 28 years.


Rape suspect drinks poison and dies during freeway chase in Ventura County, CHP says

A sexual assault suspect killed himself by drinking poison during a police chase on the 101 Freeway in Ventura County early Wednesday, authorities said.


Billy Graham dies: Presidents, pastors and celebrities react

Christians, conservatives, critics and others have commemorated religious leader Billy Graham, who died Wednesday at age 99.

Some Fed officials raised concerns about higher inflation as tax cuts took effect

Some Federal Reserve policymakers raised concerns last month about the potential for higher inflation and financial instability because of stronger economic growth triggered by the recently enacted tax cuts, according to an account of the…


Pickup driver leads police on wild pursuit, disappearing in tunnel before train goes in

A pickup driver led police on a wild pursuit in East Los Angeles late Tuesday, driving onto train tracks and disappearing into a light rail tunnel.


Billy Graham, minister to presidents and millions worldwide, dies at 99

Los Angeles Times

When a young religious crusader named Billy Graham began preaching to the masses after World War II, he wore bright gabardine suits with loud, wide ties and argyle socks to show that Christianity wasn’t dreary.

'Black Panther' is a powerful force at the box office everywhere — including Africa

Los Angeles Times

Marvel Studios and Ryan Coogler’s blockbuster superhero movie “Black Panther” has become a legitimate global juggernaut, grossing a jaw-dropping $427 million in global ticket sales and defying movie business assumptions. It’s also showing…


As homeless camps explode in L.A. suburbs, residents fear they will become permanent

Los Angeles Times

In the shadow of the roaring 110 Freeway in West Carson, Jennifer Morris stepped out of the portable restroom and washed her hands in a nearby sink.

Trump's order to ban 'bump stocks' is a good thought, but Congress has to do the job


President Trump was right Tuesday in insisting that the federal government ban “bump stocks.” But there’s less than meets the eye to the directive he sent to the Justice Department to rush through a new regulation, already in the works,…

Uber brings to L.A. its Express Pool service, which sounds kind of like a bus

Los Angeles Times

First, Uber framed itself as an alternative to taxis. Now the San Francisco ride-hailing company is rolling out a new service that sounds kind of like a bus.


Lindsey Vonn acknowledges Olympic glory is behind her after winning bronze in downhill

Some of the greatest athletes in the history ended their careers with spectacular performances that encapsulated their genius, such as when Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his last game or Ted Williams homered in his final at-bat.


Orange County's riverside homeless begin trading tents for motel vouchers, other aid as camp is cleared

Los Angeles Times

The crowd of homeless men and women lined up along the Santa Ana River trail to collect motel vouchers before bidding goodbye to Orange County’s largest homeless camp.