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'This changes things'; Police in Texas suspect serial bomber on loose after tripwire near trail injures two

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Fear escalated across Texas' capital city on Monday after the fourth bombing this month — a blast that was triggered this time by a tripwire, demonstrating what police called a "higher level of sophistication" than the package bombs used…

Chilly, sunny days to start spring

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Sunshine and cooler than normal temperatures are ushering spring into the Madison area on Tuesday, with the next chance for rain or snow not coming until the start of the weekend.

Two Interstate ramps closing in Rock County Monday night

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Two exit ramps on northbound Interstate 39/90 between Beloit and Janesville in Rock County will be closed at different times Monday night for construction work.

Undocumented New York lawyer encourages local Latino community to tell their stories, "papers or no papers"

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On Sunday, Cesar Vargas, an immigrant rights activist and a DACA recipient, told the local Latino community not to hide from, but capitalize on, their past.

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Neighbor chases suspect, tackles him for police to make arrest

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A Madison man wasn't able to out-run a younger man Friday night, getting tackled and held for police after being seen at the younger man's neighbor's house.

Security guard feared for life; shoplifter found and arrested, Madison police say

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A security guard at Hilldale Shopping Center feared for her life Friday night after a shoplifter broke her cellphone and reached into his pocket as if he had a gun.

Bad day gets worse: Video shows Wisconsin man trashing police department lobby, getting arrested

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They say losing your temper only makes things worse. That is probably especially true about losing your temper inside of a police station.


Brass-knuckled road rager arrested on Far East Side, Madison police say

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A man who became upset when yelled at for driving fast was arrested after allegedly threatening a couple while wearing brass knuckles.


Brush, grass fires kept Madison firefighters busy

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Small fires in brush and grass on the city's Far East Side kept Madison firefighters busy Sunday, but none of the fires got big enough to threaten structures.


Intruder shot at by homeowner in town of Delton, police say

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A homeowner in the town of Delton fired warning shots to scare off an intruder early Saturday morning, but then called police after thinking he might have shot the man.

State Debate: Sloppy lawmaking jeopardizes state's tailgating tradition, says the Racine Journal Times

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A daily roundup of interesting newspaper editorials and blog posts from around Madison and Wisconsin.


Morning briefing: Eric Holder, Scott Walker and Tammy Baldwin call for action on Russian Twitter trolls' Wisconsin meddling

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Stories that are making the news today in Madison and around the state and country.


Chilly start to spring; rain/snow mix possible by Friday night

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The calendar says spring on Tuesday, but the weather is saying not so fast.

Frequent lottery winners raise questions about Wisconsin enforcement

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Of his 33 wins, one person purchased 30 of the tickets at Charlie’s Liquor & Tobacco Mart -- the place where he works.

New space celebrates books, authors with events rather than co-working

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The organization, which opened last April, has morphed into a hot spot for private events and book readings.


Stroke treatment window expanded after study involving UW Hospital

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When Kent Wittwer couldn’t wake up his wife last month, he called 911.

Wisconsin school groups urge lawmakers to reach compromise on school safety bill

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A proposal introduced by Walker on Thursday doesn't address guns at all — whether it be allowing them in schools or restricting access to them — and instead focuses primarily on security upgrades.


Michael Perry: Magical mailboxes

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Yesterday I did something magical, specifically I walked out to the end of our driveway, placed an envelope in the mailbox, raised the plastic flag, then turned back for the house, trusting that the letter was safely en route to…


SOS: Fennimore woman gets reprieve from mistaken bill — and flowers

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Beck said she turned to the newspaper because she used to work for a newspaper and it seemed like the "logical" to do.


This week, student activism for gun control in the spotlight at captimes.com

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Last Wednesday’s march to the state Capitol calling for stricter gun control drew thousands of high schoolers to the cause.

Sunday, Mar 18

Just Ask Us: Where does the 10,000 steps a day benchmark come from?

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Fitness trackers are a source for the recommendation of taking 10,000 steps a day for a healthy lifestyle, but research does suggest it helps people reach recommended activity goals.

'What are you going to do? Move the airport?': Neighbors debate fighter jet noise at Truax Field

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"You got an apartment. It's next to the airport. What are you going to do? Move the airport?"

House under construction catches fire on Madison's Near West Side

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Flames were found throughout a two-story house, which was unoccupied, on Doncaster Drive after a neighbor reported a fire around 3 a.m. on Sunday.

History, culture, research, big business and talk of tariffs for Wisconsin's cranberry industry

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Wisconsin leads the nation in cranberry production but a glut of cranberries and proposed tariffs create concern.

Saturday, Mar 17

Professional organizations respond to UW-Stevens Point proposal to cut humanities majors

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The groups said that the regional university would be doing a disservice by cutting in-depth education into humanities and social science programs.

Senate, Assembly discord leaves youth prison, tax-cut bills in jeopardy

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Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have been engaged in a game of legislative chicken.

Candidate Q&A: Middleton-Cross Plains School Board

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Two candidates with extensive public service backgrounds are vying for the Area V seat on the Middleton-Cross Plains School Board in the April 3 election. The term is for three years. (I) indicates incumbent.

Former Attorney General Bronson La Follette dies at 82

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Former Wisconsin Attorney General Bronson La Follette, grandson of "Fighting Bob" La Follette, was known for his work on consumer protections.

Friday, Mar 16

Former AG Eric Holder campaiging in Madison for Rebecca Dallet's Supreme Court bid

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder campaigns for Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet as the state GOP files a complaint against her.

Update: Struck Park Street pedestrian was wearing dark clothes; driver won't get ticket

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A pedestrian struck by a car on Park Street Friday morning was wearing dark clothing and wasn't in a crosswalk, police said.

No gun control or arming teachers in Scott Walker's $100M school safety plan

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Gov. Scott Walker's legislative package includes $100 million worth of grants for schools to improve building security and to hire armed guards.

Man arrested in attempted homicide during domestic incident, Madison police say

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Police said Michael L. Wagner, 37, fled the scene but was later arrested and booked into the Dane County Jail.

Thursday, Mar 15

Madison parking commission approves rate increases

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New parking rate changes at select city of Madison lots and garages will take effect June 1.

Florida police: Fatalities reported after pedestrian bridge collapses, completely crushing cars underneath

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A newly-installed pedestrian bridge collapsed Thursday at Florida International University, trapping at least five vehicles underneath.

2 construction workers injured in truck fire on Far West Side

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Two construction workers were injured Wednesday while trying to put out a truck fire at a construction site on Madison's Far West Side.

Panelists delve into campus speech at Cap Times Talk

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Last October, the Board of Regents approved a campus speech policy addressing interruptions of speakers.

Wednesday, Mar 14

Thousands of Madison-area students walk out for gun control, school safety

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The midday march and Capitol rally included high schoolers from Madison and area towns and younger students, along with some parents, school staff and university students.

Family spokesman: Physicist Stephen Hawking dead at age 76

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A family spokesman says that physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76.

Fitzgerald proposal aims to prevent 'one house of the Legislature' from delaying Wisconsin budget

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"Several senators expressed an interest in changing senate rules to ensure that future budgets are completed on time and not subject to artificial delays by one house of the legislature," Fitzgerald said in a statement.

Wisconsin public employee pensions to rise at least 2.4 percent

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That means the average retiree will get a raise in pension pay of more than $500 a year, state officials say.