Thursday, Oct 19


Heiress Hannah Bronfman Goes From 'It Girl' to Renaissance Woman

NBC News / Business

The daughter of billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and actress Sherry Brewer, Hannah Bronfman isn't your typical American socialite.


Charlyne Yi Accuses Comedian David Cross of Racist Behavior

Charlyne Yi, alleges on Twitter that David Cross made racist comments toward her over a decade ago.


From Wall Street to Brooklyn Wordsmith: Leaving the 9-5 for Art's Sake

How does it feel to want to be something your family just doesn't understand? For some first-generation millennials, their parents' vision of the American Dream is the doctor, the lawyer, the banker—a steady career that validates their own…


Spotlight Falls on Bob Weinstein, the 'Quiet Brother'

NBC News

Hollywood producer Bob Weinstein has emerged as a vehement critic of his embattled brother — even as he also faces an allegation of sexual misconduct.

K-Pop Is Thumping In the Heart of America

Kpop Dallas, a Korean pop music fan group in Texas, has grown to number in the thousands and helps organize concerts, festivals, and events.

Designer Mychael Knight's Death Not Likely Caused by IBS

NBC News / Health

Doctors say it's unlikely that irritable bowel syndrome played a role in the death of 'Project Runway' finalist Mychael Knight.

Wednesday, Oct 18


Ben Affleck Accused of Groping MTV Host Years Ago


Hours after Affleck released a statement condemning the alleged sexual misconduct of Harvey Weinstein, the actor was accused of having groped an actress.


Meryl Streep Condemns 'Disgraceful' Harvey Weinstein News


"The intrepid women who raised their voices to expose this abuse are our heroes," Streep said in a statement.

How to Find Common Ground in Any Situation


How to have a conversation with someone new — or your uncle on the other side of the political aisle.


Gord Downie, The Tragically Hip Lead Singer, Dies at 53

Gord Downie, the widely revered lead singer and songwriter of iconic Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip, has died. He was 53.


Mychael Knight, 'Project Runway' Fashion Designer, Dies at 39

Georgia fashion designer Mychael Knight, who was a finalist on the popular competition show "Project Runway," has died. He was 39.


Why the #MeToo Movement Can Hit a Nerve for Some

NBC News

The onslaught of headlines about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and seeing friends share their own experiences can be hard for assault survivors, experts say.


Hollywood Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment With #MeToo

After allegations against Harvey Weinstein have come to light Hollywood is speaking out against sexual harassment and assault. Men and women are sharing their stories with the hashtag #metoo.

Tuesday, Oct 17


Rapper Cardi B Is Changing the Game

NBC News

With her single "Bodak Yellow," millennial rapper Cardi B reigns supreme with history making achievement.


Harvey Weinstein Resigns From His Company Following Scandal

NBC News

Harvey Weinstein resigned from the board of his company Tuesday on a call with the Weinstein Co. board, a knowledgeable source told NBC News.

Google Honors Selena With Doodle

Selena Quintanilla was honored on Tuesday with a Google Doodle that commemorates the day she released her first self-titled album, 28 years ago.


Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence Talk Abuse

Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence described experiences of assault and harassment at the hands of directors and producers.

Monday, Oct 16


Activists Have No Time for Woody Allen's 'Dangerous' Weinstein Comments

Rights advocates say Woody Allen's comments on Harvey Weinstein were not only tone-deaf, they were also potentially damaging to other women afraid to speak up.


School Board Pulls 'To Kill a Mockingbird' From Reading List

NBC News / U.S.

"We can teach the same lesson with other books," a schools official said after a reader complained language in the American classic.


The 'Jolie Effect': How Celebrities Influence Our Medical Decisions

NBC News / Health

According to a new study, Hollywood has a big impact on how we seek treatment for health conditions.


Harvey Weinstein's Company May Be Sold Following Scandal

NBC News / News

Private equity firm Colony Capital said in a statement that it is negotiating with Weinstein Co., for a "potential sale of all or a significant portion," of the company's assets.


#MeToo Becomes Rallying Cry Against Sexual Harassment and Assault

After a tweet from actor Alyssa Milano, social media was overwhelmed with personal stories of being the victims of sexual harassment or assault.


The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of MC Jin

MC Jin, the Miami-born Asian-American rapper who stepped out of the spotlight after his first studio album has returned to the United States.


'Happy Death Day' Scares Off 'Blade Runner' at Box Office

Horror continues to be a bright spot during a roller-coaster year at the box office.

Sunday, Oct 15


Porn Tycoon Flynt Offers $10M for Dirt That Leads to Trump Impeachment

NBC News / Politics

"So I decided to do this," the publisher of "Hustler" magazine wrote in a brief post on Twitter announcing the bounty. "Let's see what happens."


Kellyanne Conway Takes Page From Stephen King in SNL 'It' Parody

NBC News

"Saturday Night Live" mixed Stephen King's popular horror story "It" with presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway's penchant for outrageous quotes.


Will Weinstein Accusers Bring Lasting Change to Hollywood?

NBC News

Actresses Rose Marie and Tippi Hedrin look back on their own early experiences with sexual harassment in Hollywood and discuss the potential for change.

Saturday, Oct 14


Academy Expels Weinstein Over 'Sexually Predatory Behavior'

NBC News / News

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Saturday that Weinstein would be expelled immediately from the professional organization.


Rose McGowan Emerges as Major Voice in Fight Against Assault

The actress emerged this week as the most fierce critic of Harvey Weinstein, who stands accused of sexual harassment and assault of women over decades.


Woman Who Accused Rapper Nelly of Rape Won't Testify

NBC News / U.S.

The woman's lawyer said Friday that she 'wishes she had not called 911 because she believes the system is going to fail her.'