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U.S. Woman Kidnapped by Taliban Group Shares Captivity Details

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The American woman who was kidnapped by Taliban-connected militants shared details about the nearly five years she spent in captivity.

O'Reilly Settled a Sex Harassment Claim for $32 Million, Report Says

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Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly settled a sex harassment claim with a former legal analyst Lis Wiehl, according to a report from The New York Times.

African Rhino Injures Poacher in Rare Reversal of Fortunes

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A rhino turned the tables on a suspected poacher in Namibia, charging and injuring the man while he was allegedly tracking it.

Park Hikers May Have Died in 'Sympathetic Murder-Suicide'

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Rachel Nguyen, 20, and Joseph Orbeso, 22, had been missing for nearly three months after going for a hike in late July and failing to return.

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‘I Did It’: Mom Who Can’t Read or Write Becomes US Citizen

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Southern California resident Jovita Mendez doesn’t speak English. She can’t read or write, in any language. But she longed for a better future for herself and, this week, she achieved that by finally becoming a... Photo Credit: NBC 7 San…


Bowe Bergdahl: Returning to U.S. Was as Tough as Captivity

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"At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, 'I'm the guy who's gonna cut your throat,'" Bergdahl told the U.K.'s Sunday Times newspaper.


Mugabe Removed as World Health 'Ambassador' After Outcry

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The World Health Organization (WHO) reversed its controversial appointment of Robert Mugabe as a "goodwill ambassador" following outrage from rights groups.


Two Counties, Two Camps on the Front Lines of the GOP Civil War

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Republican infighting in Washington may be grabbing headlines, but it's outside the Beltway, in the trenches, that the party's civil war is really being waged.


Putin Critic Celebrates Jail Release With Selfie

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Alexei Navalny posted a picture of himself leaving jail Sunday saying he had read 20 books, learned several words in Kyrgyz, and drunk 80 liters of tea.

Is Social Media Taking a Deadly Toll on Teens?

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Rates of suicide and self-harm are rising in teens. There's no one reason why, but experts say smartphones have made it harder to escape bullying and bad news.


Amid Scandal, Future of Weinstein Company Uncertain

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Two possible options that lay ahead for the scandal-hit company: declaring bankruptcy or being acquired by an outside company.


Populist Billionaire Sweeps to Victory in Czech Election

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Andrej Babis, the country's second-richest man, won 29.6 percent of the vote in Czech elections that also saw gains for far-right parties.


Astros Beat Yankees, Will Face Dodgers in World Series

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The Houston Astros beat the New York Yankees 4-0 to advance to the World Series, where they will face the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Former Presidents Call for Unity at Hurricane Aid Concert

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Five former presidents attended a hurricane relief concert and President Donald Trump delivered a video message in Texas Saturday.

U.S. Relatives Mourn Victims of Somalia Truck Bomb Attack

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Two Americans are among the more than 300 dead from the Oct. 14 blast in Mogadishu and countless other stateside Somalian diaspora have lost family members too.

Saturday, Oct 21

Dismay as Mugabe Named World Health 'Ambassador'

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Robert Mugabe, the 93-year-old leader sanctioned by the U.S. over human rights abuses, was named a 'goodwill ambassador' for the World Health Organization.

Knife Attacker Injures Four in Germany

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The motive of the Munich attack remained unclear but police said they thought the man may suffer from mental health issues.

Spain Removes Catalonia Leader, Imposes Direct Rule

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Mariano Rajoy said Saturday that he would remove Catalonia's leader, Carles Puigdemont, from power and call regional elections within six months.

Judge Tosses $417M Award Against Johnson & Johnson in Cancer Case

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A judge granted a new trial in the suit, which was brought on behalf of a woman a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer by using baby powder.

Friday, Oct 20

Niger Attack Came After 'Massive Intelligence Failure,' Source Says

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A senior congressional aide briefed on the deaths of soldiers in Niger says Congress wants to know if the Pentagon is properly supporting the troops.

Let's Talk About Sex: Would That Put Brakes on Cancer Epidemic?

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You catch HPV from having sex. So why aren't people talking about that?

Wilson Accuses Kelly of Lying, Using 'Racist Term' During His Emotional Briefing

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Wilson hit back at Kelly on Friday, claiming that the chief of staff's comments a day earlier featured a "lie" and a "racist" insult directed at her.

Dodgers Defeat Cubs and Head to 1st World Series Since 1988

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Los Angeles Dodgers eliminate Chicago Cubs in NLCS, advance to first World Series since 1988.

Thursday, Oct 19

Russia Probe: Facebook's Lawyer to Face Congress

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Google and Twitter executives are also expected to testify before the House and Senate intelligence committees on Nov. 1.

Suspect in Deadly Two-State Shooting Rampage Arrested

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The Harford County, Maryland, sheriff's office said a gunman who killed three co-workers and wounded three others in two states has been apprehended.

Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Says Doctor Molested Her

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Olympic gymnast and gold medalist McKayla Maroney says the sexual abuse by Dr. Larry Nassar started when she was 13 and continued until she left the sport.

'Tourniquet Killer' Execution Called Off in Death Row Twist

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Anthony Allen Shore, the so-called Tourniquet Killer, was convicted of murdering one young woman and allegedly confessed to three other slayings.

Wednesday, Oct 18

Trump Denies Family Claim He Disrespected Fallen Soldier

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Family members of a U.S. service member killed in Niger were "astonished" by the president's remarks, according to a Florida congresswoman.

A Silent Epidemic of Cancer Is Spreading Among Men

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HPV virus, which can cause head and neck cancer as well as cervical cancer, is becoming more common among men. Oral sex may be to blame. A vaccine prevents it.

Taliban Launch Wave of Attacks in Afghanistan, Killing 74

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Afghanistan's deputy interior minister called a wave of attacks by the Taliban that killed at least 74 the "biggest terrorist attack this year."

Trump Taking Second Look at Drug Czar Nominee After Report

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Trump weighed-in on Rep. Tom Marino, his nominee to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy, following a report that revealed Marino's role in pushing through the drug industry-backed Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug…