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Best meal delivery options in Australia


YOU can’t turn on the TV at the moment without being bombarded with advertisements for the various meal delivery services.

Photographer of the year’s epic pics


THREE years ago Jordan Robins picked up his first underwater camera — this week he was crowned Photographer of the Year for his breathtaking photos of the Great Barrier Reef.

Bride-to-be accuses photographer of fat shaming

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A BRIDE-to-be was astounded when she saw a photographer had Photoshopped her engagement photos to make her and her future husband appear thinner.

Scary sexually transmitted ‘superbug’


SEX — so much fun when you play safe. So much misery if you don’t.

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What does a five-year-old dream for their first school year?


Five-year-old Vienna White's hopes and dreams for starting prep. Video: Jill Poulsen


‘The lesbians are making trouble again’

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CHINESE women are risking everything to speak out about their horrific experiences of sexual harassment — but some of the country’s authorities are not happy.


‘Seduced her; she ended up dead’

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THE family of a teenage model who mysteriously plunged to her death from a luxury apartment last month are desperate for answers from the last two people to see her alive.


7 News: Anglers film encounter with shark off Adelaide’s Glenelg beach


A: Fishers off popular Glenelg beach in Adelaide have videoed their stunning close encounter with a large shark. Source: 7 News Adelaide


Woman shares eyelash horror story


A WOMAN is speaking out about the dangers of eyelash extensions after developing a severe allergic reaction to the treatment.


The biggest myths about organ donation

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Busting the biggest myths about becoming an organ donor as many Australians remain undecided on the sensitive subject.


‘So selfish’: Dog owner blasted over tragedy

A DOG has died after being locked in a car on a 30C day, despite the frantic efforts of passers-by who tried to rescue the pooch.


ASOS slammed over ‘suicide’ choker


A NEW choker from ASOS is causing a stir for all the wrong reasons.


The one question you should ask on a date


FIRST dates are a two way thing — obviously, you want to make a good impression of yourself, but you also need to suss out whether your date is right for you.

‘I woke up to a man having sex with me’

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SINCE the #MeToo movement gained legs in October 2017, many more people have spoken out about the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, particularly in the workplace.


Bella goes braless in bizarre outfit

WEARING a mesh bodysuit and an oversized ’80s power suit, supermodel Bella Hadid has made a rare fashion fail in Paris.


Teenagers torture disabled girl

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THREE teenagers have allegedly tortured and bashed a disabled 17-year-old girl in what police say is one of the worst assaults in 30 years.

Mystery girl claims lost GoPro years later

THE GoPro lost at sea, discovered by a holidaying Brisbane family, has been claimed by its owner half a world away.


Runaway Rusty is heading home

RUSTY the intrepid Australian terrier will soon be reunited with his beloved family in Goondiwindi thanks to a pet removalist who has offered to return him from South Australia for free.


Most don’t care when Australia Day is held

A MAJORITY of voters don’t know why Australia Day is held on January 26 and wouldn’t mind if the official National Day of Australia was moved to a different date.


100k bounty for Trump’s true weight

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A NEW social media “movement” demanding Donald Trump step on the scales live on TV is gaining momentum.

Wednesday, Jan 17

Best carbs for weight loss


HANDS up if you’ve ever heard your best mate, partner or cousin say: “I’m cutting out carbs”, which generally means: “I’m laying off the breads, spuds and pasta”?Thanks to past nutritional advice, we’ve been brainwashed into thinking carbs…

People love $1.80 Bunnings hack

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WHEN IT came to storing her massive haul of coffee pods at home, mum-of-three Gina Baynham had had enough.

‘Trump chased me around in his undies’

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PORN star Stormy Daniels called a close friend after an alleged encounter with a newly married Donald Trump and claimed he chased her around a bedroom in his underpants.

Actor Jessica Falkholt dies

JESSICA Falkholt, 29, has died following a horrific Boxing Day crash that killed three members of her family.

Tuesday, Jan 16

Doctor reveals truth about Trump’s health

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THE White House’s official doctor has recommended US President Donald Trump adjust his diet and lose weight.

‘Killing season’: Worst time for hospital

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JANUARY is the quietest month in Australia. But for hospitals, which provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, January is a time of big transition.

Man’s creepy texts to ex-girlfriend


A 23-YEAR-OLD man arrested for harassing an ex-girlfriend is also accused of relentlessly terrorising her sorority in New York by sending them alarming texts from an unknown number, according to reports.

Cops punched after wild party

TWO police officers were allegedly punched overnight in a party that spiralled out of control at Upper Coomera.

Monday, Jan 15

Porn star ‘knew her days were limited’

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ADULT film actress Olivia Nova who died in Las Vegas aged 20 was reportedly trying to improve her life and “get sober” before her untimely death, according to a friend.

Model loses second leg to infection

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MODEL Lauren Wasser, who had her right leg amputated because of an infection caused by a tampon, has now had her left leg removed because of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

’Baby brain’ really does exist


“BABY brain” does indeed exist and particularly impacts women during the third trimester of pregnancy, Australian researchers have found.

Death threats after man changes name

A SYDNEY man who decided to take on his wife’s surname after they got married has received death threats about the move.

Sunday, Jan 14

Public to choose new Allen’s lolly


CONFECTIONERY king Allen’s is at it again, handing over control to the public to choose which new lolly we want on the shelves.

Family’s hilarious photoshoot fail

WHEN Pam Zaring booked a professional photographer to take photos of her family, she was hoping for some simple, smiling pictures of her loved ones.

Vile messages after Dolly’s death

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WARNING: Confronting content

McCann investigator’s mysterious, sudden death

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THE blood-soaked corpse of a private detective who investigated Madeleine McCann’s disappearance has been found at his mansion.

Saturday, Jan 13

Why government won’t talk about e-cigs

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AS thousands of smokers across the country grapple with the decision to quit smoking — or have already seen their decision to quit in 2018 fall by the wayside — an Australian government ban on nicotine e-cigarettes remains in place.

Marathon winner ‘hid in portaloo’

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AN avid ultramarathon competitor has been banned and stripped of his titles after an investigation revealed he was hiding in a Port-a-Potty to win races.

Funnel-web spider bites boy, 7

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy bitten by a deadly funnel-web spider was saved by his quick-thinking parents.