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Broke teen’s confession steals hearts


A TEEN’S heartfelt tweets about being broke on his first date with his girlfriend have gone viral.

Ex-Hugo Boss model gets life for murder

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A FORMER Hugo Boss model has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his reality TV star girlfriend.

Bernardi ‘wear-a-dress-day’ blast backfires spectacularly

AN Adelaide primary school’s “wear a dress day” has been labelled as absurd by South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi — but his comments have pushed the fundraiser to national prominence and far above its goal.

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This guy’s proposal puts all other men to shame

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IT’S the virtual reality marriage proposal with a very real love story behind it.


Flesh-eating ulcer ‘running rampant’

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City will be centre of world attention


HEALTH experts and ministers from around the world will descend on Brisbane next month for a major World Health Organisation event.


Trainer shows ‘butt dimples’ in magazine shoot

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IT TAKES one kind of bravery to post a selfie sans makeup on social media, but a whole different kind of chutzpah to go au natural for a nationally distributed print magazine.


Man gets penis stuck in gym weight

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ON FRIDAY an incredibly unfortunate man in Worms, Germany, got his penis stuck in the hole of a 2.5kg dumbbell plate at the gym.

Tony Abbott ate another raw onion

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DAYS after admitting biting into a raw onion was one of greatest regrets of his prime ministerial career, Tony Abbott has done it again.


Teacher’s gross experiment goes viral


TEACHER Donna Gill Allen has an ingenious teaching hack that is going viral.

Serena’s powerful letter to her mum


TENNIS great Serena Williams has posted a heartfelt open letter to her mother weeks after giving birth to her baby girl, Alexis.


Vile voicemail message against gay marriage

ANGRY Aussies are sending abusive messages to the wrong people when it comes to the same-sex marriage vote, it’s been revealed.


Crocs snack on a buffalo in the NT


Three crocodiles snack on a buffalo along Corroboree Billabong. Credit - Kasey Nelson.


Rihanna’s surprising next move


SHE staged one of the most talked about shows at New York fashion week — making an entrance on the back of a dirt bike and debuting a line of high-heeled thongs.

‘It felt as though my body broke in half’

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“QUEENS, meet Rachel Maree,” begins Constance Hall’s post on her Facebook page.


AFL strong message to back gay marriage

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THE AFL has come out in support of same-sex marriage by altering the front of league headquarters.

Chaos at exclusive Sydney school

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BETWEEN five and 10 students are likely to be suspended and 22 prefects “resigned” on Tuesday morning after a large number of year 12 students from The Scots College ran amok through local streets and the school grounds last Friday.

Man barbecues snake, gets bitten on face

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A MAN in Arizona was attempting to cook a rattlesnake on a barbecue grill when the snake decided to fight back.

Wednesday, Sep 20

Flying marlin almost impales Aussie

GOLD Coast fisherman Damian Jackson reckons his “catlike reflexes” saved him from being speared in the head by a marlin last week.

Tuesday, Sep 19

‘I’ve been called a putrid skank’

THE businessowner of a children’s party business who sacked one of her workers for promoting the “no” vote has had a Facebook post deleted for apparently causing hate speech while she cops a series of abusive messages and death threats on…

Vote form stash found in backyard

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AUSTRALIANS are being encouraged to call the cops on people who tamper with same-sex marriage survey forms after a number of voters have reported dumped or stolen ballots.

Inside the Victoria’s Secret effect


BRAS, knickers, angel wings and a six-figure payday ... Victoria’s Secret is a huge empire.

Genius tactic to escape mugging

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A US woman has faked having a seizure in order to escape a mugging after being slipped a terrifying note.

Monday, Sep 18

‘A black man will never be white’

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PROMINENT business figure Roger Corbett has come out against same-sex marriage in a bizarre television interview.

Hillsong’s latest celebrity recruit

HOT on the heels of announcing his split with wife Anna Faris, actor Chris Pratt has reportedly joined Hillsong Church.

Sunday, Sep 17

Feeling fat? Blame your personality


YOUR personality is central to your ability to keep off the kilos and maintain a healthy diet, new CSIRO research shows.

Model shares brutally honest photo

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PLUS-SIZE model Lucija Lugomer has posted a photo of her stretch marks on Instagram in a bid to encourage women to stop going to “battle” with their own bodies.

Weird workplace condom prank backfires

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A PREGNANT woman working at a ski field in New Zealand found a colleague had left a condom filled with mayonnaise and a crude note on her desk during a staff morale boosting event.

‘No’ campaign takes to the sky

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CAMPAIGNERS against marriage equality in Australia have employed a skywriter to emblazon their message across the Sydney sky.

Saturday, Sep 16

The science of Hemsworth’s sexiness

WANT to increase your sex appeal? It’s as easy as being nice, according to leading psychologist Associate Professor Gery Karantzas of the Deakin School of Psychology.“It doesn’t matter what countries in the world or cultures you look at,…

‘I was blue until I was nine’

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MEET Jeanette Manson. She’s a lovely woman. I know her. She’s now a social worker who has devoted herself to trying to help others.

Mum knifes daughter’s ‘rapist’

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POLICE in Cleveland, Ohio, were called after a woman ran screaming onto a residential street, calling for help, shortly after 2am.

Never do this on a playground slide

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SMALL children who go down a slide sitting on an adult’s lap can easily wind up with a broken leg, doctors have warned.