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Grandma drops 31kg in 3 months

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SYDNEY grandmother Ana Reyes has revealed how she lost 31.6 kilograms in just three months, without any form of exercise through the 123 Diet.

Measles alert issued for parts of Sydney

A MEASLES alert has been issued for parts of Sydney after an infant who contracted the disease overseas visited various places throughout the city.

Mum’s harrowing photos of son ‘at death’s door’

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A MUM of six has revealed harrowing photos of her son laying in a hospital bed “at death’s door” after his sore throat turned out to be deadly meningitis.

Scientists can freeze the ‘hunger nerve’

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AMERICAN scientists have located the “hunger nerve” in our bodies that tells our brains when we want food and discovered how to switch it off.

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The Women of NOW Australia


TimesUP has arrived in Australia. NOW Australia, which launches on Sunday, uses the power and profile of women in the media and entertainment sector to help anyone who has been sexually harassed at work, especially those in the most low…


Girl, 11, gives birth after gang rape


AN 11-YEAR-old girl has given birth by caesarean after she was allegedly gang raped by six men.


Daniel Ricciardo and our next gen racers


Australian F1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo inspires and challenges the 2018 Grid Kids in a time challenge kart race.

Woman live tweets ‘excruciating’ first date


FIRST dates are notoriously excruciating, but sometimes what’s worse than being on a disastrous first date is watching someone else’s terrible rendezvous unfold in front of you.


Woman paid obscene amount for one shot

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IF YOU thought you were paying too much for a single shot on a night on the town, this woman has outdone us all.

286kg fetish model ‘almost died’

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A FORMER fat fetish model, who would accept money from men in exchange for eating food, has been rushed to hospital after collapsing while travelling to a weight loss clinic.


Dad’s brilliant response to abuse

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THE father who posted an open letter to Myer calling them out on an instance of “racial profiling” has spent a sleepless night after his story made headlines across Australia.


Jordan Peterson on finding the meaning to life


Jordan Peterson discusses what his message of truth and responsibility is to young people. Courtesy: Sunrise

‘Mum told us to have sex’

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WEARING a cheap wedding dress her mum had bought online, 13-year-old Angel McGehee smiles awkwardly into the camera.


Right of way stand off captured on dashcam

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Right of way stand off captured on dashcam


Rosie Waterland fronts lingerie campaign


WRITER and comedian Rosie Waterland has announced she is the new face of an Australian lingerie brand Modibod.

Mum goes wild over IKEA chair hack

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PLEASE name for me a more annoying, monotonous and repetitive task than cleaning a baby’s high chair?


Hepatitis risk at top Melbourne restaurant


DINERS at popular Melbourne restaurant Cumulus Inc. are being warned to be on alert for symptoms of hepatitis A after a worker at the eatery was diagnosed with the viral disease.

Eerie footage of shooter’s final days

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SURVEILLANCE footage released on Thursday shows hotel bellhops helping Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock with his luggage — oblivious to the fact that his bags hold weapons and ammunition that would be used to commit the largest mass…


Truth behind these murder photos

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STAGED photographs of a man and woman allegedly targeted in a Houston murder-for-hire plot, showing them pretending to be tortured and bleeding in grisly scenes, were shown in court during the trial of an ex-lover accused of ordering the…


Where to eat dinner and catch a show


DINING is as much about the theatre of food as it is the eating.

Thursday, Mar 22

Dreamworld rollercoaster stuck

THRILLSEEKERS at Dreamworld have been left hanging — literally — for 15 minutes after the BuzzSaw rollercoaster came to a sudden halt this afternoon.

Child bride scandal: ‘It’s your body but I own it’

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“It might be your body but I own it,” the 28-year-old told his child bride before he raped her on the cold, concrete floor.

Teen ‘harassed’ in Myer blunder

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A FATHER in Western Australia has posted an open complaint letter to Myer on his Facebook page, detailing an “embarrassing” experience at the Perth store last week.

Tziporah on Packer’s resignation

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FORMER model and actress Tziporah Malkah has discussed her ex-fiance James Packer’s decision to resign as a director of Crown Resorts due to “personal reasons”.

Wednesday, Mar 21

Couple ‘tortured’ nanny before murder

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A COUPLE living in London tortured their young French au pair and subjected her to hours of interrogation before later killing her and burning her body, the prosecution told a court Tuesday.

Who really pays for Meghan’s wardrobe

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MEGHAN Markle has raised the fashion stakes since she got engaged to Prince Harry.

New McDonald’s burger burned by fans

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NOTHING gets fast food lovers salivating like a new menu item — especially when it comes to burgers.

Epidemic: ‘I was a 13-year-old child bride’

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THE photo is heartbreaking. A girl, little more than a child herself, proudly holds her baby in her arms.

Tuesday, Mar 20

Woman wins battle for dead man’s sperm

A PERTH woman has won the right to take sperm extracted from her dead partner to the ACT where she hopes to become pregnant.

Rockmelon claims another life in NSW

A SIXTH life has been claimed by contaminated rockmelon after an elderly New South Wales woman contracted listeria from the fruit and was confirmed dead today.

Trump, Melania move not what it seems

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WE ARE used to seeing awkward moments between US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

Stunning turn of girl shocked by tap

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DENISHAR Woods, the 11-year-old fighting for her life after she recieved a massive electric shock from a garden tap at her home in Perth two weeks ago, is defying the odds.

Monday, Mar 19

‘Curvy girl’ married to ‘Mr 6-Pack’ responds to trolls

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WEDDING photographer Jenna Kutcher understands her husband is the man of many women’s dreams.

Brooklyn dad’s stupid mistake

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A DOPE whose Facebook handle is “Tarzan Cannibus” told his girlfriend that he would take their six-month-old daughter home on the New York City Subway at 2.30am on Sunday morning — then mistakenly left her on the platform.

What is going on with Kmart’s ‘crazy sizing’?

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WE all know when it comes to buying clothes in Australia, one size doesn’t fit all. Shopping at your local Westfield, chances are you’ll be one size in Country Road, and something completely different when you walk in to Witchery. It’s a…

Amazing outcome after wrong number

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WHEN Lina Dahlbeck received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number, she rightly thought it was just an ­innocent mistake.

Sunday, Mar 18

Baby dies from suspected meningococcal

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A BABY boy has died from a suspected case of meningococcal in South Australia.

Nurses dish on embarrassing injuries

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WHEN we think of heroes in our community most think of nurses. Caring for those at their most vulnerable day in, day out. They have big hearts and boy, they have some even bigger stories.

’Mother nature is a brutal bitch’

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THE severed head of a freshly killed Sambar stag is lying on the ground in Sarah and Matt’s backyard.

The parties Aussies have rejected

THE casualties of the fortnight of voter rejection include Nick Xenophon, Jacqui Lambie, Cory Bernardi and Richard Di Natale.