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Mum’s outrage over toddler hair removal tip


A MUM has slammed a parenting magazine for an article that suggests “waxing and plucking” a three or four-year-old’s upper lip.

2017 American Music Awards Red Carpet


CHECK out all the best and worst looks on the red carpet as the 2017 American Music Awards kicks off in Hollywood.

Sunday, Nov 19


Cops seek McCann mystery woman

POLICE investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are reportedly searching Bulgaria for a waitress they believe could lead them to the “woman in purple”.

Construction workers and suicide: Mark Jacobsen’s story


Mark Jacobsen is speaking out about suicide and depression in the construction industry to help raise awareness.

What is systemic sclerosis?


Doctors give a detailed explanation on what exactly systemic sclerosis is. Courtesy: Singapore General Hospital


Fiance’s haunting, tragic advice to Justine

FOR the first time it can be revealed Justine Damond Ruszczyk — tragically shot dead by a police officer in Minneapolis — spent the morning of her death excitedly admiring her bridesmaids’ dresses after they were delivered to her home.


The woman who is ‘turning to stone’

A ZOO owner is “turning to stone” after contracting a rare and deadly illness while on a tiger trek in the jungle.


Frances Abbott engaged after two weeks

TONY Abbott’s daughter Frances has apparently become engaged to an Olympic rower after dating for just two weeks.


Aussie woman’s truly bizarre hobby

A RAGING bull dashes out into the arena, kicking its hind legs up high and flicking the cowboy hard to the ground like a rag doll.

Saturday, Nov 18


Australia’s toughest event on dirt | PBR Iron Cowboy – Townsville, QLD


News.com.au reporter Emma Reynolds takes us behind the scenes of the Professional Bull Riding Iron Cowboy event in Townsville, QLD 2017.


Dog owners have lower risk of death

YOU want to live longer? Get a dog.


Nurses caught laughing as vet dies

News.com.au / World

TWO nurses lost their licenses after a television station persuaded courts to unseal a video secretly recorded by the family of a man who died in their care.


Models get together to raise awareness for the Heart Foundation


2018 Calendar Girls Nicole Trunfio and Jess Gomes get together to raise awareness for the Heart Foundation.


Neurosurgeon blasts charity costs

BIG charities in Australia are spending up to 98 per cent of donations on themselves instead of their causes, says Professor Charlie Teo.


Outrage over extraordinary rant

News.com.au / National

AN ANGRY tirade against the same-sex marriage vote result has been launched by the director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF).


Manspreader lashes out at woman

News.com.au / World

WARNING: Distressing content


Adelaide Credit Union Christmas Pageant


300,000 people were expected to turn out for the 2017 Credit Union Christmas Pageant in Adelaide today. Video: Greg Barila

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes


The perfect treat for the perfect summer. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes are a simple recipe meant to satisfy any sweet tooth craving!

Nachos 3 Ways


#1 5 layer doritos nachos #2 Ice Cream Nachos #3 Pizza Nachos

Friday, Nov 17


N Korean’s body full of parasites

News.com.au / World

DOCTORS discovered an “enormous number” of parasitic worms slithering inside the body of a man who defected from North Korea this week, the ghastly find illustrating the food and hygiene problems rampant inside the guarded walls of the…


Meet Lizzy Rose, an Exorcist from Melbourne, Australia


Lizzy Rose performs exorcisms in her 'home temple' in Melbourne's northern suburbs.


Goop’s ridiculous Xmas gift guide

GWYNETH Paltrow is known for offering controversial health advice on her lifestyle website Goop, but as Christmas approaches it’s her over-the-top gift guide picks generating buzz.


Jason Gay’s Thanksgiving Touch Football Rules


The WSJ's Jason Gay shares his official rules for a successful Thanksgiving touch football game with your family. Photo: Rob Alcaraz/The Wall Street Journal


Social meeting place


Behind the clumps of office towers that line the city end of Coronation Drive in Brisbane’s inner-west Milton is an urban oasis. Outcrops of greenery embellish the streets and a carpark that morphs into a food and farmer’s market on Sunday…


Katy Perry cops China ban for ‘offensive’ dress

AFTER Gigi Hadid was forced to pull out of the Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai because Chinese officials denied her a visa, Katy Perry has been ‘indefinitely’ banned from the country.

Sydney artist discusses painting with kids


Celebrated Sydney artist Ken Done talks painting with Georgia and Sini from Woolloomooloo.


Change due for straight marriage

THE same sex marriage survey is in the books but heterosexual couples may still be among the first to notice changes at their weddings.

Popping bubbles are pup’s troubles


THIS cute pup does not mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but he just cannot help it.

Third arrest over missing teen

A THIRD member of one family has been arrested as police desperately search for a UK teenager who has been missing for ten days.

A great orgasm can make you go blind

WE ALL know that a mind-blowing orgasm can take us to heady heights.