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US: ‘Not the time’ for N Korea talks


In a direct contradiction of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the White House says there can be no negotiations with North Korea until it “fundamentally improves its behaviour”.

‘Forced into lesbian sex scene’

SALMA Hayek has opened up about her horrifying experience with Harvey Weinstein, claiming he once threatened to kill her after she turned down his advances.

Cops hunt for Lil Peep’s drug dealer

THE US Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an investigation to try and find the person who gave rapper Lil Peep fentanyl which resulted in his overdose death.

Apprentice star departs White House

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OMAROSA Manigault Newman — one of President Donald Trump’s most prominent African-American supporters — plans to leave the administration next month, the White House says.

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Bullied teen’s dad a jailed racist

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THE estranged dad of bullied schoolboy Keaton Jones has a history of sharing white supremacy propaganda on Facebook, it has been revealed.

Killer gay porn star gets life sentence

GAY porn star David Enrique Meza, 27, has been jailed for life plus 20 years in San Diego for the 2015 murder of 52-year-old Texas millionaire Jake Merendino.


Despite loss Trump says ‘I was right’

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US President Donald Trump is defending his decision to initially back Senator Luther Strange against Roy Moore in Alabama’s senate election.

Terror drills ahead of Olympics


PRIMED to host the Winter Olympics in February, South Korea conducted security drills on Tuesday to show it’s prepared against terror attacks ranging from a hostage situation, a vehicle ramming into a stadium and a bomb attached to a drone.

Palace confirms Harry, Meghan news

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry will join the Queen and Prince William at Sandringham on Christmas Day.


The Moneyist: How to deal with a stingy friend


In this episode, The Moneyist tells you what to do when a friend requests $1.50 on Venmo.


Can Democrats Take Back the House in 2018?


With the much-discussed race for a Senate seat in Alabama now behind us, the political world's attention turns to the 2018 midterm elections. WSJ's Gerald F. Seib examines whether Democrats can take back control of the House in the new…


North Korea’s camps ‘worse than Auschwitz’

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HE HAS labelled North Korea’s political prisons as a “crime against humanity”.


Woman risks her life for dog


A WOMAN narrowly avoided being swept out to sea after running into huge surf to rescue her dog.


North Korea’s bitcoin bonanza

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KIM Jong-un is a bitcoin fan.

The big problem with Trump’s tweet


US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has used Twitter to lash out at “false accusations” of sexual harassment and his Democrat rivals who are trying to bring him down.


Humiliating defeat for Trump

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IN A stunning victory aided by scandal, Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s special Senate election on Tuesday, beating back history, an embattled Republican opponent and President Donald Trump, who urgently endorsed GOP rebel Roy Moore…


Stunning admission in TV interview

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A SPOKESMAN for controversial US Senate hopeful Roy Moore has put forward a disjointed argument for criminalising homosexuality in a bizarre TV interview.


How China will win the next war

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IT’S a war the United States is not prepared to fight. After decades facing off against Russia in Europe, and a ‘whack-a-mole’ approach to containing extremists in the Middle East, it finds itself stumbling in its ‘pivot’ to Asia.


Lifetime of regret after 10 beers

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A FORMER US Army soldier who deserted to North Korea at the height of the Cold War has died.


Nasty swipe at Ivanka Trump

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DONALD Trump’s daughter Ivanka has been drawn into a particularly toxic campaign in the US, with one of the President’s most provocative allies taking a shot at her.

Tuesday, Dec 12

Trump: Sexual allegations ‘fabricated’

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PRESIDENT Donald Trump is pushing back against sexual misconduct allegations, saying he’s the target of “false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met.”

Alabama vote blow to Trump

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DEMOCRAT Doug Jones appears to have won election to the US Senate from Alabama, dealing a stunning political blow to President Donald Trump, who endorsed GOP rebel Roy Moore despite a litany of sexual misconduct allegations.

Donald Trump’s new space race


US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has today directed NASA to send Americans to the Moon for the first time since 1972, in order to prepare for future trips to Mars.

Nervous wait for celebs as LA fire burns


HOLLYWOOD stars including Ellen DeGeneres, Paris Hilton, and Chelsea Handler were forced to evacuate their homes as the deadly fire in California continues to burn.

Monday, Dec 11

Moment before bomb exploded

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WITNESSES have described terrifying scenes of people “running for their lives” after a would-be terrorist detonated a homemade bomb inside the New York subway system during Monday morning rush hour.

North Korea zombie ship vanishes

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A NORTH KOREAN cargo ship caught up in UN sanctions disappeared from radar for a month before winding up hundreds of kilometres away going around in circles.

Allied forces’ new drills to stop N Korea

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THE US, South Korea and Japan started joint exercises Monday to track missiles from North Korea, Seoul’s military said, following the nuclear-armed Pyongyang’s longest-range test launch to date.

The confusion over this photo

A MAN man who claimed to be the hero that rescued a rabbit during the California wildfires — in a touching act caught on a viral video — may have been spinning a fluffy tale.

Sunday, Dec 10

‘Snow bomb’ batters Britain


DRIVERS have been warned about deadly black ice on the roads tomorrow as temperatures are expected to plunge as low as -15C in the UK overnight.

Trump approves Russia sanctions


THE Trump administration is considering new sanctions to make sure Russia abides by the terms of a 1987 nuclear-arms treaty that limits intermediate-range missiles.

Woman who almost destroyed the royals

WALLIS Simpson was everything a dyed-in-the-wool, upper crust, avid British monarchist in 1930s pre-war Britain loathed.

Journalist apologises for ‘fake news’ tweet

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A US reporter has apologised for posting a “bad tweet” after he was called out by Donald Trump himself — but the President still wants him to be sacked.

Saturday, Dec 9

Mummy discovered in lost tomb

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EGYPTIAN archaeologists have discovered a mummy in one of two previously unexplored tombs across the Nile from the southern city of Luxor, according to the antiquities ministry.

Bella protests Trump’s Israel decision

BELLA Hadid surprised protesters in London’s Oxford Street by joining them in an anti-Trump demonstration.

N Korea’s astonishing move

IN a controversial move, North Korea has blamed America’s “nuclear blackmail” for soaring tensions over its weapons program.

Bella Hadid joins Jerusalem protest


SUPERMODEL Bella Hadid joined a protest in London against Donald Trump’s controversial move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Friday, Dec 8

‘Making a Murderer’ ruling uproar

A FEDERAL appeals court in Chicago narrowly overturned a ruling overnight that could have freed a Wisconsin inmate featured in the “Making a Murderer” series from prison, though one dissenting judge called the case “a profound miscarriage…

Fiancee: Trump aide no ‘coffee boy’

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GEORGE Papadopoulos was no mere “coffee boy” to the Trump campaign, the disgraced foreign-policy adviser’s fiancee says.

Trump mocks presidents on Israel


DONALD Trump has boasted that he fulfilled a campaign promise by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — mocking his three predecessors with clips showing them only voicing support for the move.

British PM faces Brexit backlash


BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May has scored a key success in clinching a Brexit agreement with Brussels but faces an immediate backlash from hardliners at home for making compromises.